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The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 59&60




The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 59&60

Theme: Stuck With The Immortal Emperor...

Genres:  Historical/ Royal Dark Romance/ Fantasy/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R. 



Emperor Augustus entered the room with a worried look on his face,the royal physician was still in,talking to Esme. 

"Your majesty" They both bowed immediately. 

The emperor looked at Zhuri sleeping on the bed before facing the physician

"What happened to her? Is she sick?" He asked. 

Esme immediately walked out. 

"Your majesty,I don't know if this is a good news but....Zhuri is pregnant" The physician said. 

Emperor Augustus raised his brows like he didn't hear that. 


"She's...pregnant your majesty. She's three weeks pregnant" She repeated and the emperor's eyes widened. 

He looked at Zhuri on the bed again,pregnant? How? He was almost so sure that he really didn't impregnate her,how the heck did she got pregnant?? 

The emperor let out a scoff. 

"She will be fine,right?" He asked. 

"Of course your majesty,she will be fine once she's awake" 

Emperor Augustus sighed and walked out of the room. 


"Huh?? His majesty........want...me to leave?" Ryleigh stuttered. 

"Your days are over here and that was his decision" Asher told her. 

Ryleigh swalllwed. 

"I need to talk to him for the last time....."

"I'm sorry but you can't,He's not really in a good mood tonight" 

Ryleigh blinked out tears. 

"But that's not fair,I can't just leave this way,I can't" She shook her Head. 

"You should get ready,your palanquin will take off quite early in the morning" Asher said and walked out of the room. 

Ryleigh kept on crying her eyes out. 


"She's pregnant" Esme told McKenzie and Alora as they kept on pressurizing her to tell them what happened to Zhuri. 

"What?!!!" They screamed. 

"Shhhhh" Esme said and they kept quiet at once. 

"Nobody else is allowed to hear about this,be careful" She said 

"But,a slave shouldn't get pregnant for her lord,she's in trouble. I'm scared" Mackenzie said. 

Esme shook her head. 

"I don't think you should" 

"What was the emperor's reaction? Was he angry?" Alora asked.

"I have no idea,but let's hope for the best. Zhuri will be fine" Esme said. 

"I don't want anything to happen to my lady" Alora said in tears. 

"Nothing is going to happen,hold it in" Mackenzie hugged her. 

Esme sighed out. 


The emperor was busy pacing around when the deity appeared,sitting on a chair. 

"Why are you so disturbed?" She asked. 

The emperor immediately faced her. 

"Why is she pregnant? How?" He asked. 

"Isn't this what you want...."

"That's not my point right now,I'm asking how she got pregnant" Emperor Augustus snapped. 

"I didn't do it alone,it's all because of her pure love for you Augustus" The deity replied. 

"But why now?"The emperor asked. 

"I'm sure you understand what I'm talking about,why now" 

"I couldn't control it...but she's going to be in danger...."

"Exactly my point! Forrest is out there,ready to go to any extent to destroy me and the people around me,what do you think is going to happen of he find out about this? Why do you do things at the wrong time alone? Just why?!" The emperor yelled. 

"You will protect her" The deity replied. 

"You promised to protect her..."

"Yes I would,but her child? What if I end up leaving her alone? What pain do you think is up to that?" 

"I don't think there's anything you can do right now Augustus" 

Emperor Augustus shook his head. 

"I see you don't know what you're talking about,she's going to be in pain,I don't want that to happen to her,I would hate that so much" He said. 


"My lady...I think Zhuri is pregnant" The guard blurted out. 

"What?!!" Ximena stood up with wide eyes. 

"Pregnant? How? Where did you hear that from?" She asked. 

"I overheard the court lady telling two maids"  he replied. 

"That's not possible,never,it's not going to happen! She can't be pregnant" Ximena said almost stammering. 

She sat down again and shook her head. 

"How did his majesty react?" She asked. 

"I have no idea my lady,but do you think he will really allow her keep the pregnancy?" 

"Go find out more,find out everything going on and tell me,go!" Ximena yelled. 

"Ryleigh left the palace" 

Ximena smiled. 

"I knew she won't last" She said. 

"I will leave now" The guard bowed and walked out. 

"Zhuri....just pray the emperor doesn't accept that thing inside you. Or I'm going to kill you myself" Ximena mumbled,folding her fist.


Zhuri was in tears,Esme sitting next to her. The emperor have refused to allow her into his chamber since morning. 

"Zhuri can you stop crying?" Esme asked. 

"How can I stop crying? He doesn't want to see me anymore,why did I get pregnant? I thought....he would be happy...." Zhuri said in tears. 

"Zhuri,you need to calm down. His majesty need some time to think of what to do, the ministers really can't know about this now,a slave should never get pregnant for her lord" Esme said. 

"Then,what will happen to me now?" Zhuri asked. 

