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Dark Moans - Episode 23 & 24




Dark Moans - Episode 23 & 24

Theme: ( The Bad Boy And I...)

Genres: College/ Romance/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R.


Stanley opened the door again and Juliette looked up..

"Isn't this what the deal is all about? Like you said,let's stay out of our private lives,you can also go ahead and f*+*k Lennon for all I care" He Said and closed the door again. 

"You kept me waiting" The girl immediately dropped her wine and grabbed him as soon as he got close. Their lips connected deeply and Stanley pushed her on the bed. 

"Stop messing around,you know how much I've missed you" She groaned. 

Stanley chuckled and took off her robe. 

"I missed you more" He said and kissed her breast. 

"But,who was that girl?" She asked. 

"One of your bitches?" She asked again when Stanley didn't reply. 

"Forget about her" Stanley muttered and slides in two fingers into p+ssy,making her moan. 

"F*+*k,I miss those magical fingers" She said,throwing her head backward. 

Stanley Chuckled. 


It's the biggest resort in New York owned by Daniel's dad,the kings are in the game room. 

"What?!! You mean you said all that to her?" Daniel asked after Stanley told them about Juliette. 

"Yes I did,and I don't regret it one bit" Stanley said,throwing two arrows at a time to the dartboard. 

"Yes!!" He said loudly when the two hit rightly. 

"That's harsh bro" Holland laughed. 

"I know,and I don't give a f+ck,like who does she think she is?? She came to me herself,but still I respected her,I talk to her,smile at her,flirt with her,just because I don't want crazy rumors around her,I don't want anyone to call her a bi+ch because I understand she was too desperate when she came to me. But she never stops giving me the cold attitude,like bro,I'm not in love with her,we both promised not to fall in love but can't we be friendly? She just want to have s.+x,I want it too,but isn't it embarrassing when we don't even talk to each other but only meet to fuck? I don't care tho,I will give her what she wants.....a slut,that's what she want me to treat her like" Stanley said and finally threw the last arrow in his hand. 

"You're thinking of breaking the deal?" Daniel asked. 

"Break what deal? The deal is on until she leaves the school,that's the deal." Stanley replied and took the wine on the table. 

"That's crazy" Holland laughed. 

"So you two are just gonna meet and .....f+ck?" Daniel asked. 

"What,you wanna join?" Stanley asked. 

"What the heck! Stop it!" Holland shouted and Daniel laughed. 

"Can we just stop talking about her? I'm getting annoyed already"Stanley scoffed.

"Aren't you hungry?" Daniel asked. 

"I am,just tell the waiters to bring food here,I don't want to go out or I might go home" Stanley said. 

"Why? Are you tired after the all day s+.x?" Holland asked. 

"What do you mean all day?" Stanley scoffed. 

Holland turned to Daniel who was already on a call,soon the door opened and the waiters entered. 

They were so fast setting the available table in the room and after that,they left. 

"This tastes so good,bringing memories of when we were younger" Holland said. 

"It's Stanley who always want to eat here,but I get punished instead" Daniel said. 

"Honestly I think eating here makes the food taste more delicious back then because we were always in a hurry" Stanley said. 

"And the sweetest feelings ever that only Daniel will get scolded too" Holland chuckled. 

"I prefer getting scolded,you were too puny back then" Daniel said to Holland. 

"Hey,better don't say that when we are close to girls. What do you mean by puny? Me?" 

"He's saying the truth dude,back then I thought you were a girl" Stanley said. 

"No!!!!" Holland screamed. 

Stanley and Daniel laughed. 

"But now,you can't say that again" Holland suddenly said. 

"Why would I say that when I can't even count how many pu+$y you've fúcked?" Stanley scoffed. 

"Actually,I repented few weeks ago" Holland said. 

"Great decision" Daniel chuckled. 

Holland coughed. 

"Here" Daniel said,giving him water. 

"Don't worry,I can take care of you" He added. 

"Really?" Holland grinned. 

Daniel nodded. 

"I'm speechless" Stanley muttered. 


Lennon got down from his car in a hurry and rushed into the bar house,he got a call from Juliette and hearing her broken voice,he knew she was totally wasted. 

Getting into the bar,his eyes rolled through the whole room until they fell on Juliette whose head was on the table with bottles of alcohols on the table,Lennon immediately ran over to her. 

"Julie" He called,worriedly. 

Juliette raised her head slowly and chuckled. 

"You're here" She grinned. 

"What the fuck happened? Why are you like this?" Lennon asked,looking at all the empty bottles she consumed. 

"At least.....you....don't see me as a slut" Juliette broke into tears and Lennon was confused. 

"What do you mean? Who called you that?" He asked. 

Juliette smiled,even with teary eyes. 

"He's right......I'm just.....I'm......" She ended up crying out loudly. 

