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The Cursed Alpha - Episode 39




The Cursed Alpha - Episode 39

©Pinky Presh Chi❤️ma


“Let him be. Please leave.”

Alpha Marcus widened his eyes in shock. He was trying to understand why I would want him out, but cuddling with Atlas, then he asked. “Allison, you are wounded. You just woke up, and I'm here to see you. If there should be someone to leave, it has to be that good for nothing hiding his face under your duvet. He's clearly a pervert.”

“I… I don't care, Marcus. This is absolutely none of your business. This is not the first time we are cuddling, and we might have done more than just cuddling, so it's no big deal.” I replied weakly, and I could see how furious Marcus was. 

He was boiling with rage, probably he couldn't bring himself to think of Alpha Atlas and I, making out. He quickly freaked out. “What do you mean by that, Allison? Have you both… have you made out with…?” He pointed at Atlas.

“Why should I tell you? I don't owe you an explanation, do I? Please, let me be.” I mumbled, and turned my face away.

He was so annoyed that he walked towards me. I could feel how anxious and nervous Atlas was under the blanket. Then, I yelled at Marcus, making him halt. “DON’T! Don't you dare step an inch closer to me. Get lost, Marcus. Leave me the hell alone. I would rather not see you… not now, now ever.”

He halted immediately, and stared at me for a few seconds before the doctor tapped his shoulder gently, and mumbled. “Please, Alpha. Let her be like she requested.”

“Fine. I just can't get this scenario off my head. Very irritating!” He grumbled, and stormed out of the door. 

The doctor forced a smile at me nervously, and asked. “Are you sure you'd be comfortable to be left alone with the Alpha of the Cold Moon Pack?”

“Yes, Doctor. I'm fine.”

He nodded, and responded. “Alright. If you feel any pain, you can just give me a call. I'll be here immediately, okay? Good night then.” He pointed at the land telephone before making his way to the door.

Immediately, he shut the door, I quickly took the blanket off Atlas, who was looking very scary. To be honest, I was already shaking in fear. Then, I cried out. “What is this? Why do you look like that?”

“Why did you do that?” He asked in a very tender voice that made me feel relaxed.

Blinking rapidly, I gulped hard and mumbled audibly. “Did what?” 

“You knew I was looking this way, and you protected me. Why didn't you let them see the true me? Why weren't you scared to leave a beast under your sheet?” He was already becoming emotional, but I couldn't look at his face because it was scary. I managed to speak without looking at him. “I don't understand what you're saying. All I want to know is why you look like this, and why you came here.” 

“You are the first person to know about this, except for me and my Beta. Are you sure you still wish to be with a beast like me, Allison? This is what I look like every night ever since I turned 18.” He smirked softly.

My eyes widened in shock on hearing his last statement, and half yelled. “Did you say that since you turned 18? That long? What happened to you? Why are you a beast at night?” 

“I'm cursed, Allison… My entire generations are. Every Alpha of the Cold Moon Pack turns to a beast every night once they reach the age of 18. They never ever found their fated mate, and they never got rid of their curses because of that.” He explained.

I twitched my brows because I was trying to understand him. Didn't he say that I was his fated mate? If that is the case, then why is he still turning into a beast. After a few seconds of silence, I broke the silence, and asked. “Does it mean that finding their fated mate could break their curse?” 

“Yes. That was the only solution to breaking the curse. Sadly, they were never opportune to meet their fated mates, and they lived miserably in pain until they died.” He replied.

Gulping hard, I asked anxiously. “Didn't you say that I am your fated mate? Why are you still unable to break the curse? Does that mean that I am not truly your mate?” 

Without letting me complete my statement, he grabbed my hand and patted my fist, then said. “You are, my mate. Ever since we got intimate with each other, I have never transformed into this. I think this happened because you were at the point of death. I apologize for making you panic. Likewise, I tried not to let you see me in this condition, but I just couldn't bear not seeing you and…”

“Shhh…” I placed my finger in between his lips, and continued. “It doesn't matter whether I see you or not. Actually, this isn't the first time I'm seeing you in this form.” I confessed.

His eyes widened in shock, and he managed to ask. “What? You know that I turn into a beast at night, and you still didn't dump me?”

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