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Golden High 2024 - Episode 11&12




Golden High 2024 - Episode 11&12

Theme: Senior Year Serenade 

Genres: High School/Romance 


Written by Summer Gold R.



           [ IN BETWEEN MAKEUPS ]


"Is this really what you're eating?" Theodore asked when Romina dropped her lunch tray on the table before sitting down. 

"What,why are you asking?" She smiled. 

"Youghurt....Pie...and water? That's all?" Theodore asked,pointing to the snacks.  

"I'm watching my weight" Romina whispers. 

"Oh please,I'm not dumb. A  cup of Yoghurt contains at least 100 calories,but this is a...." He checked the yoghurt. "Its a skyr yoghurt which contains more than 300 calories. Now this is apple pie,definitely have more than 400 calories and about 19.38g of fats,the only healthy food you're having here is water and you're telling me you are watching your weight?" 

Romina was speechless all along. 

"How....how did you know all that?" She asked. 

"Am I not supposed to know?" Theo asked. 

"I'm just impressed!" Romina said and he chuckled. 

"Little things impresses you,I wish everyone is like you,not someone I know" Theo scifced. 

"Huh? Who?" Romina asked,finally taking a bite from her pie. 

"No one" Theodore smiled. 

"You're not eating? I feel bad that I am eating and the person with me is not" She said. 

"No" Theo laughed. 

"What's up?" Chelsea and Angelo joined them. 

Chelsea sat beside Theo and Angelo beside Romina. 

"Can't believe you ditched me for someone else" Chelsea said. 

"Of course not" Theodore cupped her cheeks. 

Romina bite her tongue. 

"It's the nicest girl in our class" Angelo smiled at her. 

"Nicest? What about me?" Chelsea asked. 

"You're mean" Angelo scoffed. 

"She's not" Theodore immediately said. 

'You heard that" Chelsea flipped her hair and Theo smiled. 

"You don't look happy" Angelo said for Romina. 

"Theodore and I are supposed to eat together" She said. 

"Oh...it's fine they can join us. It's all fun,you said it's always boring to eat alone right?" Theo smiled. 

Romina said nothing. 

"What should we order?" Chelsea asked

"Whatever you eat" Theo said. 

"Me too" Angelo said. 

Just then,Maxwell and Isabella walked into the cafeteria 

They settled on the table opposite where Theo and his friends are,Maxwell's back facing them while Isabella facing Theo right from where she was sitting.

"Wow,this is amazing,chicken salad" Chelsea clapped her hands as they were served. 

Angelo and Theo made a complete shocking look as they stared at their own plate also. 

"What" Romina chuckled,seeing their funny faces. 

"This is what you're eating? For lunch?" Angelo asked like he's confused. 

"What's wrong? Chicken salad is amazing"  Chelsea grinned. 

"Ooh" Theo roughed his hair and bite his lips. 

"Theo...we should get our own food" Angelo muttered and stood up,Theo followed him. They both carried the chicken salad and left. 

"But,what's wrong with eating salad?" Chelsea was still confused. 

Romina said nothing. 

Angelo and Theo returned with their trays...Chicken laps and full plates of ramen. 

"Wow!!" Romina and Chelsea screamed. 

"Sshhh" Angelo placed a finger on Chelsea's lips and she bit him. 

"Ouch!" Angelo screamed. 

"Good for you" Theo muttered,unwrapping the chopsticks,he started eating,slurping the ramen slowly. 

"Are you guys gonna finish these?" Romina asked. 

"I'm not watching my weight and doesn't gain weight,don't worry" Theo said. 

"Why would a man watch his weight?" Angelo asked with full mouth. 

"Man? Which man?" Chelsea asked. 

"Me of course" Angelo said and Chelsea laughed. 

"I took five seconds just to laugh,you are a boy,stop being delusional" She said. 

Angelo's chicken dropped from his mouth. 

"Take heart" Theo tapped his chest and Romina laughed,she was staring at Theodore as he ate. 

"You should stop eating like a model,it's too sexy for my liking" Chelsea said to Theo and Angelo coughed. 

