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Dark Moans - Episode 21 & 22




Dark Moans - Episode 21 & 22

Theme: ( The Bad Boy And I...)

Genres: College/ Romance/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R.


Juliette faced Lennon as soon as Stanley left,he also looked at her. 

"How...did you find out about the deal? I didn't tell you a thing" She said.

"I just....guessed" Lennon said and Juliette sighed. 

"But,what type of deal? And why are you meeting him in an hotel?" Lennon asked. 

Juliette said nothing. 


"Can you not ask me anything about this? That's my private life" Juliette cut in and Lennon nodded. 

"I'm just curious and worried,Stanley isn't all that good. Aren't you scared he might blow the covers one day? If the deal is so bad then why not just....cut it off now? If you need my help....."

"Don't worry Lennon,I can handle this myself" Juliette said and walked out of the class. 

Lennon sighed out and leaned on the wall with his face up. 

"Dude" Graham and Dylan entered and he looked at them. 

"How did you know I was here?" He asked. 

"We saw you of course,what the hell happened?" Dylan asked. 

Lennon shook his head. 

"They really had a deal" he muttered. 

"I knew it,why don't you just give up? You know Stanley is kinda crazy" Graham said and Lennon looked at him with a slight frown. 

"You think I'm scared of him?" Lennon asked. 

"Scared? Of course not,but like you said there's a deal between those two,so you think you are still gonna win?" Graham asked. 

"They aren't in love with each other,so I'm right behind you" Dylan smirked. 

Lennon chuckled and went out of the class,Dylan and Graham exchanged glances. 

"Why the hell are you encouraging him? What if he gets heartbroken?" Graham asked. 

"What if he doesn't?" Dylan also asked. 

"You're such an headache" Graham scoffed and went out. 

"Hey hey" Dylan laughed and followed him. 

"Move away" Graham snapped. 

"Here comes your crush" Dylan said and Graham immediately looked up but it was empty,he turned back for Dylan with a frown 

"Wait....you have a crush?" Dylan asked with a raised brow. 

"No I don't" Graham immediately said. 

"That quick answer proves it,now who's your crush?" Dylan asked. 

"I said I don't have a crush" Graham said and walked away. 

"Wow,I guess it's just me right now" Dylan laughed,looking at Graham as he walked away. 


Stanley let out an annoyed scoffed as he puffed out one heavy smoke,thinking about Lennon and Juliette make him even more angry. 

He was leaning on the tree while smoking the second wrap,the footsteps sounds coming closer made him turn,it was Georgiana. 

Stanley ignored her presence and kept on smoking until she finally stood right before him. 

"You look angry" Georgiana crossed her arms. 

"Why are you here?" Stanley asked,blankly staring at her. 

"We need to talk" Georgiana said. 

"If it's what I'm thinking then....."

"Your dad can't even hear about what you're doing with her" Georgiana cut in and Stanley frowned. 

"Why are you bothered about that? My dad or yours?" He asked. 

"You know what will happen if I speak to my dad about you" Georgiana said. 

Stanley scoffed and dropped the smoke remains.

"Is that a threat right now?" He asked.

"No I'm just telling you to be careful,I hate it when you're around that girl and you know that. If you're doing all these because you know I like you,then please stop it" Georgina said. 

"It's annoying how you always think everything is about you,,how do I explain to you that I don't like you? Not even a little bit?" Stanley asked. 

Georgiana moved closer and caressed his cheek. 

"You don't want me either?" She asked in a flirty voice. 

Stanley scoffed and grabbed her hand. 

"Stop it Giana" He muttered and throw her hand away. 

"You still call me that!" Georgiana said loudly. 

"Because I feel sick if I call your full name" Stanley said and started leaving. 

"I won't give up!! You're going to become mine in the end!" Georgiana called after him and he turned. 

"How?" Stanley asked with a smirk. 

Georgiana walked over to him and smiled. 

"Just watch me do it" She said and walked away. 

Stanley chuckled. 

"Is she insane?" He asked and bite his lips. 

He checked they time and groaned before roughing his hair,he's got some things to attend to in his office. He pushed his hands into his pockets and left. 


Only Ryan was in the hall,he had his headset on,his phone in his hand. 

Georgiana entered and frowned at how empty the hall was. 

"They left me to eat?" She scoffed,then her eyes fell On Ryan. 

She glared at him and started walking closer to him,taking her steps one after the other. She was already so close before Ryan noticed,he looked up and their eyes met. He raised his brows and removed his headset. 

"Is there a problem?" He asked. 

"Can't believe you're asking me that question" Georgiana scoffed. 

