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The Cursed Alpha - Episode 38




The Cursed Alpha - Episode 38

©Pinky Presh Chi❤️ma


Darkness was already enveloping the earth, and that kept Alpha Atlas restless. He was worried that I would not wake up. Then, he felt a sharp pain on his wrist. 

He quickly glanced at his wrist, and his heart skipped a beat. The mark… the mark he dreaded so much.

“The mark…why is it here again? I have found my fated mate, why is the curse back?” He mumbled. His eyes turned red, and he could hear his wolf speak. “She's at the point of death, you're likely to die with this curse, Atlas.”

Tears circulated in Alpha Atlas's eyes. He wasn't crying because the curse was back, he just couldn't bear the thought of separating with me, his beloved. 

“Are you shedding tears because you miss her so much, or because we'll feel that excruciating pain of turning into a monster tonight?” His wolf asked him.

Sniffing hard, Atlas replied. “I don't want her to die, Jake. I would rather go through the pain every night than lose her.”

“There's only 30 minutes left for you to transform. You have to hide if you would rather not become a laughingstock among other Alphas of different packs. The mark is spreading.” Jake advised him, and then his eyes transformed back to normal.

Without hesitation, Alpha Atlas grabbed his cellphone and headed towards the door, but he bumped into Beta Jackson.

“My Alpha, the doctor said that she's out of danger and…” 

Atlas cut in sharply. “Really? Oh, thank goodness. I just can't wait for her to wake up. Once she wakes up, I'll take her back to Cold Moon Pack, and no one will be able to hurt her again.”

Just then, Beta Jackson's eyes widened in shock the moment he caught a glimpse of the black mark on the back of his wrist, he asked anxiously. “My Alpha, is that… is that the mark?” 

“Forget about this. I've been living with this for decades. There's no big deal about it.” He snapped.

Jackson shook his head in disagreement with what Atlas had said, and he replied. “Atlas, this is no joking matter. Have you forgotten that you transform into a beast? You're my Alpha, but you must have forgotten that you and I were best friends. Atlas, I know you want to see her but think of your reputation first. You have to hide.” 

“Jackson, I am your Alpha, and you'll listen to me. I wish to see my Luna, what makes you think that you'll be able to stop me?” Alpha Atlas roared in annoyance.

“I'm sorry, Alpha, but I won't let you leave this room. You have five minutes to transform. I won't risk that, Atlas.” Jackson replied.

Angrily, Atlas grabbed his neck and pressed him to the wall. His eyes had already turned red like a burning flame, but Jackson refused to step aside. Atlas roared at him. “Are you really not going to leave the road until I have killed you, Jackson?” 

“You have… you have only three minutes, Alpha.” He managed to speak. 

Releasing his grip on his neck, Jackson fell on the ground, breathing rapidly. Alpha Atlas rushed out of the room, but he was halfway to the room where Allison was when he started feeling the pain. 

The mark on the back of his wrist had already spread, and that was a sign that he would transform at any moment. 

He managed to walk into the room, then fell on the ground immediately he shut the door behind him. Jackson had to rush to the door, and stop anyone from entering the room. 

The pain was getting worse, and he howled loudly. His body had already become hairy, and his nails were so long that they transformed into that of a beast. 

After a few minutes, he had fully turned into a beast, so he laid on the ground gasping for breath. He now had a long tail, fangs and fearful blue eyes. Just then, he could hear someone arguing with Jackson. 

His heart skipped a beat. Someone was definitely trying to enter the room. Where was he going to hide now? Would he be seen in his worst form? What would become of his pack if the other packs find that their Alpha is a freak? Thoughts kept running through his mind. 

Meanwhile, outside the door, Alpha Marcus was already losing his patience as Jackson tried to stop him.

“Who do you think you are? How dare you stand there and stop me, huh?” Marcus yelled at him angrily.

Jackson shook his head, and said. “I'm sorry, Alpha, but my Alpha instructed me not to let anyone in. You have nothing to worry about because Allison is alright.”

“Shut your stinky gob. You don't f****** tell me what to do. I want to see her, and that's final.” Marcus pushed him off, and broke the door with his left leg. 

He walked into the room, and sighted someone lying close to me. I was still unconscious, and Atlas wrapped the duvet I was using all over himself. Only that cap he wore on his head was seen. Every other part of him was already in beast form. 

“What's the meaning of this? Why is he sleeping with her?” Alpha Marcus freaked out. 

The doctor rushed presently he heard the scream. Upon seeing how furious he was, the doctor tried to calm Marcus down. “Alpha Marcus, please let her rest.” 

“Rest? Are you joking, doctor? You want her to rest, then what is he doing there?” Marcus yelled again.

The doctor and Marcus approached the bed, and Marcus tried to take off the blanket, but I caught his hand and opened my eyes.


“Let him be. Please leave.”

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