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The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 9 & 10




The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 9 & 10

Theme: Blazing affection

By Terri Savage


"Even better" Everest said after he finished pouring the two cups of wine on Ceres.

Ceres's eyes came wide, and they refused to go back as the shock was too much.

👥Who are they?

👥 They look like commoners

👥Such boldness

👥 Where are the guards?

Murmurs began, and Jennifer smiled widely before facing Ceres.

The guards rushed in and tried going after Myles and Everest but Jennifer's voice stopped them.

"Touch them and you will all sleep in the cell" She said seriously, and they stopped.

👥 What!!!!

"I know you did it on purpose b*tch" Jennifer said.

"You got what you deserve" Paige added and Ceres looked at them hatefully.

She faced Everest and Myles who were smirking before storming out of the hall angrily.

"What are you doing?" Jennifer faced Myles.

"I was expecting that question from you, you left your phone in the car, here it's" He said and brought out the phone. She took it from him, and looked at him.

"Let's go buddy" He told Everest.

Everest looked at Paige before looking at him.

"What! That's my secretary, he came here with me and he's distancing himself from me, is he this daft?" She groaned.

"He's your secretary, the new one?" Jennifer asked and she nodded.

"The guy with him is my new driver, very rude, he talks to me with no fear" Jennifer said.

"What! We are facing the same thing, he talks to me like I'm not his boss, I asked him to brought some files into my office the day he resumed work, he came in with the files some minutes later and asked me where to place them, I sarcastically asked him to place it on my head and guess what, he placed the files on the middle of my head" Paige said.

"I sent him to get lunch and he came back with tomatoes, he boldly told me that according to research by scientists, tomatoes help in giving sense" Jennifer said, and Paige gasped.

"What!! He's worse, I can't believe we got two brats working for us and I can't even fire him, he's more good than Maggie"

"I can't fire Myles too, but I will make his stay with me a living hell for him" Jennifer said and they smiled at each other.

"Let's enjoy the party" Paige said.


"Dude you are something else" Everest smiled as he drank with Myles.

"I'm poor but I'm a branded edition" Myles said.

"I love how you treat the f*ck out of her" Everest said.

"I hate her" Myles uttered.

"I don't like her too" Everest said, drinking from his cup.

"Let's be best friends" Everest suddenly said, and Myles looked at him.

"Sure" He said and they bumped fist together.

"You should be with her, you are her secretary" Myles said.

"What about you?" Everest asked.

"Don't worry about me, I'm just a driver, you are her secretary, it's your duty to be beside her" Myles replied, and Everest smiled.

"Ok, let's see tomorrow" Everest nodded, and hugged Myles. Myles hugged him back before letting go of him. He smiled at Myles before going into the hall.

Myles looked up into the sky and continued drinking from his cup.


The party ended after one hour, and Myles and Jennifer were in her car, going to her castle. He was driving smoothly.

Silence took over in the car as it's usual between them.

She was scrolling through her phone when she suddenly remembered how he poured wine on Ceres face, and she started smiling silently.

Seriously, she knows he's a tough type but she didn't expect him to be that type, and the other guy. Jeez,her and Paige really got tough guys to work for them.

The smile turned into laughter and she couldn't keep it in, she bursted out laughing as she replayed the scene in her head. She looked forward to the driver seat and saw Myles concentrating on the road. She smiled and faced her phone.

Myles drove into the castle and the gate was open, he entered inside with the car and stopped.

Another car drove in after him, and the guards came out.

Myles came out of the car and opened the door for Jennifer, she looked at him surprisingly.

"What?" He asked, seeing the look she was giving him.

"You bluntly told me you can't open the door for me" She replied.

"Take it as a kind gesture from me" He replied, and she came out.

"Hey you" She said, and he faced her.

"I didn't know you are this tough in action, you are smart" She smiled.

"Why are you suddenly praising me?"

"I love people who don't give room for trash, I like that side, I like what you did to my half sister" She answered.

