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Exclusively Yours - Episode 29



Exclusively Yours - Episode 29

Subtitle; {Please, Love Me}

Riccardo's POV

I am cràzy.

I'm absolutely, entirely, and completely obsesséd with the beautiful sight before me. Her brows relaxed, her long eyelashes fluttering a bit, and a little pout on her lips that I badly and urgently need to claim again.

But, I don't.

I'm satisfied with just watching her sleep, hugging me to herself in her deep slumber, totally unaware of her actions. I raise my hand to touch her, to caress her resting face, and I let my fingers trail in a careful and gentle line along her face.

She hummed, pushing her body further into mine like she likes it, and heaven knows that I couldn't control the smug smile that stretched out on my face.

My gorgeous wife sighed softly when my gentle trail moved from her face down to her jaw to her body. She squirmed her body, a moan leaving her now parted lips as my fingers continued their journey down her delicious body.

The body I was honored to have a taste of last night. Her soft, delicate, and scrumptious body that I have dreamt of for an entire three years, I finally got a taste of it and now that I have, I'm addicted.

Her moans, those little gasps and sounds she made now live in my head rent-free. The way her body arches, jerks, or squirms at a single touch from me has my heart swelling.

My princess gave herself wholly and completely to me last night, and I made sure she has evidence of it the following morning.

My index finger grazed the purplish mark on her neck, and the smile tugged on my lips again.

That action, however, seemed to wake her up as she blinked her eyes open. Her first sight of the day being me, yours truly only made my cheeks hot with pride and satisfaction.

Her brows then furrowed as she rubbed the back of her fingers on her eyelid. "How long have you been staring at me?"

"Two hours."

"Riccardo, that's creepy," she said, attempting to get up, but I halt her movement by wrapping my hands on her small waist. "What're you doing? Let go."

"No. Not before my good morning kiss." I leaned in closer to her face. "Kiss your husband, Olivia."

Her caramel brown eyes traveled from my eyes to my lips and back to my eyes, and then she shook her head. "I can't."

"Why not?" I whined in an almost childish tone, even pouting my lips sadly for more effect.

"Hygiene, Riccardo, hygiene."

I scooched even closer to her until we are practically breathing ourselves. Tilting my head to the side, I locked my questioning gaze in hers. "Does that mean you will kiss me after we brush our teeth?"

"I didn't say that." She shook her head. "And, move. You're way too close."

"You weren't complaining yesterday, you know. When you were beneath me, begging me to–" her palm clasped down on my mouth, muffling my remaining words, her eyes widened in either embarrassment or shyness.

"That was an entire different story from today's, okay?! Riccardo, you don't want me to bash your head against the wall now, do you?"

I opened my mouth in her palm and bit down on one of her fingers. Olivia retracted her hand immediately, hissing in pain.

"Are you a dog?"

I shrugged. "As I was saying, you weren't complaining about our proximity yesterday when you were beneath me, eager to be taken by me and me alone. When you were m0@ñing and singing my name like a praise, when you were breathless under me, holding onto me like I was an anchor and letting me fill you up with my c+ck and c+m." A low rumble slipped out of her lips as her eyes fluttered shut. "you sure weren't complaining then, Sunshine."

"You..." Olivia started to say but stopped, leaving me curious.

"I what?"

"You're a smug, cocky à$$hole."

"The à$$hole that you let fill you up with his c+m?"

Her cheeks turned crimson red again as she bit down hard on her bottom lip.

"In nine months' time, you'll be giving birth to our baby."

Her glare snapped to me. "I'm not going to give birth to your kid."

"Yes, you are."

"No, I am not."

"Yes, you are."

"No, I am not."

"You are."


God, I love this. Lying on the bed, hands around my beautiful wife as we argue first thing in the morning.

Wonderful, isn't it?

"You're definitely going to give birth to a boy."

"Why not a girl?"

Did she just agree to give birth to my babies?

"My genes are strong, so it's definitely a boy," I declared confidently.

"Well, my genes are strong too, so it's one hundred percent going to be a girl," she retorted.

"All that matters is that you agree with me and we'll have kids of our own," I said, planting a quick kiss on her forehead before she could pull away.

"No, I didn't," Olivia replied sharply. "And, in your face, I'm on birth control."

"Oh, trust me. One day, you'll be so in love with me that you'll want to carry our kids," I stated.

She paused for a moment, seemingly contemplating her response, before muttering, "That day will never come." Pushing me away, she quickly got up and ran to the door, declaring, "And I don't trust you!"

