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Be My Woman - Episode 65 & 66




 Be My Woman - Episode 65 & 66

 Theme: (His•Baby•Mama...)

By: Naomi Cindy B.


"Because, I... I killed him" she muttered, and his eyes widened.


"Mum" Liam whispered, and Rosy's tears fell again, rolling down her cheeks.

"You said he fell when he was drunk, and he died. He didn't fall, I pushed him" she said, and the frame slipped away from her hand, falling on the ground.

It shattered, making Roman flinch a bit.

"What...what are you talking... about?" He said in confusion.

Rosy let out her tears again, and in the next minute, she was already rushing to the gate.

"Mum!!" Liam ran after her.

"Ros stop! Ros!!" Roman rushed after her too...

When he figured out running is gonna be useless, he went back in and took his car.

Liam got in with him, and they went after her.



Fiona flipped her hair immediately she showed up, and she flashed a pretty smile before looking back..

"Come on!" She shouted, and Matty came in, hands in pocket.

They chose this place for their date again since Fiona seems to like it very much, and Matty had to rent it all for tonight.

They held hands when he finally got to her, and she rested her head on his arm as they walked down the place.

"Don't you wanna ride anything here?" He suddenly asked.

"The only thing I wanna ride is you" she replied, and he laughed.

"You don't want it?" She said.

"Of course I do, and I can't wait" he winked, and it's now her turn to laugh.

"Betty says sorry though" she said, clearing her throat.

"I hold no grudge against her, I wish her a good life in the US" he replied, and she stopped to face him.

"You haven't told me how your mum's sickness is gonna be" she said, and he sighed out.

"It's pancreatic cancer like you know, and we found out before it spread. She went under the knife already, but she still has to spend every first three months of each year in the hospital so she won't develop any underlying illness again. She has a weak immune system" he explained.

"I'm glad then" she smiled, and he touched her hair gently, holding eyes with her.

"The way you care about everything around me should he studied" he said.

"As I should... they're your family and mine too" she smiled, and he gave her a soft kiss on the lips.

"I love you Fiona"

"I love you too, Matt" she replied, and they kissed deeply this time.



Rosy has nowhere else to go, so she came straight here.

It was Nancy who opened the door, and her eyes widened when she saw her tears 

"Miss Rosy! You're...

"I'm fine" she smiled tearfully, walking in to start pacing around.

"Rosy?" Mrs. Johnson came out, and she sniffed, wiping her tears.

"Mrs. Johnson? Welcome back home"

"Why the tears? Did something happen?" The woman asked, and when Rosy made to talk, she started crying again.

"I'm home!" Matty came in, but he stopped on his tracks immediately.

"Miss Rose!"

"Matty" Rosy faced him, and he quickly walked to her.

She pulled her hand and took her upstairs straight, to his room.

"Tell me everything. Is it Roman? What did he do?" He asked worriedly.

"Matty I think I was born to suffer for life" she cried.

"What are you talking about?"

"I killed Roman's dad" she sniffed, and he frowned.


"Yes" she nodded.


Rosy had to take any available job just to take care of herself after her life got tossed in the can.

She works several shifts which includes a bar where she's one of the tenders.

It's a popular one with lots of constant customers, but of all the constant customers, Damien Lawson is the most regular.

He'd come every night and won't leave till he empties ten bottles...he always leaves the place heavily drunk.

It was one of those nights, but he outdid himself and drank eleven instead of the usual ten.

He opened the eleven bottle and drank till half before standing with rolling eyes.

He had to hold himself by the sides so he wouldn't fall.

He was holding the bottle and staggering as he walked towards the restroom. He needed to pee.

He was still drinking from the bottle as he walked, and he was humming drunkenly to a song.

He opened the door to the first restroom he saw and immediately he entered, he bumped into a boy...

"I'm so sorry!" The boy quickly apologized, but he grabbed the boy by the throat, choking him.

"Let go of me! I just said I'm sorry even when you're the one at fault!" He struggled.

"And how dare you shout at me!" Damien yelled, hitting the bottle with him on the wall.

It broke, and he placed the sharp edges on the boy's throat.

"I suddenly wanna see blood, mind if I rip out your oesophagus?" Damien laughed.

"You're drunk, let me go!" The boy shouted fearfully, struggling with him.

"Here you go" Damien raised the bottle on his neck and was about to stab life out of him when Rosy rushed in.

