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Be My Woman - Episode 61 & 62




 Be My Woman - Episode 61 & 62

 Theme: (His•Baby•Mama...)

By: Naomi Cindy B.


"I love you, mama" he whispered, and she kissed him...hard.

"Oh my goodness!" Liam squealed, jumping on the bed.

"It's for your mum brat! Get down!" Kendra pulled his legs, and he started laughing.

"I'm just so happy tonight! Finally!" He said.

"It's not even a proposal yet, so what are you gonna do at the proposal?" She laughed.

"Probably ring it around the whole Greece, gosh!" He shouted, and she laughed again.

"Mum is happy, and that makes me happy too" Iris said.

"I'm glad she got a good man like Mr. Lawson" Nancy said.

"Me too" Iris muttered.

"You don't feel bad for your dad?" Nancy faced her.

"Dad hurts mum when we were still with him, and I think leaving the house was the best thing that has ever happened to mum" Iris replied, and Nancy stroked her hair.

The staffs finally left when Roman broke the kiss, then he pecked Rosy on the nose tip.

"You're pretty" he whispered.

"And you're hot" she replied, whispering the HOT which made him smile.

"Thanks for always making every day of my life memorable, baby" she said.

"Finally I got to hear you call me baby again" he chuckled, and they hugged again.

She might have loved Stefan a lot back then, but the amount of emotions she's feeling right now will surely overshadow what she felt back then.

She's so in love with this man and she'd do anything to make him and their son happy.

"You should open the gift boxes" Roman said, and she broke the hug to go to the boxes.

She started opening them calmly, and each gift brought smiles to her face.

There are shoes, bags, accessories and a whole lots of other things.

Who confesses feelings to a woman with this much expensive gifts? No one but Roman Lawson.

She dropped the box of classic earrings with her and smiled at him before walking fast to him.

She hugged him again.

Finally she found her peace. The peace she lost years ago came back in another way, bigger than it was.

"I love you" she whispered, and he smiled, whispering the answer in her ear.

An hour later, the kids were already asleep in their respective rooms.

Nancy and Iris in a room. Kendra in a room and Liam in another though.

The couple came back to their room, and immediately they shut the door, they faced each other, and their lips found each other.

The kiss graduated into a steamy romance eventually, and minutes later, Rosy's moans erupted.



Fiona rushed in alone, and she met the assigned doctor in front of Betty's ward already.

She didn't wait to say anything to him before rushing in, and true to his words over the phone, Betty is already awake.

"Betty!" She rushed to her bed, and Betty raised her hand gently.

Fiona held it...

"I'm here, I'm glad you're finally awake . I missed you a lot" she sniffed.

"Don't cry for me. I'm not worth your tears" Betty smiled sadly, her lips so pale.

"Huh?" Fiona blinked.

"Do you know what I was doing in Kay's car before the accident?"

Fiona shook her head.

"I gave him information about Matty, and he came to tell me he's gonna kill him to have you ... I supported him, and he was the one who gave me the new car" she confessed.

"What!" Fiona gasped.

"Yeah, and I'm not expecting you to forgive me. When I get well, I'm gonna go back to the US and you can forget you ever had a sis. I don't deserve you" Betty hiccupped, and Fiona slowly let go of her hand.

She stood and left the ward, wiping the tears that fell from her eyes.

She bumped into someone, and through the body scent, she knew it was Matty immediately.

She didn't bother to look up before hugging him, and he hugged her back.

"Stop crying" he patted.



Ann came to the mansion as usual, and she had a few rounds with Tyson before coming downstairs with him.

Donovan came into the house at the same time, and she smiled.

"You made it your habit to come here whenever I'm not around. Isn't that something to be suspicious about? I'm not an idiot and I know what Tyson is capable of" he said.

"I've been in your room waiting for you all day. You can go check your bathroom, it's still wet cos I had my bath and waited for you. Stop the suspicions I'm not a slut for everyone, and I don't like Tyson" she replied.

"So what's the plan, brother?" Tyson asked, coming down.

"How long has she been here?" Donovan questioned.

"Am I supposed to know that? She came to see you and not me" Tyson replied, taking his seat.

Donovan looked at Ann again, and she shrugged as he sat.

"Dad is not gonna make it. I talked to the doctor and he said he can only get through it for three more days" he said.

"Cool, meaning we have to get rid of those two annoying juniors before three days, perfect!" Tyson grinned.

Ann smiled greedily.

If the father is dying and the two are getting all his wealth, then it means she'd have a share of it.

She's gonna be f**king the two brothers and getting their cash.

In about two months, she's gonna leave the country.

She smiled again, fantasizing about her life in Paris already.



Olivia has been sitting by the door since she came here.

