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The Mafia's Ruination - Episode 45




The  Mafia's Ruination - Episode 45

Subtitle; {Between Love and War} 

Authoress Rejoice            


Alexander's POV

Alice and I found ourselves nestled on the couch within the confines of my room. I was recounting the events that transpired at my father's residence. 

Her eyes were locked onto me, her lips twitching subtly. "So, you're to be a married man by December?" Her voice wavered, barely concealing her disbeliéf. "By next month?" 

Even I found it hard to digest. The fact that my father could stoop so low to manipulàte me once again was beyond belief. The realization that despite my deep affection for Alice, I wouldn't be able to be with her was heart-wrenching. 

"Yes. I need to clear my head for tomorrow." I admitted. 

"Of course." She sighed, rising from the couch. "Do you want me to leave?" 

"No." My response was immediate, and she resumed her seat. I rested my head on her lap, closing my eyes. Her fingers gently caressed my hair - a sensation I knew I would soon miss. An irrational part of me had begun to envision a future with her, complete with a giggling baby girl scampering around our home. But now, that dream seemed unattainable.


Seated on the same couch as yesterday, I engaged in a conversation with Alice. This was my only defense against the overwhelming feelings of breathlessnéss, anxiéty, and lightheadédness. 

My mother sat next to me, murmuring words that I tried to integrate into my conversation with Alice. My father occupied his usual seat, placing a call to Mr. Alfonso.

A few minutes later, a trio entered the living room, led by a maid. It struck me as odd, they were familiar with the layout of our home, so why did they need a guide? 

My mother rose from the couch, crossing the room to embrace Mrs. Alfonso.

"Hi," a girl with wine-colored hair chimed in, waving at me. "I'm Peyton."

I glanced towards my father, who was busy welcoming Mr. Alfonso and inviting him to sit. My attention returned to the girl. I gave her a quick once-over before extending my hand for a handshake. Her expression was shy but her smile was genuine as she accepted my gesture.

"Alexander," I introduced myself."

"I know," she says, her hand still trembling in mine. 

Subtly and unnoticed, I pull my hand away. 

"May I sit?" she asks. 

"Of course," I reply. 

"Awwwn, sono così carini," Mrs. Alfonso exclaims after Peyton takes a seat next to me, much to my discomfort. 

Translation: "Awwwn, they are so adorable." 

"Sono d'accordo," my father chimes in. "Non vedo l'ora di avere finalmente Peyton nella mia famiglia." 

Translation: "I agree. I can't wait to finally have Peyton in my family."

"Come stai, Alessandro?" Mr. Alfonso asked. 

Translation: How are you, Alexander? 

"Bene, grazie." 

Translation: Good, thank you. 

"Certo che lo sei. Stai facendo un ottimo lavoro nel gestire sia le tue compagnie che il clan." He faced my father with a crooked smile. "Vorrei avere tuo figlio come mio." 

Translation: Of course, you are. You're doing a great job managing both your companies and the clan. I wish I had your son as mine. 

"Ebbene papà, purtroppo per te e fortunatamente per me sono il tuo unico figlio." Peyton prattled, raising her head up proudly. 

Translation: Well Dad, unfortunately for you and fortunately for me, I'm your only child.

My mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso, erupted into laughter as if what she had said was the most amusing thing in the world. 

Two maids approached; one held a tray bearing four glasses of wine, while the other carried a tray of macaroons. 

This was how I spent a week of my life; visiting the Alfonso family every day. They were temporarily residing at my father's house until the wedding. My life had returned to its usual routine - I barely saw Alice, spending my nights in my study working until dawn because sleep eluded me. 

I missed Alice, but there was a certain look in her eyes that told me she was deeply hurt, and I felt powerless to comfort her. I longed for her embrace, for the familiar scent of her, for the warmth of her hugs. I missed her smile, the sound of her laughter - I missed Alice.


Today marks the D-Day of Peyton and my private "date" together. No parents, just us, leaving just the two of us in a restaurant handpicked by my father. 

Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso were enthusiastic about their daughter's impending marriage to me. Peyton, too, was quite attached - she incessantly sought ways to initiate physical contact, always beaming at me and giggling like a teenager. 

As I prepared for our "date", I saw Alice. Despite her attempts to mask her melanchóly, her sàdness was palpable.


As I sat in the restaurant, I found myself growing impatient while waiting for Peyton to arrive. She was already ten minutes late. 

