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Golden High 2024 - Episode 71&72




Golden High 2024 - Episode 71&72

Theme: Senior Year Serenade 

Genres: High School/Romance 


Written by Summer Gold R.


Theodore trudged up the street road leading to their gate on the bike,and was surprised to see Chelsea stepping out of a taxi. He stopped his bike beside her also,watching her pay. 

"Hey, Chelsea! What's going on?" he asked, nodding towards the taxi.

Chelsea smiled dryly. "Just got back from my date with the Sugar Boy" She said sarcastically. 

Theodore's eyes narrowed. "Why didn't he bring you home?"

Chelsea chuckled. "Theo, you don't expect him to have a car, right?"

Theodore frowned. "Oh..You should have called me, and I would have given you a ride home."

Chelsea rolled her eyes. 

 "Next time, call me, okay?"

"Next time as if" She scoffed and went in. 

Theodore frowned and followed her at once,telling one of the guards to bring his bike inside. 

"How was your date? Good or perfect?" He asked Chelsea. 

As they entered the house together,Chelsea went straight to the fridge to drink a whole bottle of water before sighing out loudly. 

"What's wrong? I'm f+cking curious" he followed her again upstairs until they entered her room,Chelsea faced him. 

"It was okay" she mumbled. 

Theodore groaned out. 

"You scared me!" 

Chelsea scoffed. 

"Are you lying? Was it really okay?" Theo asked.

"I don't know" Chelsea shook her head. 

"Maybe because it's your first time?" Theo asked with a raised brows. 

"See,Alex is quite nice,but....."

"But" Theodore mumbled. 

"I just.......maybe I'm the problem,I don't know,I don't feel the vibes,I don't. And besides,that dude's school is too far from ours,you think it's ever going to work? I'm clingy,too clingy for a distance relationship,I can't be feeling bored when I have a boyfriend,I don't want to experience that. I don't know what to do now" Chelsea sat down on the bed with sadness written all over her face. 

"I'm sorry I made you go" Theodore muttered. 

"It's not your fault,it's mine. Nothing freaks me in guys right now,nothing new,and he's not fun like you"  Chelsea mouthed. 

Theodore shook his head. 

"Don't compare......"

"But I can still choose what I want right?" Chelsea looked at him. 

Theo sighed.

"I just......feel so bad for myself because I kept on imagining things,I'm such a bad person,I wanted him to be someone else badly,I'm the problem I know,but the distance is the worst of things,I can't" She shook her head. 

Theodore moved closer and touched her hair gently. 

"Then don't force yourself,you have countless friends to keep your company,including me. And besides,we have an external exam coming soon,so if you can't focus,just ignore that and study hard,I'm always here to help. Also....you're really pretty,like there are tons of boys crushing crazily,so you're the princess to choose who you want" Theodore said and she chuckled. 



Phoenix pushed open the creaky door of the convenience store, the bell above it ringing out as she entered. She wandered down the aisles, scanning the shelves for her favorite snacks. After grabbing a few bags of chips and a drink, she headed to the counter to pay.

As she waited for her change, Phoenix's eyes drifted towards the door, and her heart skipped a beat. Adriel had just walked in, his piercing gaze scanning the store as if searching for someone. Phoenix's instincts kicked in, and she quickly looked away, hoping to go unnoticed.

But it was too late. Adriel's eyes locked onto her, and he strode towards her with purpose. Phoenix tried to avoid him, grabbing her purchases and hurrying towards the door.

"Phoenix, wait up!" Adriel called out, his voice firm but laced with a hint of concern.

Phoenix quickened her pace, but Adriel easily caught up to her outside the store. "Why have you been ignoring my texts?" he asked, his eyes narrowing as he fell into step beside her.

Phoenix shrugged, rolling her eyee "I've just been busy, that's all."

"Liar" Adriel said and she glared at him. 

"See? I was right,you're glaring at me. What did I do wrong? I was walking home when I saw you,you've not been picking up my calls or replying to my texts,I've missed you....."

"Missed me? When you're busy with other girls? You don't have to lie,not like we are dating" Phoenix scoffed. .

"Other girls? What do you mean?" Adriel requested,almost confused. 