"Am I that handsome?" Theo smiled. 

"Hmm" Chelsea nodded and wiped the little food stain on his lip with her thumb. 

"You don't have to do that" Theo muttered,his eyes fell on Isabella who immediately looked away when their eyes met. 

Romina turned to see who he was staring at,she rolled her eyes and continue eating. 

Leo and Cleo were eating together,alone. A girl came to Leo. 

"Hi" She smiled and Leo looked up. 

"Hey" He also smiled. 

"Can I join you?"

"Of course...."

"No" Cleo cut Leo off and Leo looked at her. 

"Cleo,she just want to....."

"Then I will stand up" Cleo snapped. 

Leo sighed and buried his face in his palms. Cleo glared at the girl and she walked away. 

"Is she gone?" Leo asked. 

"Yes" Cleo muttered and he raised his head. 

"Now what was that for exactly? We are just two here,she meant no harm....."

"I gave you option,she stays or I stay,I didn't force you" Cleo said. 

"Because you know I wouldn't choose her over you" Leo snapped. 

"Are you seriously mad at me because of another girl?" Cleo asked. 

Leo said nothing,he took his phone and stood up. 

"Don't tell me you're leaving me" Cleo frowned. 

"I'm done eating,eat alone" Leo muttered and walked out of the cafeteria. 

Cleo scoffed and continue eating but she lost her appetite totally. 


Isabella walked into the locker room,Romina was in there but as usual none of them cared,Isabella opened her locker and dropped her books in there,she took the maths text only and her assignment note. 

"Can I say something?" She heard Romina's voice and she turned with a creased brow. 

"What" She asked. 

"Did you break up with your boyfriend?" Romina asked. 

"No I didn't....."

"So why not focus on him and stop staring at Theodore every second and opportunity you get?" Romina cut her off and Isabella frowned. 

"But your dumb boyfriend think Theo is the only one who stares at you? Who knows if you do your silly attitudes just to get his attention? Coz I've caught you countless times staring at him,why not stick to your boyfriend and stay away from him? I'm saying this because I like him and hate it when you act like everything should be yours" Romina said,glaring at her. 

"Wait" Isabella closed her locker,looking at Romina with a confused face. 

"I don't understand where you're coming from exactly,what are you mad about precisely?? Because I don't think I'm the reason why Theodore never looked at you all these while when you two sit next to each other every damn semester,why putting your anger on me....."

"I thought you're brilliant and smart,guess I was being delusional. Focus on your boyfriend and stay away from Theodore" Romina said and went out,pushing her out of her way. 

Isabella was speechless for a minute before getting herself back. 

"What the f**k does she think she is? Is she seriously fighting me because of a guy?" She hissed and went out. 


Leo entered Cleo's room and met her,she just finished arranging her room. 

"Seriously?" Leo asked and she looked at him. 


"I called you five times and you ignored my calls? For hell sake why?" Leo asked. 

"I'm not in the mood to talk to you,you should leave" Cleo muttered. 

"Why?" Leo asked. 

"Isn't it obvious? I'm mad at you....."

"It's not f**king obvious because I should be the one mad not you!" Leo snapped. 

"Mad? Because of a girl?" Cleo asked. 

"Why can't you just admit that you were rude and wrong?" Leo asked. 

"You left me alone to eat on my own,I didn't talk to you because obviously you are tired of me,so why are you here in my room?" Cleo asked. 

Leo sighed and brushed his hair backward with his fingers. 

"You should leave,I want to be alone" Cleo muttered. 

"Are you seriously going to give me a silent treatment because of something that's not even my fault?" Leo asked. 

"I'm giving you what you want" Cleo replied. 

"Fine,I'm sorry" Leo muttered. 

"Stop making me feel like the bad person,don't apologize" Cleo said. 

"What else do you want exactly?" Leo groaned. 

"I hate it when you're mad at me!" Cleo screamed and broke into tears. 

"I just can't believe you are angry because I want to eat with you alone without anyone interrupting us,you don't find that rude of her? Really??" She said in tears. 