"Stop talking,I will take you home" Lennon said and pulled her up. 

"You....were so fast" Juliette said drunkenly,staggering. 

"Careful" Lennon held her tightly. 

She smiled and touched his cheek. 

"You're so cute" She said. 

Lennon sighed and shook his head. 

"You really shouldn't drink ever again" he said and carried her in a bridal style. 

"I can walk actually.....drop me" Juliette said with her eyes closed. 

Lennon ignored her and went out of the bar,he dropped her in his car and closed the door before he also got in. 

He drove off immediately. 

Minutes later,he stopped in front of Juliette's place. He carried her out of the car. 

"Julie,where's your key?" He asked,adjusting the sleepy Juliette well on his shoulder. 

"That's so fast" Juliette mumbled and fell back asleep. 

"Gosh" Lennon groaned and started searching her bag with one hand,he found the key and immediately opened. 

He went inside with her and found the bedroom,he dropped her gently on the bed and sighed out. 

"What the hell happened to her? Did that bastard called her a slut?" Lennon scoffed annoyingly. 

He stared at Juliette's face for a second before he started taking off her shoes. 

"Don't leave me" Juliette mumbled in a drunk state and grabbed his shirt,she pulled him to herself and closed her eyes back. 

Lennon looked at her,her shoe still in his hand. His eyes traveled from her lips down to her blouse which exposed her b👀bs a little. 

He immediately released himself from Juliette's grip and took off the second shoe. 

He covered her up with the duvet and walked out of the room. 


Goldie checked the time on her phone and sighed frustratingly,she's been standing for almost twenty minutes without getting a taxi after buying things in the supermarket. 

Just few minutes after that a car stopped right in front of her,she looked into the car and her eyes widened when she saw Ryan but she didn't move. 

'Is he here to buy something?'

'Am I the reason why he stopped?' 

Countless thoughts filled her mind right away. 

Ryan hit the horn when she didn't move and she looked at him.

"Are you coming or not?" Ryan asked. 

"Huh? I should come in?" Goldie asked again. 

Ryan nodded. 

Goldie bite her lips,suppressing the smile building up in her face. 

She opened the door and entered. 

"Thank you" she muttered. 

"You don't have a car?" Ryan asked. 

"I don't know how to drive" Goldie replied. 

"Oh" Ryan mumbled. 

"Where do you stay?" He asked and Goldie told him before he started driving. 

They got to Goldie's street just after five minutes and he stopped the car in front of her house. 

"Wanna come in?" Goldie asked,looking at him. 

Ryan said nothing. 

"Come on,I can treat you with a glass of wine at least" Goldie said. 

Ryan nodded and they both got down from the car. 

They entered the house and Goldie went in while Ryan stayed in the living room,looking around. 

Goldie returned some seconds later with a bottle of wine and glasses. 

"If you accept this....then....we will become friends" She said and Ryan raised his brows. 

"Then I won't take it.."

"Please!!" Goldie pouted. 

"You sound like you've been planning this" Ryan scoffed before taking the glass from her. 

"There was a caught" Goldie said and chuckled. 

She poured the wine for him and then herself. 

"So,we are friends now? You won't shun me anymore?" She asked. 

"Do I...shun you?" Ryan asked. 

"Don't pretend" Goldie frowned. 

"That's because you always act too weird" Ryan said. 

'That's because I'm in love with your' Goldie said inwardly and smiled at Ryan. 


Ryan let out a groan the moment he entered his house,Finn was in the living room,lying on the couch. He removed the air pods in his ears and sat up. 

"Where are you coming from so late?" He asked. 

"It's all your fault,you told me to stop ignoring that girl and now I'm stuck" Ryan said. 

"Wait,are you talking about....Goldie?" Finn asked. 

"Yeah" Ryan muttered and Finn laughed out. 

"So you met her?" He asked. 

"I took her home and she insisted I entered,I did. Reason why I am late" Ryan replied. 

"That girl likes you....."

"You know I'm not ready for any fucking relationship now,I'm not" Ryan said. 

"Come on,you can't say. Who knows? You might fall in love with her......."

"In your dreams" Ryan scoffed and went upstairs. 

Finn chuckled and shook his head. 

He heard the door bell and he immediately stood up,he went to open and it was the pizza boy who came to deliver.


"Finally home!" Holland groaned as he parked the car rightly in the garage. 

Daniel and Stanley came out of the car first,the secuties greeted and they walked to the door which wasn't locked. 

Daniel entered first and was surprised to see a female sitting on the couch,Magnolia turned and smiled. 

"Magnolia?" Daniel called and Stanley raised his brows. 

"How did you enter?" He asked. 

Magnolia stood up. 

"Why are you guys glaring at me?" She asked.

Holland also came in. 

"What the heck? How did you come inside?" 

"I told the securities I'm your girlfriend and they let me in" Magnolia replied. 

