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The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 7&8




The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 7&8

Theme: Stuck With The Immortal Emperor...

Genres:  Historical/ Royal Dark Romance/ Fantasy/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R. 


"It's the Devil!!!!!!!!" They screamed out and fell on their knees,heads bowed. 

"Please have mercy on us,we promise to flee and never come back here" They pleaded. 

"Flee?" Augustus asked in a pissed voice. 

"What should we do? We will do anything!!" They cried out. 

"Report yourselves to the Emperor in two days time,you might want to dare me by running away,then consider yourself dead" He said 

"We will do that Master!!" They chorused and he vanished. 

Immediately they scattered and ran off,falling every second because their bodies aren't balanced yet. 



Emperor Augustus appeared in his chamber,he checked himself,his fingers are still long outside,the demons around him aren't at rest yet. 

He sat down and closed his eyes,his white hair still remained the same,it was standing and the dark power kept going inside him. The dark demons in the room were making some much noise into his ears,he could hear every single thing going on and it made him mad, he opened his red eyes. 

"Shut it!!!!" He growled angrily and it was silent instantly. 

Outside,the guards heard the growl and two wanted to rush in. 

"Don't" Asher ordered and they faced him. 

"Commander his majesty......."

"Forget you heard that" Asher said.

They exchanged glances and returned to their positions wondering why Asher stopped them and he's not making any move to go inside either. 



It's finally the day,one wouldn't call it a D-Day,it's more like a sorrowful day for Zhuri. 

She stared at herself in the mirror as she was getting dressed up by lady Esme,it's not a pretty dress,Zhuri can't even describe how it was. It looks so blurry to get the color,obviously she's a slave aferall. 

A tear dropped from Zhuri's eyes and Lady Esme saw that. 

"You have to be strong no matter what Zhuri" She said and Zhuri immediately wiped her tears. 

"You can't start this with your pitiful self,you haven't even started yet,this is the beginning Zhuri,you can't give up this way." Lady Esme said. 

Zhuri managed to nod her head slowly,of course she's not in any possible to give up,she made the choice herself,it's her decision,she could have given up when the Deity asked. 

"I will be fine,I should" Zhuri said. 

Lady Esme smiled and inserted the only hairpin in her hand in Zhuri's hair. 

"You look so pretty Zhuri" She said and Zhuri managed to smile. 

"Thank you court lady" She muttered. 

"We have to go now" Esme said and Zhuri took one last breath before she followed her out. 



The assembly was filled up,everyone was present and ready to witness what was going to happen. 

It's very rare getting a royal séx slave,it happens once in a decade or never. 


Everyone stood properly and bowed at once as Emperor Augustus was guarded to his seat. Ximena also took her seat next to him,she actually walked in with him. 

Other Kings,Elders and Ministers were already there. 

Soon after the arrival of the Emperor,Zhuri appeared from the far end of the assembly. 

Immediately,murmurs filled everywhere,as Zhuri walked to the front,she could hear countless and endless curse words from every angle directly to her,she didn't look down or side ways as lady Esme adviced,she only walked with her head high up there not caring about whatever she was hearing from the people. 

👥 She's so shameless. 

👥 I hate her

👥 How could she still look this good?

👥 She shouldn't be here at all. 

They kept talking and whispering even when she finally got to the front,the whole lots staring at her but she was only focused on the ground 

"Silence!" The Emperor spoke up and immediately everyone became quiet he gave the royal announcer a good ahead and he continued.

Ximena rolled her eyes from her seat. 


He announced and that sounded strange in Zhuri's ears. Tattoo? On her body??

She sighted the blade inside the hot furnace from afar and her body began to shake,a lady went there and removed the long sharp blade with a glove in her hand,she took it and started approaching Zhuri. 

She swallowed hard but didn't take a step from where she was standing.

Somehow she don't want to appear too weak. 

She stopped in front of Zhuri and she didn't even say a word before she tried removing her blouse. 

"No!" Zhuri screamed and hugged herself,she Can't possibly undress in front of the whole city,what else is she going to face in future? This is shameful. 

She was already in tears. 

"Let me do this myself" She said to the woman who didn't even reply her. 

Gently,Zhuri dragged down the zipper on her blouse a little bit,she pulled the blouse a little bit down,making sure nothing was exposed. 


"Your back" The woman replied and Zhuri turned her back on her,holding her blouse tightly,she didn't even know she was facing the Emperor directly until she looked up,she quickly removed her gaze from him. 

The silence was cut short the moment the hot blade penetrated into her skin. 

"Ahhhh!!!!!!!" Zhuri screamed out in pain,but the people watching seems to rejoice with her cries. 

The woman kept drawing on her skin and Zhuri wouldn't stop crying,she couldn't help it,her screams echoed in the air. 

It stings,hot,hurt,she was in pains.

"All done" The woman finally said and walked away. 

