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Golden High 2024 - Episode 9&10




Golden High 2024 - Episode 9&10

Theme: Senior Year Serenade 

Genres: High School/Romance 


Written by Summer Gold R.



            [ SLIGHT OF JEALOUSY ]

"You think he's lying?" Theo asked. 

"Huh?" Isabella looked at him with confusion written all over her face. 

"I mean....everyone stares at you,because you're obviously beautiful" Theodore immediately said. 

"Exactly what I mean when I said you shouldn't mind him" Isabella said. 

"You're not telling me indirectly to ignore him whenever he tries to f**k with me right? You should know I'm not that soft" Theo said. 

"I don't really care what you do" Isabella replied and Theo nodded with a smile. 

"Goodnight" He muttered and left. 

Isabella also walked out of the library and returned to the dorm,she saw Maxwell walking out of her room. 

"Where are you coming from?" He asked. 

"Library" Isabella mumbled and entered her room,he followed her and closed the door. He grabbed her and slammed his lips on hers immediately. 

Isabella broke the kiss. 

"What,why did you do that" Maxwell asked. 

"Apologize" Isabella said. 

"What? Apologize for what?" Maxwell made a confused face. 

"This is the problem Maxwell,you feel too big to admit that you're ever wrong. If you think you don't need to apologize to me for shouting at me or getting angry unnecessarily then I have no words,leave my room,I want to sleep" Isabella said and started undressing. 

Maxwell sighed and roughed his hair,staring at her as she changed into a pyjama,she ignored him and climbed on the bed. 

"Fine.....I'm sorry" Maxwell said. 

"You really struggled to say that,you think it makes you feel less when you apologize?" Isabella hissed. 

"Babe,I said I am sorry. What else do you want....."

"Because you're still going to repeat the same thing Maxwell,I've been keeping up with you for so long...."

"And now suddenly you can't?" Maxwell cut her off. 

"Coz it's draining! You f*+*king gave me rules,I can't talk to this guy,I can't do this,I can't do that,I'm only seventeen for chocolate sake! We are in highschool and you're this protective? What if we get to college? Just what if,I'm going to emphasize on that,WHAT IF" Isabella snapped. 

"Don't do that,I'm never breaking up with you" Maxwell said. 

"I can break up tho,I hope you don't forget that two people are involved in a relationship,anyone can put an end to it,not just you" Isabella said. 

Maxwell sighed out,there was silence for a while before he spoke up. 

"I'm sorry prettiest,I just love you a lot and I don't want to loose you. Too much eyes on you,I'm just scared" Maxwell said and sat down on the bed beside her. 

"You're giving me a hard time,I listen to everything you tell me,why can't you just listen to me too? Just....."

"I'm going to try,it's hard but I would" Maxwell said. 

Isabella sighed. 

"I'm sorry" Maxwell muttered and hugged her. 

"I missed you" He said. 

"Me too" Isabella smiled. 

Maxwell kissed her neck and she smiled. 

"Don't be naughty and go to your room" Isabella said. 

"You didn't let me kiss you,I missed those lips" Maxwell said and broke the hug. 

Isabella chuckled and cupped his cheeks,she pressed her lips on his hand Maxwell pulled her closer,kissing her deeply. 

Isabella broke it shortly after. 

"Goodnight,go" She said. 

"I love you" Maxwell said. 

"Bye" Isabella smiled. 

He stood up and walked out of the room,Isabella went to lock the door before falling back on her bed. 


Leo opened his locker and the first thing he saw was the envelope which dropped,obviously the person pulled it in through the tiny opening. He took the envelope and opened it. 


Someone grabbed the letter from the back and he turned to see Cleo. 

"Oh,someone got a confession letter" Cleo laughed. 

Leo chuckled. 

"I don't know who it is,no name" He muttered and put his bag inside the locker. 

"Anonymously in love with you" Cleo laughed again and torn the letter into tiny pieces.

"Cleo!" Leo's eyes widened. 

"Not like you need or want it" Cleo said. 

"I didn't get to finish reading it,come on" Leo groaned. 

"What,she want you guys to exchange contacts and become friends" Cleo said. 

"That's not really bad" Leo said. 