"Wow! Just know you aren't an exception" he smiled.

"Where is your secretary?" He asked.

"He had something important to attend to" She replied.

"You can go home with the car and come back to pick me up tomorrow" She said, and he snorted, laughing.

"Why are you laughing?" She frowned.

"Go home with the car so you can insult me tomorrow that my tenth generation can't afford a car tyre, nah, I will pass, goodnight miss Jennifer Keys" He smiled, and started leaving.

Jennifer watched him till he went out.

"What brand of perfume is he using or could it be his natural scent?" She wondered and started going in.

She got inside and met Monica waiting for her.

"Beautiful Jennifer" Monica teased, and she rolled eyes.

"I'm not in for your trouble, I'm going to bed" She said and climbed the stairs.

"Your driver is so handsome, gosh, I'm falling already" Monica gushed, and Jennifer stopped to glare at her.

"Bye sweetheart" Monica smiled and walked away.

Jennifer hissed and walked upstairs.


Everest got home and met Sloane watching her favorite Korean drama in the living room.

"Baby" He called.

"Stop calling me that, I'm not your girlfriend, reserve the name for her" She said, and he smiled before going to her.

"How are you?" He asked, falling on the couch beside her.

"Perfect, you came back late" She said.

"I attended a billionaire party with my boss" He said.

"I heard she is arrogant" 

"The rumors are true but she's not going to find it easy with me"

"Don't come crying to me when you get fired" She mocked.

"She's not the only company owner in America, I have a great news for you"

"What is it?" She asked curiously.

"I made a new friend today, Jennifer key's driver, but the interesting part is this" He said, and she looked at him curiously.

"I poured wine on Ceres Adams" He said.

"What!! Everest!! WTF" She started laughing.


After eating the dinner her personal maid cooked for her, Paige retired to her room but she couldn't stop laughing as she remembered how Everest poured wine on Ceres.

She remembered the discussion with Jennifer about the kind of employers they got at the same time, and she smiled.

"Seriously, I don't know if it's his guts that made it interesting, I haven't seen anyone so rude and bold, to top it all I'm older, at least, Myles is twenty six with Jennifer" She said and as she changed into her night wear.

She got on bed and took her laptop, placing it on her lap. She started checking out some of the files Everest sent to her.

"He resumed just today, how can he be this good? Who exactly is this guy?I hate him for being better than me already" She said, and her eyes kept widening as she kept checking his perfect work.

"He's not human, I hate to admit, he's too good but rude" She said and closed her laptop.


Myles got home a bit late as he had difficulty getting a taxi. He entered the house and found the sitting room glowing with the light bulbs.

Grandma Patricia is obviously still awake.

"Baby Patricia" He called.

My boy" She replied from the kitchen, and he smiled before going there.

He met her in the kitchen. He walked to her and hugged her from behind, he pecked her cheek and grandma Patricia smiled cutely.

"What are you doing?"

"Warming your food, you came home late, you look tired, how is the work?" She asked, touching his face fondly.

"I'm fine, strong like you" He replied, flexing his muscles, and she smiled.

"She didn't stress you right?"

"Not much"

"Don't be rude to her, I know you don't love the job but you are doing it for the tenants here, they see hope in you" 

"Mama, I'm not rude" He pouted.

"You are not but you are not a softie either, this calm face of yours does deceive people a lot, mini devil" She patted his cheek, and he laughed.

"Go and freshen up and come back for your food" She said.

He smiled, and pecked her before going out.


Ceres kept throwing things angrily to the wall as she replayed the humiliation she got in the two hands of those unknown commoners. Who are they?

Wait, it looks like they work for them.

She took her phone and dialed a number, and it got answered immediately.

"The two guys who poured wine on me, who are they?" She inquired.

"The first one that confronted you is Jennifer's new driver and the second one is Paige's new secretary" The person replied, and she hung up

"Those two b*tches, especially that my half sister, I feel so bad knowing we share the same mother, yuck, I'm going to take over the position as the best ceo" She muttered derisively, and the door opened.

