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Golden High 2024 - Episode 73&74




Golden High 2024 - Episode 73&74

Theme: Senior Year Serenade 

Genres: High School/Romance 


Written by Summer Gold R.



Isabella was leaning on the wall wearing a sack of worries on her face,Chelsea was also on the other side but none of them made eye contacts or spoke. It's getting really late already,Leo,Angelo and others just left. 

"Baby" Isabella's mom called as she walked toward them,with Ariana by her side. Isabella immediately went to hug her,sobbing. 

"It's okay,he will be fine,don't cry" Mrs Williams said,kissing her hair before breaking the hug. Ariana sighed sadly and rubbed Isabella's back also. 

Chelsea took her lips in and said nothing,just worried about Theo's condition,according to the Doctor there was excess bleeding and he lost a lot of blood before they got to the hospital. 

Mr&Mrs Andrew appeared with the Doctor with them and everyone faced them curiously. 

Mrs Williams moved closer. 

"How is he?" She asked. 

Mrs Andrew was crying and Mrs Williams hugged her. 

"He lost so much blood,my poor prince" Mrs Andrew cried on Mrs Williams shoulder. 

"He will be fine,he should be awake by tomorrow" The Doctor told Mrs Williams. 

"Thank you Doctor" Mr Andrew said,also patting his wife's back. 

"Honey,he will be fine,come on" He said but Mrs Andrew only kept on crying. 

"Can I see him?" Isabella asked. 


Inside the VIP ward where Theo was,Summer was sitting on the bedside stool,watching Theo who was on the bed still unconscious. 

The room was filled with the soft beeps of machines and the gentle hum of air conditioning, creating a sense of sterile calm.

Theo's eyes were closed, his face pale and drawn, as if the life had been drained from him. His wrist wrapped in a bandage,a clear plastic tube snaked from his arm, connecting him to a bag of blood suspended from a metal pole. The blood flowed slowly, drop by drop, like a macabre IV drip, infusing his veins with the life force he so desperately needed.

Theo's chest rose and fell with each shallow breath, his body battered and bruised, a testament to the violence that had brought him to this place. The machines surrounding him beeped and whirred, monitoring his vital signs, as the blood continued its slow, steady flow. 

Summer wipes her tears and gently placed her palm on Theo's arm almost wishing it was her in that position rather than him,just then the door opened and Summer raised her head to see Isabella enters. 

"Oh Bella" She called with a smile even though her tears still visible,she stood up. 

"Good thing you're here,can you stay with him for a while?" 

"Yeah" Isabella muttered,Summer tapped her shoulder gently and walked out of the ward. Isabella sat down on the same seat Summer stood up from,her eyes on Theodore. 

She covered his body well with the duvet and kissed his forehead. 



Theo's parents entered with Summer and took their seats in front of the Doctor who gave them a reassuring smile playing on his lips. 

"Can you at least tell us how to handle this situation? I want a permanent cure to this,I don't care about the money,any amount" Mr Andrew said and Mrs Andrew nodded in support. 

"There's no special medical cure sir,it's part of him and like I said,the only way is how much he choose to control those feelings until he overcomes it completely" The Doctor said 

"There should be a way,I can't just watch my brothers hurting himself,He's too innocent for that,please Doctor" Summer pleaded and the Doctor sighed. 

"I will advice you to just make sure he stay away from people who can tempt out that side of him...sometimes it's uncontrollable,and also therapy section could work,I know a lot of people who were helped through that,and since he's not a full one,then it should help perfectly" 

The family sighed out. 

"My poor baby" Mrs Andrew mumbled. 



"Careful" Isabella said as they entered the house,Theodore beside her. He just got discharged from the Hospital. 

"Come on,I'm totally fine" Theodore smiled at her. 

"No you're not,you heard what the Doctor said,you should rest" Mrs Andrew said behind them with Chelsea. 

"I just...."

"Don't be stubborn" Chelsea cut in. 

