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The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 75 & 76




The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 75 & 76

Theme: Blazing affection

By Terri Savage


His hand went to her p+nties and he started pulling it down slowly.

Paige's breath seized and her fingers curled up in her palms as she felt the breeze slowly hitting her twin sister.

She felt her arousal as his fingers grazed on her skin gently as he pulled her panties down.

He pulled the panties away and her p+ssy came to view, staring at him in the face.

His eyes darkened with lust as he saw her clean-shaved p+ssy for the first.

His lips moved hungrily as he kept staring at her core.

He could smell her wetness and her ar+usal as her p+ssy drips insanely.

She was looking down at him as he checked her p*ssy and her heart flustered in excitement. She was getting wetter just by now he was staring at her.

She loved the glint in his eyes and her heart raced faster as she expected what to come next.

"You are so beautiful down here too, Butterfly" he said and she blushed.

He looked up slowly and their eyes met, they started staring affectionately at each other.

He smiled and started pulling her panties down her legs, she helped him and took out her first leg out of the p+nties before taking out the second leg.

He brought his face closer to her p+ssy and she gasped when she felt his not breath directly on her cl+t.

"Sugar" she called like a moan.

He smiled and stood straight, he carried her up and her legs immediately snaked around his waist as her p+ssy hugged his groin.

He wrapped his hands around her @$s and she hooked her hands on his shoulders, staring directly into his eyes as he started walking out of the water.

He got to the tent they set up and entered inside with her. He gently placed her on the pillow mat and came on top of her.

"I love you" he said.

"I love you more, sugar" she said sweetly and he captured her lips.

They started kissing feverishly and his hand slowly slide down to her p+ssy.

She gave out a moan in the kiss as he tickled her cl+t.

"Sugar" she m0@ned on his lips as he started touching her cl+t s+ductively, he was commanding her body with just his finger and he was claiming all of her as he kept stimulating her p+ssy.

"Ahhh!!" her hands grasped him tightly as he penetrated her p+ssy with a finger.

She felt her wall stretched a little as he rolled his finger roundly in her p+ssy.

"Baby...Ah!" she gave out a cute moan.

"You are.... Ahhhh" she m0@ned.

"I'm what?" he asked, rubbing her cl+t so fast.

"Ahhh, sugar, ahhh" 

"Talk to me" he smiled.

"You are.. the best" she rasped erotically.

He kissed her again and she started kissing him back, the same insane feelings dwelling between them as he poke a finger into her p+ssy.

"Gawd.." she was forced to break the kiss as the overwhelming pleasure took over her.

Her lips parted and she started m0@ning loudly, her night cries filled the night, mixing with the moving breeze.

It was so calm and cool but her sweet m0@ns kept warming up the night.

He started finger f+cking her, her eyes rolled to the back of her socket as she felt her creamy juices shooting out.

"Ahhh... Ahhh.."She shouted pleasurably as she came so hard on his finger.

"You just...made me cum" she said, breathing hard, and he smiled s+xily.

"I love you" he kissed her lips and her eyes.

"I love you more" she said prettily and his hands went to his shorts as he pulled it down at once.

Her eyes roamed around his groin as she stared at the boner in his boxer brief.

Her lips twitched and she bit it, fascinating about how it would fix in her.

"You are going to see it for the second time" he said s+xily, and she smiled cutely.

"In the hotel" she said and he laughed.

"I couldn't believe I wasn't shy to face you afterward" he smiled and she giggled.

"You are a good bad boy, I love the package" she said and he smiled.

It didn't take him a second to get rid of the boxer brief and her breath hitched as she saw his largeness. Yes, she has seen it before but it wasn't this close. She was marveled at his size and she felt her Netherland calling for his c+ck.

He held eyes with her and she widened her legs without being told, he positioned himself between her legs, grabbing his c+ck in his hand, he placed it just at the entrance of her p+ssy, still locking eyes with her.

"I love you" he said.

"I love..." the words went back to her throat as he pushed his size in her.

"Gawd!!" her sweet cries came again, driving him crazy.

He gently pushed his size in her, stretching her walls.

