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Be My Woman - Episode 63 & 64




 Be My Woman - Episode 63 & 64

 Theme: (His•Baby•Mama...)

By: Naomi Cindy B.


"Call the mortuary...I mean ambulance" Bishop said, and Angelina got his phone.

Three minutes after the call, an ambulance arrived from the nearest hospital, and it took Stefan away after they made sure he's still breathing and half-conscious.

"That was fast" Angelina sighed.

"I know, right?" Bishop replied, and they entered the gate, going into the mansion with the family.



"What! You guys are...are what?" Rosy said unbelievably after the news was broken to her by the brothers.

"Bishop Mendez" Bishop smiled.

"Angel Mendez" Angelina added, and Rosy gasped again.

"How come, you guys..."

"It's obvious, you just didn't notice" Roman said, coming downstairs.

"No no I'm not the dumb type so I should have noticed and...

"All the Mendez sons are handsome, it's a fact" Roman said.

"It's not funny, honey" she sighed.

"I found out last year. I mean...they didn't change their names and there's only one Mendez family in this country, it was easy" Roman smiled.

"You knew already? But I was in the dark all this while...you both are Donovan's brothers" Rosy muttered.

"Donovan, and Tyson, and Kay whom we killed" Bishop said.

"What! You did what? You killed a person?" Rosy's eyes widened.

"We're not assassins, but we sure can kill especially if the person deserves it like Kay. He killed our mother, and we only payed him accordingly just the way you did to Stefan and Olivia" Angelina replied, and Rosy sighed, holding her forehead as she sat between them.

"You guys are....I dunno" she said.

"We're the best" they chorused, and she grabbed their hairs at once.

"Argh! Ahh! Rosy that's painful!" Angelina groaned.

"I swear my scalp is on fire! Sis!" Bishop shouted, and she let go of them.

They made to stand, but she pulled them down by the shoulders.

"Ok we're trapped" Bishop said, and before they knew it, she hugged the two at once, side by side.

"Thanks, you both.... thanks for being a part of my story from the beginning" she said.

"Before I forget, Weston left you a letter" Bishop said, bringing the paper out of his pocket.

Rosy took it and smiled as she started reading.

"I've never dreamt of a change of life, all my life. Thanks for returning my life to me. I'll go into surgery immediately I land, the brothers booked me a session at an hospital already, and I'll spend the rest of the money wisely. I promise to call when I resume school. Thanks for being a good person"

She smiled wider when she finished reading, and she folded the paper.

"I'm glad I helped" she muttered.

"So... What do we do about Stefan and Olivia? They're both ruined especially Stefan. The bank takes his company and his house will be gone too, even his cars...I can't imagine" Angelina said.

"Time will tell" Rosy replied, and Roman smiled.



Donovan was supposed to be out of the house till 9pm, so Ann and Tyson cared less about anything.

She's currently over him in bed, blowing his d*+*k as she gave him a bl+wjob.

Tyson was gr0aning under her hands, and that only intensified her fire.

Her cash is already sitting on the base of the bed, ready to be taken anytime she's done.

She smiled at him before popping his thing out of her mouth.

"I might change my mind about Donovan later. You're much more better" she said.

"You always say that, but you end up going to him" he replied.

"Cos I need money from both sides" she replied and was about to continue her job when the door flung open...

Their eyes widened at once when Donovan came in with a murderous look in his eyes.

"You weren't supposed to be back till 9!" Tyson shot, searching for his pants.

Ann jumped down the bed...

"I decided to come earlier, and I didn't even bring my car for the sake of this. Wait... You both think I'm daft? You can't even take it out to an hotel but you've been doing it right here, under my nose everyday?" Donovan laughed.

"He forced me, trust me" Ann said.

"I didn't give you permission to talk, it'd only speed up your death" Donovan replied.

"I swear he forced me and...

Was all Ann could say before Donovan pulled out a gun, firing her straight on the chest.

Her blood drizzled on Tyson's face before she fell dead on the ground.

"I knew it'd come to this, you even stole my gun?" Tyson smirked.

"Well you're not trustworthy, and I can't risk it. I've been out there all day looking for skillful assassins to take out the Juniors, but you were here wasting that time on Ann? Well she's gone now, and you're next" Donovan replied, pointing the gun at him.

Tyson started laughing, but his laughter was interrupted by another gunshot.

He got hit on the arm, and he fell down with a loud groan and a bloody arm.

"I'm not joking so cut the drama, you're really dying today" Donovan smiled.

"This isn't about Ann, it's about the properties, right? I shouldn't have trusted you, we're sworn enemies so I shouldn't have risked it" Tyson replied, stylishly opening the drawer with his second hand without drawing Donovan's attention.

"Goodbye, brother" Donovan muttered, and just as he was about to pull the trigger, Tyson brought out another gun from the drawer.

Donovan's eyes widened as they both pulled the trigger at the same time...



Mrs. Johnson got discharged today, and Matty came with Fiona to take her.

She was already waiting for them when they arrived in the ward, and she gave them a warm hug each.

"Finally...I'm really tired of hospital food" she said.

"I know, right? But too bad you need to come for intensive care again next year" Matty replied.

"That's next year, at least I get to spend the rest of this year at home with you guys and attend your wedding" she said.

"Now it's not about getting a girl anymore, it's about getting married" Matty laughed 

"You understand my pain, right Fiona?" She faced her.

"Of course, I won't judge you, and I can't wait to be in a wedding dress too" Fiona replied.

"I love you" Mrs. Johnson said.

