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I Hate You Jace - Episode 37&38




I Hate You Jace - Episode 37&38


By Naomi Cindy B.


"I dare you to KISS me, hard" Jace said flatly, and Jarvis stopped breathing.

She felt hot line of sweat cascading down her back, and her palms became sweaty instantly.

The racing of her heart came faster, and the table even became more silent. 

Ashley stood excitedly, and Megan stood from Jace's laps.

Immediately Ashley held Jace's face and started leaning in, Jarvis stood hastily.

"Where are you going?" Dorothy asked 

"Jarvis" Scarlett called.

"I'm gonna ... Use the...the restroom" she stuttered before rushing out, away from the table.

Instantly after she left, Jace shook Ashley away, and she stood, looking stupid.

"We haven't kissed!" She complained.

"And we won't" he replied simply, resting back on his chair.

Megan came back and made to sit on his laps again, but he declined.

"What the hell is wrong!" She shouted.

"I allowed you cos i wanted to give someone a dose of their own medicine, time's up" he replied, rolling his eyes.

"Screw you Wolfie!" She ranted, going back to her seat with Ashley who looks too disappointed.

"Is it game over? Shouldn't we hit the dance floor now?" Craig said.

"I don't think so" Ronnie replied, coming to the table.

Nicole smiled secretly, and he directed his gaze to Scarlett.

"I don't need you to choose between T or D, I only want the truth tonight" he said.

"About what?" Scarlett stood.

"About your two abortions!" Ronnie yelled, and the air froze as Scarlett's eyes widened together with everyone's.

"Hey what are you talking about?" Dorothy stood.

"You do not interfere in this!" Ronnie pushed her back, and she fell on the couch.

"And you do not touch her!" Craig stood, pushing him too.

Ronnie staggered back and almost fell but he held himself pretty good, standing straight before facing Scarlett who still has the shocked look on her face.


Jarvis was pushing through the crowd of students as she tried to leave the house, and hard as she tried to hold back her tears, she couldn't.

How dare he? How could he kiss Ashley of all people? She hates her with all fiber of her being. 

Maybe Prof. Marcus was right after all, he's only gonna hurt her and make her cry.

She has no idea why it hurts so mad like this or why the tears kept pouring out of her eyes, but she couldn't control it..

She finally got out of the house but someone grabbed her, and when her eyes met with Nikki's, she sniffled.

"Why are you crying? Jarvis!" He asked worriedly, but she shook him off and kept going.

He went after her and caught up shortly, holding her again.

"Jarvis talk to m...

"I don't wanna talk to you Nikki! Please leave me alone" she shook him off and continued her sprint away from the house.

She got to the road and started wiping her tears as she waited for a taxi, but as she wiped the tears, she cried. 

A white Porsche halted beside the road, and Esther came out of it, smiling tauntingly as she walked to her.

"Oh, look who's in tears" she said mockingly, and Jarvis made to walk away from her, but she held her back.

"Listen to me! I know you're an orphan and you stay with your Aunt Caroline who works as a supermarket attendant. I can snap your neck in two and no one will question me about it cos you're a nobody anyways. Stay off Nikki" she threatened.

Jarvis released herself from her grip and resumed walking away, but Esther went after her again 

"Esther stop!" Nikki came over, and she turned to face him.

He pushed past her so fast to go after Jarvis...

"If you as much as touch her, it won't end well tonight" Esther threatened, and he stopped.

"Why are you doing this?" He said.

"Cos you're mine" she replied sassily, and Philip's car drove out, stopping beside Jarvis who's still rushing away.

"Get in" he said, and she quickly opened the door, stepping in.

He drove them away, and Nikki glared at Esther before going back.

"His glares are s+xy, if only he knows how much that turns me on" she smiled, getting back in her car and driving off.



"So... Scarlett are you ready to break the ice? You really had two abortions?" Megan said with a clear hint of ridicule in her voice.

Jace's chair is currently empty, and Scarlett is still standing, still looking at Ronnie in shock.

"Aren't you gonna talk? Let the fun start already!" Latto shouted, and the gang laughed...

"Where did you hear this from?" Scarlett asked Ronnie.

"Is that important right now? What's important is that my girlfriend had two abortions without my knowledge!" He snapped, and Scarlett's hand found its way to his face.

She slapped him hard, making everyone gasp.

"Where is the evidence!!" She yelled furiously, her eyes flashing red 

Ronnie brought out his phone and pressed play on a voice record, then Scarlett's voice spoke.

••I have to be careful with s+x these days, I can't get pregnant again cos i can't handle another abortion after the two I did last year... Ronnie mustn't find out••

The voice note ended there, and everyone started laughing immediately, making Ronnie look speechless.

The laughter took so long, and Scarlett's eyes were on him throughout.

