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I Hate You Jace - Episode 39&40




I Hate You Jace - Episode 39&40


By Naomi Cindy B.


"Call me my pet name, and tell me you're not mad at me anymore." She whispered, and Jace gave her a long stare.

Her fast heartbeats returned as she waited for his words, and her hand never left his cheek. She kept caressing gently, maintaining the eye contact.

Jace's lips slowly spread into a really big smile, and that warmed her heart instantly.

A large smile covered her face too, and he leaned in to her ear, his warm breaths hitting her lobes and making her breaths quicken again, but she couldn't hide her ticklishness ...

"Don't laugh" Jace said, and the moment his breaths hit her lobes again, she laughed sillily.

"I badly wanna spank your @ss for ruining my speech" he smiled again.

"Can you keep smiling like that throughout tonight?" She asked.

"Does that mean you're spending the night here with me again?" He said, and she made an unsure face.

"I don't...

"Please" he cut her off, and her eyes nearly popped.

Ok spending time with this jerk shows her dozens of things she never would have imagined him to do.

He's the same person who apologized by saying sorry to her, and now he's begging for another night?

"I'm not sure" she said knowingly.

"I just said please" he replied.

"Say it again" she said.

"You're enjoying this, aren't you?" He said with his popular smirk, and she nodded with a pretty smile.

"C'mon, say please again" she said, touching his brows this time as he walked into the passage.

"Please..." He said, and she chuckled.

He finally entered his room where he gently dropped her.

"I'll get you something to change into" he said, walking to the wardrobe to get dry clothes.

Jarvis stayed still on a spot, and as the minty smell hit her nose, she smiled, taking her bottom lip into her mouth.

Maybe she misses this room after all, and the fact that even his friends don't know about this place but she knows, and she's in his room with him, just the two of them...

She feels kinda special, and even though she doesn't want to get ahead of herself, she couldn't suppress the feeling.

"Here" he  suddenly said as he walked back to her with a white sweatshirt and cargo pants like the one he's putting on.

"Thanks" she took them from him, but he kept looking at her, and she made faces.

"Mr. Jace motherfûking Braun, turn your back" she said.

"Do I really have to? I mean...

She turned his back by herself before he could finish, and he groaned.

She smiled before starting to take off her wet clothes, including the br@. She'd have to keep on the p+nts since there's no other alternative.

She quickly put on the sweatshirt, and Jace immediately turned.

"You can wear just that without the cargo pants, it covers your thighs already" he said, and she looked down at her legs.

The rain is starting to stop outside, and the cold is not that much so she nodded, and he took the pants from her , then he started taking off his wet clothes too.

Jarvis quickly turned her back...

"I don't mind having your eyes on me though" he said.

"I'm not like you" she replied, and he chuckled, dressing up in the new pants and a armless white shirt.

Jarvis turned back at once, only to meet him right behind her.

"We should... yunno...dry our hairs" she said.

Instead of answering, Jace engulfed her in his arms, all of her. He wrapped his arms on her, hugging her tightly while giving her hair subtle strokes.

"Little cat" his nasal voice came, and her heart leapt as she hugged him back with a big smile.

"Jace..." She whispered cutely, dipping her face in his chest.



Mrs. Ronald was sitting on her massaging chair in her care room when Nikki came in, and she  opened her eyes slowly.

"You came at the right time" she said, and he kept standing

"What's going on?" She asked.

"Call off the engagement, and I promise to do everything you ask of me. I can't possibly get married to a girl I don't love, I feel nothing for Esther and...

"Is this because of the Jarvis girl?" She interrupted, and he squinted

"How did you..."

"Oh you should have known that I and Esther are pretty close, she told me everything and her plan to ruin her if you don't stop being around her" she said.

"Mum!!!" He yelled.

"I'm only trying to build a good future for you with Esther! Her parents are loaded than us and you need them! What will you get from the Jarvis girl anyways? She's got nothing!" She stood .

"All i see with Esther is madness, she's madly obsessed with me but you're even helping her? I'm your son" Nikki retorted.

"Why don't we drop the Esther talk and talk about your novel? My secretary reported to me that the book got more than ten awards when I was outside the country but you rejected them all, what the hell is wrong with you?" She replied.

"You won't understand" Nikki said.

"Then make me understand! Wet Kisses is still the best selling book in this country right now despite the fact that it's been three years since it's release, and I checked your account history to see that you've been sending every cash you make from the book to an orphanage account, Hope Orphanage? What's happening exactly? We're talking about billions of dollars here!" She questioned

"You won't understand" he replied again.

"Stop saying that!! What's your connection with the wretched orphanage?" She yelled.

"Don't yell at me mum, and stop talking about the book" he replied.

"Like I said, i got a proposal from the largest filming company in this country... They're gonna make it into a movie, but it needs to be extended so they're requesting for a Season 2" she said.

