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June Break-Episode 67



June Break-Episode 67

I was back to school after my holiday was over, while in school my mind was not settled.

Is been five weeks in school and I still can't concentrate.

Rachel was home, she has decided to settle in with me for the main time.

Phil met her and I can still remember the expression on his face.
He couldn't take his eyes off Rachel.
Rachel on seeing Phil was all over him as she showers him with lots of eulogy.

She was opening admiring how cute he was.

She mentioned his mustache is so cute, his natural eye lashes.
The brows, his finger nails, his fresh looking muscle free hands.
The way he walks, and laugh.

She even said she loves his kind of lips, she could imagine a man like Phil kissing her.

She will melt at his touch because cute men, especially one like Phil are mostly her weak point.

Yes, Rachel said all this and many more.

She hugs Phil so tight anytime he comes around or took us out, pressing her chest to his body every time Phil visited.

And I noticed that Phil was so cool with this kind of fl!rtatious comments and act from Rachel.
He didn't caution or complain, rather he had great admiration for Rachel too.

Her figure, her pretty face, her liveliness, her heights and her attitude in general.

He said he wish I was a little bit funny and cråzy like Rachel, he makes it seem like a joke
I didn't take offense immediately until I travelled back to school.

As I began to think about everything, I became not only worried for those two but ângry that Rachel is shamelessly fl!rting with my man.
Or am i overreacting?
Néver, the truth is glaring, is only a foøl that will ignore the signs.

I didn't want to think much about it, I wasn't ready to start doubting my man's trust.

He won't look at another woman twice.
well, so I thought until he started fixing his gaze on Rachel.
He will laugh at her silly jokes and will not shun Rachel or ask her to keep off whenever she touches him inappropriately or get too close.

I just ignored the signs and even laughed it off until I returned back to school.
 now, I can't even concentrate anymore.

I call Rachel unexpectedly asking her where she was and she will sometimes say she's at home or taking a walk or in an eatery.

I will stylishly ask her if Phil was with her and she will say no.
last weekend, she told me that she was out with Phil and returned late

He didn't want her bored or home alone all the time, he decided to take her out.

I wanted to know what they did together, if he brought her home after the outing and left immediately or he stayed.

I was asking suspicious questions that made Rachel ask me if everything was alright.
I know Phil was taking her out because he has already informed me and I said I was okay with it but is no longer okay with me.

I can't wait to return back home and find out what exactly is going on.

In most of the call with Phil, I'm always asking questions.
I want to know who he was with, why his line was busy when I called.
If he still finds me beautiful.

Between Rachel and I, who is more prettier.
If he will ever cheat on me
What is the thing that another woman will do that will make him fall for her.

I was always asking questions.

He also wanted to know why I was asking such questions and thought I was just being funny.
I pretend like it was indeed funny but deep down I wish I could get truthful answers to those questions.

In no time, I was done with exam and without further delay, I picked up my things and didn't even tell Phil that I was coming back.

He had mentioned that he was going to a baseball game practice that Saturday and asked if it was okay to go along with Rachel who happens to be complaining of boredom.
I said it was perfect 

I wanted to atleast catch them doing something I refused to agree to.
That thing that's on my lips, settled in my mind and concluded in my thoughts.
I was afráid to say it out loud but my entire being has concluded that something fishy was truly going on.

I'm glad I have only one more semester to go and this whole school trouble will be over.
I put my phone on plane mode so that whenever Phil calls, he will assume it's bad network that made me unreachable.

On my way home that very day, I will sometimes turn off the phone call dictating mode, call him to know his exact location, after the updates, I will change back my phone to plane mood.

I travelled down and arrived in the evening, I know after the base ball, Phil will bring Rachel home.

I hide, dïsgúised myself with hood and black eye shade, i waited patiently.
Is obvious that they've not returned yet.

 Because I didn't see Phil's car and the last time I spoke he was still out.

While I was there waiting, Phil drove in and parked just at his normal parking spot, which was close to my house gate.

I hide properly, I was watching from my hide out when Phil turned around to open the car door for Rachel.
She was pretending to have knee injury.

I can tell is all lies, Rachel is an actor and I wasn't surprised at her fake acting.

I was ångrily boiling, why he will be opening the car door for Rachel?

