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Golden High 2024 - Episode 13&14




Golden High 2024 - Episode 13&14

Theme: Senior Year Serenade 

Genres: High School/Romance 


Written by Summer Gold R.


            { WHAT'S ON YOUR MIND? }


Isabella turned away and walked into her room,Theodore broke the hug just then and moved back with a light smile. 

"Goodnight" He said. 

"Bye" Romina waved and went into her room. 

Theodore sighed out and turned to go,his eyes moved to Isabella's door and he wondered if she was inside or still with Maxwell. 

'Just go and stop thinking about sh*t' his subconscious mind snapped at him and he walked away. 



Theodore walked out of his room and came in contact with Maxwell who was also on his way out of the dorm,Theo ignored him and made to leave. 

"Hey" Maxwell called and Theo stopped with an eye roll,Maxwell came in front of him. 

"Why were you late to the dinning hall last night?" He asked and Theo raised his brows. 

"Am I supposed to answer that question?" He asked. 

"Yes,because I deserve an answer" Maxwell said. 

"Why? You think I was with your girlfriend?" Theo grabbed and Maxwell grabbed his collar. 

"Hey dude,come on. I finally managed to dress like a good student,don't ruin my uniform" Theodore said and pushed him away. 

"What shit are you talking about? You were with my girlfriend?" Maxwell glared. 

"Do you have problem with English? Geez,I have no time for this" Theo muttered and made to leave. 

"I'm not done yet..." Maxwell dragged his bag. 

"Are you crazy?!" Theodore turned angrily and pushed him off,Maxwell's back hit the wall,he glared at Theo and rushed to him with an attempt to punch him on the face. 

"Hey kids!" A security man appeared and Maxwell's fist hanged in the air. 

"You don't want to get punished if you fight here,so you better don't do that" The security said. 

Theo smirked at Maxwell. 

"I will kill you next time" Maxwell said. 

"We will see to that then" Theo smiled. 

Maxwell pushed him out of the way as he walked away. 

"It's you again,that troublemaker" The man said when he saw Theo clearly. 

"Good morning" Theo smiled at him and also walked away,he removed his tie and unbuttoned his shirt. 

"Plan ruined" He scoffed. 

Suddenly two hands hung around his neck. 

"What the heck!!" He screamed.

"Calm down dude,who hurt you?" Leo asked and Angelo laughed. 

"Not you two again please,stop acting like we are so close when we are not,it's suffocating" Theodore groaned. 

"I thought...we are close" Angelo muttered. 

"No we are not" Theo snapped. 

"Fine,you can go,we will leave you alone" Leo said. 

"Thank God" Theo sighed and was about walking away when they dragged him back. 

"You think we would fall into your lies?" Leo asked. 

"What happened to you two? You slept in the same room or what?" Theo asked. 

"He came to me last night,I guess he was missing me" Angelo grinned. 

"What do you mean? It was you who said you were scared of being alone!" Leo half yelled. 

"You don't have to say it out so loud" Angelo mumbled and looked around to see if nobody heard. 

Theo laughed. 

"You are crazy,you can't sleep alone?" 

"I had a nightmare,that was why" Angelo said. 

"I need to eat before the first class starts,or I might die" Leo touched his tummy. 



When the boys got to class,it was already filled up,everyone was in. 

"Our classmates are so f*(*king serious" Angelo shook his head and Leo smiled,settling on his seat. 

Chelsea saw Theo walking over to her and she smiled. 

"Hey morning" She said. 

Theo smiled,his two hands behind him. 

"What are you hiding?" Chelsea asked curiously. 

"Close your eyes" Theodore whispered. 

"Okay" Chelsea chuckled and immediately closed her eyes. 

"Now open...."

She quickly opened at once,she saw some whole grain crackers and coffee on her desk,she gasped and looked up. 

"For me?" 

"No,for me" Theodore scoffed and she laughed. 

"Hun hun,you're so sweet best" She gave him a thumb up. 

"Just that? Like that?" Theo faked a frown. 

"Stop flirting,thanks I was actually starving" Chelsea said,opening the crackers. 

Theo pulled her hair. 

'Ouch! I hate you!" She screamed and few students turned to them,including Isabella. 

"Enjoy" Theodore said and left for his seat. 

"I will enjoy it" Phoenix smiled,grabbing the coffee 

Chelsea slapped her hand. 

"Morning" Romina smiled when Theo sat down. 

"Morning" Theo replied. 

The math teacher came in and the class began. 

Minutes later,the teacher finished teaching and faced the whole students. 

"Do you all understand everything??" He asked. 

*Yesss* They answered as always. 

"I will believe you after these" The teacher said and picked up the marker again,he wrote two calculus problems on the board separately.

"These are level 1 calculus....Cleo and Dakota,come out and take one each to solve for the whole class" He said. 

Cleo and Dakota stood up and walked to the board. Cleo choose the one on the left and Dakota on the right. 

Cleo finished first. 

"That's correct" The teacher smiled. 

Dakota also finished hers. 

"Correct"  the teacher uttered and they returned to their seats. 

"Then,let's go on" He muttered and wiped them off,he wrote,yet another two problems. 