"Sugar" she m0@ned and tried closing her eyes.

"Don't" he said and she quickly opened her eyes.

"Don't close your eyes keep staring at me as I f+ck you, I want your eyes to be on me, I want you to watch as my c+ck go in and out of you" he said rawly and she almost gasped at his dirty words and not only that he broke her water of wetness.

His dirty words pushed her to the edge and two strokes from him she was already c+mming so hard on his d+ck.

"I love you so much Everest, Sugar" she said as he started f+cking her.

"I love you more" he reached out and started s+cking on her n+pples.

"Sugar.... Gawd... Ahhhh" her sweet cries filled the air in the cold night.


Myles opened the door and carried Jennifer out. She smiled and locked her arms on his neck.

"You are so babyish" he said and she giggled prettily.

"My boyfriend is so handsome" she said in a cute baby voice, and he laughed.

She looked at him and he smiled at her.

"You are so beautiful" he said and she blushed hotly.

"I can't get tired of blushing at your words" she uttered cutely, and he started taking her inside.

They got inside and Monica smiled when she saw them.

"Perfection" she called and Myles smiled.

"Monica" he called and she came closer.

"I will take her from you" Monica said and Jennifer turned to glared at her.

"Hey don't kill me with your eyes" Monica smiled and Myles started laughing.

"Avoid us, baby let's go upstairs, I want to feel your warmth" Jennifer said babyish.

"Doing that won't make me feel oppressed, sorry girl" Monica smirked.

"Get a boyfriend, love is sweet" Jennifer said mockingly.

"Dinner is ready, I don't need a boyfriend" Monica said and started walking away.

"W*tch" Jennifer shouted.

"Why are you staring at me?" she asked.

"You are pretty, I can't stop staring" he replied and took the steps immediately, she kept smiling till they got to her room.

"You are not going home tonight" she said quickly.

"I didn't inform Grandma, she will be worried" he said.

"Check your phone" she said and he raised his brows.


"Just do it" she smiled and he dropped her to get his phone from his pocket.

He turned his phone on and saw two message notifications.

He opened the first message and after reading he looked at her to see a cunning smile on her face.

"You plan this with grandma" he smiled and she hugged him.

"I knew you were going to bring her up as an excuse" she replied and he smiled, hugging her back.

"You are trickish" he laughed.

"So you are not escaping me tonight, Myles Kennedy" she said prettily and he shook his head before he started laughing.

"Get ready to m0@n all night" he said n+ughtily.

"M0@ning is my middle name, Jennifer M0@ning Keys" she clicked her tongue.

"What!!" he started laughing.


His lips were on her lips as he f+cked her gently and slowly, taking her in the most desirable way, his hand grabbed her @$s as his c+ck swing and worship her p+ssy with his sweet deep strokes.

"Sugar...Yes!!" her voice was rasp as the sweetness of his c+ck ran through her spine.

"F+ck" he groaned, feeling the tightness of her c+nt on his d+ck.

His eyes were on her and she was looking at him without breaking the contact.

Their eyes were speaking volume as he f+cked her.

He started rubbing his hands on her n+pples and she kept clinging tightly to him, taking in his deep and slow deep thrusts, this is by far the best s+x of her life. No man has ever handled her this way.

"I'm going to c+m" she said, her body twitching as she started shooting out her juices.

"I'm close too" he groaned.

"Don't pull out, shoot it in me , Sugar" she said.

"I love you" he said.

"I love you too" 


Paige and Everest were cuddling on the pillow mat. She was hugging him so tightly and he kept stroking her hair.

The breeze was blowing on their skin as their hearts beat in sync.

"Sugar" she called and he looked at her.

"Yes, butterfly" he said.

"I love you" she said.

"I love you more, next week is the NWA award, Who do you think is winning the award?" he asked and she looked at him.

"You should know the winner already" she replied.

"You are so confident of Jennifer" he smiled.

"She is the best, no one comes near" she said and he chuckled.

"Let's sleep like this all night" she said, cuddling into him more.

"I love your body warmth and your smell" he said, sniffing her neck.

"Baby" she called softly.

