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The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 31 & 32




The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 31 & 32

Theme: Blazing affection

By Terri Savage


He could feel the sound of her heartbeat beating on her chest, it resonated into his ears, and he smiled cooly.

Her eyes were closed as her palms still remained tight on the table floor.

He gently broke the neck kiss, and he brought his face back to her face, mirroring her face.

She slowly opened her eyes, locking it with his eyes as they stared at each other.

They stayed like that still staring at each other as their breaths hit each other's face.

"What was that?" she asked, looking at him.

"It was a payback" he replied with a large smile on his face, and she was tempted to smile but she held herself.

"Really?" she said, and he nodded.

"Wow! It's payback right" she smirked.

"You moaned my name" he said teasingly.

"I didn't" she denied quickly, and he chuckled.

"I know you won't admit it but I heard it" he said and tried to move back but she quickly held his shoulders and pulled him back. 

He looked at her, wondering what's up.

"What?" he questioned.

She looked at his face and took her hands to his front shirt. She started removing his buttons and he kept staring at her while saying a word till she removed three buttons and part of his chest came into view.

She smiled and began touching his chest, caressing her fingers on it. She looked at him again and caught him staring at her.

They locked eyes as she touched his chest.

"So sexy, gawd!" she said before realizing.

She gasped when she realized what she said.

"Are you having feelings for me,huh!" he asked, leaning closer, making their faces closer.

She scoffed and pushed his head back.

"I should be asking you that, anaconda" she replied.

"You didn't call me that when you moaned my name" he smirked, and she quickly looked away.

"I... didn't moan your name" she said, avoiding his face.

"Isn't it cool that we are not fighting like before?" he asked, and she nodded without looking at him.

"Are you shy?" he asked.

"Why?" she replied.

"You are avoiding my face, look at me" he said.

"I have work to do now, Myles" she said, coming down from the desk.

She tried walking to her chair but he pulled her back, she faced him but she didn't look at his face.

"Okay, Jenny" he smiled and released her.

He turned and walked out of the office.

Jennifer started breathing normally immediately after he left the office. She wasn't breathing normally as nervousness consumed her system.

She started fanning herself with her hand. Why was she feeling that way? So hot!

She went to her chair and sat down, she took her hand to her neck and started touching it.

She took her phone and started checking her neck. 

She saw a deep hickey there.

She began replaying how he was kissing her neck deeply and she started blushing heavily.

"I'm going crazy, Myles" she smiled large.


Paige and Everest entered her office as she came back from a meeting with her top Italian investors.

"Are you tired?" he asked, and she looked back.

"Yeah, I'm a bit tired" she replied, sitting down.

"You should rest" he said.

"Book a private lunch suite for me at skyline restaurant at 2pm" she said, and he nodded.

"Sure" he smiled.

"We are going to Washington at 4pm, our flight is ready, I know it's not in my schedule but I have to meet up with the CEO of Def corporations" she said.

"George William?" he said, and she nodded.

"We will be back tomorrow right?" he asked.

"Sure, don't worry about your clothes, I got everything ready for the trip" she said.

"Ok, I will be at my desk, I need to finish up with the files before 4pm" he said, and smiled at her before getting out.



Ceres came out of her car and entered the company with her secretary.

The elevator took them to the upper floor and she started walking to the chairwoman's office with her secretary.

They got to the chairwoman secretary desk, and she looked up.

"Miss Ceres" she stood up.

"She's waiting for you" she said.

Ceres nodded and went to her office, opening the door. The chairman woman looked up.

"Ceres Adams" Juliet called.

"Mrs Juliet" Ceres smiled.

"Have a seat" Juliet said and they sat down.

"So why did you set up this appointment with me?" Juliet asked.

"I want to present a proposal to you" Ceres said.

"What's it?" Juliet asked, and Ceres's secretary dropped the file on the table.

Juliet took the file and opened it, after a minute she looked up with a smile.

"I'm sorry, I can't partner with you" Juliet said and a disappointed look appeared on Ceres's face.

"Why?" she asked.

"I have already partnered with Jennifer Keys" juliet said, and Ceres's expression changed into an angry one.

"What is wrong?" Juliet asked, noticing the change in her expression.

"Why always Jennifer?" Ceres snapped.

"I can offer another deal" Juliet said.

"I don't need a compensating deal" Ceres snapped and stood up.

She started walking out of the office in anger.

Her secretary took the file and followed her.

"I might just kill Jennifer at this rate" Ceres shouted.


It was time for lunch, and Paige was waiting in her office for Everest but he was taking time. She was leaning on her desk as she tapped her leg on the floor repeatedly.

"What is taking him so long?" she asked impatiently.

The door opened and he came in making a phone call.

"We will talk later, twinnie" he said, and hung up. He started walking to Everest, and she didn't know when she started smiling.

"Are you going for lunch?" he asked.

"Sure" she nodded.

"Okay, we will see when you come back" he said.

"We are going together" she said, and he raised his eyebrows.

"I'm going to have lunch with Vivian" he said and she frowned.

"I booked that suite because I wanted to have lunch with you" she said.


"You can't say no to me, you are my secretary"

"Liar, just say you want to have lunch with me, it's not because I'm your secretary, fine, I will have lunch with you" he said, and she giggled.

"Let's go"

Vivian was waiting for Everest when he came out of the office with Paige.

"Boss" she bowed.

"Vivian, I'm sorry I'm going to have lunch with her" he said and Vivian quickly looked at Paige.

"Okay" she faked a smile.

