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Golden High 2024 - Episode 75&76




Golden High 2024 - Episode 75&76

Theme: Senior Year Serenade 

Genres: High School/Romance 


Written by Summer Gold R.


The voice in his head only screaming out the word. 

'Kiss her' 

*Don't think of hurting yourself next time,if anyone tempt you,just think about this...then you will become calm,think about my name and how much I love you,you will be fine* 

Isabella's voice rang in Theo's head and he closed his eyes. 

"Are you okay?" Chelsea asked but he said no word,his mind was filled up with Isabella alone that moment and soon,he got himself back,then opened his eyes. 

"I did it" He muttered. 

Chelsea blinked. 

"Did what?" She asked. 

Theo chuckled and stood up. 

"Good night" He pushed her head. 

"Hey!!!" Chelsea yelled,Theo laughed and ran upstairs. 

"What is wrong with him?" Chelsea scoffed and continue eating her pizza. 



It's just a week left until school resume back,Chelsea went back home just yesterday night,her mom finally came for her. 

Theo came downstairs and met his mom in the living room,directing two maids to arranged some wrapped stuffs scattered all over the floor. 

"Morning mom" Theo greeted. 

"Morning my precious prince...."

"What's all these?" Theo asked,settling on a couch. 

"Your school stuffs" Mrs Andrew smiled and Theo looked at her. 

"School stuffs like what?" He asked. 

"A lot of course,but don't worry,clothes and shoes aren't there,I kept to my promise" She smiled. 

"Still,what are these? Coz I don't think it's for me alone"

"They are all yours of course,provisions and other things you need....."

"Mom why do you keep on doing these to me? You know I don't want all these,I don't,,I don't even eat them,I don't want them......"

"What do you want then? You don't want me to get you things and you don't even use the money in your account either,what do you need then? How can I make you happy? Every teenagers I know always want unending clothes and shoes,but you always complain about it,you always complain about food too,what else do you want me to do aside all these? What exactly makes you happy" Mrs Andrew broke into tears. 

Theodore blinked in shock. 

"Mom?" He called. 

"If you don't want them,I will just throw them away,I'm tired of you complaining every time I try to make you happy....."

"I don't mean it that way,I can tell you when I need them,but......."

"You don't need to tell me or ask me before I buy,I'm a mother,don't you care about my feelings at all...."

"When are you bringing them to my room?" Theo asked and Mrs Andrew smiled. 


"Of course,buy whatever you want to buy,I will take everything to school,including the clothes and shoes,I don't mind. You can even give me car and jet" Theo said. 

"Really? You want a car and jet too? New one?" Mrs Andrew asked and Theo groaned. 

The maids swallowed,trying hard not to laugh. 

"I didn't mean that mom,just do whatever you want,I'm hungry" Theo muttered and left the living room. 

Mrs Andrew smiled and faced the maids. 

"The clothes and shoes I bought secretly,they are in the empty room next to his suite,you can bring the bags and let's arrange them safely,I still have alot to buy before the holiday is over" Mrs Andrew said. 

"Yes my lady" They chorused and immediately went upstairs. 



The door was opened,revealing Lisa,dragging her box behind her. 

Anna gasped. 


"Sis" Lisa rushed to hug her tightly. 

"I missed you so much sis! Alot" She said,hugging her more. 

"Me too!" 

They both broke the hug and a maid helped Lisa take her bag upstairs. 

"What about uncle Alex?" Lisa asked. 

"You know he's always busy" Anna smiled. 

"Aren't you jealous sis? The girls are all crazy about him,and your husband definitely won't stop giving them what to feed on,his latest movies are bomb" 

"He's my husband,only mine" Anna winked and Lisa laughed. 

"Mama" Diva appeared,her face filled with milk. 

"Baby!!!" Lisa screamed and rushed to pick her up the floor. 

"How are you! I missed you so much cutie" Lisa said,kissing Diva's face but the little angel started crying. 

"Oops oops,you forgot to bring Michael with you,she likes him not you" Anna Joked and Lisa pouted. 

"That's unfair" 

"What about Michael tho?"

"We arrived together,he went home already" 

"So how many weeks you got before you go back?" Anna asked. 

"Up to a month,I have just few months more to use in school anyway" Lisa replied. 

"I'm so happy to see you baby sis,you should go freshen up and come down to eat...and what about your sister? Hazel" 

"She should arrive next week,dad said he misses us,I guess that's the only reason why she will be here" Lisa chuckled,taking the stairs. 

Anna smiled. 

"You look more beautiful,Michael is doing a great job...."

"Stop! I'm beautiful,not because of him,come on" 

They both laughed and Lisa went upstairs. 



Theo opened his door after waking up from a short nap because of the loud knock on the door. 

"Dude!!!!" They all jumped on him and he lost his balance and they fell on the bed together. 

"Fuck off my body!!!!!" Theo screamed breathlessly. 

"I missed you" Leo kissed his cheek. 