"Level 2 calculus" He faced the students and everyone looked away which almost made him laugh.

"Angelo......and.......Chelsea come out" he said. 

Chelsea stood up,not without a groan. 

"Go babe,you can do it" Phoenix hyped and Chelsea chuckled. 

She met Angelo on the board already solving. 

"Calm down dude" she said and Angelo chuckled. 

Chelsea also started her own and in a minute they were done. 

"And both are correct,wow,that's amazing" The teacher said and the students clapped. 

They both returned to their seats,Theo winked at Chelsea and she smiled. 

"Finally,let's have these...." The teacher started writing again. 

And after he finished,without telling anyone,it's obvious these two are more harder than the previous ones. 

"These are level three calculus,the two who gets them right....I will make them my class reps" He said and the students started murmuring. 

"Let's start with....Leo and Phoenix" He smiled. 

"The whole class was silent as the two walked to the board. 

"You two can help each other if you want" The teacher said. 

Leo and Phoenix did it and waited for the teacher's report. 

"Wrong" He chuckled. 

"Nice try anyway" He added. 

Leo and Phoenix glanced at each others before going back to their seats. 

"Okay......Maxwell and Romina?" The teacher called. 

*They are definitely going to get it*

Some students whispered. 

Two minutes later,Maxwell and Romina finished up too. 

"Oh...wrong" The teacher shook his head. 

*That's crazy*


*Maxwell can't solve it and you expect me to do it!*

"Can I try again?"Maxwell asked. 

"Go on,let's see" The teacher replied and he did it again. 

"Wrong again" The teacher said and they returned back to their seats. 

"Let's try another final set before I do the solution.......Isabella? You wanna try?" The teacher asked and she nodded before standing up. 

"Then....Theodore" The Teacher finalized. 

Theo also stood up bluntly and walked to the board,with Isabella. 

They looked at each other and then turned back to the board. 

Isabella was the first to start and then Theo started too,he was halfway already when he looked at Isabella's work. 

"From third step...wrong" He muttered and Isabella looked at him. 

"Wrong? But....I think I followed the right steps" Isabella muttered,looking at her work to see what was wrong.

Theo did a simple two sentence of explanation. 

"Oh....I got that" Isabella smiled and immediately wiped them off,she started from the second step,When Theo saw that she was getting it,he finished up his own. Isabella also finished. 

The teacher stared at the solutions with an impressed look on his face. 

"The two are.......correct" He said


The students clapped. 

Isabella and Theodore smiled at each other. 

"Thank you" Isabella whispered and Theo nodded 

"And like I promised,from now on,you two are my class reps" The teacher said and the students clapped again. 

"Yessss!! I told y'all my best friend is the best!!" Chelsea screamed,clapping more louder than everyone else. 

The class laughed. 

Theodore chuckled and shook his head. 

Romina rolled her eyes,Maxwell too was fuming with anger. 



Isabella entered,thinking she would be the first but then she met Maxwell who welcomed her with an angry glare on his face. 

"Hi" Isabella smiled. 

"I see,you've been smiling alot this morning,do you enjoy his company that much?" Maxwell asked and Isabella frowned,she walked closer to him. 

"What are you talking about?" She asked. 

"Theodore" Maxwell replied. 


"I still see no reason why you would be giving that smiles of yours,are you two close now?" Maxwell snapped. 

"Max....I see no reason why I'm supposed to take part in a fight,I don't even know the reason why you don't like him......."

"I'm your boyfriend......"

"I've heard enough of that already,I know I'm your girlfriend,you don't have to keep on repeating,I'm not dumb. But why can't I just talk to people I want...."

"Not him okay? I don't care about anyone else you deal with,but for him,I don't want it" Maxwell said 

Isabella sighed and sat down. 

Theodore came in with Chelsea who haven't stopped talking about what happened in the maths class. Theo and Maxwell's eyes met,getting a glare from Maxwell before looking away. 

Soon,the lab was covered with everyone. The chemistry teacher came in. 

"Morning students" He greeted and they replied. 

"Before we proceed to today's work,I was ordered to pick six out of you guys to prepare for the coming quiz...I've picked six from class B also...but don't forget,after two weeks of preparation,there will be an exam from all the twelve,the best 8 will he Choosen,so you need to prepare personally first,before you join the other qualified students to prepare even harder. Like I heard,the quiz is in a month" The teacher explained. 

The students said nothing until the list of students came on the projector.















"You even topped the list" Chelsea said to Theo and he scoffed. 

"Don't forget.. Just eight would represent the school,so prepare well individually" The teacher concluded. 



Their teacher just showed them the list of students who might participate for the chemistry quiz also. 

"But,since when did Theo joined the queue?" Lionel asked. 

"I'm confused too" Jayce chuckled mockingly. 

"Don't get it twisted,did you see their last result? He got over 74 points" Clara said. 

"And he's among their top five?" Lionel asked. 

"Forth precisely" Paris said. 

"That's poor" Violet said and they laughed. 

"If he's the fourth,then what about the fifth?" Clara asked. 

"73.2...that's Phoenix" Clara replied. 