"Shall we?" he uttered, and she smiled, she started walking out and he followed her.

Vivian's smile quickly fell and she started frowning.


A black ford stopped there, and the door opened. Paige and Everest came out.

They started walking in and she suddenly hugged his arm.

He looked at the contract and she tried to break it but he stopped her.

He smiled at her and she smiled back, they went inside together and were taken to the private suite she booked.

They took their seats, facing each other.

"Why are you smiling so much?" he asked.

"I want to be friendly" she replied, and he smiled.

"I don't know but it suits you to smile like this more than your always frowny and stern face, it makes people always afraid of you, I don't know what made you to become this way, but you are cuter with a smile" he said, and she smiled radiantly.

"Wow! Everest just said I'm cute" she said dramatically.

"I should be blushing right now" she added, and they laughed.

The waiters brought in the food, setting everything on the table before them, it was served before they left the table.

They took the cutleries, and started eating.

"I shouldn't bring this up but can you tell me a little about you?" she said, looking up.

"I'm an orphan, I'm living with my only sister, I'm a graduate of Ted university, that's all" he said.

"You have a sister? Are you the one taking care of her?"

"We care for each other, she works in Luxury restaurant" he replied.

"Oh! the restaurant is quite popular" she muttered.

"I grew up not spending much time with my parents, I lost them at 10 years" she said.

"So sad"

"It wasn't easy trying to survive at ten, I passed through hell, got bullied in school, I was taking part time jobs to care for myself, pay my school fees and everything. I had no one till I met Jennifer keys, we both established our companies at 19 years" she said.

"That's a sad story" he said pitifully.

"I guess maybe that's why we became so strict, we got bullied by rich kids" 

He suddenly took her hand and she looked up at his face.

"You are a strong lady, despite everything you passed through you still didn't give up, I love your braveness" he said, rubbing her back hand.

She took her eyes to where he was caressing her, and she smiled.

"Thank you Everest" she said, and they started staring at each other.

"Let's each" he cleared his throat, and she nodded.

"Can you smile again?" he suddenly asked, staring at her.

"You like my smile?" 

"Sure?" he nodded.

"Are you this naturally friendly?" she asked, and he chuckled.

"I'm a friendly person, we just didn't start on the right path" he replied.



The car stopped in the airport in front of the private jet, Paige's private jet.

The door opened and they came out together.

The flight attendants took the small bags from the butt and mounted them into the jet.

"First time I will be getting on a plane" he said, and she faced him.

"Are you serious?" she asked, and he nodded.

"Wow!" she mumbled as they entered the private jet together. They sat beside each other.

"Fasten your belt" she said and started fastening her belt but Everest wasn't yet to do it.

"Should I help?" she looked at him, and he nodded.

She took the plugs from him and started fastening the belt but in the process, she looked up and her lips almost touched his lips.

He bit his lower lip, and she blinked. She started staring at him till he coughed.

"Oh!" she gave her lips a bite, and he looked at her before looking away.

She plugged the belt and sat back on her seat.



They got to Washington at 6pm down, and the car conveying them to the hotel came and they entered.

It zoomed into the street, and they arrived at the hotel in thirty minutes, it's the closest hotel to the airport.

The car drove into the hotel and parked in the driveway.

"First time in Washington" he said, and she giggled.

"You will travel the whole world, advantage of being my secretary" she said sweetly, and he smiled.

He opened the backdoor and they came out together.

The driver got their bags and they went into the hotel.

"Miss Paige" the receptionist gasped.

"I'm so happy to see you in person..."

"Can you cut the crap and take us to our rooms" she said arrogantly.

"I'm sorry" the receptionist quickly apologized.

Paige turned and saw the second receptionist drooling on Everest.

"You should keep your eyes in check, staring at a man like that is slutty" she snapped angrily, and quickly she looked away.

"Let's go ma'am" the receptionist said, and they followed her.

The lift took them to the floor of the rooms, and she gave them the cards to each room.

"So?" she smiled.

"We will see later" he said and swiped his card on the door, it opened immediately.

He smiled at her before going in.

"His smile is so ethereal, gosh!!" she said.


It was closing hour, Sloane was ready to leave when Newton came to her, holding a bag.

She looked at him and he smiled.

"Are you okay? The burn" he asked.

"I'm fine" she replied.

"If you are not okay, I will talk to the boss on your behalf, you can skip work..."

"I'm fine" she interrupted.

"Okay, have this" he gave her the bag.

"What is it?" she asked but he took her hand and placed the bag on it.

"There's a balm inside, it will help in reducing the pain and I got ice creams for you, good night" he smiled, and started leaving.

Sloane looked at the bag before looking at his back.

She hugged the bag to her chest and started smiling.

"He still cares" she whispered with a radiant smile.


Paige came out of her room which is next to Everest. She walked to his door and stood there. She knocked on the door but no answer came from inside.

"Everest" she called, knocking on the door, but no answer came again.

"Everest" she called for the third time, no answer.

"Did he go out?" she wondered.

She turned to leave but she suddenly stopped, and turned back to the door.

She opened the door and went in.

"Evere.." she wasn't able to complete his name when the bathroom door opened and Everest, completely naked.

He wasn't trying any towel around his waist since he didn't expect anyone to come inside.

Paige's eyes widened and she stood frozen.

He looked up and his eyes widened crazily.

Her eyes moved down to his d*ck , and he quickly looked down to see her eyes there.

"Ahhhh!!" he shouted.

"Ahhhrrrhgh!" she screamed.

"Mama!!!" he shouted.



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