Julianne came in, her mother with Jennifer.

"Child" Julianne called.

"I heard you came home upset, what happened at the party?"

"I got bullied by Jennifer and her driver, she slapped me" She replied, and started faking tears.

"What? She has the guts" Julianne said and walked to the bed, she pulled her into a hug.

"I will handle it" Julianne said, and Ceres smiled discreetly.


Myles walked out of his room, buttoning his shirt with a hand while brushing his hair with the other hand.

Grandma Patricia appeared with a cup of tea.

"I woke up a little bit late, manage this" She smiled.

"Good morning" He pecked her cheek before taking the tea.

His phone rang and he took it out to answer.

"You didn't call me when you got home last night" Everest shouted.

"I slept off after dinner" He replied.

"You didn't care about me, I hate you"

"Stop blaming me, why didn't you call me, bastard?" Myles said.

"Let me not see you today, I will skin you alive" Everest shouted, and Myles started laughing.

"You can't even fight a cat talk more of skinning someone alive" Myles said.

"F*ck you and good morning" Everest said and hung up.

"Seriously?" Myles laughed, looking at his phone.

"Who is that?"

"I made a new friend yesterday" He replied.

"Finally you got a friend, it's remaining a girlfriend now" She smiled, and he started drinking the tea hurriedly.

"Don't burn your tongue" She cautioned.

He finished and smiled.

"Don't miss me too, I will get you a gift" He kissed her forehead and rushed out.

"He's always skipping the discussion when I talk about girlfriend" She sighed softly. 


Myles got to the castle and started waiting outside beside the car like he did yesterday but for almost thirty minutes Jennifer wasn't out yet.

He started getting impatient till the door opened and Monica came out.

Her eyes widened when she saw Myles, and she rushed to him.

"The handsome driver" She gushed, admiring his face fondly.

"I'm Monica Mooresville, Jennifer's closet maid, you are so handsome and you smell nice, I love your perfume" She said.

"I don't use perfume" He said and she gasped.

"Are you saying...

"My natural scent" He interrupted.

"Gosh, this is more nice than boss perfume, I need to be silent" She said funnily, and he smiled.

"Please don't smile with me"


"I might kiss you" She replied, and he smiled again.

She quickly turned her back on him.

"I told you, you are tempting me" She smiled.

"What is taking her so long to come out?" He asked and she faced him.

"Let's go in, wait for her, I think she is going to take a bit time today"

"Huh!" He blinked.

"Let's go inside, please" She held his hand.

"Ok" He said and went in with her.

"I'm not going to wash my hands today, I touched you" Monica said and rushed away.

"She's a funny person" He said and started looking around. He didn't even sit down to avoid her insult.

He was still standing there for twenty minutes before he started hearing sound upstairs, and he looked up to see her coming downstairs, dressed sophisticated, and sizzling hot and expensive.

Their eyes met and she smiled.

"You are here?" She said

"You can be jovial with people?" He replied.

"Only to those who deserve it, so enjoy it for now"

"I don't need it" He scoffed.

"I have been waiting" He said.

"Are you going to scold me?" She asked arrogantly.

"I won't do it next time, be warned" He replied, and she opened her mouth and closed it back speechlessly.

Is he the boss or her?

She wanted to use her phone but she discovered her phone wasn't with her.

"I'm coming, I left my phone in my bedroom" She said and turned to walk back to her room. She took the first step but her heel slipped and she lost balance. She started falling. Her eyes widened.

Myles saw that and quickly rushed upstairs, she fell into his arms.

He looked down at her and she looked up at his face, his strong scent hitting her nose.

He didn't release her and they started staring at each other.

"What are you looking at?" She asked, looking at her chest.

"What? What do you think I'm looking at?" He replied.

"Are you looking at my chest?" 

"What is there to look at on your chest?" He smirked.

"You are looking at my b**bs" She snapped.

"Who deceive you that you have b**bs? The things on your chest are decimal point" He said.



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