As soon as the door slammed shut, I turned to rest my back fully on the bed, my hands under my head like a makeshift pillow, smirking at the thought that my seed was still inside her.


After dragging myself out of the cozy bed, I showered and dressed for the second wedding gift for my beautiful wife. 

Downstairs in the kitchen, Olivia was making coffee with earbuds in her ears, seemingly unaware of my presence. But when I circled my arms around her waist and felt her body flinch, I realized she wasn't ignoring me.

"Can I get my kiss now?" I asked playfully.

"No," she responded.

"That's not fair. You promised," I protested.

"No, I didn't, and you know it," she countered.

"Just kiss me, Olivia," I insisted.

Turning to face me, a frown on her face, she said, "This is the second time you've called me by my name this morning."

The grin that spread across my face could only be described as a shit-eating, self-satisfied one before it turned into a full-blown smug smirk.

"Don't start flattering yourself. I don't like the nickname, I just got used to it," Olivia, my adorable partner, quickly retorted.

I tilted my head disbelievingly and teased, "Well, I think you do."

"What do I like?" she asked.

"I think you like it. In fact, I know you like it. Just like how you love kissing me and won't admit it."

"I have no idea what you're talking about," she said, avoiding my gaze. As I moved in closer, she shifted away. "W-what...stop it. Leave me alone."

I relented for the moment and asked, "What do you want to eat? I can order something."

"I already took care of it," she replied, setting a cup of hot coffee in front of me on the counter. "Your coffee. Be careful, it's hot."

I smiled and jokingly sang, "My wife takes care of me, tarararara..."

"You're silly," she said.

"Silly in love with you, yes," I replied, settling down beside her on the sofa.

"I have a surprise for you," I mentioned.

"No," she replied.

"You don't even know what it is," I protested.

"I still say no," she insisted.

"Why not?" I asked.

Olivia turned off her phone to give me her full attention. "First, you got me a car that I haven't even used. And now, another surprise. I don't want them, Riccardo."

"This is the last one, I promise," I lied convincingly, but she could see through me. She looked at me skeptically, raising her eyebrows. "Okay, fine. It's not the last one, but you'll really like this one."

Olivia sighed and asked, "If I accept this one, will you stop with the surprises?"

"Yeah, sure," I mumbled tentatively. When she glared at me, I said firmly, "Okay, fine."


The look of amazement on Olivia's face as she gazed at the tall building in front of us warmed my heart. Another gasp escaped her lips as a smile spread across her face. "This is for me?" she asked, turning to me.

I nodded. 

"You built this for me?" she asked again.

"It's all yours, Sunshine," I replied, stroking her hand. "God, I love you."

"I know."

"Can I have my kiss now?"

"No," Olivia said, removing her hand from my hold as she walked into the building, her smile never fading and the spark still present in her dazzling eyes.

After an hour of checking out the whole place, we decided to head back home. Sitting in the car, I drove while trying to hold Olivia's hand, but she refused. 

"Stop! Pull over," Olivia suddenly exclaimed, tapping my lap with her palm.

I obediently stepped on the brakes, bringing the car to a halt. "What's wrong?"

"A kitten," she said.

"A kitten?" I repeated, surprised by her words.

"Yes, a kitten, Riccardo," she replied, unbuckling her seatbelt and getting out of the car.

I followed her, watching as she picked up a small white and ash-colored cat from the road.

"Isn't it cute?" Olivia asked, her brown eyes shining as she held the kitten in her arms, stroking its fur. "I'm keeping him."

"No," I objected, shaking my head.

"Why not?"

"It might belong to someone."

"It's a stray cat, Riccardo. There's no one around. Please, it's so cute," she pleaded.


"Please, Riccardo."


"I'll kiss you."

I paused, considering her offer. "No. I can kiss you whenever I want. Nothing will come between us, Sunshine. I won't let it."

"It's just a cat, it won't come between us. Please, please!" Olivia's eyes welled up with tears, her lips forming a pout.

I sighed, giving in to her puppy-dog eyes. "Fine, you can keep the cat."

"Yay!" Olivia jumped with joy, and despite my initial reluctance, I couldn't help but smile at her happiness and cuteness. "Let's go home."


Oh, my good God!

Did she just say home?

She turned to me, noticing my hesitation. "Quit stalling."

I quickly got back in the car, buckled up, and started driving again. I couldn't help but glance at my wife, completely enamored with the cat, enjoying its company as she showered it with affection.

Stúpid cat.

TBC 📖✍️

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