"If you do that again I will kill you I swear...." Before he finished,Angelo kissed his other cheek. 

"Ahh!!!! I hate you guys!!" 

Adriel also kissed him and like that,they continue kissing him 

"If you let me go,I will call y'all brothers,please leave me alone!" He cried out. 

They released him at once. 

"Brother?" Angelo got up. 

"Brother my foot" Theo mumbled,wiping his tears. 

They all laughed out. 

"Is that really tears?" Adriel asked. 

"Why would you kiss me? Why!!"

They continue laughing again. 

"Gosh,I hate you" Theo muttered. 

"When did you get back that you already slept so quick? Dude are you sure you don't have sleeping sickness? Probably you were bitten by tsetse fly?" Adriel asked. 

"Maybe when I was little,coz right now I still want to sleep" Theo mumbled and fell back on the bed. 

"So you didn't see Isabella's call? She's in school already" Angelo said.

"Really?" Theodore jumped out of the bed. 

The three friends all slept on the bed,leaving no space for Theo. 

"I was lying,you can sleep on the floor" Angelo muttered. 

Theo sighed. 

"I think this is going to be the worse experience in high school...and it's our last semester,and I can't even have peace" Theo muttered and shook his head. 

"I miss this school like hell,tomorrow is Monday. Do you think we might get new students?" Leo asked. 

"What new students? We have just three months left to spend here,what person in their right mind would think of changing school now?" Adriel scoffed. 

"Yeah that's right... I'm already thinking about our exams" Theo said. 

"Someone like you shouldn't be thinking about exams coz even if you don't write a thing,you definitely passed. We should be thinking about...."

"Prom night!!!!!!!!" They chorused and Theo chuckled. 

"Not even graduation party but prom night?" He asked. 

"Graduation party is just a usual party,but that prom night.....Theo I'm gonna buy you condoms" Angelo said. 

Leo and Theo groaned with disgusting faces. 

"But,it's going to be the best gift,you and Isabella,you know" Adriel winked. 

"You two,leave my room" Theo said. 

"You mean you should leave this room for us? Dude I'm hungry,I know mom already packed the stuffs you definitely won't touch for you,we are here to help you out" Angelo got up and they all went to the wardrobe where all the provisions are nearly ardabged. 

"I know you didn't arrange all these" Leo said. 

"The guards did,not like I sent them to buy things" Theo mumbled. 

"Spoilt brat" Angelo said in Summer's voice and they all laughed,including Theo. 

"Guys,the new clothes mom bought for me....shall we share them?' Theo smiled. 

"When should we do that?"

"After eating" He replied. 

"You know I love you right?" Adriel asked. 

"I hate you" Theo snapped and they laughed. 

"So you mean only Isabella and Chelsea are allowed to say that to you? Come on dude" Angelo said. 

Theo scoffed. 


Jeremy just stepped out of his room,he saw Jayce about going inside his own and their eyes met. 

"Hey!" Jeremy called and waved. 

Jayce scoffed and entered,he wanted to close the door but Jeremy stopped it with his shoe and Jayce looked at him. 

"What are you doing?" Jayce looked at him. 

"Are you still going to keep avoiding me this new semester?" Jeremy asked. 

"What the f+ck do you want?" Jayce asked. 

"Let's be friends" Jeremy said. 

"NO" Jayce replied. 

"Why?" Jeremy raised his brows. 

"Because I don't like you,so stop bothering me,it's annoying" Jayce said. 

Jeremy opened the door and went inside with him. 

"Who said you're allowed to come in?" Jayce blurted. 

Jeremy moved closer and Jayce shifted back. 

"Don't you think you're being so harsh?" Jeremy asked. 

Jayce scoffed. 

"Leave,people might misunderstand you with the way you're acting right now"he muttered and left his side. 

"I told you it's because you're cute" Jeremy said. 

"Stop it!" Jayce shouted and Jeremy laughed. 

"Bye" He said and left the room. 

"What the fuck is he up to?" Jayce scoffed. 



Only grade 12 students are coming into the auditorium,some already found somewhere to sit while others are still coming in. 

Theodore came in with his friends and suddenly someone hugged him from behind,he turned after the hug and smiled when she saw Isabella. 

"When did you get to school?" 

"Last night" Isabella replied and Theo pulled her into a hug. 

"I missed you" He said. 

"Me too,alot" Isabella said. 

"Hey Bella" Angelo called. 

"Hi guys" She waved at them. 

"You look prettier" Adriel said and Theo glared at him which made them laugh. 

"Did you cut your hair?" Leo asked and that was when Theo noticed too. 

"Just a little bit" 

"Why did you do that" Theo pouted and Isabella chuckled.

"It will grow back" 

They all found somewhere to sit together. 

"Oh,it's Chelsea and Phoenix with Cleo,I haven't seen Chelsea" Leo said. 

"We came together" Theo said. 

"Since yesterday? And I'm just seeing her,wow"Adriel chuckled. 

Students coming in and settling down,everyone looking so bright,beautiful and handsome as always,hugging and welcoming their friends back in school. 

