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Dark Moans - Episode 33 & 34




Dark Moans - Episode 33 & 34

Theme: ( The Bad Boy And I...)

Genres: College/ Romance/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R.



Stanley opened his eyes,followed by a groan. His head was banging so much as he run his fingers through his hair. 

"F+ck" He mumbled and looked around,that was when he noticed the strangeness,He's not in his room,and how did he get here? 

He opened the duvet covering him and he was naked,last night's memory started coming back,he knew he was here with a girl but he doesn't know who she was,he tried to remember what her face looks like but it was all blurry in his memory. 

He took his phone and saw countless calls he missed from Daniel and Holland,he got up and immediately put on his clothes before going out. 


Getting home,Daniel and Holland were both in the living room,they stood up rushed to him as soon as they saw him. 

"Where were you last night? Why did you ignore our calls?" Daniel asked. 

Stanley said nothing and fell on the couch. 

"Say something,we were fucking worried....wait....you smell like alcohol" Holland muttered,sniffing Stanley's clothes. 

"So you got drunk? Did something happened?" Daniel asked. 

"Where did you sleep?" 

"Hotel,I woke up there this morning" Stanley Finally replied. 

"Gosh,I was worried for nothing" Daniel sighed. 

"But I was with a girl" Stanley said. 

"What girl??"

"I don't remember her face,but I think we really had s.ex. i couldn't find her when I woke up" Stanley said rubbing his hair. 

"More like,she had s.ex with you. You were drunk" Holland chuckled. 

"But why would she leave before you woke up? What if she's someone who knows you?" Daniel asked. 

"I have no idea,I'm trying to remember but nothing is coming" Stanley said and groaned. 

"Are you okay?" Holland asked. 

"I think I would skip school today,I feel so sick" Stanley muttered. 

"You know you can't drink too much,but you still did it. Your brothers again?" Holland asked. 

"No,it's nothing. I will just take my bath and sleep" Stanley stood up and started going upstairs when suddenly his mind went to Juliette,it's Thursday. 

"If Juliette ask you about me....tell her you really don't know" he said 

"Huh? Why?" Holland asked. 

"I hate people seeing me this way,I look crazy right now" Stanley said and went upstairs. 

"Should we just stay home too?" Daniel asked. 

"No,I have things to do in school" Holland smirked. 

Daniel gave him a suspicious glance but he didn't talk. 


Daniel and Holland came in together,some of the team members were in there already but none of the coaches were there. 

👥 Hey Daniel

👥 Hey Holland. 

Some of the boys called and they returned pleasantries. 

"Where's Stanley?" Jaxon asked,He's also in the team. 

"Not around" Holland said and suddenly a ball landed on his face. 

"What the fuck" Daniel frowned and looked at the way the ball came from. 

Lemon and his friends were sitting down. 

Daniel turned back to Holland.

"Are you okay?" He asked. 

"Yeah......" Before Holland could finish,Daniel was already walking over to the boys,Holland followed. 

Daniel stopped in front of them. 

"What was that?" He asked. 

"A mistake" Dylan replied. 

"Mistake??" Holland scoffed. 

"Who threw it exactly?" Daniel asked. 

"You think I'm gonna tell you or what?" Graham asked. 

Lennon said nothing. 

"No,you don't have to tell me" Daniel said and turned,his eyes fell on some freshmen playing with another ball. 

He called them and they bought the ball immediately. 

"Daniel" Holland called,knowing what he was planning. 

"Don't worry,I just wanna make a mistake" Daniel faked a smile and before the boys could understand what was going on. 

Daniel threw the ball heavily on Lennon's face,he fell from his seat. 

"Are you insane?!!" Dylan stood up to grab Daniel. 

Holland caught his hand and pushed him back,Graham helped Lennon up,his nose was bleeding. 

"What's going on there?!" One of the coaches approached.

"He fell" Daniel and Holland said at once. 