"Damien you can't! You're gonna kill him!" She shouted.

"Who are you?" He replied.

"Rosy, your favorite bartender. Let go of him Damien! I promise I'm gonna give you another bottle so...

"I just wanna see blood, a little bit" Damien smiled and raised the bottle on the boy's neck again, but Rosy rushed over to them and pushed Damien away from the boy.

The boy staggered, and she held him so he wouldn't fall.

Damien fell roughly, his drunkenness complicating things as he hit his head hard on the wall.

Blood spilled on his face, and his blood began spreading around him, coming out of his head.

"Oh my gawd! He's... he's bleeding" Rosy stuttered fearfully.

"Oh no" the boy muttered, bending beside him to feel his heartbeats.

His eyes widened when he couldn't hear anything, and he faced Rosy.

"He's... he's...

"Don't say it!" Rosy replied and backed the wall.

"It can't be"


"Trust me, i wanted to alert the securities but I was so scared of jail....I ran away from the bar and never stepped it anymore. Matty he's Roman's dad" Rosy sniffed.

"You know what's gonna happen?" Matty said.


"You're gonna rest right now, and I'm gonna figure this out tommorow morning" he said.

"There's no way I'm resting. I won't be able to sleep Matty. How do I face Roman and what do I tell to Darla? What will Liam think of me from now on?" She cried, shaking her head.

"Calm down, I've got this, I promise" Matty said, hugging her.

"Matty ..." She sniffed, crying more.



Roman and Liam came back home some minutes ago after they witnessed Rosy going into Matty's place...

She left her phone at home, and Liam is currently holding on to it so there's no way to contact her.

He was already at the verge of tears when Darla's car drove in.

Roman rushed out to meet her, and she looks tensed too.

"Tell me what you said happened. Where's Rosy?" She asked.

"I know this sounds crazy, but dad died when he fell in the bathroom, right?" He asked.

"Yeah. Damien came home drunk, entered the bathroom to take his bath then slipped and fell to death, we both know so why are you asking?" She asked, and Roman sighed.

"I think there's a misunderstanding somewhere, Ros is saying what I don't even understand" he said.

"I don't get" Darla replied, and Roman's phone rang immediately.

"Hey, who's this please?" He asked.

"Matty Johnson, and your girlfriend is with me. I think we should meet tommorow morning and sort things out, she has been crying and there's definitely a misunderstanding" Matty replied.

"I'm not waiting till tommorow, let's meet tonight. I'm coming over to your house right now" Roman said and hung up.

They all got in the car and drove out again.



Matty was waiting in the living room when Roman came in with Liam and Darla, all looking restless.

"Where's she?" Roman asked.

"Why don't we talk about what happened six years ago first?" Matty replied.

"Six years ago?" Darla said.

"Yeah. Damien tried to kill a boy when he was drunk, but Rosy saved the boy and Damien fell in the process. He passed out and his heart stopped beating for a while" Matty said.

"Yeah I remember getting a call from the hospital that day that Damien got admitted. I went there and met him with a boy...." Darla said and looked closely at Matty.


"Yeah, sure... you're welcome. I'm the boy" Matty smiled.

"Seriously?" Darla gasped.

"Yeah. Miss Rose saved me though she forgot my face since then. I told her to run away cos she was so scared. I got Damien to the hospital where he came back to life, but she doesn't know about that part and that's why she's freaking out thinking she killed him" he explained.

"You... you're... You're the boy?" Rosy said from the stairs, and they all turned to see her standing there. She has been listening.

"Yeah, it hurts that you don't remember me" Matty smiled.

"So this is why you said it sometimes ago that you owe her your life. She saved you from the drunk man" Nancy said, and Matty nodded.

"So stop freaking out, i saved Damien that day, you didn't kill him" he said.

Rosy hiccupped, feeling like a huge load just got offloaded from her chest.

"Damien died at home five years ago in the bathroom, not at a bar. Dear you're not a murderer, you're my daughter-in-law" Darla smiled.

"And you're my sweet mumsy" Liam added, and Rosy started crying again.

"Come back to daddy" Roman widened his arms, and she smiled despite the tears...

She rushed down the stairs into his arms, clinging to him like her only hope.

"I'm so glad, I'm glad I didn't" she sniffed.

"I love you" he replied, and she shed tears again.

"I never wanna lose you, you're my everything" she whispered.


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