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The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 29 & 30




The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 29 & 30

Theme: Blazing affection

By Terri Savage


"You were really affected by words, right?" he asked with an eye roll.

"Do you want to hear the honest answer?" he smirked, and she looked at him deeply.

"You are not attractive" he said.

She knew he was going to say that, but still she frowned hearing it from him.

"I knew you were going to say that" she said and tried moving back but he stood up and held her shoulders. He pushed down to the nearest chair, and he started looking at her.

"What?" she asked, breathing differently.

"You may be attractive to others but not me, okay? So let's eat, my baby is waiting for me at home" he said softly, bringing his face closer.

Jennifer held her breath as she kept staring at him without looking away.

He smiled and moved away.

She finally breathed, releasing the breath she didn't know she was holding.

"Who's your baby? Do you have a girlfriend?" she asked, adjusting the chair.

"Do you still need to ask? It's obvious right?" he replied, and she looked away.

"You are so annoying" she muttered as they started eating.

"Thanks for the comment, boss" he winked, and she scoffed.

They started eating but she couldn't stop staring at him from time to time, Myles was observing her stares on him but he didn't say anything, he kept eating till he looked up.

"Am I that handsome that you can't stop looking at me? Am I even asking, I'm very handsome, it's not your fault Jenny" he said amusingly.

She almost smiled at the way he called her name but she held herself back.

"Who deceived you? A gorilla will beat you when it comes to cuteness" she said.

"I'm not affected cos I know that's not true, I will pass at the first or second handsome guy in America, my only disadvantage is that I don't have money" he muttered, drinking from his cup.

"Then make money" she said sarcastically.

"I will make money, I promise you that" he smiled.

The rest of the minutes they spent together was in silence.

Myles dropped his spoon and stood up.

"I will be going home, it was a pleasure having dinner with the almighty Jennifer Keys" he said, pushing the chair a little.

"Good night" she said, wiping her mouth with a tissue.

"Yeah" he smiled, and started leaving.

"Myles" she called, and he looked back.

"I will drop you home" she said, walking to him.


"I'm taking no from you, let's go" she said, and started walking out.

"Gosh" he groaned and followed her.

They came out of the house and entered the car.

"You should be grateful..."

"I didn't ask for this, remember?" he cut her off.

"You!!" she trailed, pointing a finger at him.

He chuckled and started the car, driving out.


Myles drove the car into his house and stopped the car.

"Thanks for the ride" he said, coming down from the car.

Jennifer came out from the backdoor and she faced him.

He smiled and started walking inside, but he suddenly turned and walked back to her.

Jennifer kept standing there as she waited for what he wanted to do.

He got to her and smiled handsomely.

"I want to bless you with this handsome smile before you go to bed, Python" he said, stroking her hair before going inside.

Jennifer opened the door and entered the car. A smile crept up to her lips, and she started smiling widely.

"Gosh! He's something else" she smiled and zoomed out into the street.

"Who's that?" Grandma Patricia asked as Myles came in.

"Baby" he smiled.

"Who is that lady?" she asked.

"My boss" he replied, walking to her.

He pulled her into a hug, and kissed her forehead gently.

"Should I be expecting something..."

"No, it's nothing" he said fastly.

"I won't mind though.."

"Baby" he called, and she smiled.

"Okay, fine" 

"I'm not going to eat dinner, I already ate" he said, going to his room.

Grandma Patricia smiled and walked back to her room.

Myles got to his room and started stripping his clothes off, he got into the bathroom and stood under the shower.

He stood there for a minute, and his mind drifted to the dinner he had with Jennifer.

This is not the first time she would be acting this way towards him, and what is the nervousness he always feel when she is so close to him. He can't tolerate that from other ladies but he's always weak when it comes to her. What is that all about?

He came out of the bathroom after spending a solid thirty minutes there. He came out and saw his phone vibrating on the bed.

He took the phone and checked to see a message from python.

He clicked on it.


He read the message and started smiling.

"She's cool but she's covering her other side" he smiled.


Everest was whistling as he came out of his room in a black suit, he styled his hair, adding a bad boy vibe to it.

Sloane came out of her room too, and she stopped when she saw him.

"What is up with the new style?" she asked, walking away from the door.

"Is it a bad thing to look good?" he smiled.

"It's extra kid bro" she smiled.

"Whatever, I just want to look good" he winked, and started leaving.

"I hate you" she shouted.