Leo moved closer to her and wiped her tears. 

"I said I'm sorry" He said softly and pulled her into a hug. 

She wrapped her hands around him tightly. 

Leo broke the hug and kissed her hair. 

"Are we good now?" He asked and she nodded slowly. 

"Cute" Leo chuckled and touched her cheeks. 

"Stop it,it's annoying" Cleo rolled her eyes and left him. 

"Don't ignore my calls again please,I was worried" Leo said. 

"I thought you needed space" Cleo uttered. 

"I need to go,see you later" He said and Cleo nodded. 

Leo left the room,he was almost out of the dorm when he bumped into Chelsea. 

"Hey" He smiled. 

"Wow,do you have a crush here...."

"I came for my sister,what are you thinking?" Leo snapped and she laughed. 

"Sorry" She said. 

"Ahh....wait" She called as Leo was about leaving. 

Chelsea checked her bag and brought out a sachet of chocolate. 

"Can you help me give this to Theo? I forgot to give him" She said. 

"Sure" Leo took it from her and walked away. 


Theodore was sitting on the bed,busy with his laptop when the door opened,he turned to see Angelo and Leo. 

"Can you two ever learn how to knock?" Theo groaned. 

"Chill guy,not like you have a girlfriend or something,I would have knocked because I wouldn't want to come in and meet something crazy happening" Angelo said and Leo laughed. 

"But....we can't do that here though,so what are you saying" Theodore scoffed. 

"So if I have a girlfriend here,what are we supposed to be doing?" Angelo asked. 

"Hugging,kissing and holding hands around senselessly" Leo replied and Angelo laughed out loudly. 

"No offense,but do you think Maxwell already f**ked his girlfriend?" Angelo asked in a whisper. 

"I don't think so,but we can't be so sure" Leo said. 

"Damn,that girl will be so sweet" Angelo groaned. 

"Do you want to die? Stop talking about her that way" Theodore said. 

"What,you're not even her boyfriend,why are you mad?" Leo asked. 

"It's disrespectful to talk about a girl like that,I would have killed you right away if you were talking about Chelsea" Theo scoffed and faced his laptop back. 

"Oh wow,I'm jealous of Chelsea now" Angelo said and Theo rolled his eyes. 

Leo brought out the chocolate bar. 

"Where did you get that from?" Angelo asked. 

"A girl gave me" Leo replied. 

"A girl?" Theo asked and he nodded. 

Angelo took it from him and ate out of it.

"Wow! That's delicious" He said. 

"Really? Can I have a taste?" Theo asked. 

"Say please" Leo said. 

"Why? Angelo didn't beg you for it" Theo said. 

"You're not ready" Leo scoffed and started eating it. 

"Fine please,just want to have a taste" Theo said. 

Leo smiled wickedly and gave him little out of it

"Whoa,I should get this" Theo muttered. 

"Actually,I have a confession" Leo said after he finished the chocolate. 

"What's that?" Angela asked. 

"Chelsea asked me to give Theo the chocolate" he said. 

"What?!!!"Theo shouted. 

"Sorry....." Before he could finish,Theo grabbed his hair. 

"Wait!!!" He screamed. 

Angelo was already on the floor laughing his @ss out while watching them. 

"Are you that hungry to eat my chocolate? You even refused to give me at first" Theo said,breathing heavily as he chased Leo around the room.

"I'm dying" Angelo said,laughing even more. 


Isabella tried to open Maxwell's door but seems he wasn't inside,probably left for dinner already,she sighed and turned back only to find Theo. 

"Guess your boyfriend left without you" He said,staring into her eyes. Isabella also stared at him,he always look so different when he's not in the school uniform. 

"What about you? Why are you still here?" She asked. 

"Okay,I guess you want to talk to me today" Theo muttered and she scoffed. 

They suddenly heard Maxwell's voice,before Isabella could blink,Theo grabbed her hand and took her inside his room and locked the door. 

"What are you doing?....."

