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I Hate You Jace - Episode 35&36




I Hate You Jace - Episode 35&36


By Naomi Cindy B.


"Mmm!" her raspy m0an erupted again, and Nikki came in through the open door, followed by Ashley.

Shock was evident on their faces as they stared at the kissing freaks, but, they didn't stop. It's like they aren't even aware of their entry.

Jace caressed his palms across Jarvis's waist, and Nikki stepped forward.

"Jace!" He shouted, and they broke the kiss immediately, their lips looking pale as they faced the two.

Jarvis was looking innocent as she stood from his laps, but Jace remained sitting, looking at the two with an upset expression.

"How dare you Jace! How dare you!!!" Nikki shouted hotly.

"How dare me what?" Jace replied freely, and Nikki walked briskly to him.

He pulled him up from the chair by the collar and raised a punch to his face.

"Stop it!" Jarvis's voice shouted, and his fist stopped in the air as he glared at Jace with so much anger in his eyes.

"No matter what you do,no matter the lengths you go Jace! I won't let you take her from me!" He spat before letting go of Jace, then he faced Jarvis.

"I'm not giving up on you, I'll claim you back, just wait" he said seriously and walked out of the workshop.

Ashley couldn't say anything, so she left after him, and Jace sighed.

"I should probably go now" Jarvis said.

"Already?" Jace replied, walking to her.

"He seems angry and...

"Are you worried about him?" Jace cut her off, and she looked into his eyes speechlessly.

"Why? Cos he's the writer of your best book?" He smirked, and she sighed.

"Even if he's not, he's still my friend...

"You don't have a crush on him anymore?" He cut her off again, and she sighed.

"Jace, stop"

"What? You can ask questions but I can't?" He replied seriously.

"I'll see you around, goodnight" she said and left the workshop too.

Jace's brows pulled as he raised his hand where Wet Kisses tattoo is.

He slight smile appeared on his face as he stared at it, but he suddenly got a text from Gabby.

• Ur presence is urgently needed.


"Nikki! Nikki!! Nikki let go of me!!! Nikki!!" Esther was shouting loudly as Nikki dragged her to the park, but he didn't stop till they got there.

He opened her car and made to push her in, but she resisted and broke free.

"Does she really mean this much to you? A girl you met just last month! You're chasing me away for her even when it's obvious she doesn't like you?" She said loudly.

"She does! She's only distracted for now, she's still coming back to me and I'm not giving up so you are the one who needs to leave me alone! It's not a contract marriage so calling off the engagement won't affect our family business in anyway,, just leave me alone please..." He said, and she smiled evilly before moving closer...

"You just made a mistake" she said, and his lids flickered.


"Confessing in front of me that you won't give up on her is your greatest mistake cos I'm not ready to give up on you either. Keep chasing after her, and I'll go after you too. I'll do anything at all to get what I want, even if it means making her life a total mess" she threatened, and he swallowed.

"So brace up, I'm just starting" she smiled the evil smile again before getting in her car, zooming out.

Nikki was still standing stupefied when he got the message from Gabby, and he left the park.



Nikki came in and met all the guys in the room, including Jace who's backing the wall, hands in pockets.

"Truth circle, and it's for you and Jace, Tell us everything" Craig said.

"I was engaged to Esther since we were seven, and I was hoping to grow to like her,but it never happened. She's obsessed with me, but no feelings from my side" Nikki explained.

"Why did you keep it a secret from us? Even from Jarvis herself" Gabby asked.

"Cos I was planning to settle things with Esther first, I didn't want to hurt Jarvis's feelings and that's why I was taking things slow with her, I planned to end things with Esther before making any move to ask her out but Jace! Jace has been making moves behind my f*+*king back!" Nikki shouted.

"Jace? What are you talking about? Jace and Crazy p@nts are enemies so..." Craig said.

"Maybe they're not cos I caught them kissing in his workshop some minutes ago!" Nikki replied.

"Jace?" Gabby and Craig faced her.

"Yeah, we kissed, for about five minutes or more" Jace replied.

"What!" Craig gasped.

"The hell" Gabby said.

"You should try to have her back, I won't stop you, but you can't stop me either...best friend" Jace replied and picked the bubble gum box from the stand.

"Need to go get my hair done, will be coming late" he said and left the room.

Nikki left the room too, leaving Craig and Gabby to face each other.

"Ok this is crazy" Craig sighed.

"Tell me about it" Gabby replied.


ROOM 20*

"Where have you been?" Dorothy asked immediately Jarvis showed up.

"With Jace" she replied.

"Wait...what!" Scarlett said, dropping the cigar she's about to lighten.

"How come?" Dorothy asked.

Nicole isn't in.

"Actually, guys..." Jarvis went closer to the two.

"I and Jace, we kissed" she confessed slowly.

"What!" They chorused shockingly.

"Not once, twice... I mean... Deep...deep kisses, and...I dunno" she said again.

"How did this happen? Aren't you both supposed to be enemies?" Dorothy asked.

