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June Break-Episode 68



June Break-Episode 68

I walked in but not fully, I stayed close to the kitchen door where I won't be easily seen.

I saw Phil frying chicken, Rachel was cutting veggies while chewing chicken.
After every bite she made this nonsénse sound that sent chill down my spine.

Phil was still fully dressed and didn't even remove his face cap.

He checked his wrist watch severally 

",I need to call your sister, I haven't been able to reach her.."
"... I'm already getting worried, we've not spoken all evening. I told you while i was driving home that I haven't spoken to her almost all day, that was after she called and I try calling back and it was unreachable.."

"I'm sure she's probably occupied with her too much reading or maybe network or she's out with her friends and there's no service there.." Rachel said unconcerned as she took another bite from her chicken.
"...Hmmm, so lovely. I'm really enjoying this.."

Phil who was still concerned said to Rachel
"I don't feel so, it gets me worried and makes me uneasy as if something is wrong. Sometimes I feel her presence very close, as if she's in this house with us.."

Rachel laughed out

"That's so cute, you're so funny. April is in school and alright. Stop troubling your mind.."
She said and hit him gently.

He chuckled worriedly and continued frying the chicken.

She thanked him for helping her make a good meal because she wasn't much of a cook unlike me, but she was learning and getting better with it.
Why at it, Phil brought out his phone and probably try calling me but it wasn't going through he put back his phone in his trouser pocket.

Rachel was done with the veggies and showed Phil and he nodded.
He began cooking the veggies.
In no time he was done.

She started telling him about her school, her friends and how much friends she made before she finally wrote her final exams and left school
She also said she likes the fact that she came down to stay with me.

She mentioned how she will Miss her friends and how she wants to marry a good man like Phil and have beautiful kids.
She envisioned alot of beautiful things but none has happens as she plans.

Phil told her to relax that it's only time, everything will eventually worked out.
He checked the time again and sighed.

He told Rachel that he was done and will be on his way home because it was already past 8pm, is late and he shouldn't be here when he haven't been able to reach me the whole day except the twice I called to know where he was.

Rachel asked him to eat but he said he wasn't hungry, maybe until he hears my voice.

"I wish a man will love me like you love and care about April. Why do you even love her like this, I just want to know because it sometimes baffles me.."

"Love has no reason, love is pure, love is selfless and honest, love is undiluted, beautiful when you're with the right partner.."

"Awwn, you see this your love confession, I'm falling for it. I wish my man can love me like this but unfortunately, I don't even have a man.."

He was about washing his hand on the sink and startled all of a sudden

He seems to sense my presence.
Phil turned and there I was standing like an angry ghost staring at them.

"Jesus Christ! He screamed out of shock and that made Rachel to also turn to see me.
"... April! he called out  as he tries to make sure I wasn't a ghost.
even Rachel seems very shocked.

"...are you alright, what are you doing here. I have been trying to reach you. How did you come in. You told me that you're still writing exam..."

"... my love are you alright.."  he asked moving closer.

", April, is that really you? How did you come in, what's going on. You're scaring us.." Rachel said as she stared at me confused.

Phil try touching me but I slapped off his hand.
Although I didn't see them doing anything suspicious aside the fact that they were cooking together like a couple and gisting, that alone made me very angry.

"... wha.. what is going on, you scared me to dèãth. Are you alright? You're scaring me April.."

"What's going on here.." I asked with a suspicious tune.

"Phil was just cooking and I.." Rachel was talking but I quickly interrupted.

"The question wasn't for you Rachel, just keep shut. Shüt up your mouth and let Phil, who I directed the question to answer

",Ooh..! Rachel said shocked but she kept quiet anyway.

"April what's the problem, you're scaring me for real.."

"I want to know what's going on here? Why are you cooking with Rachel, by this time of the night? when did all this romantic nonsénse between you and Rachel started..." I asked angrily

"Romantic what..? Phil asked back surprised.
I didn't bother replying him.
"...I only wanted her to try my cooking. We had argument back and she said men cant cook and I told her I was a good cook which you can attest to..."
"...She had a injury on her knee, she fell down at the field today and injured herself, we stopped at the hospital and have it checked.
It's just a bruise an.." 
He was still talking when I inteterupted.

"All this cock and boo story is not the answer to my question.You prefer Rachel right? No prøblem.."
"...All the time I was in school, I knew something was definitely wrong. The rubbish comments, the whole Rachel and Phil thing that both of you portray. You two are crazy and I can't do this...I can't do this seriously.."

I said walking out of the kitchen.
Phil caught my arm

I slapped and hit him to let me go.

"What has come over you, what's the prøblem... what got into you April.."

"Since you want Rachel, then go be with her. Two of you are very compatible and seem so good together. Trust me, I won't be surprise if there is more between you two which I'm yet to find out..'

"April, what's the prøblem with you? Phil was innocently helping me, It was my fault, insisted he show me his cooking skills. If you don't trust me, please trust him, he can never hùrt you, this man loves you with his Life, you're acting childish and this isn't good at all.."

I rushed towards her immediately she said that I was being childish and sl@pped her hard on the face.
"First thing tomorrow morning, I want you gone. You've betrayed me long enough, I gave you benefits of doubt, hoping you have truly changed but unknown to me that your agenda is to take over my man. You jeâlóus, gréedy foøl. I wish I never had a wícked sister like you. You've caused me so much pain and made Life miserable for me back then, but I will no longer give you that Chance to do as you please, I will so déal with you until you wish you néver had a sister like me ."