"Lennon? You fell?" The coach asked. 

Lennon nodded and wiped his nose. 

"Nice one" Daniel rolled his eyes and walked away with Holland. 

The coach also left. 

"Why the fuck did you lie....."

"Why the fuck did you throw ball at him?!" Lennon snapped at Dylan. 

"Because his face is annoying,it's a pity he didn't bleed" Dylan scoffed.

"Boys,gather here!!" the coach announced. 

"He didn't throw that ball,I mean Lennon" Holland told Daniel. 

"I know" Daniel replied and Holland chuckled. 

Daniel stared at his face. 

"Are you sure you're okay?" He asked. 

"Yes I am" Holland replied. 


"I've not seen Stanley all day" Winnie spoke up as they eat. 

Juliette looked up. 

"That's right,Juliette are you guys still talking?" Goldie asked. 

"Juliette doesn't like him,she prefers Lennon" Minnie smiled. 

"Really?" Goldie chuckled. 

"Lennon and I are friends" Juliette muttered. 

"Then Stanley?" Winnie asked. 

Juliette shook her head. 

"I don't know" She mumbled. 

"Mina,are you okay? You've been quiet all day" Juliette asked. 

"I'm fine" Mina muttered and kept on eating. 

"Girls,how about we go out after school today?" Goldie suggested. 

"I won't be able to" Juliette and Mina said at once. 

"Huh? Are you two going somewhere together?" Minnie asked. 

"No" Juliette shook her head and looked at Mina. 

"I have something to do" Mina smiled. 

"What,do you have a secret crush?" Juliette teased. 

"Of course not,I need to do some house works,it's been hectic this week so" Mina said. 

"Fine,another time then" Winnie pouted. 


Holland and Daniel were just leaving the basketball court,talking and laughing while walking to the class. 

"Guys" Juliette appeared. 

"Hey Juliette" Holland called with his handsome smile. 

"Hi" Juliette smiled. 

"Is there a problem?" Daniel asked softly. 

"What about Stanley? He's not in school?" Juliette asked. 

"Whoa,are you worried?" Holland grinned. 

Juliette said nothing. 

"Stanley is not around....."

"He's sick" Holland cut Daniel off and Juliette's eyes widened. 


Daniel looked at Holland but Holland ignored him. 

"He said we shouldn't tell you but....he's quite sick" Holland said. 

"Is it bad?" Juliette asked. 

"He's not in school,shouldn't that be an evidence?" Holland said. 

"Thanks" Juliette muttered and walked away. 

"Holland" Daniel called. 

"What" Holland asked. 

"Stanley said......"

"Don't worry,if he's angry,it's me not you" Holland said. 

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Daniel groaned. 

"Don't worry about it" Holland winked and walked away. 

"What is he thinking?" Daniel scoffed before following him. 


Mr Brocks was in his office,he was staring at the screen of his phone even while working,He's been calling Stanley but no answer from him. 

He sighed out and rest his back on the seat. 

*He didn't come here* He remembered that was what Opal told him but then this morning. 

*Young Master came here yesterday* Micah had told him and he was beginning to get confused and at the same time curious. 

Why would Opal lie to him? He knew Micah wouldn't lie to see Stanley and now Stanley wouldn't answer his calls. 

"Are you okay?" Mr Brocks sighed out while staring at Stanley's picture on his phone. 

He dropped his phone and ruffled his hair. 

He picked up the office line phone and called a number. 


"My office" Mr Brocks said before hanging up. 

A minute later,Micah entered and bowed. 

"You said Stanley was here yesterday?" Mr Brocks asked. 

"Of course,he was here but...he left after spending few minutes,I never knew he didn't get to meet you,I'm sorry" Micah apologized. 

"But....okay fine. You can go" Mr Brocks muttered. 

Micah bowed and walked out. 

Almost immediately,Easton walked in. With a smiley face he bowed and moved closer. 