"Your boyfriend have anger issue,he will definitely get mad if he see us together" Theo replied and Isabella rolled her eyes,she placed her back on the door and looked around the room with the dim light bulb,Theo turned on the white bulb. 

"Why is your room looking so fine? I feel like it's different from everyone's" Isabella said. 

"You're the first person saying it" Theo said. 

"But I am right....right?" She asked. 

"Of course not,it's all the same,just that....."

"It's well decorated and....fine" Isabella said,repeating the word'fine"

'It's all Summer's fault' Theo thought inwardly and smiled at her. 

"I didn't know you're this organized tho" Isabella muttered and sat down on the bed. 

"Why?" Theo asked. 

"Just because" Isabella replied and he smiled. 

Isabella's eyes fell on the violin and she looked at him. 

"Can you play that right now?" She asked. 

"I thought you don't like it when I play" Theo replied. 

"Why would you think....."

"Coz I always look at your face anytime I use that,you never smiled or show any interest..."

"That's because Maxwell would......." She stopped. 

"I guess I understand....He's going to get mad?" Theo asked. 

"Forget I said that" Isabella took her lips in. 

Theo took the violin and it's bow. 

"Do you have anything in mind you want me to play?" Theo asked. 

"Anyone...just the way you played intentions" Isabella muttered and Theo looked up. 

"How....how did you know it was for you?" He asked. 

"I was doubting,and I just confirmed it" Isabella said and Theo bite his lips. 

"You're......amazing" He chuckled. 

"I know" Isabella said. 

"We should leave after this,Maxwell is calling already" Isabella said,staring at her phone on the bed. 

Theo said nothing and started playing the tunes slowly.


"Where is Theodore? Is he planning to skip dinner?" Chelsea asked,she was sitting with Leo,Angelo,Cleo and Phoenix. 

"Calm down,he will be here soon" Leo said. 

"It's still surprising seeing You two here" Phoenix said,referring to Leo and Cleo. 

Cleo scoffed and Leo chuckled. 

Maxwell sighed when he called Isabella again but no answer. 

"How about you ask her friends?" Jerry said,pointing at Dakota and Cindy. 

Maxwell almost stood up when he saw Isabella coming in. 

"Oh she's here" Tristan said. 

"She's blushing" Jerry muttered. 

"Blushing? What do you mean?" Maxwell frowned. 

"Joking" Jerry chuckled. 

"Hey guys" Isabella smiled and sat down. 

"Hi" Jerry and Tristan said and Maxwell frowned. 

"You saw my calls right?" He asked. 

"I'm sorry,I was in the restroom" Isabella muttered. 

Maxwell saw Theo walked in also and his hateful glare followed him before he faced Isabella back. 

"You are really coming from the restroom?" He asked. 

Isabella sighed and looked at him. 

"If you want to start that doubting problem of yours,I will leave and go join my friends" She said. 

"Fine" Maxwell muttered. 

Theodore joined Romina who have been waiting for him. 

"I'm sorry for keeping you waiting" He said. 

Romina nodded. 

"You're here now" She said. 

"Wait,he really is eating with Romina" Angelo said as they watched Theodore and Romina. 

Chelsea scoffed. 


"I told you,you don't have to walk me back to my room every time" Chelsea said. 

"I will think about it when you get a boyfriend who will be doing that" Theo said and Chelsea chuckled. 

"Goodnight" She said and kissed his cheek. 

"Bye" Theo waved at her,watching her until she entered the room. 

Romina appeared in front of him. 

"Oh,hey" Theo smiled. 

"You left me because you needed to walk with your best friend,wow" She said. 

"I thought you weren't ready yet,sorry" Theo said. 

Romina chuckled. 

"You don't have to say sorry,I was kidding" She said. 

Romina saw Isabella coming. 

"Goodnight then" Theodore said. 

Romina moved closer to him and hugged him gently,hoping he wouldn't push her away,her eyes on Isabella who was standing and watching them.

Seconds later,Romina felt Theo's hands around her also,he hugged her back. 

A smile appeared on her face. 


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