"Where's dad?" Theo asked. 

"He went to the company already,go upstairs,I will prepare you something to eat,what do you want?" 

"Can you please don't stress yourself? Anything the maids cook,I will eat,I'm totally fine,just this" He touched the bandage still wrapped on his wrist. 

"Fine,just go to your room" Mrs Andrew said. 

Theodore and Isabella went upstairs together,they entered the suite and walked to the bedroom. 

"Gosh,I stink of that ward" Theo said and Isabella shook her head. 

"You should be an aquatic in your next life then,you can stay inside water permanently" She said as Theo took off his shirt. 

"So how would I meet you?" He asked. 

"I could be a mermaid then you will be a merman" Isabella said and winked. 

"I love that" 

"Me too" 

Theodore laughed.

"I will be back" he said and left the bedroom,Isabella sat down on the bed,she looked around and her eyes fell on Theo's laptop,she took off her shoes and climbed on the bed completely before taking the laptop. She opened and input the password,she started exploring through it. 

She went through the media,all the photos and videos....most of them are either Chelsea alone or the two of them together. She wanted to just delete everything but she composed herself. 

Theodore came in just then,he was dressed in a simple home wear,nothing can stop him from being handsome anyway,he held a new set of bandage in his hand but stopped walking when he saw Isabella's face,catching that she looks mad. 

"What happened?" He asked. 

"Nothing" Isabella rolled her eyes and drop the laptop,He took it and checked her activities on it,he found what she saw and then looked at her. 

"Should I delete them?" He asked. 

"I don't understand why you're asking me,do what you want" Isabella said and took the bandage from him,he sat down and she wrapped it gently around his wounded wrist. 

"Don't think of hurting yourself next time,if anyone tempt you,just think about this..." She kissed him. "Then you will become calm,think about my name and how much I love you,you will be fine"  She said. 

Theo smiled and slept on the bed,he placed his head on her laps. 

"Can you just live here? I wish everyday is like this" He pouted. 

"You're such a baby" Isabella chuckled. 

"I'm going to sleep...."

"Not now,you should eat first" Isabella said and he nodded. 



Michael walked out of the laboratory and pulled off his labcoat looking exhausted,he roughed his hair. 

Looking for the most popular student in Oxford? Everyone literally knows who Michael Oliver is,an MBBS student who's tagged the most brainy and handsome in the whole school. 

"Mich wait,are you leaving already?" Some of his mates came after him and he turned. 

"Is there any problem left?" He asked in his soft gentle voice. 

"Can you check out ours if we got it correctly? I can't risk that man telling us to start all over again...please please" One of the girls pouted. 

Michael check the time and sighed,He's got to meet Lisa. 

"Two minutes"


They dragged him back inside and he ended up using ten minutes instead,walking out of his faculty,his name could be heard from angles from different students. 

👥 Hi Senior!

👥 Michael!!

👥 You're so handsome

He smiled out his dimples and the girls screamed,immediately some girls covered him up. 

'Gosh I have no time for this' Micheal said inwardly,before he could think of how to escape,Hazel appeared. 

"Michael!" She waved and everyone turned. 

Michael smiled and used that opportunity to escape from them,"hey dude" Hazel said. 

"Lisa is waiting for me,she's fucking mad already at this point" Michael said,checking the time. 

"I don't understand why that sister of mine want to go home badly" Hazel scoffed. 

"Don't tell me you're planning on staying back in school" Michael said. 

"Of course I am...aren't you done with your exams yet?" Hazel asked. 

"One left...let's talk later Hazel" Michael said when he got to his car. 

"Alright" Hazel waved till the car left. 

"Where's Michael rushing to?" Ethan kissed her cheek and she immediately turned. 

"I missed you" She pouted. 

"Let's get wasted tonight,I'm done with that shit" Ethan said. 

"Yes!!" Hazel screamed and jumped on him. They kissed each other hungrily,they are the typical definition of crazy couples. 

