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June Break-Episode 38



June Break-Episode 38


He came down and in no time we drove out.

Surprisingly Louise was still outside the gate, he was standing beside the company's flowered wall watching and waiting like a hawk.

I try to make sure that he sees me and not just seeing me but seeing that I was with Phil.

He can't never get around how it all worked out because Phil and I are supposed to be enemies, Phil was meant to hate me and not come anywhere close to me after discovering the shocking secret about me and Louise.

I know it will be hard for Louise to get out of shock after seeing us together again.

I was tempted to stick out my tongue or even my middle finger at him but I turned down the urge.

Phil was beside me and may not like that at all. I just wanted to put everything about Louise behind me.

He stood watching with all his eyes pooping out of it's sucket.
The huge urge to stone him with one leg of my shoe or do something that will hurt his feeling greatly came with full force.

I bent down and removed one leg of my shoe, I lifted it to my hand, holding it tight.

I realized that the glass was up and looked over at Phil, he looked back at me

"What are you doing? He asked as he saw me holding my shoe in my hand 

"Oh..I, I want to spit out saliva but the glass is up, can you roll it down a bit?

"You want to threw out saliva that's in your mouth with your shoe in hand? You intend to throw that shoe at Louise right? That's a foolish thinking and you're not ready to stop lying over little things that doesn't really count.."

I ignored him and lowered my shoe back to my feet.
We drove past and I looked back at Louise, he couldn't stop staring.

I'm so glad he didn't get any money or even my presence. 
I wanted to say all thanks to Phil but only if he stop being rude to me.

He stopped at one of the fast food I love, parked and we got down.

We walked in and sat to eat.
He moved the menu towards me.
I don't really mind anything at all. I just wanted to get filled and get out.

I checked through the menu and pointed at rice and chicken with vegetable salad.

The waiter that was at our table took our orders and left.

Phil and I didn't say anything to each other, I was sitting opposite him and staring at people walking in and out, also people eating alone and those in twos or in more company.

Phil was busy with his phone and didn't say a word to me.
I wanted to start a conversation but I didn't really know what to say and didn't want to push my lucks with him.

Our food arrived and we started eating in silent
I realized that I was more hungry than I thought.
He ate a little and push back the plate which signaled that he was done.
He still had lots of food and meat on his plate.
He was sipping his drink while busy with his phone and waiting for me to be done.

I ate all of mine and stared at his plate of half eaten food

"Do you still want it or I should eat it.."
I asked trying not to sound too desperate.

"I'm through with it.." he replied and he watched as I carried his leftover and began to eat.

He didn't say anything as he went back to his phone.
I belch aloud unknowingly. 
He looked at me disgusted.

", I'm sorry, I didn't even know it will make a loud noise.." I quickly replied.

"Can we be on our way now or you still want more food?

"I'm filled, we can go. Thanks alot for the food.."

He nooded and asked if I wanted to take home some more food.
"If it won't be a problem, I don't mind at all.." I replied wearing a smile.

He asked the waiter to package some food which he quickly paid for.
We left with my hands filled with food packs

As he drove, he asked me which of the area I live.
I mentioned it to him and he said he wasn't very familiar with that side, he will stop on the way and I can continue my journey from there.

But instead of stopping on the way like he said he drove on, I kept directing him on the right road to my house.

We stopped at the gate of my house, he heaved a sigh before saying

"I will transfer your money later tonight, when I get home. You don't need to come to the office again tomorrow, Is not necessary. Hope you're still using the same bank account details? 

I replied affirmatively.
I sat still not ready to get down, he looked over at me

"What's it...is there a problem? Why are you not getting down. isn't this your house again?

I felt embarrassed and speechless as I gently opened the car and get down with all the food he got for me.
He reversed and speed off.

I wondered what I was actually waiting for, maybe a little gist, laughter with a suiting kiss like we used to do before things went sour.

I walked into the gate and straight to my apartment.
I saw a young and good looking man walking around the compound.
A new face I haven't noticed before or maybe because I just moved in yesterday.

I didn't pay attention to him as I kept moving to my apartment. 
He walked up to me and greeted.

", Hi, I'm John. My sister lives next to your apartment. I mean the pregnant lady, she's my elder sister. I just came to pay them a visit this afternoon and will be around for maybe a week. Probably, we will get to know each other better..if that's fine with you.."

I nodded with a smile and continued my walk down.
he suddenly said behind me. "I didn't get your name..?
I apologized before telling him my name.

He said it was very nice to meet a pretty Lady like me with a unique name.

He asked if I was a model and I replied that I wasn't.

I was too tired to start conversing with him, I needed to get inside my house and take a long shower and an uninterrupted rest.

Although he was indeed a good looking young man but Phil was all that occupies my mind now not John but having a friend around isn't a bad idea.

I turned and walk away to my apartment.

 He stood staring at me from behind.

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