The hall finally became silent when the principal came in,the teachers also entered. 

Mr John climbed on the Podium. 

🎤 Morning Students

👥 Morning sir!!!

🎤 It's so good to see y'all again,looking amazing. 

The students clapped. 

🎤 As y'all know,this is your last semester in this school,you have less than three months to finish up and that's all.

👥 Yesss!!!!!!

The students started clapping happily. 

🎤 You know you have alot of works to do before facing the external exams,your college entrance exams there too,you need to get even more serious this time around,it's not your usual school exams. To prepare you as a school,we are going to do our best,since we have the best students. Starting from next week...your mock exams starts. And as usual your ranks will be pasted. The fifteen students at the bottom of the rank lists are going to be punished,we've discussed these with your parents and they agreed strictly. 

The students started murmuring. 

🎤 Your mocks are going to be every Fridays of every week

👥 What?

👥 Every week?

👥 This is crazy

👥 Are they planning to kill us

🎤 You won't be writing any school tests and exams like other classes,just listen and pay attention to your teachers and get ready for your mock every week......

After about thirty minutes in the auditorium they were finally released and the students started walking to their classes,not without murmuring and complaining about the News they just heard. 

👥 Theodore hi!

👥 Senior Theo,you look so handsome

Theodore waved at the girls screaming out his name and Isabella scoffed.

"Don't be jealous,come on" He said and kissed her cheek. 



Isabella entered the class,Cindy and Dakota rushed to hug her. 

"We missed you!!!"

"I missed you girls too,really" Isabella smiled as they broke the hug. 

Chelsea stopped in front of Theo's locker and he smiled at her. 

"Your new hairstyle is cute" He said. 

"Thank you" Chelsea smiled. 

"Let's not fight this semester" Angelo said and Chelsea chuckled. 

"I will try" She said. 

"You're my tutor from today,no one else is booking you" Chelsea told Theodore. 

"I told him first!" Two girls shouted from the back. 

"When?" Chelsea frowned. 

"This morning of course"

"I told him since last semester,what are you talking about?" Chelsea snapped. 

"That's not fair,you know better than me" One of the girls said. 

"Knowing better than you won't help this time around,I can't be in number fifteen if I love myself" Chelsea shook her head. 

"Don't worry,we can just do it together right?" Theo asked and Chelsea scoffed. 

"I concentrate better with us alone" She muttered. 

"Isabella is there too...Maxwell...Leo,Phoenix,Angelo....we are all going to help,so you don't have to be worried" Theodore told the girls. 

"I never said I was going to help anyone" Leo said from his seat. 

"Come on,don't be greedy....I can take Biology well,if anyone have a problem,come meet me..anytime" Phoenix told the class. 

👥 You're the best Phoenix 

She smiled. 

"I also teach Biology well,especially reproduction" Angelo raised his hand and Theo slapped his head,the class laughed. 

"I don't mind helping with biology too" Leo said. 

"The fuck about Biology? What about others?" Theo snapped. 

"Physics" Maxwell raised his hand 

"Great" Phoenix muttered. 

"I can take Chemistry perfectly,but you gat to pay with cookies" Isabella said. 

"Don't mind her everyone,I will give her cookies on your behalf" Theodore said and the class laughed. 

"What about you class rep? What subject are you planning to take?" A girl asked. 

"Any subject,but maths and further maths especially,most of you have problems with them,so I'm totally available" Theo said. 

"That makes me remember a song I heard" Angelo said. 

"What song?"

"I'm unavailable....by a Nigerian/American singer" 

"Davido? I know him" Theo said. 

"Me too....but I can't really sing the songs,just unavailable" Leo said. 

"I know the whole lyrics,what are you talking about?"

 Angelo scoffed. 

"Don't fight about it,I know the song too" Theo said. 

"Let's hear you sing it then?" Phoenix said. 

Theo and Angelo exchanged glances and started singing. 

🎶 I'm unavailable,dem no dey see me

The accent they used made everyone laugh their @ss out. 

"Don't ever try it again,I got a mental panic just now" Chelsea said and they laughed again. 



Isabella and Chelsea entered the locker room together unknowingly and ended up bumping into each other. 

They both looked at each other,Isabella looked away first and walked to her locker. 

"Seriously? Are you two still fighting because of boyfriend?" Violet asked them. 

Clara and some other girls there chuckled. 

Chelsea and Isabella ignored her and just do their thing. 

"You two can actually share,why fighting? Theo got enough money,or....you two can't share his d*+*k?" Violet asked and the girls laughed. 

But it was cut short when a slap landed on Violet's face,it was Isabella who slapped her. 

"How dare you!!....." Before she could finish,Chelsea also slapped her from the other side. 

The girls gasped. 

"Are you two crazy!!!" Violet screamed. 

Isabella slapped her again,,then Chelsea too,like that they took turns to slap senses into her skull. 

"Stop!!!" Violet screamed out in tears. 


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