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I Hate You Jace - Episode 83&84




I Hate You Jace - Episode 83&84


By Naomi Cindy B.


"Erase my name from that bloody list, I'm back" a calm nasal voice said from the back of the hall, and everyone turned skeptically to behold the owner of the voice.

Eyes began widening, and gasps filled the hall... a student fainted cos right there in front of them is the one and only Jace Volkov! 

He's like his usual saucy self, having a little smile on his face as he stared back at the crowd of shocked people.

It's like the shock left their bodies at once cos students screamed out immediately, shifting away from him to a safe part of the hall.

* I'm sure as hell he's a ghost!

* What the f*+*k!

* How come he's standing on his feet?

* Did the news not say he got bombed with his dad in the house?

* It can't be!

* How is it even possible?

* Someone hold me before I pass out!

Different utterances from students circulated, but it all stopped when Jarvis stepped out from the middle of the crowd, looking so gobsmacked and overawed as she stared at him.

Her hands were shaking, so she folded them. Her throat felt parched, and she had to open her mouth slightly for a small intake of air as she started walking slowly to him, not taking her eyes off him at all.

"What's going on?" Craig said, his eyes still as wide...

"Beats me" Gabby replied, looking speechless.

Nicole and Ms. Zoe doesn't need to talk, their eyes did the talking for them. 

Jarvis finally got to Jace, and he smiled widely.

"How have you been? Little Cat" he asked, and she gasped, unfolding her fists to raise her hands.

She slowly cupped his face in the middle of her palms, looking deeply into his eyes as she traced the hands down to his neck, to his chest...

"Little Cat" Jace's voice came again, but she said nothing till her hands got to his chest.

She placed them there, feeling his heartbeats for a minute before releasing tears from her eyes.

"You.... you're...

"Feel free to punish me for taking so long, but I'm sorry for keeping you waiting. It wasn't intentional" he interrupted, and she sniffled.

"You're not...a ghost? You're not a spirit? You're not...dead?"

Her hands are still on his chest, and her tears paused as their eyes mirrored.

"I'm really back, baby. I'm back for you" he replied, and her eyes continued searching his own for a minute before another tear slipped out of them.

"My Big Wolf!" She gasped, hugging him like a lost but found  treasure immediately

"I'm sorry, little cat. Forgive me for coming late" he replied, hugging her back just as tight.

Her tears graduated to cries, and the whole hall echoed with the sounds of her crying as her tears wet Jace's chest.

"I hate you so much, I hate you a lot. I can't stop hating you...I hate you Jace!!!"

Her tears were unstoppable, so Jace just stayed still, stroking her hair as she let it all out.

People started gathering courage to come closer, and the tension in the air started reducing.

Craig and Gabby were among the first to reach them, and Jace smiled at them too as he stroked Jarvis's hair.

"There should better be a tangible explanation" Craig said.

"Right, I'm still not understanding" Gabby added.

"Jace, is this really you?" Ms. Zoe said slowly.

"Did I change a lot? I guess I grew a little beard, I should shave" he replied.

"Mummy's boy" Nicole was crying...

"Don't call me that" he frowned, hugging the crybaby in his arms tighter.

* It's really him

* No foul play, it's the School Psycho!

* He's back!

* Oh my f*+*king gawd!

* I'm so freaking happy!

* Yes!!!

Students started going crazy immediately, and a lot rushed out of the hall, screaming the news round the school.

Jarvis isn't even hearing anything, all she cares about right now is the guy in her arms.

Even if he's a ghost, dating a ghost won't be that bad, at least it's her man's ghost.

Bottom line is...Santa listened to her wish and it came to pass, HE'S BACK!


Ten minutes later, almost every staff in the college is already present.

Even students who weren't in school before came, everyone is so curious to hear the story and they didn't even allow Jace to leave the hall like he wanted.

The school requested that he told the story immediately, and he had to let go of Jarvis reluctantly.

Dorothy held on to her as he climbed the stage, taking the microphone to face the crowdy hall.

"I have an important task to attend to, so I'mma make this fast" he said, and silence happened.

"I'm not alone, actually" he said, and they started murmuring again,  then Esther came in.

* Esther Laurence?

* Nikki's fiancee!

* Heard she was missing!

* Holy moly!

"Ok, who will be appearing next? Nikki?" Scarlett said shockingly.

"Klaus kidnapped Esther, but it was my plan" Jace said...


Since the incident with Jarvis at the pool, Esther has been hiding away in fear.

The fact that Jarvis died and came back to life miraculously is the most dangerous cos it's sure she'd be dead if Jace gets her.