"I saw you with a girl,at a bus stop" Phoenix said. 

"What?" Adriel laughed.

"What's funny?" She asked. 

"Are you talking about my sister right now? Come on Phoenix,I'm not the only child..." Adriel was still talking when a young girl approached them. It's the same girl Phoenix saw with Adriel allegedly. 

"Champ,buy me chocolate" She pouted. 

"She's your sister?" Phoenix asked and Adriel nodded. 

"Huh? Is she your girlfriend?! You didn't tell me you....." 

"I'm not his girlfriend" Phoenix immediately said. 

"Oh...My name is Olivia" She smiled,offering Phoenix her hand. 


Adriel gave Olivia a sign to leave,then she faced Phoenix. 

"I deserve an apology" 

Phoenix rolled her eyes. 

"Sorry" She mumbled stubbornly and Adriel chuckled before hugging her. 

"I missed you....do you wanna hang out tomorrow?" 

"Yes" Phoenix said without even thinking. 

"Then stop ignoring my texts".




Cleo slipped into Leo's room, the soft creak of the door echoing through the silence. She had been lying awake for hours, her mind racing with thoughts she couldn't shake. Without hesitation, she made her way to Leo's bed and collapsed onto the soft blankets, surrendering to exhaustion.

Leo, who had been watching movies on his laptop, turned in surprise.

 "Cleo? I thought you were too busy with Angelo to even sleep," he said, a hint of teasing in his voice.

Cleo's eyes fluttered open, and she gazed up at her twin brother with a sheepish expression. "Sorry, Leo. I couldn't sleep. My mind was racing."

Leo's expression softened, and he set aside his books. "Hey, it's okay. You can always come to me when you need a safe haven."

Cleo smiled weakly and scooted closer to Leo, her eyes closing as she snuggled into the warmth of his bed.

"What are you doing?" She asked. 

"Movies...is mom and dad sleeping already?" He adked and Cleo nodded. 

"Cuddle" She pouted. 

Leo closed his laptop and lay down too,Cleo moved closer,resting her head on his chest. 

"What are you going to do without me?" Leo teased and she scoffed. 


"But then,these days someone else got your attention instead" Leo said and Cleo opened her eyes. 

"Jealous?" She smirked. 

Leo rolled his eyes. 

"I'm not" he said. 

Cleo raised her head up,staring at his face. 


"I love you" She uttered and Leo smiled. 

"More more" 

She pecked his cheek and finally closed her eyes. 



"Young master" 

"I'm almost done,geez" Theo groaned as the third maid came in claiming that everyone's downstairs already and their guests will be arriving soon. 

The maid bowed and walked out and Theo checked himself out in the mirror,admiring the handsome face and expensive outfit. 

"I should take a picture and send to barbie" He smiled and was about picking his phone when he heard hus nsme. 

"Why me" He mumbled and went out of his suite. 

Getting downstairs,he saw Summer first looking pretty. 

"Oh wow,is there a young man in the family we are meeting tonight?" Theo teased and Summer glared at him. 

"Don't look at my prince that way,he's just reminding you to get a man" Mrs Andrew said and Theodore smirked at Summer. 

"I will kill you" Summer said and Theo laughed. 

"Mom how do I look?" He asked proudly. 

"Perfect,do you even need to ask?" Mrs Andrew asked and Theo winked at Summer. 

"Say something"

"You're handsome stop stressing me" Summer scoffed. 

"What about Chelsea?" Mr Andrew asked as he appeared on the staircase.

"I will go get her" Theodore immediately left. 

He knocked on the door. 

"Come in" 

He opened the door and his eyes widened to see Chelsea still dressing up. 

"Why did you asked me to come in then?" He groaned and turned at once. 

"I need help with my zipper,stop acting silly" Chelsea snapped and Theo walked over to her. 

She was putting on an off shoulder level gown. Theodore helped with the zip and she faced him. 

"What do you think?" 

Theo's eyes scanned her from her face down and then back. 

"Say something" Chelsea mumbled.

"I love the dress" He said. 

"What about....me?" 

"What do you Mean? Of course you look hot,let's go" Theodore walked out. 

"What's with him" Chelsea mumbled and immediately followed. 

