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The Mafia's Ruination - Episode 44




The  Mafia's Ruination - Episode 44

Subtitle; {Between Love and War} 

Authoress Rejoice            


Alexander's POV

Stepping into a bar, I was immediately engulfed by its dim ambiance. My migraine was intensifying, each pulse echoing like a drumbeat in my skull, my heart pounding in sync. Tears were on the brink of spilling over, a testament to the turmoil within. 

It was barely past noon, yet I found solace at the bottom of a whiskey glass. Each sip amplified the throbbing in my head, distorting my vision. 

It felt as if a barrage of stones were relentlessly pummeling my mind. I knew I should head home, but the thought of Alice seeing me in this state was unbearable. She would despíse the fact that I was succumbing to my father's will, agreeing to marry his chosen bride. Yet, what choice did I have? I needed to protect her, to prevent her from becoming a casúalty of my decisions. 

My father was right. I was not cut out to rule or lead a Màfia; I was too weak. He was also correct in his assertion that Alice would be my dównfall. Indeed, she had already changed me - she had inspired me to strive for more, to cherish life, to love her more than life itself. And if that meant my ruín, I would accept it willingly.

I made it home safely. As I pulled into my building, I stepped out of my car. "Qualcuno è venuto qui?!" I shouted, capturing everyone's attention. 

Translation: "Did anybody come here?" 

"No, capo," Cosmo responded promptly. 

Translation: "No, Boss." 

I ran my fingers through my hair, a mix of angér, frustràtion, a throbbing headache, and a sense of disoríentation all assaúlting me at once. I unleashed a flurry of púnches on the wall, attempting to vent this paín, but it only resulted in more húrt. "Se succede qualcosa ad Alice mentre sono via, morirete tutti," I warned. 

Translation: "If anything ever happens to Alice while I'm away, you are all going to díe."

I entered the living room, avoiding any interaction with Alice at the moment. I didn't want her to discover that I had committed the most significant errór of my lífe to safeguard her - I would go to any lengths for her. 

I stopped deàd in my tracks, noticing Alice still perched on the cursed couch, engrossed in her sketchbook - I shouldn't be àngry at her, she was oblivious to the fact that a gún had been aimed at her. 

Her expression shifted to one of concern as she rose from the couch and approached me. "What happened?" she asked. 

"Nothing," I responded, evading her anxious gaze and stepping back. 

"Alex," Alice's voice softened, her steps measured as she moved closer. 

"I'm not in the mood to talk right now, Alice," I informed her. 

Undeterred, she continued her approach. "Tell me, what's wrong? What happened?"

Unwillingly, I pushed her away as she tried to hold my hands. 

Why couldn't she just understand? I needed space. I want to be alone, that's how it should be. I am not meant for happiness. 

"Can't you fúcking understand a god-damnéd sentence?! I don't want to talk to you, Alice so leave me alone!" My heart shattered as I saw her eyes well up with tears, she swallowed hard, looking at me with a crestfallen expression. "I'm sorry, darling." I cradled her face, wiping the tears from her beautiful features. "I deeply regret raising my voice at you." I reiterated, letting my hands fall from her face. 

She studied me, her gaze lingering on my hands. Tentatively, she took them in hers. "Where were you this morning, Alexander?" Her voice was shaky yet alert. "What happened to your hands?" 

"I'm getting married." I decided to let the news out. There was no point in concealing it any longer. 

Her expression turned to one of confusion. "Alexander, I'm déadly serious, so stop with the jokes and answer me." Alice retorted, her eyes locked on mine. "What happened to your knuckles?"

"I'm getting married," I reiterated to her. "My father insists on it, or he'll hàrm you."

"What?!" Her voice escalated. "How could you? You went to him without informing me?"

"Exactly," I echoed her words. "You expected me to tell you that I was going to confrónt my father, a man who could end your lífe with a single bullét and is plotting to do so? Is that what you wanted to hear?" My anger surged with each passing moment. "You mean nothing to me, absolutely nothing," I spat out, immediately regretting my harsh words. "I'll arrange for your safe departure from the country. My father won't pursue you." 

As soon as the words left my mouth, I wished I could retract them. I saw the húrt in her eyes, a pàin that I had inflicted. I wanted to punísh myself for causing such distréss to the woman I loved.

"Happy married life," she retorted, her statement jolting me out of my self-inflicted sorrów.

"Happy married life?" 

I'm doing all of this for her, and she's wishing me a happy married life. I know she's upsét because I just said something I shouldn't have, but she shouldn't have wished me a happy married life. 

As she turned to leave, I grabbed her wrist, halting her. I pulled her into my arms, her back against my chest. I hugged her, resting my head on her shoulder. "I'm an idiot, such an idiot," I murmured into her shoulder. "My father invited me home, and when I arrived, I was told that I had to marry someone to save your lífe. I agreed." 

"So, you're getting married?" She asked, her voice barely above a whisper. I nodded against her shoulder, breathing in her familiar scent. "Do you know the girl?" 


Alice turned to face me. "You do? Who is she?" she asked.

"Peyton," I answered.

"The girl you had your first kiss with?" she queried, a note of uncertainty and pàin in her voice.

"Uh huh," I responded, my gaze locked onto Alice's eyes. They weren't their usual vibrant and lively selves; they looked shattered. "I'm getting married to her."

"I don't understand, why did you agree to it?" Alice asked, confusion etched on her face.

"Because of a video," I replied, my hands finding refuge in my pockets. "A live video of a gún aimed at you, contingent on my response."

"A gun was pointed at me without my knowledge?" she questioned, disbelief evident in her voice as she licked her lips nervously.

"Can we talk about this later? I'm exhausted, I need a long shower," I muttered, releasing a deep sigh.

"Sure, we'll talk later," Alice agreed. I placed a gentle kiss on her forehead before walking away, ascending the stairs to my room. 

How long of a shower would it take to alleviate this migraine? This persistent headàche that I thought I had finally shaken off, only for it to return. It seemed it was here to stay.

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