She wasn't even thinking when she confronted her with a gun, and now she's bearing the brunt.

Hiding in the forsaken house for days has made her run out of food, and she has to go get stuffs.

She used her mask and cap, carefully covering every part of her face except her eyes.

She opened the door to leave, but her eyes widened when she met Jace by the door.

She made to quickly close it, but he blocked it with his sneaker in the middle, and she fell on her butt in fear.

Jace stepped in, and she quickly went on her knees.

"Please don't kill me! I know I deserve to die but i wasn't in my right senses when I did that" She begged desperately.

"I want nothing but to rip you to pieces right now, but my girlfriend said no to it, so I'm not gonna kill you" he replied.


"Yeah, but you'll still die anyways. I have a psychotic father, and I'm sure he's coming after you as we speak . He has the habit of killing the people i wanna kill" he replied, and she began sweating.

"The one who hung Megan and Latto and Ashley?"

"Yeah, I can bet that you're dying soon, unless you do as I say" he replied.

"What should I do?"

Jace bent in front of her, and she swallowed.

"He'll come to get you, and you'll allow him to take you to his safehouse...I need to find out some info" he said.

"What! He'll kill me before you get the info you want!" She gasped.

"And if you don't do what I want right now, I'll kill you here, and my girlfriend won't even find out cos I'll make it look like an accident" he replied icily.

"No! No I'll do it! Anything so far you promise I'll be fine!" She quickly said, and he brought out a voice transmitter, handing it to her.

It's so small that it can be folded into a palm.

Esther hid it inside her bra carefully.

"Find out if there's an underground protection vault in the safehouse. Not every safehouse has it so I have to be sure. I'll be able to listen to your conversations cos the transmitter is connected to my phone" he said.

"Fine, I'll do my best" she nodded.

Just as predicted... Klaus men got her that same day on her way to get groceries.

She was sedated throughout the journey to the house, and when she woke up, she found herself in a tied position in the dark room.

The entry of Klaus made her look up, and she gasped.

"Who are you? What have I ever done to you!!" She yelled, and he laughed.

"Stubbornness doesn't suit you at this stage cos you're dying soon"

"Why would I die madam, let me go!!! You think my parents won't find this place? They'll burn it down!!" She shouted, and he laughed again before squatting in front of her.

"If that happens, you'll be the only one who dies, young girl. This place is called a safehouse for a reason. There's an underground vault ... I and my men can just maneuver through it, but you'll go kaboom with the fire" he replied, and Esther stopped talking.

That's just the answer she needs, and she's hoping Jace is listening.

"Cool your feet, your death will soon come knocking" Klaus said and walked out of the room.

The lights went off....


Jace is standing by the window in his hostel room, his phone in hand and his headphones on.

He listened to everything, and he smiled creepily, removing the headphones.

"There's an underground vault? Meaning I can go on with the plan B, cool" he said, leaving the window.



...Yeah, we're together, and we'll be together forever... just the two of us" Jace said, and Klaus tightened the father and son hug.

Secretly, a faint red light is beeping inside Jace's back pocket.

"Let's go, dad" he whispered, and Klaus broke hug, patting him before facing Esther who's tied on the ground.

"I should have killed her, but I wanted her to be my first gift to you. There's no girlfriend here to stop you, kill her before we leave" he said.

"With pleasure" Jace smiled, getting his gun.

"Can you give me a bit of privacy?" He asked Klaus.

"Sure" Klaus started leaving with his men.

"When did you have time to build this safehouse?" Jace suddenly asked.

"I've been building it since years ago in preparation for this day. The underground vault door is in this same room, no amount of fire can penetrate" Klaus replied, and Jace nodded.


"It's now useless anyways since we're leaving. Clear her and let's go" Klaus said, leaving the room.

Jace waiting for the door to close before he started untying Esther.

"I think the button is somewhere on the wall, his men are always on standby surrounding it" she said.

He finished untying, and they both started searching the wall with their palms.

There's a dent on the wall somewhere. Jace went for it and dipped his hand inside.

A door opened on the ground immediately, making the loud opening sound.

They exchanged glances at once, and Jace threw down the bomb in his pocket.

They jumped down the vault together, and Klaus came in with his men.

Their eyes widened when they saw what just happened, but before they could take action, the bomb read 00:00, and it blasted, destroying Klaus and his men completely.

Meanwhile, Esther rested on the ground inside the vault, breathing heavily...

"We did it" she smiled, closing her eyes as she backed the wall.

Jace said nothing, just walking around restlessly.

