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Exclusively Yours - Episode 30



Exclusively Yours - Episode 30

Subtitle; {Please, Love Me}

Olivia's POV

I am not a saint. In fact, I lost my v+rgiñity to some guy when I was fifteen. I have had s+x many times in the past, but tonight... tonight was entirely different.

It was earth-shattering, toe-curling, and breathtaking in every possible way. I was left gasping for air and ended up breathless.

The haze of ultimate s+xúal satisfaction still billowed over me, hovering around my head even after two or three hours of sleep. I turned to my side to face the person holding me close and let out a low, startled breath as my gaze landed on his sleeping face—his relaxed, peaceful expression, if I may add.

My hand instinctively moved on its own, inching towards his face. I should have tried to stop it or even remove his hand from my waist and the one my head was rested on, but I didn't. I let it advance to his face and also let my fingertip trail gently on his brows, his thick eyelashes, then his nose, and finally to his soft, kissable lips that I can't deny my addiction to.

My breath caught in my lungs, and I blinked rapidly, trying to regulate it without waking him up. The soft moonlight illuminated his face, making him look ethereal, even more handsome than necessary. Despite fighting the irresistible urge, I allowed my fingers to slip into his soft, long hair, feeling it under my fingertips.

Riccardo sighed softly, pulling me closer into his warm embrace. Even though I tried not to relax into it, my body and mind seemed to refuse. Involuntarily, against my wishes, my body melded into his, and I found myself sighing as well.

I don't understand. How did I let myself go that easily? Why didn't I resist it? Why did I let it happen? I could have stopped it, right? There is something about him that is so irresistibly tempting, addicting, sinfúlly delicious, and I'm not strong enough to resist its allure, its heat, its spice, and every single flavor it offers.

I can't sleep. I'm using the excuse of having slept already, not because the sight before me is so captivating or anything of the sort. That would be foolish, utterly absurd. So, like any sane person would do, I gazed at my husband for as long as I could before sleep enveloped me once again.


Who am I? 

I can't recognize myself as I stare at my reflection in the bathroom mirror on my way to take a shower. 

A larger-than-life hickey lies comfortably on my neck, and as I run my finger against it, I hiss at the sensation.

That rascàl! 

How dare he give me a hickey? 

It's been hours since then, so why can't I forget it? 

Why does it keep replaying in my head? 

Why can't I get it out of my mind? 

I didn't even feel like this during or after my first time, and now I have all these strange feelings and sensations rushing through my veins, my bloodstream, and I...I can't even breathe.


"Riccardo, stop glaring at him," I said, gently brushing my fingers through the fur of the cutest thing ever on my lap.

My childish husband wrinkled his nose at the cat on my lap, as if he was disgusted by it, and rolled his eyes. "I don't like this."

"Are you allergic?"

"If I say yes, would you drop it?"

Of course, I don't want to inconvenience him. "No," I lied.

"Then, fine. I'm not allergic," he hissed again for the fifth time since we got back into the car, just three minutes ago. "But, I could be. You never know."

"All I know is that you, Riccardo Torrence, are jealous of a cat," I teased, my grin spreading wider on my face.

He turned his head to me and shot me a glare, which softened into a smile, muttering something under his breath that I couldn't hear.

"What should we name it?"

"I don't know, Sunshine. Whatever you choose would be perfect."

The strange tug at my heart returned, and I bit my lip hard to suppress it.

"Come on, Riccardo. Think."

Riccardo swerved the car towards the house and shrugged his broad shoulders. "I can't."

"Why not?" I tried not to sound childish, but I was about eighty percent sure that I did.

He chuckled softly at me before glaring down at the kitten. "I don't like him."


"I hàte sharing. And now, I have your attention with this furry menace, and I don't like that."

The unwelcome feeling crept in once again, but this time, I did nothing about it.

"You are not sharing my attention with him, Riccardo. Stop behaving like a kid," I said as I lifted my new pet in my arms, smiling as it meowed. "Isn't it so cute?" 

"No, it is not cute. You're going to let it sleep in your room, right? And it's going to be with you twenty-four seven. It's definitely going to steal you from me."

I tried to hold in my laughter, but I couldn't, not when a twenty-seven-year-old man was pouting and groaning like a petulant seven-year-old denied his video games.

"It is not funny."

"It is," I countered.

Riccardo scolded me with a look, and I beamed my sweetest smile at him. "I'm glad you're enjoying my dilemma."

"Dilemma is kind of an exaggeration, don't you think?"

"No. It hasn't been an hour since you got that thing, and you haven't stopped gushing and stroking it."

"Are you jealous?" I teased, finding amusement in his childish complaints.


I froze for a moment, surprised by his honesty. "Of a cat?" I blurted out, surprised by his unexpected confession.

"Yes, Sunshine," his voice deep and rough, sending a shudder down my spine. "I'm jealous of anything or anyone who gets your attention. I want to be the only one who makes you smile like that."

As we sat in the car, the tension between us palpable, his words leaving me breathless and hungry for more.

He is jealous of a cat because of me, and as strange as it sounds, it made me oddly happy.

"That would be good. At least, I would get a break from this," I said, though not meaning the words that escaped my mouth.

