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I Hate You Jace - Episode 85&86




I Hate You Jace - Episode 85&86


By Naomi Cindy B.


If this is a dream, please we don't wanna wake up, forever.

It's a warm evening, but the mood became warmer as the make out went sultrier, their kissy sounds popping off from under the duvet.

Their lips didn't separate for minutes... they missed this so much, and they took time exploring each other till they were breathless.

They still continued anyways, sighing and breathing into each other's mouths romantically.

He was rubbing her thighs just the way he likes, and she was rubbing his face, not wanting to break it anytime soon.

They were breathing so hard when they finally pulled away from each other, but then Jace's head went down her chest immediately, and he planted wet kisses on her free b👀bies.

He peered at her with naughty eyes afterwards, and she chuckled.

"What are you thinking?"

"All the flesh you lost, I'll f*+*k them back into you, trust me baby" he winked, and she laughed, pulling him back up.

"How much i missed your dirty words" she said, kissing him softly on the lips.

"How much I missed your bedroom voice" he replied, and she laughed again, rubbing his open chest.

"How are you gonna handle the exams though? Maybe you can meet with some lecturers and they can allow you to write them" she said.

"Nah, I'll wait for next session. I'll just graduate with the 26th set" he replied.

"What! No, you can't...

"That only means I get to spend more time with you. I'm all in for it" he said.


"Are we seriously gonna spend our time arguing after five months of being apart?" He interrupted, and she pouted.

"I'm kidnapping you for the next one week. You can't go anywhere without my permission" she said.

"Sure, boss" he winked, and she smiled, cuddling closer to him.

He placed a kiss on her lips, wrapping his arms on her as their body warmness became one.

"I love you"

"I love you... n+ughty" she whispered, and they began kissing again, unable to pull away.



Lips on lips, tongue on tongue... Craig and Dorothy entered the room, kissing hungrily.

The graduation after-party is still ongoing in almost every clubhouse in town ... Rizz House and the Warehouse will surely be full as f+çk, but they decided to take their excitement out in this bedroom tonight.

Dorothy's phone fell on the ground, and she pulled off her right shoe with her left one, still kissing Craig as the shoe fell off.

She flung the left one out of her foot, wrapping her arms on his neck.

Her back hit the wall as Craig lifted her up, snaking her legs on his waist as the kiss became fire. He unzipped her gown behind.

They kissed by the wall for minutes, and when Craig started taking her to bed, she came down from his arms, breaking the kiss.

She smiled mischievously before pushing Craig to bed, and he chuckled in surprise.

"That's the idea, sweetheart" he said, getting more turned on when she peeled off her gown.

"Come to daddy" he said s+ductively, and she crawled to bed, climbing him as their kiss resumed.

Minutes later, shirt fell, undies imitated, and p+nts followed... a c+ndom foil landed on the ground.

The room lights went off, and Dorothy's m0@ns occupied the room as her cherry got popped.



Jarvis suddenly couldn't feel Jace's arms around herself anymore, and that prompted her to wake early

She opened her eyes slowly, still feeling sleepy...

"Jace" she called lazily, not moving an inch from her space.

"Jace" she called again, finally changing position.

She sat up, sweeping the hair on her face away, then he came in.

"Where were you?" She muttered with a baby voice, and he quickly went to her, planting a kiss on her forehead.

"I'm trying to order your breakfast, but I can't find my card, so i went to Gabby and Craig's to check" he said, and she smiled drowsily.

"You're still sleepy, you should go back to bed" he said, kissing her forehead again.

"I won't be able to sleep if you're not beside me" she mumbled.

"You also need to eat, i'm back now, there's no reason to skip breakfast. Just give me ten minutes and I'll join you" he replied, and she nodded, resting back on the bed.

Jace stroked her hair for a while before standing.

He searched for the card again, and he still couldn't find it.

His other cards are at the orphanage, so he really has to find this if he's gonna make any order here.

He'll just go check Craig's room again.

He opened the door to go out, but he met Nicole about to knock.

"Mummy's boy!" She said cheerfully.

"I told you not to call me that...

He hasn't finished when she hugged him tightly, and he stopped talking.

The tightness is killing, he couldn't breath.

"You won't know how much I cried. You're the only one I have in this world so don't do that again" she said, and Jace sighed when he felt her tears wetting his shirt.

Slowly, he hugged her back, and Nicole smiled, feeling so hyper.

"Andrea" he called, and she smiled wider.

"Yes? Mummy's...

"Finish that and I'll break this hug" he interrupted.

"Yes Jace" she quickly said, and he smiled, tightening his hold on her too.