"Get a room,what the heck" Gavin and Sharon showed up,holding hands. 

"Aren't we supposed to crash a clubhouse tonight?" Sharon asked. 

"Without your brother and my sister,Lisa is traveling so they gonna spend a wet night together" Hazel smirked..

"Fuck" they all groaned at her and she laughed. 

"But I'm not kidding"

They ignored her and started walking to their cars,she jumped on Ethan's back. 

"You're stuck with me remember?"

"Of course I know,get in miss stucker" Ethan said and she chuckled. 

"See you guys tonight" Sharon said and waved at them before driving off. 

"I still don't understand why I'm the one driving you,are you a gentleman at all? You didn't bring your car because of this?" Sharon asked. 

"Yeah,my girlfriend should do the driving job today,it's romantic isn't it?" Gavin pecked her lips.

Sharon chuckled, "romantic indeed...I want chicken and chips" 

"Stop the car when you get there,I'm starving too" 

"Your card" Sharon opened her palm. 

Gavin put his card on her palm and rest his back on the seat tiredly. 

"Are you sure you gonna club tonight? You look finished"

"That's why I need you before night comes" 


"You know what I mean" Gavin looked at her. 

"I'm on my......"

"I love it wet...."

"Are you crazy?!!" Sharon laughed. 

"I know you're lying" Gavin scoffed. 

"Gosh" Sharon chuckled.



"Yes Sis,I miss you and uncle Alex so much" Lisa said,using one hand to make herself a cup of cereal on the kitchen table. 

"I missed you too baby,what about Sofia? Aren't you two coming together? Her brother misses her" Anna said. 

"I've not really being to school since I finished my exams last week,but I think her department aren't done yet" Lisa replied. 

"I will talk to her then" Anna said. 

"Alright sis,see you soon. I can't wait to see Diva,I miss that cutie a lot" 

Diva is Anna's two years old baby girl. 

After hanging up,she walked to the fridge,she felt someone hugged her from the back. 

"Do you know how many minutes I've been here?" Lisa asked,picking up the water. 

"I'm sorry,I couldn't just leave" Michael said and wet her cheeks with kisses. 

"I can't wait to be done in few months,I'm tired already. How can we be in the same school and it's hard to even see you anytime I want?" She faced him. 

"Hey Surgeon Mich,you need to make up enough time for your girlfriend,it's unfair" She pouted. 

"It won't happen again" Michael smiled and she pecked his lips. 

"Why cereals tho?" Michael asked. 

"I'm hungry and too tired to cook" 

"I will get us food then" Michael brought out his phone. 

"I'm craving for alot" Lisa said. 

"Start mentioning then,but why are your bags here? Don't tell me you're leaving tomorrow morning" 

"I told you...."

"I can't let you leave tomorrow,come on. I might die" Michael touched his heart and Lisa laughed.

"But you're going to Korea too right? I just can't wait to leave together,I'm sorry" Lisa pouted.

"Why? I will be done with my exam tomorrow,we can leave a day after,please" 

Lisa groaned.


"Fine,but I can't go back to my place again...."

"You can stay here forever" 

Lisa smiled and Michael went for her lips. 

"I was thinking about your lips in the laboratory" He whispered and Lisa laughed. 

"For real?!"

Michael carried her and put her on the table. 

"For real" He said. 

Lisa cupped his cheeks and kissed him. 

"Let's order for food first" Michael said and she nodded. 



"What about Chelsea? I've not seen her since we got here" Angelo asked. 

"Phoenix told me they are hanging out today,probably to settle their differences" Adriel said. 

"Oh they got beef?" Leo asked. 

"Maybe,I don't really care about girls stuff" Adriel shook his head and Angelo chuckled. 

They all turned to Theodore on the bed. 

"Are you still sick? You are boring right now" Leo groaned. 

Theodore rolled his eyes and turned his back on them,Angelo moved closer and pulled off the duvet from his body first 

"Hey!!" Theo shouted. 

