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The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 61&62




The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 61&62

Theme: Stuck With The Immortal Emperor...

Genres:  Historical/ Royal Dark Romance/ Fantasy/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R. 


Then.....what are you planning? What should I do now?" Zhuri asked. 

"Getting rid of it" The emperor said and Zhuri's eyes widened. 

"What?? What are you talking about? Getting rid of the child? Why?" She asked,tears rolling down her eyes. 

"That was what came to my mind when I was told" The emperor said and moved closer to Zhuri.  

"Because I don't want you to get hurt,if I leave you behind someday I don't want you to suffer or cry because of me."

"What do you mean by leaving me behind?!" Zhuri cried out. 

Emperor Augustus sighed and wiped her tears. 

"I'm going to protect you,like I said. I will protect you and the child in you with my life" He said. 

"Where are you leaving to? Don't cover that with another word...."

"Nowhere" The emperor said. 

"So...you're going to accept this pregnancy?"

"Of course,it's my dream for years" The emperor said and Zhuri broke into tears. 

"I thought you won't! You're so wicked" She cried. 

The emperor pulled her into a hug. 

"I'm sorry" he said. 

Zhuri held him tightly to herself while crying in his arms. 

"Thank you Zhuri,it sounds so impossible,I was just...too shocked" The emperor said. 

"I told you,I want to be the villain you can't do without" Zhuri said. 

"In this state,you aren't the villain,you're the Main character Zhuri,in my heart you are" The emperor said and Zhuri smiled as he finally let her go. 

"I heard you didn't eat all day,the maids should have set the table by now" The emperor said and Zhuri smiled. 

"I missed you yesterday and today,it was so hard without seeing you" She said. 

The emperor cupped her cheeks and kissed her forehead. 

"I missed you too" he said. 

He held her hand and they went out of the room,The maids are still in the dining room,they all bowed at once when the emperor came in with Zhuri while holding hands,Zhuri wanted to remove her hand but the emperor held her even tighter. 

"You can go" The emperor commanded. 

They all bowed again and left. 

Zhuri immediately faced him. 

"The saw......"

"They wouldn't dare say" The emperor cut in and Zhuri smiled. 

He pulled back the seat for her and she sat down. 

"You should be careful now" The emperor said. 

"It's just three weeks....."

"Reason why you should be careful" He cut in. 

"Yes my lord" Zhuri smiled and the emperor also sat down.  

"My lord" Zhuri suddenly called and he looked at her again. 

"I want to spend all day with you tomorrow,is it possible?" She asked. 

"I have alot of things to do tomorrow Zhuri" The emperor replied and Zhuri nodded. 

"Then I will wait" She smiled. 

The emperor touched her hair unconsciously and Zhuri chuckled. 

"Am I that cute?" She asked. 

"I still can't believe it" The emperor muttered. 

Zhuri blushed. 


Outside the chamber,Ximena showed up,she tried going in but the guards stopped her right away. 

"I'm sorry,but we can't let you in" The guards said. 

"Move,I need to see his majesty right now" Ximena said and tried going ins again. 

"You heard him" Asher appeared and Ximena faced him with a glare. 

"Who do you think you are to stop me? I need to see his majesty" Ximena said. 

"Well sorry to disappoint you,his majesty is busy inside with lady Zhuri" Asher said. 

"Lady Zhuri?" Ximena asked again. 

"I should start calling her that now,until it's official" Asher said blankly and Ximena laughed. 

"Such a wild dream....."

"No,you're the one with a wild dream. So why don't you just walk away in peace now or I order the guards to carry you and throw you back in your suite?" Asher asked and the guards faced Ximena immediately. 

"Don't you dare touch me!!" She screamed and walked away angrily. 

Asher scoffed. 


Sabrina was already pacing in her room anxiously waiting for Gael,she was almost at the point of giving up when the door opened and Gael came in. 

"Gael!!" She screamed and rushed to hug him. 

"Did I kept you waiting?" Gael asked,hugging her tightly. 

