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Dark Moans - Episode 35 & 36




Dark Moans - Episode 35 & 36

Theme: ( The Bad Boy And I...)

Genres: College/ Romance/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R.


"Oh....she's my girlfriend" He said with a grin. 

Juliette's eyes widened. 

"Girlfriend?" Mr Brocks asked and Stanley nodded. 

Mr Brocks looked at Juliette who immediately bowed in respect,Mr Brocks said nothing and walked out. 

Stanley and Juliette exchanged glances. 

"Coming" Stanley muttered and followed his dad. 

Mr Brocks was already opening the door of his car but Stanley held it and he turned back. 

"Dad,that was harsh" Stanley said. 

"I didn't say anything" Mr Brocks said. 

"Exactly,you should have at least....."

"She's not your girlfriend" Mr Brocks said and Stanley bite his lips. 

"You see? I know you son,she's not your girlfriend,you don't have to lie to me" he said. 

"But dad.......she's........"

"We shouldn't be talking about this,I came because I was worried like I said. So bye" Mr Brocks entered his car and closed the door. 

Stanley pouted sadly. 

"Hey dude,don't give me that face and focus. She doesn't seem to like you though" Mr Brocks said. 

"Fine fine,she's not my girlfriend. You caught me,come on!!!" Stanley groaned. 

Mr Brocks chuckled and drove off. 

"Geez that man" Stanley sighed and went back in. 

Juliette was already setting the food on the dining table,Stanley walked over to her and took it from her. 

"Let me do it" He said. 

"Why did you say that?" Juliette asked. 

"What? Calling you my girlfriend?" Stanley asked and looked at her. 


"You don't have to worry about it,he doesn't believe me,he knew I was lying" Stanley mumbled. 

"I'm asking why you called me that in the first place" Juliette said calmly. 

"I'm trying to avoid any matchmaking from him" Stanley sighed and faced Juliette after he finished setting the table. 

"I guess he didn't believe you because he knows you're play boy" Juliette said and went into the kitchen,Stanley followed. 

"You're not even denying" Juliette scoffed. 

"If I deny,you know I will be lying Peach" Stanley smiled and Juliette rolled her eyes. 

"Water" She mumbled,opening the fridge. 

Stanley came behind her and took the water instead,she turned and they faced each other,Stanley's hand was still up as he looked down at her,her face also up. 

"What....why aren't you moving?" Juliette asked in a soft voice. 

Stanley bent to her height and leaned closer,Juliette blinked. 

"Do I still look sick?" Stanley asked in a flirty voice. 


"Actually....this morning. My face was somehow,like I suddenly became ugly or something,so I was wondering" He muttered,staring at her lips. 

Juliette swallowed and immediately looked away. 

"The food will get cold" She said and escaped through the tiny opening,she ran out of the kitchen. 

She touched her chest as it beat repeatedly in a weird way,she tried her best to remain calm before Stanley joined. 

"Let's eat,I'm starving" He muttered,sitting just opposite her. 

"You were acting like you aren't hungry" Juliette said. 

Stanley smiled and had a taste of the rice first before moving to the spiced up turkey. 

"It's not too spicy right?" Juliette asked with a raised brows. 

Stanley smiled. 

"How did you know I love turkey so much?" He asked. 

"I just bought them because I love them,not because of you" Juliette scoffed and Stanley smiled. 

"Then we have something in common,it's so delicious. Did you keep some for Daniel and Holland?" He asked. 

"No I didn't" Juliette replied and Stanley stopped eating. 

"What,why aren't you eating?" Juliette asked. 

"Go on and eat,I will wait for them so we can eat this together......"

"Psshhhhh" Juliette scoffed. 

"You really think I'm that wicked? I kept theirs of course" She said and Stanley smiled. 

"Do you love them that much?" Juliette asked. 

"They are my family,aside my dad." Stanley muttered. 

Juliette looked at him,she wanted to ask about his mom and other siblings but decided not to prey. 

They both ate in silence after that. 

Until they heard the door again. 

"Daniel and Holland" Stanley said and almost immediately Daniel and Holland came into the dinning room. 

"Whoa!!! Such a good sight here"  Holland clapped. 

"Where's mine? I was dying" Daniel sat beside Juliette. 