Stefan is not in, and his line has been off.

She has cried a lot and she's currently tired. Her eyes are painfully red and she's holding nothing but her phone as she shivered in the coldness of the night.

"Rosy...you can't...you can't do this to me...I'm wrecked" she started crying again, and she looked up when a taxi stopped in front of the house.

Stefan came out of it and she spranged up.


"Easy, why do you look like a virgin ghost?" He rolled eyes as the taxi drove away.

"Stefan I'm ruined. Rosy ruined me. I have no penny with me and no one is ready to give me a job! She got my money safe for Weston and now he's out of the country. I'm stranded and...and I'm going crazy and....I can't think!!!" She cried loudly.

"You had a money safe?" Stefan frowned.

"I'm sorry for not telling you but..

"You had a money safe but you still set my chest on fire asking for money every day? You deserve it! You betrayed her so it's only right that she took her revenge!" He spat.

"Are you stupid or something? Do you think you're free either? You staked all your life on a deal with Roman and do you know who Roman is to her? I guess you weren't told the news but Ann told me that he's the father of her baby! Roman's only child belongs to Rosy and they even confirmed it in front of the staffs. Roman is her baby daddy and you're in trouble too. I think you're in a trap!" She shouted tearfully.

"What are you talking about? The news about the land will be out on Sunday and I'll become rich. I'm gonna kill Roman and have Rosy back so what are you...

"Get back to your senses don't you see what's going on? We're both under Rosy's revenge and I swear we're in trouble! We're...

"I staked a billion for the deal and Roman staked a billion too! We both have money on it so ...

"Roman is a trillionaire bastard! Losing just a billion means nothing to him for sure! I'm waiting for your tears on Sunday, it's so sure that you're gonna cry like me, and then maybe you'd commit suicide" she said and left.

Stefan stood stupidly for some minutes before gulping, folding his shaky hands.



Fiona and Matty came in the same car, and she sighed when the driver pulled up.

"So what? Are you gonna forgive Betty or not?" He asked.

"She tried to kill you with Kay" she replied.

"Yeah but I'm still alive" he said.

"You know what? Let's not talk about her ok? Let's go for our shoots" she said.

"Shoots only" he smiled.

"Yeah, only" she replied, and they laughed before getting out of the car together.

They entered hand in hand, and as expected, the unending gasps and murmurs from other models started playing , all eyes on their hands till they got out of sight.

They arrived at her dressing room and met Lola arranging her dresses for today's shoot on a movable hanger already.

"Oh! You two..." She said, hiding her shock as she stared at their hands.

"What are you still doing here?" Fiona questioned.

"What do you mean? Miss Fion...

"I'm sorry I'm late! I had stomach cramps! I'm so sorry!" A new lady entered the room, panting for breaths.

"You're no longer needed as my manager. I can't possibly keep a toxic person like you close despite everything you've done to me" Fiona said, and Lola gasped.

"I promise to never indulge myself in your private life anymore miss Fiona but... please spare me just this once and...

"Get out" Fiona glared.

"Miss Fiona, I promise I...

"Now!" She yelled, and Lola scurried out.

A relieved breath left Fiona's nostrils immediately.

"I'll recheck the dresses" the new lady said.

"Please" Fiona replied, and Matty turned her to himself.

"You ok?" He asked.

"I've never felt more ok" she replied, and he gave her a big hug with a wide smile.



Thanks to the bright sun in the sky, it's a perfect day to get wet in the water.

The kids had to use floats in the pool though with several meals surrounding the pool for consumption.

Iris and Nancy sat by the edge and just watched since they can't swim yet.

"Kendra, do you still remember that day when we went to the sea and you almost drowned?" Liam suddenly asked.

"I don't wanna remember" she shook her head.

"I was expecting you to become aquaphobic after that, but here you are, swimming" he laughed.

"Duhh" she shrugged, adjusting her float on her waist.

"Is there anything you both haven't tried together? Heard you went to Zuma mountains too" Nancy said from the edge, taking a huge bite from the berry.

"Liam said they're partners in crime" Iris said gently.

"You know you look gentle but you're actually not, you talk a lot" Liam said, and Iris laughed.

"Of course I talk, I have mouth" 

"Heard that?" Liam faced Kendra, and she laughed too.

"Can we go to Santorini with you during the summer break?" Kendra asked.

"I'll convince my brother Matty to go with his new girl so I'm just gonna tag along" Nancy said.

"New girl?' Iris faced her.

"Fiona Shawn!" Nancy screamed.

"Wait! The tall beautiful model? I love her so much!" Kendra shouted.

"Thanks, I'll tell her you love her" Nancy said proudly.

"Crazy" Liam muttered, and the girls laughed.