"... you think because you're beautiful and can take over any man or have anything you wish right? you will have to practice that gútter behavior of yours outside my house. Because I will squeeze you until you beg for mercy.." I said pointing at Rachel.

Her hands remained on her cheek
She was shocked seeing me In a different form.
I'm sure she haven't seen me in this state of ánger before.
I can see her fears, it was written all over.

Phil roughly dragged me out into the room. 
He pushed me roughly on the bed and stood añgrily staring at me after he locked the door.

"What's the meaning of this, what got you wired so hot? Why will you through such abømínable accusations on me.. with your blood sister? Are you crâzy..?

"... have I ever given you reason to doubt my faithfulness to you? Why will you leave school, turned off your phone and sneak into the state just for this dírty drama. I see why you've been asking some rubbīsh questions..."

"... you think I'm cheating on you with Rachel. You've a f!lthy mind April... Jesus. What in God's name is all this. Where's this even coming from..."

For the fact he said I had a fílthy mind I was ready to give him the taste of his own medicine.

"Yes, I don't trust you and won't be surprise if you're seeing another woman or even sleeping with my sister.."

He opened his eyes shocked.

"... you're probably sleeping with Rachel or some other lady. You're not fully faithful and I can't be blinded by your fake love show, Phil. You've not only been making remarks about Rachel and how fun she is, you've also told me severally on how you wanted to have intimacy soon. I just added the whole puzzle together and it makes real sense now.."

"You called my love for you fake?  April, you opened your mouth and say all this to me? 

I boldly said yes and I expected him to walk away ângríly but he stood staring at me unbelievably.

"Who's putting all this dírty ideas in your head because this is not you. Who exactly are you?

"...You're not my April, what has pøssessed you? The April I know will néver... never doubt my love for her. She have néver disrespected me to this extent.."

 "...my April trust me and I trust her too. April I know will not sneak down here, risking herself just because she wants to catch me pant down, in bed with another woman and the worse part is her own sister. April I know loves me and she know that she's the best thing that has ever happened to me. She's all I got and i cherish her so much. she's my heart beat and the only one I have eyes for, she's practically the air that I breath, the woman for me. My own Sunita, the one I will spend my entire life with and she will bore my children, we will grow old together in love. My forever woman... the one that kept me going.."

He moved close to where I sat on the bed, knee before me while taking my both hands into his.

I began to regret my actions.
I felt so güilty, I shouldn't have doubted this man.
Maybe I shouldn't have allow my jeâlóusy, suspiciøus and ánger for my sister get the best of me.

"... thats the April I fell in love with many years ago and haven't stop loving her ever since. The April I know is a calm, sweet and organized lady. She's not crazy or  act like this tyrants who's trying to ambush me.."

I chuckled loudly as he kissed my hands.
My stomach made a loud noise.

I realized I haven't eaten anything reasonable since morning.
I have been so determined in my quest that I forgot about food.

"This is how it feels when you accused me with Denise or some other men.."

"Is this your way of getting back at me? You just brúised my heart, you hürt me April with your words and actions. You said my love for you is fake.."

"I wasn't thinking right at all. I was afráid you preferred my sister and not interested in me, I'm sorry.."

He reassured me all over of his love and I believed him wholeheartedly

He kissed me and we had quiet a moment in the room, before he released me.

I wanted to shower and realized my box was outside.
I was going out to get it and was surprised to see it by my room door.

I guess Rachel stepped out, saw it and brought it inside.

Phil brought in food for me and fed me like a little baby.

He passed the night in the house

We spent most of the night talking, I was in his arms and it feels good.

I can't wait to spend this moment and many more with him and that's how we decided to take the wedding preparations more serious.

I apologise to Rachel the following day but I noticed she started trading carefully after then.

She was no more loose around Phil anymore, she was careful with her words and actions.

Before she finally travelled back, she also apologized for everything she intentionally or unintentionally put me through.

I later went back to school
Rounded up with my exams and dusted off with school.

My Mom was better, she was back to the US with my Dad.

I do video calls with them most times, my Mom was recovering beautifully.
I was filled with gratitude.

My parents and even my brother and his family will be traveling down for my wedding.

The wedding date was already fixed
Cards printed and distributed.

I asked Rachel to come over to my house and she was skeptical about it.
She asked me if I was sure I wanted her over, and I assured her that it was fine.

I went with her for my bridal shopping.
I bought my wedding gown and a another beautiful gown for Rachel who will be my chief bridesmaids.

Phil's sister was with us and we had a girl moment together after the whole shopping.

Two weeks to our wedding my parents traveled back home.

Phil got a new house for them.

They didn't go back to the old house that has so much of the ill, såddened moment.
I travelled back to meet my Mom and it was a great moment with them.

My Mom was very grateful to me for not giving up on her like many did.

She thanked me and Phil and also Denise and to everyone who seriously contributed to give her another chance to life

Phil came down and met my parents.

The two families later came together to discuss on the marriage rite

A big party was held for my mom welcome back
We can't thank God enough for this miracle.

My brother, Mark also got married to his sweetheart.
It was from one celebration to the other in my house.
My wedding is in a week time and everything was almost set and good to go.
Rachel said she and Denise has reconciled and he will be at my wedding.

I'm looking forward to my big day that's the major thing on my mind.

Phil can't wait for the wedding to be over so that he can boldly call me his wife.

I'm loving the feelings that comes with being Mrs Phil already.

Just a little time and it will be a reality.

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