Riccardo smiled, his dark eyes locking with mine. 

"Stop that. You're driving."

"Why? Does it make you hot?"

It does.

"No. Why would it?" 

Riccardo finally let a mischievous smirk grace his handsome face, diverting his attention back to the road.


"What's what?"



"Gosh, you're annoying. Wipe that smirk off your face."


"It is... whatever. You do you, I don't care."

"Baby, you're not a very good liar."

Finally, after driving for so long, he pulled over in front of the house, and without waiting for him, I stepped out.

"What is that supposed to mean?" I asked, walking to the side of his door as he also got out.

Riccardo stood in front of me, towering over me as he stared down at me with that look of adoration in his eyes. "Sunshine, it means exactly what it says."

"What means exactly what it says?" That annoying feminine voice chimed, and we both cast our gaze at her before staring back at each other.


That s+dúctive smile on her face in guise of a cute smile. I am going to be completely honest; she is pretty with her long, obviously dyed blonde hair, her perfect face that didn't seem to have gone under any knives or needles, and small lips. Her skin fair like mine, and her smile as bright as the sun, she tilted her head to the side, looking at my husband and totally ignoring my presence.

Riccardo, without a doubt, slapped his 
dimpled smile on his face, and I could see her melt and swoon over him. "Hey, Asia. What are you doing here?"

Yeah. I would also love to know that.

"I came to see you. Are you busy?"

"Of course not. How long have you been out here?"

"Not long."

"You sure?" He pinned his gorgeous black orbs to her brown ones, his brows raised quizzically.

Desperate bítch.

God, I shouldn't be this mad or upset, but I am. I am not going to let some smiley sñake slither her way into Riccardo's life while I'm still here and married to him.

Something touched my hand, and when I looked down, I saw Riccardo interlocking our fingers together.

"Hi, Olive. How've you been?"

I shifted my gaze back to her figure and plastered the fakest smile I could find in my closet of fake smiles and said, "I'm wonderful. I'm sure you are too, seeing the fact that you chose to come to the house of a newlywed couple. And, by the way, it is Olivia."

Asia's glare debated on where to be; on me or on my interlaced fingers with Riccardo's. But, a sweet smile brushed her face again as she walked towards me. "Is it? Sorry, I must have forgotten. Your cat is so cute." 

She didn't forget.

I know she didn't.

"Thank you. Do you have a cat too?"
"Yeah. I love cats."

I stared down at the cute boy in my arms and back at her stupíd face. "Really? That's so nice."

Riccardo pushed open the two doors, his fingers still locked with mine as he watched us converse, totally and completely clueless about what was going on. "What will you have?"

"Um... I don't know. Anything you decide." Her voice pinched my ears even more than Ramona's voice did in the past. "You know the best."

I made an attempt to remove my fingers from Riccardo's, but he didn't let go. He simply smiled when I looked at him. "Oh, I know I do."

A scoff mistakenly flew out of my mouth before I could stop it, and both of them looked at me like I had suddenly become an alien.

"What, Sunshine? You don't think I know the best?" Riccardo inquired, staring deep into my soul with those his dazzling orbs. "Huh?"

"Do you?"

"If I'm married to you, then yes, definitely and without a doubt, I do know the best."

I let the shy smile rest on my face as I stared back at him. From the corner of my eyes, I could see Asia roll her eyes as she sat down on the sofa.

"You two are just the cutest couple ever. Gosh, you're so lucky, Olive." The bítch chirped, flipping her hair back.

Before I could open my mouth to talk, Riccardo beat me to it. "I am actually the lucky one here, friend. Olivia is the best thing to ever happen to me."

I watched as Asia watched him retreat to the kitchen with longing in her rich brown eyes before they landed on me, turning into pure loàthe.

"Friend. Isn't it funny that the person you want so badly doesn't even acknowledge you as anything more than just a mere friend? Huh, Africa? Or is it Europe?" I mused, sitting down on my sofa in my house with my baby on my lap.

"You know it's Asia," she retorted sharply.

"Oops, my bad. I must have forgotten." I echoed her words in the same sharp tone.

Asia leaned in close, a sly smirk on her face, and warned, "Enjoy it while it lasts because Riccardo will never be yours. I won't allow it, Olivia Donovan."

I lifted my head, fixing my gaze on hers intensely. "Actually, it's Olivia Torrence because, well...," I paused for effect. "I am married to Riccardo Torrence, the man you'll never have."

"Dream on."

"You're the dreamer here, not me, Europe."

"It's Asia."

"That's what I said."

As we heard Riccardo's footsteps approaching, we giggled like schoolgirls discovering boys weren't as gross as our parents said.

He handed us cold apple juice, kissed me on the head, and gave Asia her drink. "I'm glad you two get along."

Yeah, right. I would rather stuff my mouth with toxíc chemicals than to get along with her. 

I stifled my true feelings towards her, imagining how her body would look after getting ruñ ovér by a moving train. 

"Yeah," I agreed, sipping my drink. "Unlike you and Axel."

"Wait, Axel? Like, Axel Morris?" Asia's surprised voice reached me. "You know him?"

TBC 📖✍️

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