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June Break-Episode 47



June Break-Episode 47

"Hey..." He managed to say

"Hey.." I replied in return.

"I guess I came at the wrong time, right?

I didn't reply to that. 

"...Are you alone in the house or you have somebody in there? Are you going out on a date?
"... Just wanted to know if you're alone.."
He asked calmly as he stared into my eyes, my lips, by body then back at my eyes again.

Why is he asking if I'm alone, who was he expecting to be with me in the house

"I'm alone Phil, i was actually going out?

"Yea, that's quietly obvious.." he replied and gasped out slowly.
"...I.. don't know if you have few minute to spare, I came to speak to you.."

Ever since the incident at the boutique which is more than two weeks, he finally decided to come and talk.

"About what exactly..? I retorted. I wasn't ready for any war with Phil.

He has moved on and I was trying to do the same too.
Beside, does his girlfriend knows that he is here? I just don't want any trouble, especially from all this rich people.

Danielle said I'm from the slum and don't have anything good going for me, she wanted to analyze my life history when she doesn't even know anything about me and Phil stood watching in silent

I know with the kind of person that Danielle is, there is no way Phil will be able to convince her to keep quiet.

He must've understand her kind of person before going into a relationship with her.

Is just unfortunate that he went for her kind of person of all the whole homely, disciplined and well mannered girls flirting around him.

"...i'm here to talk to you but Since you're going out..."
He paused and looked away then back at me 
""... maybe I will  check back some other time. Will you let me know when next you will be available please.."

He was all calm, handsome and wore his gentleman's attitude so well.

Phil is really a fine man, and I missed this nice part of him because after the big discovery of who I am and who Louise is to me, Phil changed dramatically.

He changed so much that I sometimes wonder if he was still the same caring, loving and sweet man I used to know who respects me and ready to do anything just to make me happy.

The man standing before me is the old Phil I have longed for but is already late.

I understand I hurt his feeling and he didn't fail to make it very known to me. He showed it in his attitude, actions and harsh words that by betraying the trust he had for me, things will never patch up or remain the same ever again.

And that's why when I realized that he now has a girlfriend, I was sad but is better that way.
He won't have to be reminding me of my past always

Moving on was actually the best ideas for everyone and I was doing same too.

"... will you? He asked again

"Sure..I will" I replied

He nodded quietly.
I saw that he was not making attempt to leave.
"Maybe I can spare few minutes, do you want to come inside...?

He nodded and I invited him into my apartment.

As he walked in, he stood looking at the entire house.
"You've a nice apartment.."

I smiled sheepishly. For Phil to commend my apartment means I really tried in putting it in perfect piece.

It was through his help I was able to get a place of my own and even furnished it to my taste.
Danielle haven't seen my place, if she know that I'm actually a big girl on my own with a well furnished apartment she won't say that I'm from the slum or that I live in a dirty, poor, gutter smelling street girl.

She was judging me without even knowing who I am. She felt because I work as a customer attendant in a boutique I'm a nobody.

She kept saying how rich she was and that of her boyfriend, Phil was obviously embarrassed by her whole drama,  from the look on his face that day, it was glaring. 

"..Is lovely in here.." he said again while still standing.

"Thanks Phil.." I replied with a smile.

He saw some text books on the table and walked to it.
He checked them up before setting them back exactly the same way he met them.

"Are this for you...? He asked pointing at the books.

"Yes, they're my school books.."

"You're in school now..? Wow... what school is that and what are you studying..?

"Well, I'm studying sociology in crown star university and is part time though..."
I said feeling like I'm on top of the world.

I understand I haven't gotten admission yet but I know that it's a done deal in the next session.

Nobody has to know that I'm still processing my admission

I know I said I wasn't going to lie, especially to Phil but who cares.

It wasn't really a lie, I'm almost there. 

The delay I had was the holiday and once is over I will continue working towards getting into school.
Phil no longer care and wouldn't even remember most of what I said when he's out of here and in Danielle's arm.

"Why part time..? He asked puzzled.

"Be..cause I have to take care of my own bills without depending on anybody. You're aware that I'm alone in this city and have to hustle for everything. Running a part time program gives me time to work and make some money. I'm not a rich princess like your girlfriend, some of us have to work for our money.. you know.."

He turned and gave me a strange look before going about looking around the sitting room.

I just have to remind him that I'm not a spoilt brat like his girlfriend who was ready to do anything it takes just to have a designer handbag.

Phil really helped me in getting to where I am. I know there was a point in life I had to lie and collect a huge sum of money from him and he was really smart enough to figure out that it was all lies but he still gave me the money.

He was really kind but I know the ground I stand in wasn't safe at all when Louise started threatening and blackmailing me.
I had to act fast and Phil was my only escape route
I just had to act before I'm left at the mercy of Louise who would have made me beg for every crumbs.

Phil walked slowly towards where I stood.

He took my hands into his, held it a little tight.
"April..." He called my name in a whisper and pause.
".. April. I miss you.." he said very quietly as he breathed in.

I was just staring at him without a word.
Should I jump on him or start dancing because he miss me.
He miss me yet he went ahead and start another relationship.

 I guess whatever he wanted to say hung on his throat.

He drew me closer and kíssed me.

It feels good at first and I didn't want him to stop but had to hold back myself, I'm not the same girl I used to be.
I'm dependent, fearless and I don't ever want to be a second option for anyone.

I stepped away from him.

"What are you doing? Why did you come visiting Phil.."?
I asked.

He moved closer and try to hold my hands again, I was really tempted to be in his warm arm and allow him kiss me all over but no, not this time.
I have learnt enough life lessons. I want to be loved and appreciated by the right person, not pitied and admired.

".. you have a girlfriend Phil. Whatever you are trying to do isn't right to me and not to her either. Do you even care to know if I'm already in a relationship too, you didn't care to know if I have a boyfriend before kíssing me.."

"Because I don't care, I don't care to know about your boyfriend. I'm not in a talking terms with Danielle..."
"... Listen April, I just want you and don't want to care about any one else and I know you still want me.."

"It doesn't work that way Phil, not anymore. I'm trying to be straightforward in life and avoid troubles. You have to respect me as a person and respect your girlfriend too. I thought you came to talk? You understand I was going out when you came..."

He stared at me for a while with a straight face

"So should I leave?

He finally asked, I don't even know what to reply.

I don't want him to leave yet I don't want us to continue this way.
He still has a girlfriend which he wasn't in a talking terms with but can actually settle their misunderstanding anytime and I will be left hanging.

Although i still want Phil but Jerry is in my life now, not fully but he knows I'm going to be his woman.
I can't betray him, it will be devastating.

I'm going on a date with Jerry tomorrow and will be starting another relationship with him.

Phil Showing up all of a sudden to kiss away the breach that was created, it doesn't work that way.

"... should I leave he asked again..?

I swallowed hard as I try to muster courage on what to say next.

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