Eventually, Peyton made her entrance, striding towards the table where I was seated. "Ciao. Mi dispiace sono in ritardo," she greeted. 

Translation: Hi, I'm sorry I'm late. 

"Va bene," I managed to respond, forcing a smile. 

Translation: It's fine.

She pulled out a chair and sat down across from me, then said, "Alexander, so che non ti piaccio." I looked up at her, taken aback by her sudden declaration. "Non mi piaci neanche tu. Ho una ragazza." 

Translation: Alexander, I know you don't like me. I don't like you either. I have a girlfriend.

I found myself appreciating the honesty. She didn't like me, and I didn't like her. The feeling was mutual. 

But wait, did she just say she has a girlfriend?

"Sì, hai sentito bene," Peyton nodded her head. "Ho una ragazza e ai miei genitori non piace affatto."

Translation: Yes, you heard right. Peyton nodded her head. I have a girlfriend and my parents don't like it at all.

Thar makes both of us. The only difference is that my mum supports Alice and I. 

"È fantastico," I muttered under my breath, sitting up properly to look into her black eyes. "Cosa hai intenzione di fare?"

Translation: That's great. What do you plan to do?

"Ecco di cosa sono all'oscuro. Tu sei la màfia, dimmelo tu." 

Translation: That's what I'm clueless about. You're the Màfia, you tell me. 

What could I tell her? I was essentially being held at gúnpoint, indirectly, to do this. 

She stared back at me expectantly. When I didn't respond, she heaved a deep sigh. "Devi pensare a qualcosa, Alex. Il nostro fidanzamento è la prossima settimana, quindi la prossima settimana è il matrimonio, per favore pensa a qualcosa prima di allora." 

Translation: You need to think of something, Alex. Our engagement is next week, then the wedding is the week after. Please think of something before then. 

"Non puoi semplicemente scappare?" I asked 

Translation: Can't you just run away?

She shook her head in denial. "Vorrei poterlo fare ma non posso." Peyton sighs. "Mio padre mi ha nominato delle guardie quando ha scoperto che mi piacciono le ragazze, non posso scappare."  

Translation: I wish I could, but I can't. My father assigned guards to me when he discovered that I like girls, I can't escape.

I racked my brain, there must be something I could do to help her flee. Assisting her would mean helping myself, and that would also provide me the opportunity to confess my feelings to Alice. Even if she might not reciprocate, at least I would find relief in expressing my emotions.

Peyton's voice jolted me from my thoughts. "Fallo per Alice." I looked up at her with bewilderment. "Me l'ha detto Madison," she added. 

Translation: Do it for Alice. Madison told me. 

Of course , it's always Madison, I shouldn't be surprised. 

Peyton giggled, a sound I was familiar with, and said, "Mi piacerebbe vedere la ragazza che può tollerarti," She said, "Spero che sia bella come mi ha detto Maddie, spero che non abbia esagerato."  

Translation: I'd love to see the girl who can tolerate you. Spero che sia bella come mi ha detto Maddie, spero che non abbia esagerato. I hope she's as beautiful as Maddie told me, I hope she didn't exaggerate anything. 

"Non so cosa ti abbia detto ma posso assicurarti che Alice è bellissima." I replied; Alice's face appearing in my vision. "Così bello."   

Translation; I don't know what she told you but I can assure you that Alice is beautiful. So beautiful.

"La ami molto." She murmured, touching my hand that was on the table with a slight smile. "Vorrei che i nostri genitori potessero vedere il nostro amore per i nostri partner." 

Translation; You love her a lot. I wish our parents could see our love for our partners.

"Sì." I replied, agreeing with her. 

Translation; Yeah. 

"C'è una ragazza alle tue spalle che ci guarda, non sembra felice." Peyton informs me, her eyes secretly on the person at my back. "Penso che sia Alice. No, lei è Alice." 

Translation; There is a girl at your back looking at us, she do not look happy. I think she is Alice. No, she's Alice.

Ràge overwhelmed me, my blóod boiling with red mist. How dare Alice turn deaf ears to my warnings? 

"Devo andare. Ti chiamerò." I told her, standing up from my seat. 

Translation; I got to go. I'll call you.

After I gave Alice series of warnings not to follow me, she did. She disobeyed me and came here. What if something has happened to her? What if my father caught her?

I knew Alice was stubborn and doesn't like listening to orders but this was different. This was for her safety, she ignored me. Tonight was supposed to be an happy night because I wasn't going to get married but she just ruined my mood.

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