"Here dad,the documents you asked for" He said and dropped it. 

Mr Brocks nodded without looking up. 

"Dad?" Easton called and he raised his head a bit. 

"Is something wrong?" Easton asked. 

"Do you....also think Stanley won't do well if I leave the companies in his charge?" Mr Brocks asked and Easton's smile dried from his lips. 

"Stan....ley?? Companies? All?" Easton asked and Mr Brocks nodded. 

"He......he's too young to handle everything dad. You know that,and besides he doesn't even know anything about business,he just followed your orders" Easton said. 

"So who's the perfect person you are thinking of?" 

"Of course me,I'm the eldest. But still I can't manage all by myself" Easton said and Mr Brocks nodded. 

"If you're going to have hands to help you,who are you going to choose?" Mr Brocks asked. 

"My brothers of course,Alexander and Cortez" Easton smiled. 

Mr Brocks nodded. 

"I see,you have two brothers" He mumbled. 


"You came to drop this,you can go Easton. I'm quite busy today,but still I would leave early because I need to rest" Mr Brocks said. 

Easton bowed and walked out of the office. 

Mr Brocks shook his head and he remembered when he had asked Stanley the same question he just asked Easton.


"Stanley?" Mr Brocks called,he was walking together with Stanley on the golf field after playing. 

"Yes dad?" Stanley looked at him. 

"What do you think about handling my companies?" Mr Brocks asked. 

"Why should I do that?" Stanley asked. 

"What? You don't want to?" 

"You should manage your companies by yourself,why should I do it for you. I can only help with few things if you want me to" Stanley replied. 

"You know....I'm going to die someday...."

"But that won't be now" Stanley cut in. 

"You can't die now,you have to grow really old,I will get married and you will get to meet my children too,so until then,don't die" Stanley said and Mr Brocks laughed. 


"I'm very serious,you have to promise me now. Or I'm not going to attend your burial ceremony" Stanley said 

"What? Is that a threat right now?" Mr Brocks asked. .

"If you die before turning 90,please don't expect me to attend your burial,I really won't" Stanley said and Mr Brocks nodded. 

"Then I guess we should make a deal" He said. 

"What deal?" 

"You will help anytime I ask you to" 

"I will try my best" Stanley said and Mr Brocks smiled. 

"So if you ever feel sick just tell me immediately even if you don't want to tell soneone else,okay?"

"Okay boss" Mr Brocks said and Stanley laughed


Mr Brocks sighed out loudly and stood up,he grabbed his jacket and walked out of the office. 


Stanley climbed down the stairs while staring at his phone screen,He was inside his room all day and only came down because he was quite hungry. 

He got to the living room and turned on the TV before sitting down,just then,he heard the door bell. 

"Great,they are back" He muttered,expecting Daniel and Holland to open the door and come in but instead the door bell sounded again. 

Stanley frowned and got up,he dropped his phone and walked to the door. 

He opened it,Juliette was standing right there. 

"Juliette?" Stanley called. 

Juliette walked in with the bags in her hands and dropped them,she moved closer and touched his forehead shocking Stanley. 

"You're running a temperature" Juliette said 

"I am?" Stanley asked in a soft voice. 

"Why are you sick? It's not from the rain the other night,right? You said you hated rain,is that true?" Juliette rushed her questions. 

Stanley stared at her speechlessly and pulled her hand down from his forehead. 

"Stop acting like you're worried,how did you know I am sick?" He asked. 

Juliette sighed. 

"That shouldn't matter right now,you should go to the...."

"It's nothing,I will be fine by tomorrow" Stanley muttered and closed the door. 

"Are you here just because of that?" He asked. 

"Do you guys have food stuffs?" Juliette asked and Stanley raised his brows. 

"Just....a little....okay Daniel cooks sometimes. But why are you asking?" Stanley questioned. 

"Aren't you hungry? I brought some foodstuffs,I will cook for you" Juliette said. 