Rachel was on this short, mini skirt that's above her knees.
Like a table tennis or cheerleaders female outfit

It was a deep evening, darkness was settling in but I can still see everything.

I bit my lower lip as Rachel relaxed on my man while pretending to be having a fake knee injury.
She was dressed séxíly and her outfit wasn't proper at all for such game and definitely not right for my man

The baseball game ended since 4 30pm,
Who knows what they were doing before now and arriving this late.
Is already past 7pm

Phil has totally loosed focus because of Rachel.
I remember how he said something on wanting to make out with me and can't wait to kiss me all over and he said so many other dirty séxy things that he hardly say to me. That was few nights ago.

We agreed to wait untill wedding night and do not do sëx talk, I was wondering why he was making those séxy comments but I waved it off that night.

As I'm adding the whole piece together, I can no longer deny my fear in all this.

He had refered to me as Rachel one night and immediately corrected himself.

Alot of things that was begining to make sense.
if I check well, I will see that something is obviously going on and I don't need a soothsayer to tell me otherwise.

 I knew that Rachel can never be trusted, I only wanted to give her the benefits of doubt, but I was wrong to have done that.

Now she has my man but I will never allow Rachel to take the one thing that matters to me away.
She has chewed on the wrøng cord, I will put her in her place but not after be@ting the héll out of her.

I sulked ângrily as I watched them from my hideøut going inside, side by side, laughing like lovers.

I waited for sometime before leaving my hideøut and went inside the gate.
I already know that by then they will be inside my apartment.

What will Phil be doing in my apartment by this time with Rachel.

I have everything planned out. 
quietly, I try opening my apartment door but it seems it was locked inside.

I have a spare key which is always hidden outside my door, just in case I lost my keys.

I used it to unlock the door, very quietly and went inside.

They were obviously not in the sitting room.
I just knew it.
My instinct was right all along.
I definitely knew that this two have already started sleeping together.

My instinct is never wrong.

I was eighty percent certain that there's something fishy going on.

I wish I can disappear to the bedroom right away.

I can hear Rachel noisy laughter.

"Oh my God, Phil..my sister is really enjoying. You got it in you, hahahaha... I'm enjoying it. Ugh! Please I love it.. this is how I love it.." 
A shameless Rachel møaning sound was coming from the bedroom.

I shut my eyes to remove such imagination but it was right there.

Oh no! Rachel has stabbed me on the back and she will not go back to wherever she came from in one bit.
This night is going to be real bløødy.

Phil has rubbed himself on the mud by stooping this low.

He will get his share in this bløødy fíght and after which he can take his cheap, lying and disgùsting self and disappear from my life.
Two shâmeless people that don't know that their doom was just by the door.

I left my bag outside because I don't want anything that will obstruct me on this mission.

As I was about to close back the door, it made a disturbing sounds.

I hurried away after closing it and hide at the back of the curtain.

I heard Rachel saying

"Please continue, I'm sure is nothing. Is probably the television or just nothing to be worried about.

Phil was safety cautious, I heard him coming to check.
I know he was the one, I can see him from the back of the curtain where I was hiding
He looked around before going back.

"I told you is absolutely nothing, please continue. I love it.." I heard Rachel said.

I came out and tiptoed towards the bedroom, but that's not where the noise was coming from, surprised.
rather it was coming from the kitchen.

I quickly aborted bedroom mission and hurried quietly to the kitchen

Rachel must have talked Phil into the kitchen thing.
She's always fantasizing over crazy things and ideas.
Maybe he convinced Phil into making out with her in the kitchen, next will be bathroom and then sitting room.

Is this even normal?

How much I dislike her, I feel disdain for her right now.
I can hear her more clearly saying things about me to Phil right in the kitchen.

How I was always the shining queen of the house, how everyone loves me back at home and treated me exceptional and she used to wish she was like me.

The last part was literally true.
She was always envious of me
Her jealousy wasn't hidden and always makes everything about her.
She takes what belongs to me and get away with it.

I even remember how my two jump suits and some of my expensive wears were missing after I came back from home.

Rachel was laughing when I called to ask her about the missing items.

 She went to my box, took my things and never told me.
She never stopped stealing my things and now she wants to steal my man.

It won't go down well this night

I couldn't wait anymore and quietly went straight to the kitchen so that I can catch them red handed.

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