"No,you're worth the wait,I don't care at all" Sabrina said and broke the hug. 

"When did you start to love me this much?" Gael asked,staring into her pretty eyes. 

"Since my heart started racing for you" Sabrina muttered and Gael smiled. 

"And now you've charmed me with that,I don't think I can back down now" Gael said and carried her in a bridal style. 

"What are we doing tonight?" He asked. 

"Sleeping next to each other,I want to be in your arms all night" Sabrina said and Gael smiled. 

"You think I'm going to sleep here? It will be suspicious...."

"Then I will tell his majesty about us" Sabrina said. 

"I think we need to take things slow" Gael said and dropped her on the bed,he also joined her. 

"If you want us to take things slow then make up time for me,I miss you every second of the day" Sabrina said,resting her head on his chest. 

"Should I just....quit being a guard?" Gael asked. 

"Huh?! How will I get to see you then?" Sabrina immediately raised her head. 

"At least I will be able to tell his majesty......"

"Not now,I want to enjoy you deeply first" Sabrina said and Gael chuckled. 

"Why does that sound so naughty in my ears?" He asked. 

Sabrina grinned and climbed on him. 

"Because they are supposed to be naughty" She winked. 

"You said we only have to sleep next to each other tonight...."

"Great thing you believed me,but sorry" She said and started kissing him. 

Gael's hand moved to the back of the dress and zipped it down,taking over the kiss. 

"Bad child" Sabrina teased. 

"Don't call me a child please" Gael said and Sabrina laughed. 

Gael changed position and came on top instead. 


Zhuri just left Esme's Place that noon and was on her way back to her room,like the emperor told her the previous night,He's been busy all day. From one meeting to another,Zhuri finally heard what was going on in the city and she can't stop thinking about it. 

That is exactly the reason why the emperor was so worried about her.

'What if it's his brother's handwork?' Zhuri thought as she walked. 

Her thoughts were cut short when Ximena confronted her,Zhuri stopped walking and their eyes met. 

"I see,you really became arrogant because you are carrying his Majesty's child" Ximena said,glaring at her hatefully. 

Zhuri made a surpirsed look on her face,how did Ximena find out about it??

She immediately shifted back but Ximena grabbed her hand. 

"Let me go!" Zhuri shouted and throw Ximena's hand off. 

"You shouldn't be happy too much,don't be glad. I'm going to take back my place in his Majesty's heart no matter what" Ximena said and moved more closer,Zhuri continue shifting back. 

She knew she needed to be careful at a moment like this,Ximena isn't someone she can underrate her handwork,she have to protect that foetus inside her no matter what. 

"My lady" Someone called from the back and they both turned at once. 

It was Neriah,she immediately rushed over to them and pushed Ximena away from Zhuri. 

Ximena's eyes widened. 


"You can't hurt her,not anymore" Neriah said and grabbed Zhuri's hand,surprising her. 

Neriah took her away from Ximena and walked some distance before letting go of her hand. 

Zhuri looked at her and Neriah focused her gaze on the ground. 

"Why did you do that?" Zhuri asked. 

Neriah faced her and fell on her knees,Zhuri's eyes grew wide. 

"Please don't tell the emperor to chase me out of the palace,I need this job . I will serve you for the rest of my life,I promise" Neriah said in tears. 

"Hey,get up. What are you talking about? Why would I tell his majesty such?" Neriah asked. 

"You're carrying his child"Neriah said.

"How did you......."

"Even if you don't want to let anyone find out..  Eventually,everyone would" Neriah said. 

Zhuri squatted in front of her and wiped her tears. 

"Since you said you're going to serve me and do everything I say,then....I will forgive you" She said. 

"Really?" Neriah asked and Zhuri nodded. 

"Thank you!"

"Get up,let's go" Zhuri smiled. 


Alora and McKenzie were in the room waiting when Zhuri came In. 

"My lady......" Alora's smile faded when she saw Neriah behind her. 

"What is she doing here?" She frowned. 

"Hey,calm down Alora" Zhuri said and Neriah bit her lips. 