"And aren't you supposed to be in love with Nikki? Did you get over him already?" Scarlett said.

"I have no idea, and I don't even know how it happened, but that night I spent out of the hostel, it was with him and...

"What!" They chorused again.

"Nothing happened between us though,, and about the kisses... it's embarrassing to admit that i like them but I actually do, and i really don't know what to do. I mean... he's a playboy...

"Exactly! Girl please don't tell me you're falling for Wolfie" Scarlett said.

"No, I don't think so" Jarvis replied, secretly pinching herself.

"Then it's still curable right now. Stay away from that psycho and stay away from Nikki too. There are lots of handsome guys in your department, they're a lot better than finalist guys" Dorothy said.

"Dorothy is right. You should stay away from him from now on,, he only hurts girls and you won't be any different, so come back now" Scarlett said, and Jarvis nodded.

"Let's go to bed please!" Dorothy said.

"Let's sleep on my bed" Scarlett replied, and the three lay on her bed since it's big enough.

Dorothy and Scarlett slept off almost immediately, but Jarvis couldn't.

The image of her steamy kiss with Jace and his bandaged hand didn't leave her head till she finally drifted to sleep at midnight.



"What did you just say?" Latto said shockingly, looking at Ashley who's standing by the door.

"I caught Jarvis and Wolfie kissing at the workshop. Now before you tell me I'm blind, Slow Poison saw it too so you can ask him if you still have doubts. It wasn't just a light kiss, I witnessed their tongues going in and out of their mouths" Ashley explained.

"Tongues? Wolfie hates using the tongue during kisses. He kisses plain kisses and..." Megan said, standing from her chair.

"This is serious, I mean...f*+*king serious...what the hell did that witch do to him?" She continued.

"Calm down, the festival is next week and we have a plan remember?" Latto said.

"I can't wait to end that witch already!  Next week seems to far today is just Friday!" Megan shouted.

"You guys have a plan?" Ashley asked.

"Now that you're a part of the gang, why don't we feed you in" Latto said, and Ashley sat.

"We're killing that witch" Megan said, and Ashley gasped.



Immediately Jarvis entered her first class, a guy blocked her...

"Hey I'm Philip, same department" he said.

"I know,I always see you in class" she replied.

"Really? That's an honour" he replied.

"Don't be silly" she smiled, and he chuckled.

"By the way I signed up for Mr. Fresher for the festival, and I heard you're up for Miss, so... I could be your accompanist" he said.

"Really? Yes!" She replied almost immediately.

"Yes? As in yes I can?" He said, and she nodded.

"Then I guess I got a new friend too. By the way Prof. Marcus wants you in his office" he said.

"Oh really?"

"Yeah, like now" he shrugged, and she left for his office immediately.

"Welcome Miss Dobrev" Marcus said when she entered, and she smiled, settling in front of him.

"Philip was just reporting to me"

"Thanks for coming, we need to talk about my brother" he replied.


"Do you know he was supposed to study English?" Marcus said.


"Yeah, but immediately he heard I was a professor in English department here, he changed his course to Sculpture despite the fact that he's an insane lover of English" he explained, and she went silent.

"Cos he hates me, and his hatred is justified" he continued, sitting on his desk.

"What I'm trying to say is that Jace is not one to rely on. I'm not trying to condemn him but he's my brother after all. I'm sure you witnessed his mood swings already, he changes like twenty times a day...he's not the type to fall for, you should stay away from him, he's gonna hurt you and make you cry" he said, and she looked up 

"Trust me, Jarvis" he said.


Jarvis was in deep thoughts about his words as she walked back to class, unable to get it off..

"Hey! You ok?" Philip's voice said.

"Huh? Yeah, sure!" She nodded quickly.

"I saved you a seat" he said, pointing it out.

"Thanks Phil" she smiled, sitting beside him.

"So...do you stay in the school hostel or Rizz?" He asked.

"Rizz" she replied.

"I stay in the school hostel, but I heard Rizz is more enjoyable, and that's why I'm planning to attend the Rizz Party tonight, it's Friday are you coming?" He asked.

"Of course" she smiled, and girls started gasping ...

* My gawd! The new hair!

* He's hotter!

* Damn! His tattoos!

They both looked ahead to see Jace coming in through the front door, and her eyes widened when she saw his new cream coloured hair dye and his rings, then his forearm tatts.

She has seen it all when he went shirtless and when she saw him in only his towel, but with his new hair like this, she couldn't stop staring till she got to her, and that was when he managed to look away.

"School Psycho" Philip said cheerfully.

"Two minutes? Little cat, i wanna show you something" Jace said, focusing on her.

She didn't reply, she pretended not to hear.

"Hey" he said softly, but she shifted to the end of the chair without replying.


"Don't call me that... again. And you should leave" she said without looking at him, and he gave her a blank look...

"Jace Braun? I believe I don't have to tell you to leave before you do" Prof. Marcus said as he entered the class.