"So,what about me? If you have a close friend,especially a girl,what will happen to me?" Cleo poked her chest. 

"You're my twin sister,totally different from a friend....."

"I get jealous easily though" Cleo rolled her eyes. 

Leo shook his head. 

"I'm speechless" He muttered and closed his locker loudly. 

"Are you angry?" Cleo asked. 

"No I'm not" Leo said and she smiled. 

"You're the only one I have........"

"You can have friends Cleo,I don't want you to feel lonely whenever we are not together,honestly,it's not nice......" Cleo shook her head and Leo stopped. 

"I don't like anyone,it's hard talking to anyone else but you" She said. 

Leo said nothing. 


"Gosh,why" Cleo groaned. 

"Lazy brat,let's go" Leo held her hand and they left the locker room together. 


The auditorium was getting full real quick,the students were coming in,in peers. Everywhere was so loud,Phoenix and Chelsea sat down together with other students filling the long auditorium seat,just by Chelsea's side is an empty seat where she placed her school hoodie. 

"Is this seat taken?" A boy asked. 

"Yes it is" Chelsea immediately answered and the boy left. 

Theodore and Angelo showed up together and they saw Chelsea. 

"Hey" Angelo smiled and sat down on the seat beside her. 

"It's for Theo" Chelsea said. 

"No it's fine" Theo chuckled and turned to the next side. 



Some girls started calling,Chelsea rolled her eyes. 

Theo saw Romina who was also looking at him,she was sitting on the row just next to where Chelsea was,he sat down beside her. 

"Hey" He said. 

"Morning" Romina smiled. 

Theodore wanted to talk but then,he saw Maxwell came in with Isabella. They were holding hands,smiling cutely and acting like the couples they are. 

Theo scoffed inwardly and turned back to Romina. 

"Thanks for last night" He said. 

"You can pay me back" Romina muttered. 


"Hmm.....sit with me during lunch and dinner today" She answered.

"Oh......of course,that's easy" Theo said. 

"Really?!" She held him excitedly. 

Theo nodded. 

"I can't wait" She said and Theo chuckled. 

"Since when did Theodore and Romina started talking?" Dakota asked beside Cindy. 

"Everyone knows she has always have her eyes on Theo" Cindy scifced. 

"I didn't notice" Dakota shook her head,she took a huge bite from her bread. 

"Are you that hungry?" Cindy asked. 

"More than hungry" Dakota muttered and drank from her juice too. 

Soon the principal,Mr John walked in,the teachers already took their positions too. 

Principal John climbed on the stage and the students became silent. 

🎙 Morning Students. 

"Morning Sir!!!!!!!!!!!" Loud answers from the students came together at once. 

🎙I have a good news for y'all this morning,but before that,I would like to welcome the school Empress,Miss Summer Gold. 



"She's really here?!!!!!!"

"I heard she haven't stepped into the school for five years now!!!"

"I can't believe this"

"I've never seen her in reality,only her pictures"

"Heard she's so young and beautiful too"

The students continue to murmur and finally the Auditorium door opened,it's the back entrance door,she entered from the back and all the students turned their heads at once to look at her. 


Miss Gold smiled and waved at the students screaming. 

"Oh my gosh oh my gosh!!"

"She's so pretty"

"I don't think she's even thirty yet"

"Wow,I love her skin color"

"She's glowing"

"I love her stature too" 

Miss Gold climbed the stage and was given a microphone,Principal John bowed. 

"Hello Mr John,it's been a while" She smiled prettily. 

"I would say that too,I feel so great seeing you again" Principal said and the students screamed. 

🎙 Hello Golds


She smiled. 

🎙 Good morning,and nice meeting y'all. I'm sure everyone of you here...it's our first time meeting. Sorry,I have alot of works,no time,but you should know I love you all,alot. 

"Love you too!!!"

🎙 That doesn't mean I'm too Nice,I'm not very nice

The students laughed. 

🎙 Yeah,I smile a lot,I play too,but when I am serious ,I am serious and wouldn't smile at you. That's me. 

There was silence in the whole Auditorium. 

🎙You might be seeing me quite alot for now though. 


🎙 I can't wait to get to know you all,if not all but a lot of you. I can see beautiful faces all over my auditorium,I'm so proud of y'all. 