"Does that mean....we are more brilliant than those dummies? But they are over hyped" Lionel said and they laughed again. 

"Maxwell is the most brilliant anyway..." Paris said. 

"What was his point?" Lionel asked,He's also the best student in Class B. 

"89.9" Clara replied. 

"Lionel had 90.5 points in the last result and I had exactly 89.9 points" Violet smirked. 

"If anyone ever compare My Violet with Isabella again,you're dead" Paris said and they laughed. 

"This is gonna be interesting then,imagine if six of us pass and only two from class A join the quiz" Adriel said. 

"That's gonna be so perfect" Paris said.

"Let's do that then" Lionel smiled. 



Isabella was alone in the library,on her desk are four different chemistry textbooks,for both theory and calculations,she have her writing materials also. 

"Let's do this Isa" She smiled at herself and  started studying. 

Few minutes later,she heard footsteps and looked up to see Theodore. 

"Oh..." She took her lips in. 

"You're here" She said. 

"I was here before you" Theo replied. 

"Liar,I didn't see you" Isabella said. 

"I wasn't studying or something,I was sleeping" He replied. 

"Why coming to the library to sleep?" 

"Because there are some rats in my room" Theodore replied and she chuckled. 

"Can I sit down beside you?" He asked. 

"I don't own the school" Isabella muttered and faced her book back. 

Theodore dropped the ice cream cup on the table for her and she immediately looked up. 


"For you" He said before sitting down. 

Isabella smiled brightly. 

"Why did you get me this tho?" She asked. 

"Because I saw you staring in the morning when I gave Chelsea....."

"I wasn't staring" She immediately denied. 

"Okay" Theodore muttered. 

"Thank you,I love strawberry icecream" She muttered. 

"I know" Theo said and she looked at him. 



"You always see me eating it" She completed it for him and he laughed. 

"You caught me" 

"You're such a stalker" Isabella scoffed and started eating the ice cream. 

After more minutes of studying,she started yawning. 

"I think you should take a break here" Theo muttered. 

"What about you? You won't study?" Isabella asked. 

"It's not that important,they are going to choose only eight" Theodore muttered. 

"It might not be important to you,but for me,it is" she said. 


"Because everything will be added to our portfolio,some universities focus on them when giving admissions. They want to know your achievements so far,do you have any award or....just anything,your ranks in high school. My dream university is either Oxford University,or Harvard...and those two school are very strict when it comes to giving admissions" Isabella explained. 

Theodore smiled,He's been staring at her since she began talking. 

"Do you wanna be a lecturer?" He asked. 

"Nope,I wanna be a Meteorologist,a professional one" Isabella replied. 

"Wow" Theo muttered. 

"What about you?" 

"I don't know" Theo shook his head 

"You should start thinking" Isabella said and Theo nods. 

"I will start,thank you Meteorologist Izzie" Theodore said and she laughed. 

She checked the time. 

"Gosh,I'm so lazy. It's just ten and I'm tired already" 

"Take a break" Theo said. 

"Isn't this a break?" 

"No,do something" Theodore said and stood up. 


"Sit here" Theo tapped the table. 

"I can't climb that......"

"Can I...touch you? I'm going to carry you" Theo muttered and Isabella looked at him. 

"It's fine if you don't want me to,I'm just....."

"You can" She cut in and stood up. 

Theodore's hands were almost shaking when he held her waist which she noticed. 

"Is my body scary?" Isabella asked and Theodore chuckled. 

He carried her and dropped her on the table,he removed his headset around his neck and placed it on her ears. 

"Listen to some cool songs for ten minutes before you continue,I will be leaving you so you can focus,I will come back after one hour" He said and played the song. 

"Later" He smiled and made to leave. 

Isabella grabbed her arm and he looked at her. 

"You don't have to leave,you should try to study too,you should be among the eight" She said and jumped down from the table. 

"Whoa! I thought you said you can't...."

"I was joking,and you took it serious by carrying me,thanks" She said. 

Theodore chuckled and sat down back,staring at her as she did some yoga poses. 

"Wow....that's amazing" 

"I used to dance" Isabella muttered. 

"I've never seen you dance" Theodore said. 

"Because I only know how to dance slow seductive dances,the boys eyes will finish me and Max won't take it easy" Isabella said. 

Theodore bite his lips. 

"Do you want to see??"

"Yes" Theo said immediately. 

"Pervert,I'm not doing it" Isabella chuckled. 

He took his lips in. 

"Okay...two minutes" Isabella said. 

"Should I play a song?" Theodore asked and she nodded. 

"You're the first person in our school to find out I dance,not even Maxwell" Isabella muttered and Theo smiled before putting on the song. 

"Wow!" Isabella gasped. 

It's...Under The Influence,by Chris Brown. 

Theodore smiled,his eyes focused on her as she did the slow dance moves,and like she said,they are so f**king seductive. 

"That's enough" Theodore said just after a minute,he turned off the song. 


"Your boyfriend will definitely kill me if I do what's on my mind right now" Theodore said.

Isabella raised her brows. 

"What's on your mind?" She asked. 

"Won't say" Theodore shook his head. 

To be continued. 

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