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The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 9&10




The Darkest Conjuration-Episode 9&10

Theme: Stuck With The Immortal Emperor...

Genres:  Historical/ Royal Dark Romance/ Fantasy/ Erotica. 

By Summer Gold R. 


Zhuri screamed and fell on her knees right away. 

"My Lord,forgive me!" she cried. 

"It won't ever repeat itself,so please.......forgive me,just this once" She said,keeping her head bowed. 

She didn't hear him move but it was just a second after that her sight was given back to her. 

"Thank you My Lord" She said. 

"Get up" His voice came with authority,Zhuri didn't waste any second before getting up,this time more careful than ever. 

"Get on the bed and turn your back" He said. 

'My...back' Zhuri repeated in her head and swallowed hard before approaching the bed. 

'Oh Zhuri,you wers born to suffer' She said to herself and finally climbed on the bed,how was she supposed to back him? Laying on her chest? Or just sitting and turning her back on him? Which one? 

She doesn't want to make a mistake to get him mad but she was confused,still she followed her mind and lie on her chest,but even a minor would know that he wouldn't be able to do anything in such position,so she pushed her lower body up a little bit,isn't this what he expected her to do?? 

She could hear the sounds of cottons getting loosed,she knew he was undressing,is that why he wanted her to back him? Is she not supposed to see him just the way he saw her?? 

Zhuri decided to clear her mind at once when she finally felt him behind her on the bed,her eyes went shut instantly,expecting the worst pain. 

"Spread your legs Zhuri" He groaned in his low deep voice and Zhuri immediately did,this is the second time he's calling her name and somehow his pronunciation always hit different,his voice is so smooth and..........Stop Zhuri,don't start. She cautioned herself. 

She was expecting at least a touch from him,but nothing came,is this also part of the punishment? To make her feel that she's absolutely nothing to be touched by him?? Holding her might as well make her feel less scared and not making her feel so low of herself,that's exactly what he's doing right now. Making her feel low,just too low. 

The first thrust was unexpected,and not just unexpected....it was reckless and unforgiving,it was too hard,deep and héll it hurts!!

"Ahh!!!!" Zhuri screamed and held the bed spread tightly. 

He was big.....really big for her size,the first time was actually a force which didn't even last two minutes as far as she could remember,but she bled,yes she did....was it her virginity that night or she was just hurt from the forceful thrust? She doesn't really know for real,because there was no one for her to ask,every growing lad  really need a mother next to them or a figure like mother,it's always grieving when there's none,and that's Zhuri's situation. 

Now she's here again. 

Agonizingly,she held the spread more tighter than she held her lifespan when she was being tattooed,this hurts even more. 

The Emperor really didn't care about that scream which came from her,his díck sank deeper inside her. 

"Hmm" Zhuri groaned,this is pure torture,nothing else could compare,she was in pain. 

When he pulled out finally,Zhuri released a breath but that relief didn't last a second before he thrust inside her again,this time even more rougher. 

Zhuri held her lips with her teeth,trying her best not to cry out,what if he get angry again?? But then he started giving her wildest and roughest ride of her life. Each thrust comes with another dimension of pain she wants to scream out. 

Her eyes were filled with unrolled tears,,suddenly,he moved in an impossible way which stretched her softness,it was héll. 

"My lord!!!!" Zhuri cried out and didn't think twice before trying to get up but something else her down,he wasn't holding her...then what was holding her?? She couldn't move.

"My Lord please!!!" She screamed. Not a single word or sound came from him but the torture only increased. He was really punishing her with all he had. 

"That hurts!!!" Zhuri shook her head with tears rolling down her eyes. 

He pulled out of her and her face fell on the bed,she couldn't breathe,her honeypot felt so hot and it stings,she swallowed hard,but still she couldn't move her body. 

The rest didn't last a minute before she felt him inside her again. 

"No!!" Zhuri screamed out on his first thrust of torture again. He penetrated so deeply that she choked on her own scream and cry...

"My lord....." She called. 

"Please........be gentle please" 

But all fell on deaf ears,he did all he did,he punished her,tortured her,made her bled,yes she bled,which was the reason he let her go. 

When he left the bed,Zhuri fell weakly and helplessly on the bed,her body was covered with sweat,her face was covered with tears and her hair were so rough that they stick on the sweats on her face. 

She have never felt such pain in her life,worst than anything she's been passing through. Zhuri was getting her breaths back to normal,she was so tired. 

"If I meet you on my bed,prepare to be buried alive" His deep voice woke her up in a weak way,she heard a door closed loudly and she swallows hard before getting up gently and slowly,not like she had a choice,her legs were literally shaking on the floor as she tried to get dressed. 