"Girlfriend?" Daniel asked. 

Holland scoffed and walked over to her 

"Holland I......" Holland grabbed her hand before she could finish and dragged her outside. 

Stanley and Daniel exchanged glances. 

"You know they talk?" Daniel asked. 

"Of course not,how am I supposed to know that?" Stanley scoffed and went upstairs. 

Daniel also followed. 


"What are you doing here? Just what!" Holland released Magnolia angrily and she rolled her eyes. 

"I told you I hate the fact that you're ignoring me" she said. 

"Stay away from me,I told you I can't date you,you're not my type at all......"

"What's your type? I can change and become your type......"

"You can just change your whole existence then,coz I hate everything about you. Get out or I ask them to throw you out" Holland said and walked away angrily,slamming the door loudly. 

He entered his room and met Daniel. 

"Don't ask me why she's here" Holland said. 

"You know I will ask,do you like her?" Daniel asked and Holland scoffed. 

"Does my reaction looks like I like that girl?" He asked. 

"We can't say,but she's a bad option" Daniel said and sat down on the bed. 

"I know she is,but she won't stop coming. I'm beginning to feel sick" Holland said. 

"So she likes you......"

"She said she's in love with me,what sort of shit is that?" Holland asked and Daniel laughed mockingly. 

"Why are you so mad about it?" He asked. 

"I'm mad because It's her,why would she fall in love with me? Thinking about it alone is Cringy,isshhh"  Holland made a disgusting face and Daniel laughed even more. 

"Gosh,you're so cute. But we can't say,you might just end up loving her back......"

"Get out of my room" Holland cut in.  

"I'm just saying...."

"Get out" Holland dragged him out and locked the door. 

"Hey!! You're so mean bro,I'm just guessing" Daniel said loudly. 

"Goodnight" Holland said and left him there. 


Juliette opened her eyes and let out a sleepy sigh,she looked around and wondered how she got home last night,trying to remember made her experience a painful headache. 

She groaned and sat up on the bed,her clothes still on her body,she put on her flip-flops and walked out of the bedroom,she was so thirsty and wanted water at that moment. Getting to the kitchen she was confused when she saw Minnie and Winnie in her kitchen. 

"Oh,she's awake" Minnie smiled. 

"Morning girl" Winnie said. 

"Why...how...you two....."

"We slept here but you didn't know" Minnie said turning back to the soup she was preparing. 

"You slept here?" Juliette was confused. 

"Yeah,Lennon called us and told us you got wasted last night. I don't know how he got Minnie's number tho,he was worried about you so he called us" Winnie explained and Juliette was speechless. 

"I think he really likes you" Minnie said. 

Juliette said nothing and opened the fridge,she got water and closed it back. 

"What are you cooking?" She asked Minnie. 

"Hangover soup" Minnie said and Juliette sat down. 

"But,why did you drink so much last night? Did something happened?" Winnie asked. 

Juliette shook her head. 

"I just,felt bored" She mumbled. 


👥 Morning Juliette

👥 You look so beautiful

👥 I love your outfit

👥 Juliette,you're so hot

The students kept on commenting as she walked,even though she was in a hurry,she returned the greetings and all. 

Her phone suddenly beeped and she checked,it's a message from Stanley. 

Somehow,her heart skipped a beat even before she opened the text. 


"I have class in just ten minutes" she mumbled to herself but not having a choice,she turned to the direction of the office. 

She got there and entered. 

Stanley stood up from his seat and their eyes locked,nobody talked. 

Juliette sighed out and decided to talk first. 

"Why am I here?" She asked. 

Stanley scoffed. 

"Today is....M.O.N.D.A.Y" Stanley spelled the words out. 

"This....morning?" Juliette asked. 

"You choose the days,are you gonna choose the time also?" Stanley asked coldly. 

"But I need to go to class,I can't miss it....."

"I don't really care though" Stanley cut in. 

"Why?" Juliette asked and Stanley raised his brows. 

"Why what?" He asked. 

"Why did you changed? You're scaring me......."

"I'm scaring you? You think I might expose our secret to the whole school? Is that what you think of me??....."

"You called me a slut!!" Juliette snapped,tears rolled down her eyes. 

"And you see me as a man whore too!!" Stanley yelled back. 

"No I don't" Juliette shook her head. 

"Then why the fuck do you act so cold and......"

"I'm just scared" She replied. 

"Scared of what? You think I might expose our little secret to the whole school? Or you......."

"I don't want to fall in love with you Stanley" Juliette said and Stanley raised his brows. 

Juliette wiped her tears. 

"I don't want to.......that's why I don't want to get too close...."

"Then Lennon?" Stanley asked. 

"He's different" she replied. 

"So you can fall in love with him?" Stanley asked with a raised brow. 

"Yes" Juliette replied. 


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