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June Break-Episode 39



June Break-Episode 39


Phil didn't send the money like he said he would, I kept checking my phone for an alert but nothing came in.
I thought of calling him the following morning because I went straight to bed after showering and eating another plate of food that evening.

I was too tired to care about the extra food remaining and what to do with it since neither have fridge or where to preserve it.

I showered and went straight to bed that night.
The floor was cold, I really need to get a bed soon. 
My cloths and sheets were helpful as I spread them up on the floor and I slept off and didn't even remember if I had a bad dream or a good one.

when I woke up, my phone was the first thing I checked but nothing was there.

I assumed Phil had sent the money but maybe my bank didn't send the credit alert due to some network issue.

I decided to check my account balance and that's when I realized that the money wasn't sent at all.

Is unlike Phil to promise a thing and not fulfil it, yet he asked me not to bother coming to the office today for the same reason. he made it very clear that he will transfer the money when he gets home, I wondered what happened. 
Probably he changed his mind.

Well, alot has changed about Phil and I'm not surprised at all.
If he decides not to give me the money again, perhaps, i need to stop thinking about the money and focus on other things.

I brushed my mouth and began to tidy up the house.
I remembered my left over food from yesterday, I rushed to check if it has spoilt.
I need something to eat that morning and i can't go over to Cecil for food, especially not now that her brother is around

The food was still okay but needed a serious hitting from the fire.
 I was just in time although I know the taste will change a little.
I quickly transfer the food into a pot and used my small cooking gas which was filled already to do the warming.

I didn't care if the food was about  to spoil, I was rather happy I have something to eat that morning.
I ate it like that
I set out to properly put things in place in my house.

I worked that morning untill mid day when I felt hungry and decided to go out and get something to eat.

I changed over to something simple and nice, a flowered jumpsuit with a single thready hand, I picked up my hand bag and left.

Just before I got to the gate, I heard my name and it was John, he came out of their apartment and walked straight to me.
"Good day pretty April.."

"Hey, John Good afternoon.."

"You're going out, can I come too? He asked giggling like a child.

"Oh, I'm not sure you will..."
Before I can say anything he interrupted with a wave of his hand.

"I'm just kidding April, what if you're going to visit your boyfriend or some other important place? Don't mind my silly question.."

"You can actually come, if it won't be any trouble. I wasn't going far, just to get something to cook and eat.."

"Great, I have been looking for where to go. Please give me a second let me grab something inside and tell my sister of my whereabouts so that she won't start wondering where I went to.."

Just then Cecil came out of the house with her big belle.

John went back to the house to pick whatever he wanted while Cecil approached.

"I can see you have met John, my brother?

I smile with a nod while she continued

"... I love this smile on your face, which means John is going to be one of the qualifiers of a future hubby right?

"Cecil, I never mentioned, think or discussed anything like that with you.." I replied with a smile fully on my face.

"You don't need to say it April, from the smile I see today on your face, I have drawn my conclusion. My brother is actually a cool gentleman, he's going to make a good husband, in addition he's a caring doctor and also handsome. What else do you need in a man.. tell me.."

I chuckled at the question.

"Is this kind of a relationship class? Because I can't remember signing into any..." I replied and breathed in relief as I saw John coming.
"... Cecil thanks for marketing your brother to me but I need to go now.."

Just then John joined us and we left.
Cecil said as we were about crossing the gate.
"You two look good together, you will makes a fine couple.."

"Thanks for noticing sis, now go back to the house with your big stomach. We will be back soon.." John said sarcastically to Cecil.

I looked back at her and she winked at me in a funny way.
I laughed. 
It felt good to really laugh and I was a bit relieved. 
Alot of things had almost choked life out of me this period and laughing again really makes me feel good and relaxed.

We started walking down the street and he said
"...Don't mind my sister, she can be a little pushy. Although you and I actually look good together. Take a long look at us.. don't you agree..? he said grinning from ear to ear.

"I can't clearly see at this moment due to hunger and so I don't agree, allow me to eat first so that I can see clearly and have energy to decide on that.."

He began laughing out loudly.
" And I thought I was the king of sarcasm, you deserve a sash for beating me to it.."

I smiled as we walked down, I bought the things i needed and John suggested we stopped for a drink and snacks but I turned it down.
I told him next time, I needed to go and cook.
Having a tour on the street gives me an insight of where things are actually sold.

"So, tell me who's the lucky man in your life...? John asked as we were walking back to the house.

",I will rather not say" I replied.

He tapped me a little and said
"You aren't proud of announcing him yet? is he a fraudster or some sugar daddy.."

I looked at him without reacting.
"... hope you're not offended? That must be an expensive joke.. I'm sorry about that.
I nodded quietly and he said again
".. but can I be your sugar ant? The one that's always attracted to your sweetness. I'm not sure I can compete with the Duke and mayors in your life so I will rather be the ant. I can even hang on your cloth or on your hair without you knowing. All that matters is that I'm there with you..."

I chuckled 
"I'm hearing this chucking lines for the first time. No man had used this kind of lines on me before, I like it though because I can squash you under feet without even noticing that you're gone.,"

He called me wicked and we both began to laugh and was suddenly interrupted with a car horn.
I turned and saw Phil, he drove to a spot and parked.
I was really surprised to see him. I never expected to see him coming to my end.

What exactly is he doing here? I wondered within myself.
He was looking at me and John as he parked at a corner of the street.

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