"I don't think I want to be seen with you" Ryan said 

"Oh that explains why you're always shamefully on my neck" Georgiana chuckled. 

"I'm glad I've been on your neck,so why are you here?" Ryan asked. 

"I hate you....."

"You should know it's mutual by now,are you that dumb not to discover?" Ryan asked and Georgiana crossed her arms under her breast. 

"Are you crushing on one of those idiots following Juliette?" She asked. 

Ryan sighed and shook his head,he stood up. 

"It's annoying how you think everyone is like you" he mumbled and made to leave. 

Georgiana grabbed his head and he glared at her. 

"What do you mean by that?" She asked. 

"You know what I mean" Ryan throw her hand off. 

"I hate people touching me,so be careful next time" He said and walked away. 

Georgiana scoffed. 

"Who the hell does he think he is? Is he crazy?" She laughed sarcastically. 

Ryan ran into Finn just as he left the hall. 

"Where were you? I've been searching" Finn said. 

"I was in class,but had to leave because a pest appeared" Ryan mumbled. 

"Pest?" Finn laughed. 


"Welcome boss" The guards immediately collected Mr Brocks briefcase as soon as he stepped down from the plan. 

Mr Brocks phone was ringing and he answered at once while working,the guards following him. They could see the bright and cool smile on his face as he spoke on the phone. 

Mr Brocks have been getting countless calls since Stanley's speech yesterday,he sure made him proud. 

Getting to the already waiting cars,they opened the door for him and he entered. 

He immediately opened the full video clip of the conference meeting,starting From Stanley's part. 

"He's really my son" Mr Brocks said proudly while watching. 

"Where are we going boss?" The driver asked. 

"Take me home" Mr Brocks answered and faced the guard sitting with him. 

"Tell Micah to call Stanley over for dinner tonight" he said and immediately answered the call that just came on his phone. 

"Yes boss" The guard replied. 


"Please enjoy" The waiter said as he finished setting the table. 

"You're so cute" Winnie grinned. 

The waiter smiled before walking away. 

"Wow,Thanks for recommending this restaurant,just looking at these delicacies,I can tell they are delicious" Mina said,picking up a fork. 

"Wait!" Minnie screamed and grabbed Mina's hand. 

"Is there a problem?" Mina asked. 

"I need to take pictures" Minnie smiled and Mina scoffed. 

Minnie started taking pictures of the food,she took some selfies also. 

"You can eat now" She smiled. 

"This is what she does every time?" Mina asked Winnie and she nodded. 

"Should I go throw her away?" Winnie asked. 

"You don't have a choice than to keep living with her" Mina said,finally eating. 

She looked at Juliette who have been quiet since they got there. 

"Hey Juliette,why are you so quiet?" She asked. 

"She's been doing this from school,and now we decided to meet this evening,she's still acting the same,what exactly happened?" Winnie asked.

"Nothing actually,I'm just....I don't know" Juliette shook her head and stabbed the pasta with her fork,she ate it and nods. 

"That's delicious" She said. 

"Yeah it is" Winnie chuckled. 

"Look here Juliette" Minnie said as she was about taking a picture. 

Juliette turned and she captured her face. 

"Are you a social media freak?" Mina asked.

"No,I have alot of followers on Instagram anyway" Minnie smiled.

"I was expecting that,you're pretty. But Winnie,why don't you have one?" Mina asked.

"What about you? You're pretty too,"  Juliette said to Mina and she chuckled. 

"I'm not a fan of those stuffs" She said. 

"Where the heck is Goldie? How can she be late on our first date together?" Winnie asked. 

"I'm here!!" Goldie rushed in,breathing heavily. 

Juliette chuckled. 

"Take it easy girl" She said. 

Goldie sat down next to Mina and sighed out loudly. 

"That was super stressful,how long have you been waiting?" She asked,immediately grabbing her own cutleries. 

"I think you should really take it easy" Winnie said. 

"I starved myself because of this" Goldie said. 

"Someone should take a picture of me" She said. 

"Why?" Mina asked.

"I'm finally opening Instagram....."

"Why all of a sudden?" Mina immediately asked. 

"I saw Ryan and Georgiana talking,what If he likes her?" Goldie asked. 

"So what does that have to do with Instagram?" Juliette asked. 

"I need to make him notice me,if he doesn't look at me in school,he would definitely see my hot pictures,I will make him follow me" Goldie smirked. 

"You're sounding so....crazy. Do you like him that much?"  Winnie chuckled. 

"He's handsome" Goldie blushed. 

"Yeah I guess" Winnie agreed. 

Minnie suddenly gasped and they all looked at her. 

"Juliette!!" She screamed and Juliette raised her brows. 