He's calculating the time so he'd know when they can get out of here.

They said nothing to each other till an hour passed, then Jace climbed up the ladder.

He tried pushing the door open, but a panel appeared with different key signs like # £ π ∆ and so on... More than two hundred keys.

"Bloody hell" he muttered.

"What's it?" Esther climbed the ladder, and her eyes widened when she saw the panel.

"We have to press the password? But there was no password when we came in!" She gasped and started crying.

"How are we gonna get out of here? Huh?" She faced Jace.

"On gawd" Jace muttered.


* F*+*k!

* That's so sad

* It must have been so hard

"We tried more than thousand possible key-signs for the last five months, but we weren't able to open the vault. There was no network to make a call or receive one in there, but luckily there was snacks and water. We survived, thanks to that, and we finally opened the vault today" Jace continued.

"Why didn't you tell the others about your plan B?" A Nicole asked in tears.

"Klaus is a smart@ss. If I told you guys, he'd detect your confidence during the kidnap and he'd surely find out my plan. I had to do it on my own" He replied

"Baby brother!!" Nicole whined, running up the stage to hug him, but he avoided it, and she almost fell.

"I don't smell anymore" she said and made to hug him again, but he changed position, and she staggered.

"I missed you" she muttered, and Ms. Zoe climbed the stage too.

She hugged him without a word, and then his friends came up too...

Soon, the stage became so full with everyone congratulating him.

Esther was invisible, so she had to leave the stage as the welcoming back continued.

"You'll pay for making my Jarvis cry everyday. She wouldn't even eat nor talk to anyone, she became a shadow of herself" Dorothy said, and Jace bit his lip.

"I'll take care of her wounds, everything" he said.

"You better" Scarlett replied.

Nicole literally flew out of the hall, going from one wall on the campus to another, tearing away the obituaries.

"He's back, y'all!!! My baby brother is back!!! He's fuçking back!!!!"

"Jace Volkov is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

She almost went insane as she tore the papers into pieces, throwing it up in the air then standing beneath so the pieces rained on her as she widened her arms and faced the sky.

"Mummy's boy is back!!!!!!!"



The only sound in the room is the heartbeats of the lovers in bed... Jace and Jarvis.

Jace had to take his bath and clean up, but Jarvis insisted on doing it with him so they bathed together, and now they're laying in bed with their sides, facing each other as their eyes communicated.

They're both wearing just their underwear, but Jarvis is not even wearing a br@, so it's just her p+nties right now as his left hand caressed her face fondly.

"You because so thin" he whispered.

"You too, you're lean" she replied, rubbing his hand that's on her face.

"I missed you, every single detail, especially this cute face" he whispered, and she smiled prettily as he rubbed her cheek.

"Can't count how many times i dreamt about you...it got to a point and i started punching the iron wall maybe it'd just break miraculously, but I only ended up shedding my own blood" he said, and she took his right hand to  kiss...

"I thought I was gonna die...i even wished for death many times, thinking we'd meet in the afterlife if i die...I missed you so bad that I'm even speechless right now....I don't know what to do.... I wanna continue hugging you, and at the same time I wanna kiss you till I can't feel my lips anymore, at the same time I want to be inside your skin and at the same time...

"I feel the same... The emotions are mad, but most importantly...on the lips. I feel like i might lose it if I don't kiss those lips right now..." He  interrupted, and she drew impossibly closer, planting a soft kiss on his lips.

Jace couldn't reciprocate before she broke it, and she showed him the necklace.

"See, I didn't lose it" she said, and he kissed the pendant before coming for her lips.

"You didn't lose me too, little cat... I'll always be here for you from now on. No Klaus to separate us and no stunts" he said, his eyes interpreting his words.

"You could destroy the entire world until it's nothing but dust, and I'd gleefully crawl over the ruins to your feet as long as I get to continue loving you, baby. I can't feel nothing but loving you, and i promise to make up for all the tears I made you shed during my absence. You want cars? Jets? Ships? I can even buy you a kingdom, just say the word" he whispered, and her insides quaked at the magnitude of his words.


"Yeah?" He voiced.

"Just you...i want just you...you alone, don't leave me anymore... you're all I need and ....

"Gawd... I love you, mine alone" he peppered her face with wet kisses.

"I love you more, my ride or die" she muttered, and her eyes closed as he he pressed his lips on hers demandingly.

She quickly pulled the duvet over then as he came on top of her.

Their tongues slid into their honeyed mouths, and their hearts melted beautifully with love and deep affection as they kissed sweetly.

If this is a dream, please we don't wanna wake up, forever.


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