After managing to get dressed,she walked out,holding unto the wall to support herself,she was still in tears,she couldn't control it. 

At some point,she fell on the ground in the lounge. She held unto the chair and got up again,she could hear from afar as the emperor was ordering someone to change the bed. Wait not even bedspread?? The whole bed?? 

The guards didn't stop staring at her as she walked,but nobody dare think of helping her,they wouldn't.




Zhuri just finished taking her bath,she dressed up in the maids uniform. Esme actually gave her about three of the same uniforms,Zhuri had asked if she did that for every maids in the palace but never got a reply,but she was thankful,at least she get to wash one and still have another one to put on,not like there's any clothes to change into. 

She checked herself out in the mirror,she was still feeling the pain from last night,she was hoping it would take at least two days before the emperor think of having her again,she really hoped so. 

Staring at herself in the mirror,this body she is...is really a very beautiful young lady,her skin is so smooth,clean,white and spotless unlike her old body,she was covered with scars from her face to her legs,she wasn't really ugly but she's definitely ugly if placed beside this body. 

"The skirt is quite too short" She muttered and tried pulling it down,still it wasn't comfortable enough,she had to leave it that way. 

The door suddenly opened loudly,hitting the wall behind and Zhuri turned at once. 

Five maids came in,they all look so angry that she was scared mere looking at their faces. 

The first one dropped a broom on the floor,the second dropped a watering can,then a parking basket,some cleaning towel and other things meant for cleaning. 

"You think you can escape working here? You must be Crazy!" The first girl yelled at Zhuri and she was confused. 

"Pick those stuffs right now!!" 

Zhuri immediately bent down and packed them all

"Throw her out!!" 

They pushed her out of the room and she fell on the ground.

"Get up and start your work if you want to live" the meanest looking girl among them said and others dragged her up again. 

Ximena was watching from afar,she smiled and turned to Neriah. 

"Good job" She said and Neriah smiled. 

"She won't even have peace of mind at all my lady,,she will definitely be hated by every palace maids" Neriah said. 

"Exactly what I want" Ximena smiled and turned to walk away,Neriah stared at them one last time before she followed Ximena.  



Inside,the maids were dressing up their Emperor as usual,he was already looking as handsome as always. It's really hard to describe,he look more better as the days pass by,he looks younger everyday,he look handsome every minute,his beauty is just unexplainable. 

His bright brown eyes glow in the sun,his soft looking small lips,his perfect height,his long hair,his spotless white skin,everything about him is enough for any noble lady or even a low lady to fall for him and want him,but his forever frowny face and blank look,expressionless,unreadable look is also enough to scare them away. 

The maids brought out the last slide of the outfit and he frowned more hardly. 

"Too bright" He uttered. Reacting to the red royal robe. He's known to always wear either white or black,any other color is like a taboo for him because he find them too bright,He's right,they don't even fit his personality. 

The Maids immediately changed it and went with a black one with a touch of white,he was ready. 

"Your majesty...breakfast......"

"Take it away" He cut her off sharply and the maids exchanged glances,,they shouldn't be surprised but still they are. 

He always does this,he never eat the food they bring,breakfast,lunch,dinner,they will always find them in the same position untouched. 

Sometimes he might just manage to eat once in a week and they would wonder if there's anyone else bringing the emperor food. 

"Get out!" 

That alone made them scatter,they ran out and he rolled his eyes. 

"Dumb humans" He uttered. 

Asher came into the room a second after. 

"Your majesty" He bowed and the Emperor faced him. 

"What is it this time Asher" He asked. 

"Your majesty,the thieves just came to report themselves" Asher said with a hint of excitement in his voice. 

'Those humans really love their life...why? Isn't life too bitter to hate death this much?" Emperor Augustus asked and Asher was confused. 

"What about you? Do you love living this way? You've never thought of dying?" He asked further and Asher shook his head slowly. 

"No your majesty,I really want to live a long life,there's a lot of things I haven't done yet" He replied. 

"Like what?" Emperor Augustus asked. 

"I need to find a woman and start my own family....."

"Enough" The Emperor cut him off and he smiled. 

"That's every humans wish your majesty" He said shortly. 

"Lead the way" The emperor said. 

"Your majesty,after you please" Asher bowed and he rolled his eyes before walking out,Asher immediately followed. 

👥 Good morning your majesty!!!

👥 May you live long.... 

"Shut up!!" Emperor Augustus yelled at the person who said that. He turned with anger 

"Who said that?" He asked and everyone was silent 

"Asher!" He called. 