"Sorry,but yours isn't available" Juliette pouted. 

"Hey,remember it was me who told you this idiot is sick" Holland said.

"So it was you" Stanley said. 

Holland looked at Juliette and she laughed. 

"You blew it up yourself not me" She said. 

"But is it true? Our food isn't available?" Daniel asked in a low voice. 

"Hey,why are you so close to her?" Stanley asked. 

"Are you jealous or something?" Holland asked. 

"Of course not,but she's eating and....."

"You two,wait here I will be back"  Juliette stood up. 

Holland and Daniel smirked at Stanley and he scoffed. 

They sat down. 

"So are you two....."

"No we are not,stop asking. Why the fuck did you tell her when I already warned you not to?" Stanley scolded. 

"Maybe because I knew you would be starving at home all alone" Holland replied. 

"You're not lying tho" Stanley mumbled. 

Daniel and Holland laughed. 

Juliette returned with another tray and served Holland and Daniel before settling down again. 

"Can you come here everyday to cook?" Holland asked after eating three spoons. 

"She's not a cook......" Stanley snapped. 

"Yeah she's not a cook but a chef,you're so amazing Juliette" Daniel gave her a thumb up and Juliette smiled. 

"Thanks guys" She said. 


Goldie checked herself out for the umpteenth time in front of the mirror in her room,she was wearing a short and crop top but couldn't stop checking herself out. 

She touched her ponytail and sighed out. 

"Should I just untie this?" She asked herself and immediately she untied the ponytail,she took her hair brush and brushed well. 

Ryan is on his way,they planned to have dinner together in her place. 

She was still there when she heard the door bell. 

"He's here" She said excitedly and ran out of the room,she walked to the door and opened at once. 

"Sorry I'm late" Ryan said. 

"No you're not late" Goldie smiled and Ryan came in. 

"I brought some snacks" He said,showing her the bags in his hands. 

"Huh? Snacks for what? I told you I already cooked" Goldie said 

"I couldn't come empty handed,just keep them and eat them later while thinking about me" Ryan winked and Goldie's cheeks turned red. 

"Thanks" She mumbled and Ryan chuckled,seeing her reaction. 

"It's my second time here now" Ryan said. 

"What,you don't wanna come anymore??" Goldie asked. 

"Should I invite you to mine?" Ryan asked and Goldie smiled. 

They heard the door bell again and Goldie looked at Ryan. 

"Oh,Finn" Ryan said. 

"Huh?" Finn?" 

"I'm sorry but...he insisted on coming with me. I should have told you....."

"No it's fine,I really don't like eating dinner alone" Goldie smiled and immediately opened the door. 

Finn came in and scoffed. 

"The house isn't really nice" He said. 

"Hey,be respectful at least" Goldie snapped. 

"Why inviting my best friend to your place?" Finn asked. 

"Finn" Ryan laughed. 

"He's my friend too" Goldie said. 

"Just two weeks friends? Ridiculous" Finn shook his head. 

"Are we calculating days now?" Goldie frowned. 

"Yes? So?" Finn asked. 

Goldie kicked his leg. 

"Ahh!!!" Finn screamed and grabbed his leg. 

Ryan's eyes widened. 

"I don't like him" Goldie told Ryan before dragging him with her. 

"I don't like you either!!!" Finn yelled back. 

"Come on Finn,be nice" Ryan said. 

"Are you really supporting her? She fucking kicked me!" 

"You started it" Goldie said,sticking her tongue out. 

"Ugly duck" Finn scoffed as they settled around the dinning table. 

"If you eat my food and you hate me,you will choke" Goldie smirked. 

"Lies,I'm going to eat and nothing will happen,you might even be the one who chokes" Finn said and crazily,Goldie choked. 

"What the fuck" Ryan immediately gave her his glass of water. 

Finn winked at Goldie. 

"I hate you" She said. 

"Same" He smiled. 

"You're so petty bro" Ryan laughed. 


Opal stepped down from the car and looked left and right as if to check if there's anyone even though she was using a mask,she went into the hotel. 

As a regular there,it was very easy,she went upstairs,she already have the room card key in her hand which she used in opening the door. 

Jack was waiting for her while sipping from the wine in his hand. 