Jarvis sat up in bed already, watching them with a big smile.

"How many men did you meet when I was away?" He asked.

"None!" Nicole quickly broke the hug and wiped her tears.

"For real?" Jace raised his brows.

"Why would I meet men when I have this!" She brought out the card he has been looking for, and he smirked.

"Seriously? How did you know my bloody pin?" 

"You were obsessed with using my date of birth and yours as your lucky numbers since we were kids. I just tried my luck and i did it! 1121. Check your history, you'll see my handwork" she rushed.

He was still looking at her as he got his phone and checked the history.

He almost gasped when he saw his debit estimate.

"45 million within five months? What the f+çk did you do with my money!"

"I had to dump my revealing clothes and buy new ones so I changed my wardrobe completely, and I ate, I managed myself and I bought lady things. I....

"Stop! Just give me the card" he made to take it, but she shifted back.

"Have some shame little brother! Just leave this to me,I'm sure you have many cards so this is mine already" she winked.

"You're forgetting the fact that I'm 22 and you're 25, you're the senior here and if anyone should be giving cash, it's you" he said.

"Well I'm not a writer and drug dealer like you, so get ready to spend on me!" She said happily.


"Remember you wet your bed till you turned 6 years, you were...

"Stop talking! Andrea" Jace gritted, and she smiled.

"Cool, I'll see you around little brother!" She pecked his cheek and started bouncing away on her shoes, but she suddenly looked back.

"And your Bentley is mine now, don't even think of taking it back" she said, bouncing away completely.

Jace continued standing by the door, smirking repeatedly.

Jarvis's laughter made him turn back, and she came down from the bed to walk to him.

"I'm glad you made up" she chuckled.

"I won't let her get away with this, trust me..." He replied with a playful smile, and she laughed again as she rubbed his face.

"You promised to spend on her remember? I have a feeling she's only just starting" she said, stroking his hair.

"Are you siding her now?" He squinted, holding her waist.

"Of course, she's my sister-in-law anyways" she chuckled, and he came for her lips immediately, giving her a deep smooch.

"Haven't brushed" she said.

"Ion bloody care" he replied, kissing her lips again.

"Why are you even bothering about ordering? Shouldn't you cook for me instead?" She teased 

"You want me to burn the hostel?" He replied, and she laughed, holding his muscular arms.

"You can't make a meal? So who's gonna be cooking when we get married?" She said the unexpected question, and he squinted again.

"I thought I was alone on this wedding stuff" 

"Alone? No, we both want this, and I can't wait to be your cute little wife, walking around the house in only my lingeries, seducing you always" she said teasingly, and he brushed his nose on hers.

"I love you"

"I love you" she replied, and he swept her up in his arms.

"Let's go back to bed, I'll tell Zoe to send my cards" he said, and she nodded, caressing the back of his neck as he walked back to bed.



"Hot Daddy!!!!!"

The kids couldn't hide their excitement when Jace drove in.

He came out of the car with Jarvis, and they shrouded him.

He started hugging them one by one, and some started crying 

"Thanks for coming back to us, Hot Daddy" Camille said.

"Y'all are good right?" He asked.

"Yes!!!" They chorused, and he smiled widely.

"Of course they're fine, I visit them everyday" Nicole's voice made Jace stand.

She's with Ms. Zoe.

"What are you doing here?" He asked.

"She's a regular visitor, what do you mean" Zoe replied.

"Mummy's boy must be surprised" Nicole said.

"I'll really kill you if you keep calling me that" Jace muttered.

"Mummy's boy" she said again, and his nerves exposed on his neck.

"Andrea!!!" He yelled.

"Jace!!!" She yelled back mockingly, and the kids started laughing.

"I can yell too, little brother" she winked 

"Let's go Jarvis, they're busy" Zoe pulled Jarvis, and the kids followed them.

Nicole and Jace kept glaring at each other, and Nicole suddenly started laughing, making him smirk.

"Come on brother, don't be mad" she went to him and held his arm.

"You're annoying" he muttered.

"Thank you" she grinned, and another car drove in.

Marcus came out of it, and he didn't wait before rushing to hug Jace who groaned.

"I'm so glad you're back! I had to fly back hurriedly from England when I heard the news, I'm so glad..." He started crying.

"It wasn't your fault that I disappeared, so stop it" Jace said.

"I promised to protect you but I failed, I'm sorry"

"Protect me from Klaus? Is that a joke? Stop the guilt" Jace replied, and Marcus broke the hug.

"Granny sends her regards"

"Whatever" Jace rolled eyes.