"Stop talking about the book already just stop!!!" He yelled, scaring her with his sudden rage.


"If you have that much time, why don't you tell me about my dad? Tell me who he is and tell me why I'm bearing your surname Instead of his own!" He shouted, and the woman went mute, looking away from him.

"Finally you're speechless" he muttered and walked out of the house.

Mrs. Ronald sat back on the massage chair slowly, looking defeated as sadness crawled to her face.



"Hey! Scar!" Gabby waved when Scarlett showed up with Dorothy, both holding warm cups of coffee.

The poolside is full of students like it always is every Saturday night.

"Gab!" Scarlett smiled, leaving Dorothy to go to him.

"And where the hell is Craig?" Dorothy muttered, searching the poolside with her eyes.

Someone suddenly covered her eyes from behind, the she smiled.

"I know it's you, silly sneaky" she said.

"You're so hard to prank" Craig replied, removing his hand from her eyes so she faced him.

"I think Jace and Jarvis are together again. She called to say she'd be spending the night out and I knew it immediately. Jace is nowhere to be found too right?" She said.

"Can we not talk about Jace and Jarvis tonight? They'll open up whenever they're ready, let's have fun" he grabbed her hand.

"What fun?" She asked.

"Ice cream?" He replied.

"Where is it!" She jumped.

"I knew it, come with me!" He grinned, and she held his arm with both hands as she followed him out of the pool environs.


"How're you feeling?" Gabby asked when Scarlett settled beside him.

"I'm not heartbroken if that's what you're worried about" she replied.

"But you drank four bottles of beer last night...you got madly drunk" he said.

"Ok fine, I'm heartbroken... Happy now?" She rolled eyes, and he chuckled.

"I know how it feels when you love someone and they f*+*k up, so I feel your pain" he said.

"Are you referring to me? Like when you asked me out same day as Ronnie, and I chose him over you" she replied.

"Kind of" he said, and she dropped her coffee cup.

"Do you have a smoke with you? I need to get warm" she asked.

He immediately got a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket.

"Stole this from Jace's drawer" he confessed, and she giggled.

"By the way how's the secret thing with him and Nikki going?" She asked.

"I and Craig decided to leave them be. They'll come clean to us when they're ready, no pressure" he replied.

"The best" she said, getting a cigar.

She placed it between her lips and was about to lighten when Ronnie appeared.

"We should talk, Scarlett" he said, but she lightened the cigar and started smoking, ignoring him.

"Seems she doesn't wanna talk" Gabby said.

"And who are you!" Ronnie pulled him up with the shirt and was about to punch him when Scarlett stood and pushed him away, freeing Gabby from him.

"Are you mad or what? After everything that happened last night, you expect me to sit and listen to your shenanigans? Touch him again and you'll regret it!" She shouted, drawing attention.

"Nicole tricked me! I know I was a fool to fall for it but I'm sorry!" Ronnie started crying publicly, and Scarlett's head banged.

"Come again" she said, dropping her cigar.

"It was Nicole, she sent me the fake voice note" he replied, and she smirked.

"That b**ch!"

"Babe!" Nicole came in that moment, wearing a bikini and ready to swim.

All eyes turned to her, and she was starting to wonder why, but when she saw Ronnie's tears and Scarlett's red eyes, her eyes widened.

"No..." She muttered, but Scarlett was already with her in the next minute.

She pounced on her heavily, landing two catastrophic punches on her face which sent her to the floor as she bled from the mouth.

* Damn!

* Go Scarlett!

* Go Scarlett!

Students started chanting.

"Arggggghhh!!! My mouth!!!" Nicole cried, rolling on the ground, but it wasn't over cos Scarlett dragged her up and started slapping her repeatedly this time.

"How!" She said and slapped her.

"Dare!" She said and slapped her again.

"You!!!' she yelled and punched her, making her fall back on the ground.

* F**k!!!

* Go Scarlett!!!

"Someone save me!!!" Nicole cried loudly, but students were too busy making videos.

Scarlett made to grab her again, but Gabby held her.

"Stop, it's ok now" he said, holding her tight as hot breaths escaped her nostrils.



"What are we doing here? It's a coffee bay, where will the ice cream come from?" Dorothy asked when she arrived with Craig.

"There" he pointed at a label on the wall which says ICE CREAM AVAILABLE TONIGHT.

"Oh my gawd! How is this possible!" She gushed.

"Every Saturday night like this, there's an ice cream buffet" he replied.

"Meaning it's free? Ice cream! Ice cream!" She shouted, rushing to the stand.

She was handed an ice cream cone immediately.

"Mmmh!" She m0@ned when she ate from it.

"Why haven't I heard about this before!" She said excitedly, facing Craig.

"You stained your lips" he said, and when she made to wipe with her palm, he held her hand and reeled himself into her.