"Cook?....for....who?" Stanley asked totally confused. 

"Where's your kitchen??......"

Stanley grabbed her hand and pulled her back as she started walking. 

"Did something happened? Why are you acting so nice to me all of a sudden?" Stanley asked. 

"I'm sorry about what I said.....that....you meant nothing to me" Juliette muttered and Stanley said nothing. 

"For leaving you in the rain that night too,I just....."

"Don't want to fall in love with me" Stanley completely and Juliette bite her lips. 

"I'm sorry" She mumbled. 

"Then I Take what I said back,our deal...don't fall in love with me or me not falling in love with you,let's take them back" Stanley said and Juliette looked into his eyes. 

"A deal is a deal....."

"Let's break the deal then" Stanley cut in. 

"Stop saying things you don't mean,where's the kitchen?" Juliette asked,picking up the bags again. 

Stanley led the way and they both went into the kitchen. 


"This is like a dream seeing you here" Stanley smiled,staring at Juliette as she cooked. Her hair was now tied up and she even looked more beautiful. 

"You're not going to dig holes in my body right?" She asked him. 

Stanley chuckled and moved closer,he put his hands on the cabinet,pinning her there. 

"Should I just do it? The holes stuff?" He asked. 

Juliette secretly put her hand inside the nearest bowl of water and splashed it on his face. 

"Ouch!" Stanley screamed. 

Juliette stick out her tongue mockingly. 

"Good for you" She said. 

"Is there chili in the water?!!" Stanley screamed,rubbing his eyes. 

Juliette's eyes widened. 

"Chili? No......"

"My eyes stings" Stanley said in pain and managed t sit down .

Juliette immediately wiped her hands and rushed to him. 

"Let me see,I'm sorry. Maybe it was my hand....."

"Got ya" Stanley pulled her on his laps while laughing. 

"You....pretended?" Juliette asked.

"And you fell for it" Stanley winked. 

Juliette pushed his head with a finger and tried getting up but Stanley held her back. 

"Stay like this for five more minutes" He said. 


"I missed your warmth" Stanley mumbled. 

Juliette said nothing and didn't move. 

Stanley wrapped his arms around her waist. 

"Last night,I felt like hugging you...badly" He muttered. 

"But you were mad at me I couldn't call you," He added. 

"I'm not getting married to Georgiana,it's never going to happen" Stanley said. 

"I heard rich kids don't get to decide their partner in most situations" Juliette muttered and Stanley looked up. 

"Not me,my dad can't force me to do that" He said

Almost Immediately,they heard the door bell and exchanged glances. 

"I will check that" Stanley said And Juliette got down from his laps. 

Stanley walked out of the kitchen,he went to the door and opened.

"Dad?" He called in shock. 

Mr Brocks entered and Stanley closed the door. 

"What are you doing here?" Stanley asked. 

"Why did you ignore all my calls?! I was worried sick for nothing!!" Mr Brocks shouted. 

"That was......."

"And why did you left the office yesterday without waiting for me? What the hell is going on with you these days?!! Just what!!" 

"I'm sorry dad,I'm a little bit down" Stanley muttered. 

"How would I know when you don't open up to even me your father? Should I pity you now?" 

"No,I hate it when you pity me and you know that" Stanley said me Brocks sighed,he moved closer and pulled him into a hug. 

After the short hug,he pat Stanley's hair. 

"Hey yo dad,I'm not a kid. Are you going to sit down?" He asked. 

"I have a lot to do,but I came because I was worried",

"Now that you see I'm fine,you can go" Stanley said. 

"Can't believe my own son is chasing me" Mr Brocks said and Stanley chuckled. 

Mr Brocks was about going out when Juliette showed up. 

"Who's she?" He asked. 

Stanley looked back. 

"Oh....she's my girlfriend" He said with a grin. 

Juliette's eyes widened. 


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