"Whatever" Nicole said in his voice, then they started going in together, but they turned back at once.

"Aren't you coming?" They chorused.

Marcus smiled before joining them, walking in together.



Esther was looking refined and different as she stood by the door, smiling lightly.

Mrs. Ronald opened the door, and she stepped in, hugging the woman.

"It's good to have you back" she said happily.

"It's good to see you again too, and I'm sorry about Nikki" Esther replied, and they broke the hug.

"Having anything to do with a criminal like Klaus was my only mistake. The devil gives and takes, and he really did it ... He took him" Mrs. Ronald said.

"It'll be fine" Esther replied.

"His friends have been visiting, I'll be fine" she nodded, and Esther hugged her again.

"I'll be returning to New York tommorow" she said.



Esther knocked on Jace's room door when she arrived, and it was Jarvis who opened up.

"Hey" she smiled.

"There's no pool around, why are you here?" Jarvis replied.

"I'm flying out today. I just came to tell you that...you shouldn't...don't do anything to break Jace's heart, he's a rare guy" she said, and Jarvis calmed.

"Throughout the five months we  sent together in the vault, he only drank water to survive. The number of times he ate snacks isn't up to 6, trust me. All he did was whisper your name around the vault and he doesn't even sleep...he cried a lot and didn't say a single word to me throughout the months, he almost ran mad trust me" she explained, and Jarvis gulped.

"Don't lose him, he'll surely lose his mind. And... I'm sorry about everything. I guess the months I spent in that vault made me understand who I really am, and that's why I need to leave. I wish you a long love life, bye" she smiled and left.

Jarvis stood there for minutes, and when she heard the bathroom door closing, she went back in and saw Jace coming out of it in only his towel, hanging on his waist.

"Who was that?" He asked, but instead of answering, Jarvis went to him and pulled his face down, crashing her lips on his.

Jace didn't wait for an explanation before taking the lead, taking her to bed and coming on top as his hand went under her skirt.

"Take me, till I can't walk anymore..." She whispered on his lips, and he hardened the kiss when she loosened his towel, grabbing his boner.

"I want this...give it to me.."

"Say no more" he groaned, tearing off her blouse....

The penetration happened so fast, and soon, she began singing in tongues.




It's the last day the guys will be spending together in Washington, so they're hanging out here tonight.

The bar is full of indigenes, but the students got a middle table.

Jarvis sat on Jace's laps, her skimpy white gown looking so s+xy on her.

Jace's hands are playing between her thighs under the table, and she's rocking him slowly.

"I cried for weeks when you left yunno?* Collins said.

"Cut the crap, I won't buy your lies" Jace rolled eyes.

"Believe me, you're my Molly buddy so I cried" Collins replied, drinking from a cup of beer 

"Someone shut him up" Jace muttered, and everyone laughed.

"Can't believe we won't be seeing each other again after this. I and Jarvis are the only ones who's still in school" Dorothy pouted.

"Me too" Jenna and Philip said at once.

"And you seem to be forgetting that I'm still there too, graduating with the next set" Jace added.

"Jarvis is lucky, you'll have your boyfriend to yourself next semester too" Dorothy said.

"I already said I'll come visit you from Seattle every month, sweetheart" Craig pulled her to his laps too.

"It's not enough" she pouted drunkenly, and he smiled.

"You're drunk babyish"

"Shall we play a game?" Nicole suggested.

"Tell me it's not truth or dare" Scarlett said.

"Jace once said?" Nicole replied.

"If you're waiting for me to care, then it'd take forever" Gabby said.

"I don't bloody care!" Craig shouted, and everyone laughed.

"Enjoy your molly-less days in hell" Collins said, and they laughed again.

"Where is my girlfriend?" Philip said, and Jace smiled.

"I love you, little cat" Dorothy said.

"Awww!!!!" They all chorused.

"Bloody hell" Scarlett said in Jace's voice, and they laughed again.

"Nicole the sugar girl?" Nicole said, and another laughter happened.

"Let my tongue meet yours again,, inside our mouths" Jarvis said.

"Crazy!" The guys laughed.

"Look am I nuts to say I missed you like crazy a lot? Like... A lot" Jarvis said again.

"Damn" Jace muttered, and they laughed.

"Don't f+çking tell me what do do!" Gabby shouted, and the laughter increased.

Jarvis was about to add another of Jace's line when her eyes suddenly caught someone by the door.

She strained her eyes, concentrating to confirm if she's seeing right, and her eyes widened when she got a clearer view of the person.

He's walking in with a wicked smile on his face...

The greatest psychopath... Klaus!


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