"Let's go have some fun" Adriel said. 

"What silly fun,can you see my wrist or not? I can't act roughly for now" Theodore replied. 

"So you're going to spend all day in bed?" Leo asked. 

"If you're not okay with it,leave" Theodore scoffed. 

"Then let's spend spend time together there" Adriel smiled and climbed the bed. 

"What are you doing?" Theo asked. 

"Spending time with you" 

Angelo and Leo also got on the bed,climbing his body. 

"Are you all crazy?!" Theo screamed as they all slept on top of him. 

"Are you going to follow us out now or what?" Leo asked. 

"Fine fine fine!! Let's go!!" Theodore screamed. 

They released him and he coughed. 

"Fuck you all...."

"Shut up and get dressed" Leo pushed him off the bed. 

"Geez,I should have stayed lonely without friends" Theo mumbled. 

"You're stuck with us now dude" Angelo said. 

"Where are we going?" Theo turned back. 

"Should we go to the club?" Angelo suggested. 

"Shut up!" They all yelled at him. 

"Oh" He chuckled. 

"Should we go bowling?" Leo asked. 

"Yes!!!" All of them screamed and he winked proudly. 

"But Theo's wrist...."

"My left hand is enough,don't worry" He smiled. 

"Look at the person who insisted on staying in bed" Adriel said.

"I will be back" Theodore said and went into the dressing room. 

He came back dressed up. 

"Wow dude you look hot" Adriel said. 

"Shut up and let's go" Theo scoffed. 

Angelo throw his arm around Theo's neck as they left his suite,Leo also did the same,Adriel joined them. 

"You're not planning to suffocate me right? I can't even breathe well" Theo groaned as they kept snuggling all over him. 

They all entered Angelo's car. 

"Dude do you have license?" Theo asked. 

"You think I'm seventeen like you?" Angelo asked and they all laughed,except Theo. 

"You should have just answered the question directly" Theo muttered.

"Don't mind him" Adriel touched his hair.

"Get away" Theo pushed him and he laughed again. 

Theo scoffed. 



Chelsea was in the living room when the door opened and Theo came in,she turned her head immediately. 

"Hey! Where did you go to leaving just me here? And why didn't you answer my calls?" Chelsea asked.

"You left me at home first,why are you so mad?" Theodore chuckled.

"You ignored my calls,It was only me home" Chelsea pouted. 

"Mom and dad?" Theo raised his brows. 

"They went on a date"  Chelsea replied. 

"Oh" Theo mumbled. "Sorry" He said and Chelsea rolled her eyes. 

"Pizza?" Theo raised the synthetic in his hand and Chelsea jumped up with a gasp. 

"You bought me that?!" 

Theo nodded. 

She ran to him and immediately took it from him. 

"You're the best" She said and Theo smiled. 

"It has been boring since I got back home" Chelsea mumbled as they walked to the kitchen together. 

"A glass of juice would go well with this" Chelsea said. 

"Are you planning to eat in the kitchen?" Theo asked. 

"I should have dropped it in the living room,hold it for me" She gave him back and Theodore scoffed. 

She got the juice and they returned back to the living room,the movie still playing. They sat down together.

"I should be going to my room....."

"Not now,stay until I'm done with this movie" Chelsea said,picking a piece of the pizza. 

"You're not eating?" She asked and Theo shook his head. 

"Why? Take a bite" She brought it to his mouth,their eyes locked and she smiled. 

"Just a bite,come on" 

Theodore tried looking away but strangely he couldn't,immediately the headache strikes again and he swallowed. 

"Theo...are you okay?" Chelsea asked,noticing his expression. 

"I'm fine" Theo shifted away from her. 

"You're not" Chelsea said and tried touching his face,Theo grabbed her hand and his eyes fell on her lips,he wanted to let go of her hand but it was as if there's a force controlling him. His eyes focused on her lips. 

The voice in his head only screaming out the word. 

'Kiss her' 


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