"Is it turning you on?" he asked teasingly.

"Sugar" she pouted cutely and he laughed, his hand going to her thighs, he started rubbing it slowly and she clinge as her body started reacting to his touches.

She closed her eyes, feeling his touch on her skin.

"I think we should go another round" he whispered into her ear, and her eyes opened wide.

"Take me like this, sugar" she said in a sweet, irresistible voice.

Slowly, p+nties, br@, boxer briefs and trousers went down and m0@ns slowly filled the air.


It's the award day and the hall was filled with the nominees and supporters who came to witness. It's the first time the award ceremony will be taking place, the hall was crowded and filled with people.

Outside of the hall, two cars halted in front of the building and the doors opened.

Myles stepped out first with Jennifer, rocking expensive customized designers.

For sure they could pass as the most dressed people in the ceremony. She was looking so hot and s+xy in her regalia gown.

Myles was so irresistible and s+xy, hot looking in his black tuxedo suit.

They linked hands as they came out.

Everest came out with Paige, looking as hot as fire.

"Babe" Paige called and rushed to her.

They hugged immediately.

"Buddy" Everest called and Myles smiled.

"You rock it bro" Everest said.

"You are so handsome" Myles said and Everest smiled.

Another car halted in the building and Ceres came out, sophisticatedly dressed, her gown flowing behind her. She was looking so proud as she was so sure of winning the award.

Her eyes went towards Jennifer and she smirked when she saw Jennifer.

She started walking to Jennifer and Jennifer kept looking at her till she got to her.

"Hello sister" Ceres, no answer from Jennifer.

"You are here for the award too, so sad you will be losing, don't think about winning " Ceres said.

"Your name should be replaced with foolishness in the dictionary, instead of foolishness it should be written Ceres" Everest said and Ceres gasped.

"What!" she frowned.

"Don't tell me your submitted your wide p*ssy for this award? So sorry if you do" Paige said and Ceres swallowed hard, becoming speechless.

"Get ready to faint when you lose the award" Myles smirked.

"Let's go" Jennifer said and they started walking away.

"Those fools" Ceres said hatefully.

"You didn't say anything to her" Paige said.

"It's useless banting words with a fool" Jennifer said and they laughed.

Immediately they stepped into the hall, all eyes went towards them and everyone kept staring till they sat down.

After ten minutes Ceres came into the hall and she kept glaring at Jennifer till she took her seat and she ended up sitting beside her.

"What are you doing here?" Ceres asked.


"Your name should really be replaced with foolishness" Jennifer replied and Ceres seethed.

"You are losing the award, get ready to cry" Ceres said confidently.

"Let's see then" Jennifer smirked.

The anchor came on the stage and after addressing the crowd, she called out the award presenter and it turned out to be Mr Ronnie.

Ceres started smiling as she saw him come on stage, her eyes met with him and she smiled but he didn't returned it.

He took the mic and faced the crowd.

"The award for the best CEO of the year organized by the NWA goes to... " he said and stopped, putting everyone in suspense.

Ceres was smiling expecting her name to be called.

"It goes to.. " Ceres stood up even before the name would be called.

"Jennifer keys" Mr Ronnie said and Ceres's eyes came wide.

A loud applause filled the hall but Ceres's mind wasn't there, her eyes kept widening and it was like a dream to her.

Jennifer.... won the award after she gave her body to Mr Ronnie, her legs were shaking, her body vibrating.

Everest and Myles stood up and rushed to Ceres.

"You are still standing?" Everest asked mockingly.

"You should have faint by now" Myles said and everyone's attention turned towards them, everyone started watching.

Ceres was looking like a lost sheep, her body kept shaking as her heart beat started slowing down.

"After the count of five you are going to faint, let's go" Myles shouted.

"One" Everest started.

"Two" Myles said.

🗣️ What are they doing?

"Three" Myles said.

"Four" Everest said.

"Five" Myles called and just like magic, Ceres started going down slowly till she landed on the floor, fainting.

"She fainted bro" Everest shouted, squatting halfly.

"She fainted" Myles shouted and they hugged each other and started crying.



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