"If you kiss me, I'm gonna kick you" she said, and he immediately let her go.

"I got your logic" she licked her lips and stuck her tongue at him before running out of the bay.

"Why so hard?" Craig complained frustratedly.



The kids have been in the big hall with Jace and Jarvis since an hour ago after their reading period.

Jarvis is busy telling them bedtime stories, and even though Jace seems un-interested, he still stayed,  staring at her as she enjoyed her time with the kids.

"Please tell us one more, you seem to know a lot" Camille said from the midst of kids.

"Yeah, I grew up with my aunt and she loved telling me stories before sleep, and also, I'm a lover of novels" she replied.

"What's your best novel" a kid asked.

"Wet Kisses" she replied immediately.

"I badly wanna read the popular novel too but they said it's rated, so I'll wait till I'm 18 till I read" Camille said.

Ms. Zoe sat beside Jace gently, and she slipped something into his palm...his gun.

"Saw it beside your car, did something happen?" She whispered.

"It almost happened, but I handled it" he replied and stood after hiding the gun.

"It's sleep time already, y'all need to go to bed" he said, and the kids groaned.

"I only borrowed her to you guys for an hour, time's up little cat" he said, taking Jarvis's hand.

"Ten more minutes with them" she said.

"Nah" he replied, taking her out.

"Goodnight Jarvis!" Camille waved with the other kids.

"Goodnight sweeties!" She waved back, and she finally stepped out with him.

"Must you really take me away like that?" She said.

"I was the one who said PLEASE before you could stay" he replied, and she chuckled as they entered his room together.

He dropped the gun in the drawer...

"I'm part of a gang, so it's only normal that I have a gun, don't ask questions about it" he said.

"Why do you love white shirts?" She asked.

"Cos my tattoos are transparent under white" he replied.

"Such a show off" she muttered.

"I heard that" he replied, and she giggled.

"And...is there a reason why Marcus always beat you as a kid?" She asked.

"Yeah, but it's stupid anyways. He claimed I was paying for my dad's sins" he replied.

"He told me his dad is Danny and yours is Klaus, are they both still alive?" She asked.

"Danny his dad is dead, but my dad Klaus...can we not talk about the devil tonight?" He replied, and she nodded.

"He said you were supposed to study English but...

"He really told you a lot" he replied, and she shook her head.

"Not much, actually"

"I changed my course to Sculpture cos of him. Seeing his face upsets me, so having him as my lecturer in English would make things worse, I mean I might just punch him in class" he said, and though it's not funny, she laughed at the tone he used.

"You wouldn't do that" she said, and he came to her, drawing her closer by the waist.

Her breaths hitched when her free bôôbs slammed on his chest..

"I would. I have mad anger issues, baby" he whispered, lowering his head to her level, so he rested his forehead on hers as their eyes locked.

"I know, but I was able to calm you down earlier, maybe I can do it again" she whispered back.

"You..." He whispered again, raising an hand to her throat to hold her gently.

"Jace..." She replied, her breathing going high-pitched at the freezing cold contact.

"F*+*k it" he whispered hotly.

She could feel her n*+*ples hardening on her chest, and that sent her mind into a crazy spiral as the uncontrollable sensations came again.

"It hits different when you call my name in a whisper" he muttered, bringing his lips closer to hers...

"Will you still allow Megan on your laps again?" She whispered, looking deeply into his eyeballs.

"I won't, little cat. I won't" he whispered hoarsely, and she closed the space between them, pinning her lips to his own.

Jace took over immediately, kissing her breathless as their tongues did a beautiful tango in the confines of their warm mouths.

Their feet were moving on the ground as they ate each other's lips deliciously, and Jarvis was unaware of when her back hit the wall.

When did they even get there?

She was kissing him with vigour, and he was devouring her aggressively, letting his hands caress her butt slowly.

He touched her exposed cleavage, and she m0@ned loudly, delivering the sound of ar0usal into his throat as the kiss deepened so intensely.

"F*+*k, little cat" he groaned on her plumpness, and she released another moan, but he suddenly broke the kiss and held her face delicately.

"Have you had your first orgasm?" He whispered seductively.

"No" she replied, panting so much.

"Then...do you mind if i give it to you right now?" He asked, and she swallowed...

WE SHOULDN'T BE DOING THIS, that line has become her anthem whenever she's with this handsome psycho, but what can she do when she's insanely attracted to him?

She has gone too far to go back... She wants this... she wants the pleasure and the fun, all with him.

She knows he's capable of making her lose her mind by just few touches, and that built her boldness as she looked up at him.

 She couldn't resist...as usual...

His fox eyes...his nasal voice...his pink lips...his s+xy tattoos... they're all making her lose her damn mind, and she found herself yearning so much...

Slowly, she nodded yes, and he lowered his lids.

"Use your words, Little cat" he whispered.

"I want it....orgasm" her small voice said.


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