"Let's wait until the emperor decides" Esme said ,pushing back the stool of food to her. .

"Before then,you need to eat and be strong" She said. 

"I don't want to eat,I will eat when I get to talk to him" Zhuri mumbled and wiped her tears. 

"You really won't do that,you're endangering your child....."

"You can't call it that when my lord doesn't even want to see me. He told Asher not to let me in earlier,it hurts" Zhuro said,tearing up again. 

Esme sighed out. 

"I'm sure everything will be fine,just calm down please" She said. 

"Please eat,should I feed you??"

Zhuri shook her head and finally picked up her spoon to eat. 

"Good girl" Esme smiled and stroked her hair. 


Forrest was walking around the woods,his two hands behind him looking for his next prey. 

Tabitha appeared in front of him,he ignored her and kept on walking. 

"You really don't think you can win against Augustus right?" She asked. 

Forrest frowned and faced her back. 

"Say that again and you will find your head on the ground" He threatened angrily. 

"But I have the secret....how you can end him completely with no traces,just the way you disappeared years ago" Tabitha said. 

Forrest was quiet for a minute but the he started walking away. 

"I am telling you the truth!! You can't end him,He's now an immortal!! Only the deity can take him away!!" Tabitha screamed. 

Forrest sped to her and grabbed her neck. 

"I don't care!!! I will end him with my own hands!!" He growled. 

"Quit lying to yourself,you're not even half as strong as he is,let me help you" Tabitha said. 

Forrest started strangling her but she disappeared from his grip. 

"Rrrrrrrhhhhh" Forrest growled loudly and the whole woods shook. 

"I'm going to end him my own self,I don't need that!!!" He said loudly and angrily.  

"Augustus" he fold his fist. 


Sabrina entered the room and met Zhuri sitting down,staring at herself in the mirror. 

"Hey" Sabrina called and Zhuri turned back. 

"My princess" She stood up. 

Sabrina moved closer and hugged her 

"I'm so happy for you" She said. 


"Esme told me" Sabrina said. 


"You seriously aren't thinking of keeping it from me right?" Sabrina frowned. 

"No...but not now" Zhuri said. 

They both sat down. 

"Are you worried about my brother?" Sabrina asked and Zhuri sighed. 

"I know my brother can't do anything that would hurt you Zhuri,believe me" Sabrina said. 

"But...I'm scared" Zhuri said. 

Sabrina pat her hair. 

"Don't be scared,you will be fine. I promise" She said and Zhuri nodded. 

"I will believe you" She said and Sabrina chuckled. 

They were still talking when they heard a knock on the door,immediately they stopped talking and exchanged glances. 

Zhuri stood up and went to open,revealing Asher by the door. 

"His majesty summoned you" He said and Zhuri's heard skipped a beat. 

Sabrina came over. 

"Is brother angry?" She asked. 

"I really have no idea princess" Asher replied. 

Sabrina cupped Zhuri's cheeks

"Everything will be fine,go" She said. 

Zhuri smiled and nodded before following Asher. 

Sabrina sighed and also left her room. 

"Are you okay?" Gael joined her. 

"Where were you all day?" Sabrina asked. 

"You didn't call for me" Gael replied. 

"Just because I said you shouldn't come to me,are you really rejecting me now?" Sabrina stopped walking. 

"No" Gael muttered. 

"If you're not rejecting me...then what is this" She asked. 

Gael leaned closer to her and pecked her lips. 

"This is what it is" he smiled. 

Sabrina wanted to kiss him again but he covered her mouth. 

"You don't wanna get caught" he said and Sabrina smiled. 

"Let's go to my suite....."

"Not now,let's meet tonight" Gael winked at her and walked away. 

Sabrina almost screamed as she ran to her suite. 


Zhuri walked into the room and met the emperor standing,she bite her lips before calling him. 

"My lord" 

Emperor Augustus faced her. 

"Are you okay?" He asked.

"You're asking me that just now? You ignored me all day"Zhuri said in tears. 

The emperor said nothing. 

"Don't cry" He said and Zhuri wiped her tears. 

"Why am I here?" She asked. 

"We need to talk about....that" The emperor said,looking at her tummy. 

Zhuri touched her tummy. 

"It's not the right time Zhuri...."

"What do you mean by it's not the right time? You said you've wanted this all your life! You told me! So why are you changing mouth now?! Why!" Zhuri cried. 

"Because I don't want you to get hurt,can you listen to me just this once?" 

"Why should I listen? Who's going to hurt me? Your brother?" 

"Zhuri you can't understand"

"Then make me understand at least!! Make me understand why I can't have your child like you want,do you want someone else? Ximena?"

The emperor said nothing. 

"This isn't the right time" He uttered. 

"Then.....what are you planning? What should I do now?" Zhuri asked. 

"Getting rid of it" The emperor said and Zhuri's eyes widened. 


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