"Thank You!!!!!"

🎙 Like Mr John was saying,there's a Goodnews for y'all,but I will let him do the talking,so go on Mr John. 

Miss Gold move,inviting the principal and the whole students clapped their hands loudly for some seconds before it went all down. 

🎙 We are having a quiz competition with another school. 


*My gosh!!!!!!*

The whole auditorium turned upside down for almost a minute before the principal continued. 

🎙 For our Finalists alone anyway,A Chemistry quiz competition. 


*Can't wait!!!*

"That's amazing" Isabella said happily,clapping loudly. Maxwell smiled. 

🎙 The school we are against is......

The name of the school came up on the large projector.      BRIGHT ACADEMY

The students screamed so loudly. 

Aside Golden High,Bright Academy is another high school known for their brilliant students,they've won alot of interschool and international quiz competition but this is the first time Golden High will be joining in things like that. 

🎙 As you all know,we've never ever done this. Interschool competitions or international,,none of them. But then,we decided to make things more fun for our students starting from now,and we believe in you,we really believe in you. Our finalists,we are going to be breaking records,am I right or wrong??


🎙 Good,the date will be revealed and pasted on the notice board soon,so in a week,the Chemistry teachers should pick Five students who will be representing us please,and let the preparation start. 

The students started clapping again,after that,more was said and finally the students started leaving the Auditorium one after the other,smiling excitedly as they walked. 

Theodore was entering the class with Angelo when a junior student came to call him. 

"The Director's Office" 

"Thank you" Theo smiled at the boy who immediately walked away. 

"Gosh,what does she want me for? I'm trying to avoid rumors" Theo sighed. 


Theo entered the office and met Summer Gold arranging her bag. 

"Leaving?" He asked and she looked up. 

"Yes I am,but we need to talk Teddy" She said. 

"You weren't joking when you said you were coming back soon" Theo muttered. 

"Is that the reason why you decided to work your way to rank 4 before my arrival? You think I won't have a problem with the previous ones?" Summer asked. 

"It's all in the past....."

"What do you mean it's all in the past? What is wrong with you,I have all your records here,30th out of 30 students? Since when? Since Year one?" She snapped angrily. 

"Nobody check for my result,they don't bother to ask" Theodore muttered. 

"Nice,well I'm here now. I'm anticipating to see your name first next time the results drops. Or you're a dead meat...."

"Sis!" Theo groaned. 

"Oh cut me the slack kiddo,and you better prepare well for that quiz,your name is automatically on the list" 

"I don't like such things,I rather stay among the audience and cheer people up....."

"Let others do the cheering this time around,Theodore Andrew,start preparing" Summer said. 


"No buts,I'm leaving right now coz I have alot to do" She cut in. 

"No hug? Nothing? I missed you for f**k sake" Theo said. 


"Sorry" Theo chuckled. 

"I missed you too Teddy,like a lot,but still I'm mad at you" Summer. 

Theodore hugged her. 

"I just promised I'm going to change" He said. 

"You should,you look good by the way. Introduce your girlfriend to me next time" 

"I don't have one,please" Theodore laughed and they both walked out of the office. 

"See you later,kisses...."

"No no" Theo immediately turned away and ran off. 

"Fake life" Summer scoffed before walking away. 


Most students were in the cafeteria already,Theodore came to get his phone in the class,but as he was about going in,he stopped when he saw Isabella and Maxwell. Kissing. 

Isabella was sitting on the desk,Maxwell's lips on hers while standing,kissing her hungrily. 

Theo fold his fists behind him,his eyes not leaving them,he just couldn't look away and at the same time,he was mad. 

"Theo" Romina called and tapped him from the back and he faced her. 

"Hey" He breathe out. 

"It's time,you promised to eat with me" Romina smiled. 

"Oh.......that's...." Before he could finish,Romina held his hand. 

Isabella opened her eyes and she saw them,Maxwell still kissing her.

Romina dragged Theo away and she broke the kiss. 

"What's wrong?" Maxwell asked. 

"I'm hungry,let's go to the cafeteria" She muttered.

"You said you want to stay in class......" Maxwell raised his brows. 

"I changed my mind" she cut in. 


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