Zhuri couldn't move for like a minute,she was in the same position until the Emperor stood up from his seat. 

Zhuri wore her blouse slowly making sure it doesn't touch her wound but it can't be helped either. 


The slave tag was placed on the Emperor's Hand,he walked closer to Zhuri with a blank look on his face,Zhuri sniffs in her tears,her head still bowed,she doesn't even want to look at anyone at that moment,she felt like dying,the pain was too much to endure. 

She stood still as the emperor himself wore the slave tag around her neck and the next was claps all over the place. 

It's official now,she just became the royal séx slave.....no freedom from now on. She couldn't control the tears falling from her eyes,they kept on coming no matter how hard she tried to control them. 

In the crowd,the Deity could be seen in the image of another old woman this time around,she stared at Zhuri from there and nodded. 

"Water the tree well from now on Zhuri" She said and like that,she turned her back and left. 



Ximena was restless,she was pacing in her room restlessly,tonight is going to be Zhuri's first night with the emperor but somehow it's too hard for her to accept. 

The fact that she will be sharing him with an ordinary slave girl made her restless,even if it's a noble woman,she doesn't want another with the emperor,just her alone. 

The door opened and her closest maid,Neriah walked in. 

"My lady" She greeted and Ximena immediately looked at her. 

"How is it?" She asked 

"That girl have been given a room in the maids quarter and I am sure she would be getting ready soon for his majesty my lady" Neriah replied and Ximena scoffed 

"Did he ordered her to be given a room? Why?!" She should. 

"I have no idea my lady" 

"She doesn't deserve a room" Ximena sat down. 

"I'm going to talk to him...."

"I don't think you should do that my lady, what if he get mad? Isn't it just right to have his first night with her tonight?" She asked and Ximena scoffed. 

She wasn't satisfied,she was boiling with anger within her. 

'I'm never going to allow her take what's mine away from me,never' she sworn inwardly. 



Zhuri  was in tears as Esme added some herb leaves on the tattoo wound. 

"Zhuri it's enough,this will make the pain go away,so stop crying" Esme said and moved away from her. 

"Thank you lady Esme" she said. 

"You should start getting ready,you will be summoned to the chamber in no time" 

"Tonight?" Zhuri asked. 

"Yes,it's your first night with the emperor" Esme replied and sighed out. 

"Is she mine?" She asked,looking around the small room with just a bed and a dressing mirror with a seat. What's the use of the dressing mirror,it's all empty and useless,she's a slave,just a slave. 

"Let's do something about your face,you have to please the emperor tonight at least" Esme said and Zhuri nodded. 

"A warning" 

"What's that?" Zhuri asked. 

"Never look into his eyes,never.... Don't try it even if you're tempted to" Esme said and Zhuri nodded,she wouldn't do that,she was so sure. 



Zhuri was escorted by the guards to the emperor's chamber,they stopped at the entrance and left her there. 

Even without going in,Zhuri's heart was already in her mouth,her heart was beating so fast,too fast. 

'You can do this Zhuri,you can' 

She assured herself and finally took a step in,she opened the door and went inside. 

She was welcomed by the spacious and beautifully designed lounge,she couldn't help but checked it out briefly,no one was there,she looked at the second entrance and started debating In her mind whether to go on or not. 

But she did,not like she have a choice. She entered and it was the bedroom,the bedroom screams royalty,she wasn't given the chance to check well when she heard steps behind her. 

She quickly turned and her heart skipped a beat seeing him,the emperor. Her head was bowed almost immediately. 

"Good.....evening.....Your Majesty....."

"I'm not your majesty" His deep voice cut her off and she looked up,but avoiding his eyes. 

"To a criminal slave....I'm not your king neither am I your emperor or your majesty" He said and Zhuri swallowed. 

"Then.....what should I....."

"You're my slave,I am your lord,that should be clear enough" 

"I understand...my Lord" Zhuri bowed. 

The emperor left her sight but she turned back to face him. 

"Strip Zhuri.....I have no time to waste" His deep voice brought her back,did she actually forget what reason brought her here?? 

She didn't question that order,she started from her blouse,she unzipped it carefully and it dropped on the floor,she moved to the short skirt,just like other maids wear theirs,but still she felt uncomfortable in them,now she's taking them off. 

She stood there stank naked waiting for him to look at her at least,his back was turned on her,so she called him. 

"I'm....ready My Lord" She couldn't help the stuttering. 

The Emperor turned and faced her,at that same minute,she lost her eyes control,her eyes fell directly on his own. 

'He's.......handsome' Zhuri thought. 

She was totally mesmerized and spelled by the beauty in those bright eyes of his. 

But it was short lived because his eyes turned red almost immediately.

Zhuri gasped. 

"How dare you look at me with those eyes?!!" He growled angrily and the brightness of his eyes shone on Zhuri's own. 

Instantly.....Her Vision was taken from her. She became blind. 


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