Jace didn't bother to look at him, and he didn't spare Jarvis another glance too before leaving the class through the backdoor.

Girls were still staring lustfully till he went out completely, and from the window of the class, Nikki was watching with a big smile cos of what just happened.

"Are you ok?" Philip asked her when he noticed how awkward she's behaving.

"Of course" she nodded as the class started.



The girls came out of the room at once, all dressed for the party including Nicole.

They're all chatting as they walked down the corridor, all except Jarvis.

She was lagging behind as the three talked in the front.

"Monday is costume day, what are you wearing?" Scarlett asked.

"Sari! I'll be an Indian on Monday and my name will be Priyanka!" Dorothy replied, and Scarlett laughed with Nicole.

"Jarvis what about you?" Nicole asked, and then they noticed she's not beside them.

"Jarvis?" Dorothy turned back.

"Why are you behind?" She came back to get her.

"You've been quiet, everything ok?" Scarlett asked.

"I'm fine" she covered up with a fake smile, and they finally got to the park where Gabby and Craig are waiting with Philip.

"Philip?" Jarvis said surprisingly.

"You said you were coming, so...i came to pick you" he said, and she smiled, waving at her friends before entering the car with him.

He drove off, then Gabby drove out with Scarlett too.

"Babyish" Craig smiled.

"Are we leaving yet?" Dorothy replied.

"Yeah" he said, and before she knew it, he picked her up in his arms.

"Craig!" She gasped, grabbing his shoulders quickly.

"I've always wanted to know how heavy you are, you eat quiet a lot so I'm not disappointed" he winked, and she hiccupped, blinking repeatedly without a word as he placed her in the car.

"You're not allowed to drink tonight though" he said, and she hiccupped again, holding her chest as he shut the door.

Craig drove off too, leaving just Nicole at the park.

She was still waiting for her driver when Ronnie showed up 

"Scar has been shunning me too, and she has been moving around with Gabby" he said.

"Then confront her at the party in front of everyone! Ask her the truth about her abortions during the game!" Nicole replied, and her ride arrived.

"Be wise" she told Ronnie before getting in.



Though the girls arrived in different rides, but they waited for each other outside till they're complete, so they went in together.

As usual, it's a beehive of wild activities.

The chugging table is full, and some are playing games, some are dancing individually and some are drinking in groups, but the dancing floor is still empty.

"There!" Craig pointed at a table, and Jarvis's eyes widened at what she saw.

It's the gang table, and it's damn full.

Collins, Ashley, Megan, Latto and several Rizz boys and girls...then...

Jace! He's there too but not alone...

 Megan is sitting on his laps, and her hands are on his body, caressing him endlessly while rocking him..

Jarvis swallowed her own spit as they walked to the table...

"Now things just got interesting! Welcome to the table!" Megan said loudly from his laps as they sat.

"You guys should join the game" Collins said.

"What game?" Craig asked.

"Truth or Dare, we were on it before you guys came" Latto replied.

"Sure, I think it'd be interesting" Dorothy chirped.

"Cool then, I'm spinning the bottle next" Ashley said, taking it.

Jarvis couldn't take her eyes off Jace who's still getting rocked by Megan, and this time, Megan's hands slid down his pants, and she's sure she touched him down there.

Jarvis folded her already sweaty palms, unable to look away even when he's not looking at her at all.

She should have expected this cos of what she did to him in class but...why does it feel like she's getting pricked by needless right now as she watched them?

"You got bigger" Megan said loud enough for her to hear, and she could hear him grin.

Ashley spun the bottle, and it got Jarvis.

"Dare" she said without thinking

"I dare you to kiss Philip" Ashley said, and she swallowed

Ashley smiled evilly, and all eyes landed on Jarvis.

"You can drink if you don't want to" Scarlett said.

"No...no I will" she replied, looking at Jace and slutty Megan.

This time, Jace is looking at her too, and she's glad she has his attention.

If he thinks he's the only one who can hurt people, then she's gonna prove him wrong tonight...

She was still looking at him as she pulled Philip closer, and everyone gasped when she pecked him on the lips... Their lips barely touched, but it did anyways.

Jarvis smiled satisfactorily, seeing the scoff on Jace's face.

"That doesn't count as a kiss, their lips just touched" Ashley said.

"Stop it Ashley, a kiss is a kiss" Gabby spoke, and Jarvis spun the bottle.

It got Jace...

"Truth" he said, rolling his eyes.

"Why do you hate your mom?" She asked, and Jace didn't wait before grabbing a cup of vodka from the table.

He drank instead of answering, and Jarvis bit her lip as he spun the bottle.

It got Ashley...

"Dare" Ashley said, and Jace smirked knowingly...

He looked at Jarvis, and her heart started skipping beats, then he turned back to Ashley.

The whole table is silent now, everyone is waiting for what he's up to.

"I said dare" Ashley said impatiently.

"I dare you to KISS me, hard" Jace told Ashley, and Jarvis stopped breathing.


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