Meanwhile, the new couple are on the wide island sea.

Rosy is in a white bikini, and she has a fancy bandana on her head, holding her hair together. It's already growing long again.

She's currently on a water jet, sitting behind Roman who's shirtless with just black shorts on his lower body.

They're going jet skiing, and the jet is ready to move.

"Ready?" He asked from the front, grabbing the handles as she held him tight.

"Yes daddy!" She shouted in response, and he screwed it off, riding into the tides.

"Oh my gawd!!!" Rosy screamed, holding his shoulders to stand briefly.

"No one told me jet skiing is this fun" she laughed.

"It's always the best to see for yourself" Roman replied, and she sat back, wrapping her arms on him again.

"I love the river so much" she muttered, looking around the mystifying view as the jet moved faster on her waves.

The happiness kept coming bigger and bigger, and she kept hoping she's not taking too much.

Here she is, with her man... having the best time of her life but...she couldn't help but fell like a deep blow is coming.

She closed her eyes, resting on his back as she drifted into fantasy, forgetting her worries and deciding to enjoy NOW.



Stefan hasn't left the TV since daybreak. He has been in front of it, waiting for when the news is gonna break.

The ultimatum for him to return the cash he borrowed from the bank is this week.

If he fails to do it, then his company is the collateral.

The one he borrowed from loan sharks has this week as ultimatum too, and he used his house and cars as collateral.

If there's a single snap, then he'd lose everything, so he's praying with all he has as he watched the TV with straight attention.

The time clocked 5, and he strained his eyes as the land news broke.

He spranged up from his chair, his heart beating so fast...

🎙️ The State government has decided to build an additional seaport plus the existing one for easier access to the foreign traders and businesses as the population of the trade kept increasing. Zuma sea was chosen for...

Stefan couldn't wait to hear the remaining news...

He was already sweating as he brought out his phone and checked online.

The article is out too, and it's the same thing.

"No!" He muttered, rushing out of the house.



The family is just arriving from Cruz, excluding Nancy though cos her driver came for her at the airport.

They were just getting down from the car when another car drove into the gate.

Jeffery rushed out of it, beaming with happiness.

"Boss! We were right! It's Zuma! Our land at Zuma! You're about to get richer again boss!" He shouted ecstatically.

"Wow!" Roman faced Rosy.

"We did it" she smiled.

"We should probably throw a party this time around" Liam said.

"I want a party too!" Iris jumped.

"What do you say boss?" Jeffery asked, and Roman was about to talk when a taxi stopped in front of the house.

Stefan came out of it, rushing to the already locked gate.

"Roman! Roman you saw the news right? It's not jumbo district! It's Zuma sea land! We bought the wrong land!" He shouted hotly, slamming his palms on the gate.

Roman pocketed an hand and walked to him, the gate acted as a barricade between them anyways.

"We lost, shit happens" he said with a big smile.

"You aren't seriously smiling right now are you? I lost a billion and I have a lot of debts Roman! I get that a billion means nothing to you but to me...

He stopped talking when he saw Roman kept smiling, then his eyes widened.

"Wait...the Zuma sea land, you....

"You're smart after all. Yes, I own it, I bought it since two months ago" Roman said calmly.

"What! Then you tricked me to buy Jumbo? How could you!!! How could you Roman Lawson!!!" Stefan yelled.

"I tricked us.... remember I have a billion wasted on that jumbo district too" Roman said.

"How could you!!!! I'm in trouble right now Roman! I'm in debts and...

"Maybe you should talk to me instead" Rosy came forward, and Stefan's arms dropped.

"Still remember the agony you made me pass through for years? You're gonna pass through everything in just a short period of time, and I can't wait to watch you crumble. I promised to take everything away from you remember? Now this is it, you're empty" she smiled.

"No! Rosy you can't...you can't do that to me!!!!" He pulled roughly at the gate like he's gonna tear it down, and Rosy smiled again.

"Deal with it, Stef" she called him like she used to call him back then, and tears built up inside his eyeballs.

"No Rosy I still love you I swear! I regret doing that to you and I've been suffering for it all my life! Don't do this to me I'm gonna die on debts!!" He cried out 

"Then die" Rosy muttered, and his eyes widened.


A car halted behind him, and the two brothers came out all smiles.

"Wait.... Why are you still alive? Didn't you see the news?" Bishop asked.

Stefan gasped for breath just once...

"Good, now do it like a good boy" Angelina smiled, and he gasped for breath again, passing out on the ground.

Rosy took a deep breath with closed eyes, and Roman pulled her to himself, hugging her face to his chest.

"Call the mortuary...I mean ambulance" Bishop said, and Angelina got his phone.


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