"Yes your majesty" Asher immediately moved closer. 

"Inform everyone,including the ministers,from now on...I don't want to hear that statement,long life my foot" 

"Yes your majesty" Asher bowed. 

Emperor Augustus continue walking still looking angry. 

He's not going to die anyway,he won't ever die,as long as this world continues,he will continue living,he hate living among humans,he despise it a lot. 

As they walked,the Emperor saw Zhuri working and she also saw him,she immediately bowed but she was totally ignored. 

She bite her lips and continue her work. 



Zhuri entered looking half dead,she just finished working,those maids made sure she did everyone else's work,yes she did their portion. 

But there was no one to support her or help her out of the situation,everyone was glaring at her,no doubt they all hate her,she could sense it. 

She sat down and checked her legs,they were all bloodily red. She got up again and got rid of her clothes,it was covered with dirts and sweats,she entered the bathroom and took a cold bath,she washed the uniform and dried it before returning to the room,she wore another one. 

"Ohh" she touched her tummy as it made a loud sound of hunger. 

But suddenly her door opened,disadvantage of a door without a lock. 

This time around,it was someone unexpected....Ximena. 

"My lady!" Zhuri immediately bowed but Ximena was glaring at her hatefully. 

"Did you spent the night with his majesty?" She asked the question and Zhuri was speechless 

"I just asked a question!" Ximena yelled. 

"No...I left last night" Zhuri replied with a shaking voice. 

"You had your first night with him" Ximena said and Zhuri managed to nod her head. 

Ximena moved closer and Zhuri swallowed in fear. 

"I'm here to warn you....don't even think of going to his chamber tonight even if he calls for you,He's mine tonight,do you get that?!!" Ximena shouted. 

"But......I....can't....I can't ignore.....his call......" A slap from Ximena landed on her face. 

"How dare you talk back you lowly slave!!" She yelled and Zhuri bite her lips,fighting back her tears. 

"Ignore even if he calls for you!! Do you understand?!! Or I will make your life a living hell in this palace!!" 

"Yes.....my lady" Zhuri said,stuttering. 

Ximena glared at her one more time before storming out of the room,closing the door loudly. 

Zhuri fell on her butt,when she was pronounced as the séx slave,all she was thinking about was the séx in it,the pain she would go through. 

She must have forgotten what that word..SLAVE really meant for real. But she was beginning to see it,everyone would look down on her,even the maids...she's in a lower position than the maids because those people probably get paid for the works they do. 

A slave can be killed anytime and no one will be questioned,she's in no position to talk,she's like an outcast,she's absolutely nothing to be compared to,she's nothing but an empty young lady in the palace who is supposed to be stepped on anyhow and anytime anyone wants,that's the definition of a slave. 



The Emperor was pacing round the lounge,any human with vision could see that he was at the last rage of his anger. It's been two good hours since he sent Asher to deliver his message to Zhuri but she didn't show up. 

"Asher!!" He called and the door opened instantly,rushing in. 

"Tell the guards to bring Zhuri for me....tell them to drag her on the ground from her room straight her to my chamber,on the ground!! Or I will kill you first if I don't see some blood on her body when she gets here" Emperor Augustus said angrily. 

"Yes your majesty" Asher bowed at once and rushed out. 

"How dare she" The Emperor continue pacing. She's literally the first to ever waste a minute after getting his call,but now not even a minute but two hours?

"How dare she" He clenched his fists,his demons were always forcing themselves out of his body,he was too angry to stop himself,just too angry. 

From afar,he could hear Zhuri's screams as the guards dragging her roughly on the ground and somehow those painful screams somehow calm him down. 

The screams was getting closer and closer and then they dragged him in. 

"Here your majesty" 

Zhuri quickly got up on her knees,her uniform were roughly torn on different sides,he could see the scratches and blood all over her body,only her face was untouched,she was bleeding. 

"Did you...really ignored my call?" He asked. 

"I'm sorry...your majesty" Zhuri cried. 

"Shut it!!! How dare you lowly human ignore my words!!!" He growled and Zhuri froze,she was shaking. 

"Your majesty........." 

"Get out everyone" 

The guards immediately rushed out. 

The emperor moved closer to Zhuri and looked at her neck,he began choking her with his eyes. 

Zhuri coughed and grabbed her neck,she couldn't breathe,the Emperor lifted her up with his eyes and choked her even more. 

"My lord" Zhuri managed to call,her hands still on her neck. 

Hearing that even made him more mad and he tightened it,Zhuri started vomiting blood,she was shaking her legs with every power,no more words from her,she was at the point of death. 

"Die!!!!!!" Emperor Augustus growled. 


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