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June Break-Episode 46



June Break-Episode 46

I was getting ready to go out and get few foodstuffs since is a Saturday.
I saw some of my texts books which I was going through last night on the table, I packed them up and kept them properly on one side of the table.

I was still processing my admission for a part time school but most schools were on holiday then and I was asked to hold on until resumption before starting.

I have been able to write two of their exams which I wasn't really prepared for and that made me not to score high mark but I got a credit in one of the exams which wasn't bad but it was just by luck I happened to get up to a credit.

I was afraid I will fail but luckily I did not only pass I got an excellent score.
The second one was a pass which they said I will have to rewrite when the school resumes

I have been able to obtain the school form, filled the ones I can fill and submitted before the end of the semester.
When the school resumes, I will know what is my fate.

I still have two exams before I will be accepted.
Somebody told me that if I have money I can work my admission quicker and get into school
But I don't have the kind of money that was mentioned to bribe anyone just to get admitted into the school.

I will rather go through the legit way to avoid another future disaster.
I will resit for my exam, write any other one they bring.
If I fail I will rewrite until I get admitted.

Life has made me realize that doing things the right ways pays and also makes your conscience to be at peace.

I'm saving up for school and already gotten few texts books related to the course I intend to do which is law but the school said they can't offer that, I have to choose between socialogy or political science

I really don't want to do anything outside law but since i desperately wanted to get into school, I decided to go for sociology.

They said my new line of study is a bit related to law, that's like trying to compensate me. I understand that part.

I wanted to study law, to become a lawyer, not anything related to law.

But I had no choice than to go with my second choice. 
And the first exam was a general questions but the second was carved out from sociology, I have no idea about it.
After getting a pass, I decided to buy one text book to be able to understand it better.
I haven't been able to study much.

I still have time because school resumption will be in six weeks time.

I'm very hopeful that the rest of the admission process won't be as difficult as it was initially.

I'm so happy, hopeful and expectant as I look forward to one day becoming a graduate.

The only thing that I'm not happy about is the fact that part-time takes more years than the normal finishing time, that is what I was told and another thing is having to go for a total different course other than the major one I wanted to do.

I'm not a student yet because I haven't been giving a full admission but if anyone asks me, I let whoever that cares to know that I'm a student.

I'm a student and saying it feels good.
I'm going to work hard to take care of school bills so that i won't be a dropout and also house bills so that the house owner won't evict me from the house and make me homeless.

That's why I'm more serious with my life than ever
I can't deny the fact that I need little help but I won't put my hope on any one to avoid disappointment which can be heartbroken.

Tomorrow is the day I will finally go out with Jerry.
He seems like a nice guy, who will love and pamper me if I accept to date him.

We have been chatting and getting very close. I'm having feeling for him and wouldn't mind going into a serious relationship with him.

He said he loves me and his utmost desire is to one day make me his woman for life.

I really want to be sure of who ever I will be in a relationship with, I don't want any sad ending again in my life.

Phil has obviously moved on with his Danielle, I have given up on hoping he will someday come back.
I'm moving on and will be very careful with whoever that will be my man.

I don't need another Louise in my life, it still feels sad to remember everything I went through under Louise.

I thought someday I will have another chance with Philip but it obviouse that it will never be possible.
He moved on way before I even know, now is also time for me to move on.
Tomorrow will make a big difference, tomorrow is the day I will get to accept Jerry's relationship request.
He's a nice and caring guy and that's two of the major qualities that matters to me.

I took my small clutch handbag and a shopping bag to put in whatever that I will buy.
I forced it into the small hand bag that hung on my shoulder.
I dressed smart like those university girls I usually see acting like they've made it in life.

That's the way I was feeling with my outfits
I was heading to the door when I heard a knock.
I wondered who will be knocking, could it be my neighbor or who exactly.

I couldn't think of anyone that will be looking for me because I wasn't expecting anybody.

I walked to the door and asked who was there, I was too curious and didn't have time to start checking the security hole on the door.
I was dumbfounded immediately I opened the door and saw who was actually knocking.

He stood staring at me without a word.

I was perplexed, speechless.

He was the last person I was expecting to see at my door step.

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