Minutes later. 

The grand doors of the Andrews Mansion swung open, and a flurry of activity ensued as the guests arrived. Theodore, standing in the foyer, was taken aback as he recognized the familiar faces of Isabella's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Williams. 

His eyes widened there,watching them approached closely,his eyes directly fell on Isabella looking like the goddess of beauty in the dress she was putting on,her long hair obeying the directions of winds. He bite his lips. 

"Ah, Theo, dear boy!" Mrs Williams exclaimed, her warm smile illuminating the room. "It's so lovely to see you again!"

"Huh? You know him?" Mr William asked in surprise. 

"Of course! He's...." Mrs Williams couldn't finish when Theo's parents showed up and they started exchanging pleasantries. 

As they exchanged pleasantries, the maids bustled about, setting the table with fine china and crystal glasses. The soft clinking of silverware and the aroma of roasting meat wafted from the dining hall, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Isabella's parents, resplendent in their evening attire,following the Andrews as they led them to the dinning room. 

Theodore and Isabella just continue stealing glances from each others. 

"Oh Isabella!" Mrs Andrew who was just noticing her exclaimed. 

"What's going on exactly? My wife knows Theodore also" Mr Williams said. 

"I'm confused too" Mr Andrew uttered. 

Theodore and Isabella looked at each other and smiled. 

"Of course,Theodore is Isabella's boyfriend" Mrs Williams ssud. 

"Huh?" the two men gasped at once. 

"Yeah that's right" Mrs Andrew smiled. 

"We just decided to keep quiet when we entered the compound" Ariana smiled. 

Chelsea chuckled and shook her head,she was sitting beside Theodore,opposite Isabella and Ariana. 

Just as they were talking,Summer came in and all eyes turned at her,Isabella's eyes widened and she stood up. 

"Ma'am! What....what are you doing here?" She asked in shock. 

Summer and Theodore exchanged glances. 

"That's Theo's sister" Mrs Andrew answered. 

"Huh?!" Isabella exclaimed and faced Theo. 

"He didn't tell you we own the school?" Mr Andrew asked. 

Isabella shook her head and Theo mouthed"I am sorry" to her

Isabella scoffed and sat down. 

"So does that mean,we don't need to introduce them to each other?" Mr Andrew smiked.

"Was there a plan before?" Summer asked. 

"Of course,we were planning to matchmake" Mr Williams said. 

"I guess they were faster" Mrs Andrew said and Mrs Williams chuckled. 

"Probably made in heaven" Ariana chucked. 

Meanwhile Isabella and Theo were busy fighting with their eyes. 

As the first course was served, the room filled with the savory aromas of roasted meats and steaming vegetables. The sound of clinking silverware and gentle chatter created a symphony of warmth and togetherness.

Mrs. Andrews, ensured that every plate was filled and every glass was raised in toast. Theo's father,regaled the table with stories of his travels, his eyes twinkling with mirth.

Isabella's parents, warm and gracious, engaged in lively conversations with Theo's parents, their laughter and smiles infectious. 

"Tomorrow is Mr John's birthday" Mr Andrew saudm 

"Oh,the school principal. We were invited too"  

"We will definitely meet there again" 

After the dinner,Isabella excused herself and Theodore followed at once. 


They stopped somewhere close to the pool. 

"I'm sorry,I should hsve told you,but I never thought it was necessary" 

"It's okay" Isabella mumbled and Theo moved closer to her. 

"I'm sorry" He hugged her. 

"You will be going to the birthday tomorrow night right?" Isabella asked. 

"Sure" Theo smiled. 



The adult birthday party was in full swing, the lavish decorations and vibrant lights creating a vibrant atmosphere. The sound system pulsed with energetic music, and the guests, all dressed to impress, mingled and danced with abandon. The bar was stocked with an array of drinks, and the tables were laden with an assortment of snacks and hors d'oeuvres.

Meanwhile, the teenagers had carved out their own little corner of fun, laughing and joking as they enjoyed their own mini-party within the larger celebration.

Countless students from Golden High present,Theo's friends all having fun together but Theo wasn't in the mood,he was sitting in between Isabella and Chelsea,only God knows how it was possible to be in peace that moment. 