"Dude, are you dumb? Any sane person wound detect that this is voice phishing. Her voice was manipulated to form the note, you can tell by how if was going zigzag" Collins laughed.

"He's so stupid"  Ashley added.

"He needs a medal" Megan said, and everyone laughed again.

"I should have known back then, that you're a fool" Scarlett said disappointedly, and Gabby stood.

"Let's go" he carried her bag and held her shoulders, taking her out.

Dorothy stood too, and Craig joined her as they left the house.

Nicole left too, and Ronnie followed her immediately.

He pulled her into a corner when they got out, and she gasped when he slammed her on the wall.

"What did you do?" He demanded, and she laughed like a witch.

"What did you do!!!" He yelled.

"What? Are you pained that they called you a fool? Well don't be mad cos that's exactly what you are" she smiled.


"Yeah. Call it envy or jealously or whatever, but i wasn't happy about your relationship with Scarlett. I mean... Are you both the only people existing? Whenever she spends the night at your place, her WhatsApp status is always full of how good you're handling her. I made a plan to ruin the good, and it worked just perfectly, happy single life Ronnie" she pushed him away and walked out of the building.

Ronnie staggered and fell on the ground, but he didn't try to stand up.

He held his head as tears came out of his eyes.

"No...no Scarlett...no"



Philip's car halted at the park, and Jarvis came out looking better than before.

Her tears are gone now, but her eyes are still slightly red.

"Are you ok now?" He asked, and she nodded.

"Thanks Phil, I'll see you tomorrow" she said and started going in.

"Do you like the School Psycho?" He suddenly asked, and he turned back.


"You pecked my lips to get back at him maybe because Megan was sitting on his laps, but when he was about to kiss Ashley to get back at you, you rushed out" he replied, walking to her.

"I...I dunno..." She said.

"He didn't kiss her if that's gonna make you feel better. He sent Ashley away immediately you left, so you should try your best to sleep tight tonight" he said, and Jarvis smiled slightly.

"Thanks, Phil" she replied, and he nodded with a cool smile before driving off.

Jarvis went to her room afterwards, having a warm shower before putting on her panties and only a thin blouse.

She's not in the PJs mood tonight, so she got on her bed like that, putting on her phone .

She went to her WhatsApp and was surprised to see that Jace updated his status.

She has his number saved as simply Jace, so his status is on her list.

She clicked on it and saw he has updated it since last night.

It's a shirtless picture of him with an unlighted cigar stick between his lips, then his popular smirk on his face, so hot.

 She couldn't help but drool, staring at it for over ten minutes, but when she remembered how she actually kissed Philip, she dropped the phone and dipped her face into the pillow.

The door opened, and she raised her head when Gabby took Scarlett in. She's dead drunk, saying gibberish.

"Oh my gawd!" She gasped, covering her lower body before rushing to help him get her to bed.

Gabby removed her heels gently and covered her with the quilt. 

"What happened?" She asked.

"Long story" Gabby sighed.



"Should I walk you to your room?" Craig asked when Dorothy came out of his car.

"No...I'm..ok" she replied, and he came closer.

"Are you ok? You look unsettled" he asked.

"I dunno...I'm worried about my Jarvis" she said.


"You saw what happened at the Rizz House earlier, anyone would know what it means. I think she actually likes Jace but she's in denial...what should I do?" She replied.

"Hey hey. This is not the night to worry after everything that happened at the party. Go shower and go to bed ok? We'll talk about it tomorrow" he said.


"Shh, just listen to me" he said, and she nodded.

"Ok, bye"

He made to hug her, but she stepped back, waving to him before going in.

Craig sighed, his hands going into his pockets as he backed his car.

He let out a small smile.



It's gonna be basketball game today, friggin Saturday!

"I'm thinking of joining the cheerleading team" Scarlett suddenly said as she walked with the girls to the auditorium.

"Why the sudden interest after heartbreak?" Nicole talked.

"Are you mocking me?" Scarlett replied, and Nicole laughed innocently.

"Hey are you ok? You've been quiet" Dorothy asked Jarvis.

"You've been like this since yesterday, don't give me the crap about being ok again" Scarlett said.

"I'm fine, just...a little bit under the weather" Jarvis smiled awkwardly, and they finally entered the auditorium which was already filled.

"You guys should save me a seat, need to go pee" she suddenly said, leaving for the restroom, but she met Ashley inside.

"Aw! The little cat who got heartbroken is here. I guess you thought Wolfie was meant for just you, but I'm glad you got to see for yourself that he's everyone's man, and also...he doesn't even want you anymore! Anyways, our kiss was sweet last night, boo!" Ashley said proudly and left the room.

Jarvis would have loved to shove it in her face that she knows they didn't kiss, but she's not in the mood.