"I posted your pictures just thirty minutes ago and I got more than hundred thousand likes,I've never got that before!!" Minnie screamed. 

Mina immediately grabbed the phone from her,Winnie and Goldie stood up to see also. 

They started reading the comments aloud. 

👥 Who is she?

👥 She's so cute!!

👥 her apple shaped lips is so pretty

👥 She's pretty

👥 What's her handle?

👥 I want to follow her,please what's her name?

👥 Is she a model??

"Wow Juliette,you're sure gonna be popular if you have your own page" Mina said. 

"And you can become an influencer or a model,you can make money too" Winnie said. 

"Really?" Juliette asked. 

"Of course,stop dulling yourself girl" Goldie said. 

Juliette smiled. 

"I will give it a try" She said. 


Stanley entered the house and the maids immediately led him to the dinning room where everyone was waiting already. 

"Son" Mr Brocks called with a smile. 

Stanley's eyes fell on Georgiana first,then her parents,he greeted them and ignored Opal and his brothers. 

"Welcome back dad" Stanley said after settling beside him. 

"I watched your video Stanley,you're as amazing as always" Mr James said and Georgiana smiled. 

"I told you dad,don't you think he's the best?" She asked. 

"Of course,my son is a perfect one" Mr Brocks said. 

"Our Stanley is intelligent,not just today" Opal said. 

Stanley scoffed and started eating. 

Easton was burning with anger where he was sitting,the whole attention and focus were on Stanley throughout the dinner. 

"I have something important to discuss with you like I said" Mr James said to Mr Brocks. 

"Stanley, Cortez,and Georgiana can excuse us for now" Mr Brocks said. 

Stanley was the first to get up,Georgiana immediately followed him. 

"Stanley!" She called and grabbed his hand.

Stanley faced her. 

"Don't do that here" He said. 

"Why are you so harsh on me? I didn't even do anything to you...."

"No you didn't,but I want to be alone,why not respect that?" He asked. 

"Fine,just for tonight" Georgiana said And walked away. 

Stanley sighed. 

Someone suddenly started calling from the back and he didn't have to turn before knowing it's Cortez.

"That was cool" He said. 

Stanley ignored him and tried walking away,Cortez grabbed his band. 

"Don't walk out on me" he said. 

Stanley throw his hand and faced him. 

"Who do you think you are?" He asked. 

"I'm not really in the mood to fight you" Cortez said. 

"You're trending right now,you finally made everyone love you" He added. 

"It's not my fault that you're kinda dumb" Stanley said and Cortez frowned. 

"You must really think you're all that right now" he said. 

"I don't need to think tho" Stanley said and walked away. 


Juliette got down from the taxi and pulled her hair behind her left hair before proceeding into the hotel,few eyes followed her from men as she walked. 

She was wearing a tight leather trouser bringing out the necessary shapes from her hips down to her sexy legs. She wore a crop top and her bellybutton was opened,overall she was so hot. 

Getting to the receptionist,she was given the number of the hotel room where Stanley was. Exactly what Stanley told her to do. 

After about five minutes,she came out of the elevator and started looking for the room,luckily she saw it instantly,it's one of the most expensive suites in the hotel,different from the one they used the first time. 

Juliette gently pressed the door bell,no answer,she pressed it again and finally after a minute the door opened. 

But it was a girl who showed up,she was wearing a bathrobe and a wine glass was in her hand. 

Juliette was confused. 

"Who are you?" The girl asked,glaring at her. 

"Did I make a mistake?" Juliette asked herself,checking the room number again,it's the one. 

She looked at the strange girl again,her hair was somehow scattered and..she just can't guess. 

"Sweet,some girl is here. Maybe she missed road" The girl called someone inside,still glaring at Juliette. 

Almost immediately,Stanley showed up and Juliette's eyes widened. 

He was also in a bathrobe,she could see his naked chest and his wet hair. 

"Oh" Stanley said. 

"Do you know her?" The girl asked him. 

"Yeah,go wait for me,I will be back" Stanley said. 

"Okay" the girl smiled and pecked his lips before going in. 

"What is this about?" Juliette asked. 

"You were too late...and I called someone else" Stanley said. 

"What? Do you see me as a....slut or......."

"Of course.....wait,let me think,what number are you on my list?" Stanley stopped. 


"I lost counts,but I saved some main ones on my phone" he brought out his phone and showed her what he saved her number as. 

Juliette's body froze the moment she saw it. 

*Slut number twenty* 

"If you have nothing else to say,,then...." Stanley closed the door on her face. 

Juliette took her lips in and tears rolled down her eyes. 


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