Isabella and Maxwell's eyes met countless times but she would look away,Ariana was with Leo in only God knows where. Everyone having fun one way or the other. 

Isabella was called by her mom so she left. 

 Theo, however, stood out as a stark exception. His usual charm and charisma were nowhere to be found, replaced by a look of discomfort and unease.

As the night wore on, Theo's head began to throb, his vision blurring at the edges. He tried to shake off the feeling, but it only seemed to intensify. Feeling overwhelmed, he stood up from where he was sitting. 

"Where are you going?" Chelsea asked. 

"Somewhere quiet" He said and walked away,he found somewhere quite a distance from where the party was holding and sat down,his head still banging. 

But his reprieve was short-lived. A group of boys, fueled by mischief and alcohol, spotted Theo's vulnerability and pounced. They taunted him with snide comments and teasing jabs, their laughter and jeers echoing in his ears. 

"Isn't he the one who came out of the most expensive car Here earlier with his parents?" One of them asked. 

Theo ignored them and stood up,making way to leave. 

"Hey dude" one of them pushed his chest back. 

"Don't push me that way" Theo said calmly. 

They laughed. 

"He's trying to act cool like a rich kid for real" 

The boy pushed his chest again even after Theo's warning,he did it again the third time. 

"Let's see what you've got,you weak rich kid" 

Theo's eyes darkened, his gaze fixed on the the boy who kept pushing him. The temptation had been building, taunting him, and he could feel his control slipping. The calm, collected mask he wore began to crack, revealing the sinister intentions lurking beneath.

As the psycho side of his personality emerged, a menacing grin spread across his face. His fingers twitched with anticipation, craving the feel of a weapon in his hand. He could almost taste the thrill of destroying the boy's face. 

He grabbed the boy's neck snd pushed him against the wall,slamming his naxk on it roughly. 

"I warned you...I fucking warned you" He said,his eyes still dark. 

"Hey! Let him go" The other boys tried stopping him,it only took him two minutes to bring them down,they ran off,,the other boy also tried running but Theo dragged him back and pushed him to the wall,that's his main prey. 

"Are you crazy?!! Let go of me!!" The boy yelled.

Theodore punched his face angrily,too hard that his blood split on his face. 

"You should have stopped when I told you to,you f+cking tempted me! You bastard!" He continue punching his Face,but as if that's not not,his eyes caught a broken bottle remain on the floor and the boy started trembling more. 

"No...." He shook his head. 

But Theo have no sign of pity on his face

The darkness within him had taken over and it was too hard to stop


The other guys who escaped managed to go get Theo's friends,Isabella and Chelsea ran faster than anybody as they followed the guys lead, they are the only ones who knew what was going on. 

"Foxy please,please,don't do anything stupid,please" Isabella was praying as she ran. 

They all got to the scene and everywhere was quiet,they saw Theodore from an angle and everyone stopped on their track,seeing his face covered with blood,their eyes widened,blood dripping on his wrist too. 

Chelsea gasped and covered her mouth with her palm staring unbelievably. 

"What's that? Did he kill him?" One of the guys asked with terror and fear in their eyes. 

"No,he didn't do anything to him" Isabella shook her head,even though her heart was racing too. 

"What do you mean he didn't do anything to him?! You saw the blood!" The boys yelked. 

Leo,Adriel and Angelo couldn't talk or move they just stood there in crazy shock. 

Isabella ran to Theodore and hugged him,not minding the blood covering him. 

She broke the hug and looked into his eyes.

"Don't explain,I know you didn't kill....no.....you wouldn't do that,,I told you,you're going to be able to control it right?" She asked in tears. 

Theodore nodded slowly but then lost his balance,he fell on the floor,Isabella knelt in front of him,that was when she saw his wrist,he actually stabbed himself lot badly before he was able to come back to his sense. 

Isabella's eyes widened in terror. 

The guy Theo fought with finally stood up from the corner he was and groaned. His friends ran over to him,he was totally fine,except the cut on jis lips. 

"Ahh!!" Isabella screamed as Theo's body fell on her own,losing his consciousness. Blood rushing out from his wrist. 


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