"I thought you won't be coming again" He said. 

"I was busy all day and I can't even last here coz my husband will be going home soon" Opal said. 

Jack scoffed. 

"So what's today's meeting about? I thought you said we shouldn't meet again throughout this month" Jack Said. 

"I don't think I can wait anymore,this man is getting on my nerve with his useless son" Opal sat down and Jacob also poured her a glass of wine which she collected and sipped from it. 

"What's the news?" Jack asked. 

"Easton told me,it's like he's really planning to hand over to Stanley. Can you imagine that? My Easton is twenty six,Alexander is twenty four and my last Cortez is twenty two. His plan is to make them all serve his twenty years old son,you really think I'm going to keep quiet? No I won't,not anymore" Opal said. 

"So,what's your plan right now?" Jack asked. 

"I have to get rid of that son of his first so he can know how many he's got left" Opal said. 

"Nice" Jack chuckled. 

"And I want it done clean,no suspicions" Opal said. 

"No,his death might just have to come naturally,trust me" Jack smiled. 

"I don't care,just do it. Here....more coming when you finish your job" Opal said,opening the bag in her hand. She gave him three bundles of dollar notes. 

Jack took one and kissed it. 

"Watch out then" He said. 

"I need to go" Opal stood up and walked out of the hotel room. 

Jack immediately dialed a number. 


Ryan returned home alone,Finn already went to his but then getting out of the car,he was surprised to see Georgiana standing and leaning beside her car. 

"What are you doing here?" Ryan asked in confusion. 

"You're Finally back,where were you? With your crush?" Georgiana asked. 

Ryan scoffed and ignored her,he wanted to go on and Georgiana grabbed him,that was when she noticed she was drunk. 

"Are you going to ignore me too?" She asked in tears. 

Ryan raised his brows. 


"He.....he.....doesn't want me" Georgiana broke into tears. 

"Is that supposed to be my business?" Ryan pushed her off and she fell on the ground. 

"Ahh!" Georgiana screamed as she got a wound on her leg. 

Ryan sighed and roughed his hair. 

"How the fuck did this bitch find out where I stay? Why me of all people???!!" He groaned. 

Georgiana remained on the ground as she wept. 

Ryan grabbed her hand and pulled her up,he literally dragged her inside his house and put her on the couch. 

"Sleep there and get out tomorrow morning" He muttered and turned to go. 

"Wait" Georgiana grabbed his hand again. 

"What again!!" Ryan snapped. 

"This hurts" She touched her bleeding leg. 

Ryan rolled his eyes and left,he returned with a first aid box and bent in front of her. 

"Actually....you're cute" Georgiana said and touched his cheek. 

Ryan Slapped her hand. 

"You're so harsh" Georgiana said. 

Ryan closed the box and stood up. 

"Don't try coming upstairs or into my room,I will throw you out" He said seriously before going upstairs. 

Georgiana bite her lips and fell on the couch sleepily. 


"I wish everyday is like this,seriously" Stanley said as he drove out of the house with Juliette,He's taking her home. 

"Really" Juliette chuckled. 

"I had fun,should I get sick everyday?" Stanley asked and Juliette knocked his head. 

"Don't you dare,I don't like people falling sick" she said. 

"I don't like getting sick either,but at least I got your attention" Stanley winked. 

"Naughty" Juliette scoffed. 


Minutes later,Stanley could see Juliette's house just few distance away,and the car outside was familiar,he looked at Juliette who was already sleepy. 

He saw Lennon as he stepped down from his car and Stanley stopped his own car at once. 

Juliette opened her eyes. 

"Are we here already?" She asked. 

Stanley cupped her cheeks and made her look at him,just him. 

"What's......going on?" Juliette asked curiously. 

"Do you want to sleep with me tonight?" Stanley asked 

Juliette's eyes widened. 


Stanley released her and she turned her face to see Lennon in front of her house,she looked at Stanley again. 

"I won't force you" Stanley muttered. 

"Would you....go back home with me?" He asked the question again. 

Juliette said nothing. 

"I see.....that's a no" Stanley muttered and wanted to start the car again,Juliette held his hand and he looked at her. 

"Let's go......to your place" She muttered and Stanley's face brightened. 


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