"More more" Fiona replied, and they left the ward at once.

"Seriously?" Matty smiled, going after them.



Matty had to stay with Mrs. Johnson after dropping her home, so it's just Fiona who came out of the car.

The takeoff is in some minutes, and Betty was already getting impatient when she arrived.

"Sis!" She stood from the chair she's on.

Fiona hugged her when she got to her, and Betty returned it with tears in her eyes 

"Just cast away all your friends when you get back to the US. They're real bad influences" Fiona said, and Betty broke the hug to nod.

Fiona smiled, wiping her tears with her fingers.

"Of course, I'll be good, and tell Matty I'm sorry" she said.

"Sure" Fiona caressed her cheeks.

The takeoff was announced, and Betty had to rush off.

She turned back before entering the plane and smiled before finally climbing in.

Fiona smiled before turning back.



"Isn't it funny?" Angelina asked, squatting in the middle of three graves.

Kay Mendez, Tyson Mendez and Donovan Mendez.

They were all buried beside each other.

"What's funny? The fact that we killed Kay or the fact that Tyson and Donovan killed each other and Ann too?" Bishop replied, and Angelina smiled.

"Everything" Angelina replied, standing from where he squatted at.

"Feels like the universe is on our side, we didn't have to work that much" Bishop said.

Someone else came into the yard, and they didn't bother to look back cos they know who it is already...

Opium joined them, and they made space for him.

Miraculously, he survived past the three days, and he only just got discharged today.

"I dunno how to apologise" he said, and the two guys exchanged glances.

"Don't do anything, just continue existing like you've been doing, and erase any evil you're planning against Roman Lawson, it won't end well" Bishop said and left with Angelina.



Stefan was wearing a cap when he came in, and he made sure his face is covered well as he dropped a wristwatch on the table.

He was wearing that when he passed out at Roman's mansion, and it's the only valuable thing on him right now.

His company and house is gone, his cars too, and he's currently wanted by loaners cos of the outstanding loans 

"5 thousand Euros" the old man behind the counter said after weighing the wristwatch.

"5 thousand what? I got it for half a million last year and...

"Then take it away if you're uninterested" the man said.

"I wouldn't have come here if I'm uninterested! I'm starving!" He yelled.

The man dropped 5 Euros on the table, and Stefan took it, rushing out of the shop.

He went to the nearest resturant and ordered anything the money can buy, then he settled and started eating fast 

He hasn't had anything since two days...

He was still stuffing his face when someone sat in front of him, and he looked up to see ...

"Olivia?" He said.

"Look at the great Stefan Forbes eating like a duck" she smiled.

"What are you doing here?" He asked.

"Luckily, I got a dishwasher job here and I get to eat once a day. I'm breathing fine" she replied.

"Can I join you?" He said.

"You're crazy, i barely got the job so don't ruin things" she replied.

"Then let's just go back to Rosy" he said.


"She wants apology, and I'm ready to swallow my pride and...

"Olivia!" The resturant madam called out, and she stood.

"We'll talk later" she said, leaving to resume her washing.

Stefan sighed.



Roman is just returning from a board meeting, and he was surprised to meet Fiona waiting in his office.

"Why are you back already? Angelina said the meeting is gonna take an hour and this is just thirty minutes gone" she stood.

"Mama is taking over for the rest of the minutes" he replied.

"Just look at that smile when you mentioned her, my bestest is so gone!" She teased.

"Don't start, please" he smiled, but her arms suddenly circled around his neck.

"F*+*k! Fiona!"

"Besties outing this evening, say yes" she said.

"You have a boyfriend Fiona, spend time with him and...

"Of course I will, tonight is for him but this evening is for you, say yes" she replied.

"Fine!!' he snapped, and she let go of him with a silly chuckle.



Roman and Rosy are currently standing in front of the driveway, but there's a particular closed space, and Roman is holding the remote.

He pressed the red, and the door winded up, revealing a taxi.

"Here, the taxi I talked about" he faced Rosy.

"It still looks brand new, wow!" She nodded, walking in to touch the windscreen.

"The day dad bought me this taxi is one of my happiest days, mum even cooked us a delicious dinner cos of it" Roman said.

"Really?" Rosy laughed.

"Of course! And dad was a drunkard like I told you, he did alcohol shower" he replied, and she laughed again

"I guess you loved him as much as your mum loved him" she said.

"Pretty much, he was cool" Roman replied.

"And how about his picture? You promised to show me" she said.

"Here!" Liam's voice sounded as he came in with the framed picture.

"Thanks for bringing that" Roman replied, taking it.

"Grandpa is quiet handsome, right mum?" Liam asked as Roman handed Rosy the frame containing Damien's face.

"What!" Her eyes widened when she beheld him.

"What?" Roman asked, and she turned the frame to him.

"This...I mean...this man...he's Damien...your late dad?" She stuttered, her hand shaking on the frame already.

"Yeah, he is...why are you shaking?" Roman asked, coming closer to hold her shoulders.

Her arms dropped, and Liam came closer too.

"Mumsy, are you ok?" He asked.

"Mama, talk to me. Why are you like this?" Roman persuaded, and tears came out of her eyes.

She could still remember that night vividly, and she had several flashbacks on her spot as Roman kept holding her shoulders, looking into her eyes and waiting for her answer.

Flashes of how Damien's blood was pouring out of his head that night appeared in her memory, and she looked at Roman straight in the eyes.

"Because, I... I killed him" she muttered, and his eyes widened.



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