She did her business and left the restroom, but the another person came out of the male restroom...


Her heart skipped beats immediately their eyes met, but what baffled her the most is his blank look.

He's wearing an armless jersey, obviously one of the players..

She was expecting him to call her pet-name, but he shut the restroom door and walked away, leaving her standing.

She felt like crying immediately, the tears stung her eyes so bad but she held it back and went in to wash her face.

When she went back to the auditorium some minutes later, the game was already ongoing, and Jace is one of the players.

It's like he's the only one playing cos every single girl is chanting his name at the top of her voice.

She watched the game with an heavy heart while biting her lip repeatedly, almost wounding herself.



Maybe it's coincidence or fate, Jarvis isn't really sure but the fact that it rains anytime she visits the orphanage is something to wonder about.

The weather was clear when she boarded the taxi, but before she got there, the raindrops were already falling, and when she got down from the taxi, the rain started becoming bigger.

She had to run into the gate, escaping into the main building before the rain became heavy.

She inhaled in relief...

"Jarvis!!!" Camille's voice screamed behind, and she turned to welcome the young girl in her arms.

"I'm so glad you're here!" She gushed.

"Where are the others? Ms. Zoe?" Jarvis asked, dropping her.

"Still at the library. Yunno our reading period ends at 7 so we still have an hour to go. I came to get a book and I need to return now. You can spend time with Hot Daddy before I return! he's in his room!" Camille rushed and ran off with her umbrella.

The mere mention of Hot Daddy made Jarvis nervous, and she wouldn't deny the eagerness she felt as she opened the passage door, stepping in.

She has no idea what she should expect, but she knows she wants to see him and talk things out_if he's gonna give the chance.

She stood by the door for some minutes before gathering the courage to open it, and she was shocked too meet him by the door, about to come out too.

"Hey... Wolfie" she said senselessly, and he frowned, looking so cool in his sweatshirt and cargo pants.

"Hey... Jarvis" he returned the same energy.

"Can we talk?" She asked.

"Why? Thought we were staying away from each other" he replied icily.


"What was his name? Philip? Thought he's the new catch or is it Nikki?...he said he didn't want to hurt you and that is why he was being slow with you. He wanted to end things with Esther before starting fully with you, maybe he's the good guy you need" he said.

"Stop talking about Nikki and Philip, I'm talking about us here and how it didn't make much sense that you allowed Megan on your laps last night" she replied.

"You started this shit yunno? You ignored me when I came to your lecture hall! You made me look like a fool in front of the students, and as if that wasn't enough, you kissed Philip! And now it's my fault?" 

"You think I wanna stay away from you? You're far too complicated and people were telling me to stay away! I got confused and didn't know what to do!" She said quickly.

"Let me guess... Marcus is part of the people you're talking about" she replied, and she went silent.

"Of course he's the ringleader, that @sshole!" He shot.

"He's not that" she replied.

"You always defending him is making me sick Jarvis! He's a p+ssy! You think I started getting tattoos for fun? No baby! It all started from my mad stepbrother! He beat the f*+*king crap out of me when I was 8! He beat the crap out of me!" He yelled venomously, and her eyes widened.


"My skin turned irritating after the mess he made, and when I grew up, I started looking for a remedy to clear the deep scars. Tattoos was the only legit one and that was why I opted for it immediately!" He yelled again, and she lost her voice.

"And now he's trying to drive you away from me?" He said and smirked. "I'm gonna kill him" 

"Jace..." She shook her head, and he went into the room.

Shockingly, he came back with a gun, and her eyes widened.

"Jace!" She started rushing after him as he walked down the passage fast.

"Jace! Jace stop! Jace!" She was panting as she ran after him, but he didn't stop till he entered the rain and continued the walk to his car.

"Jace!!" She ran faster, getting drenched by the rain just like him.

She caught up and pulled him back, shaking with cold already as she held his arms.

"Don't go" she said shakily.

"Nope" he broke free and resumed his walk.

Suddenly, he heard a loud thud behind him, and he stopped to turn back, only to see Jarvis on the ground.

She passed out!

The gun fell from him without his knowledge, and he ran crazily back to her

He went on his knees beside her and picked her up in his arms...

Her arms went to his neck Immediately, and her eyes opened.

"You...you weren't...

"I needed to stop you somehow" she replied, and he inhaled in relief before starting to walk back into the main building, adjusting her in his arms.

"Say something, Jace" she whispered, and he sighed, stopping to look into her eyes.

They're out of the rain by now, but badly wet from it.

"What do you want me to say?" He muttered, and she released an hand from his neck, bringing it to his face to caress his right cheek gently.

"Call me my pet name, and tell me you're not mad at me anymore." She whispered.


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