"For real,what's she doing here?" McKenzie stood up also. 

"She apologized" Zhuri said. 

"Why? There must be a reason why" Alora scoffed. 

"You don't need to know the reason,but from now please don't be harsh on her" Zhuri pleaded. 

"I will think about it" McKenzie said. 

"I will also think about it" Alora scoffed. 

"Really Alora? You're getting influenced by Kenzie" Zhuri said. 

Alora pouted and Zhuri chuckled. 

"I'm really sorry,I promise to do everything and make you trust me" Neriah said. 

"Who said I will ever trust you?" Alora scoffed and Neriah kept quiet. 

Zhuri was about talking when they heard a knock on the door. 

"I will get it" Neriah immediately went to open,revealing Asher. 

"Asher" Zhuri stood up immediately and walked to the door. 

"His majesty would like to meet you in his Chamber tonight" Asher said. 

"Not now?" Zhuri asked, somehow disappointed. 

"His majesty is really busy now" Asher said and Zhuri nodded. 

"Thank you Asher" She said. 

Asher smiled before walking away. 

"That young man is so handsome" Alora said. 

Zhuri and McKenzie coughed. 

"I'm just saying" Alora blushed. 

"I know" Zhuri chuckled. 

"My lady,I prepared you a herb tea,I think you should be able to drink it now" Alora said and stood up,she went to the table and touched the cup. 

"Great,it's not too hot again..."

"I don't want to drink that..."

"You should" The three said at once. 

"It's from lady Esme" McKenzie said. 

"It's a plan work I guess" Zhuri mumbled. 


Zhuri walked into the room excitedly,she haven't seen the emperor all day and it seems like a full year to her. 

"My Lord" she called and immediately the emperor opened his arm for her as she ran to him,hugging him tightly. 

"I missed you so much" He said. 

"You said that first,I couldn't stop thinking about you" The emperor muttered,rubbing her back. 

Zhuri broke the hug and went on her toes to pat his hair. 

"You are so handsome" She said and the emperor chuckled before kissing her eyes. 

"You're more beautiful" He said and hugged her again. 

"We need to go somewhere Zhuri" he said and Zhuri looked at him.

"Where?" She asked. 

The emperor opened his palm for her and without being told,Zhuri placed hers on it. 

"Close your eyes" He said and Zhuri obeyed immediately. 

They appeared in the moon garden,in front of the tree. 

"Open now" The emperor said and Zhuri slowly opened her eyes,it was followed by a loud gasp from her,their hands still connected. 

"Where are we?" Zhuri asked,staring at the beautiful garden and the astonishing flowers tree with the moon above it. 

"Before you came....that tree....was so dry and empty" the emperor said and Zhuri turned to face him. 

"Then.....the dry tree the deity told me about.....was.....this?" She asked. 

The emperor nodded. 

"My....heart" The emperor said and Zhuri gasped. 

"But after I met you...the tree turned into this. I've never imagined that I will ever do this,you're really the first in everything" The emperor said. 

Zhuri was speechless. 

"For the first time in five hundred years I've lived,I finally found myself thinking about someone,missing someone,smiling because of someone,wanting to be with someone,craving for someone's touch,wanting someone's attention...and it turns out,it's all you Zhuri. I tried just too hard to control those weak feelings but...it was too hard,just too hard. I hate it when I make you cry,I miss you every second,you're always in my head,I feel excited when you're beside me,when you smile at me,I suddenly want to learn how to smile even more brightly because yours is just too bright Zhuri. Because of you...I want to protect someone special badly for the first time,I felt scared that you might get hurt,for the first time in my life,for the first time........I'm crazy about someone and that person is you. I don't know if I'm supposed to feel this way but......I don't want to go back to those times without you."

By now,Zhuri was already in tears as she listened to those special words,just for her alone. 

The emperor plucked a beautiful flower on the tree and attached it to her hair. 

"Finally...For the first time.......I crashed and fell in love with someone.......and it's you Zhuri" He concluded and more tears fell from Zhuri's eyes. 


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