"Mutual here, baby girl" he said, closing the door.


Everest earned the attention of everyone as he came into the upper floor, his right hand was in his trousers pocket as he walked with a different style.

👥 OMG, Everest

👥 What's up with the new style?

👥 I'm recrushing

👥 He's back

The female staff lost concentration as some started making errors on their files as a result of looking at him, even some of the male staff couldn't help but admire his new swag.

He smiled, looking at everyone as he noticed the attention he was getting.

He didn't know his new style was this porch, he just decided to change his dressing style today, now this.

He got to his desk, and looked at everything there.

"Gosh, I missed you baby" he said dramatically, and walked to Paige's door.

He opened the door instantly, and Paige looked up.

It's obvious she was impatiently waiting for him.

"Everest" she called, getting up.

He smiled, and started walking to her. He got to her desk, and she smiled widely.

"Welcome back" she said.

"Damn! You look so handsome" she remarked, and he smiled.

"I love your new style" she said, and the door opened, Vivian came and walked fast to Everest, she pulled him into a tight hug instantly.

"Gosh! I missed you so much" she said, and he hugged her lightly.

Paige looked away, having twisted feelings.

"I'm not leaving again" he said, breaking the hug.

"Don't even try it" she said.

Paige coughed and their attention went to her.

"Get me the report" she said.

"I already delivered the files to your office" Vivian said.

"Ok, Everest, there's a lot of work on your table, you can leave Vivian" she said.

"Ok" Vivian smiled at him before walking out.

"I will start working on them now" he said, and tried to leave as she held his hand.

He faced her, wondering what she is upto.

"I wanted to do this" she said, and hugged him surprisingly.

His eyes widened and he stood still till she broke the hug.

"Let's eat lunch together" she requested.

"Sure" he nodded.


The customers in the restaurant today were so many and it was so hectic for the workers, no one had any resting time till now.

Michelin and Sloane were dishing out the food while Newton was serving the customers.

He came in with a tray to get the orders.

"Senior" Michelin called, and he stopped beside her.

"Are you done dishing out the food?" he asked.

"I'm not done yet, senior Sloane" she called.

Sloane looked at them, her eyes met with him. She lost concentration as she was about to pour the food into the plate, it landed on her fingers and she let out a painful cry.

"Sloane" he called and almost rushed to her but he stopped himself.

Michelin got a tissue and started cleaning her fingers while blowing air on her fingers.

"Sorry" he said, looking at her.

"Are you okay?" Michelin asked, still blowing air on her fingers.

"I'm fine" she replied, and looked at Newton again.

She took her hand from Michelin and walked out with mixed feelings.

"Will she be fine?" Michelin asked with worry in her eyes.

"She will be fine" he replied with a smile.


Jennifer was busy on laptop, she was so invested that even when she heard the opening of the door, she didn't look up.

"Yes, who is it?" she asked.

"Anaconda" Myles said, and she looked up quickly.

"Jerk" she mumbled.

"I heard you" he smiled, going closer to her, he stopped at her desk, and he started looking at her.

"I'm beautiful but stop making it obvious that you are drooling on me" she scoffed, and he started laughing.

"I better keep my words" 

"It will be better for you" she said.

"What are you doing here?" she asked, typing on her laptop.

"Nothing" he smirked, and she looked up.

"So? Are you here to..."

"I'm here for this" he interrupted, and before she could know what he was talking about. He walked to her and bent before her.

He suddenly carried her up, and her eyes widened.

"Anaconda" she gasped.

"Put me down now" she said, but he took her to the desk, he placed her on it and stood before her, she was so close to her.

"What do you think you are doing?" she asked.

Without replying, he started bringing his lips closer, and she started blinking nervously as she kept staring into his eyes.

He smiled brightly.

His hand went to the back of her neck and immediately his hand touched it, she shivered as cold chills ran through her skin. 

She stopped breathing as his lips stopped just before her lips.

He smiled and diverted his lips to her ear.

"You are attractive, Jenny" he said sexily, brushing his lips on her earlobe, her body reacted and the nervousness increased.

Feeling his breath on her ear was making her body feel hot.

He suddenly took his lips to her neck and he pressed his lips on her neck, kissing that spot deeply.

Her body sparked and her heart skipped a beat.

Her body froze as he kept kissing and nibbling on that spot.

Her palms tightened on the table floor, and what she didn't expect came out of her lips.

"Myles" she whispered out a gentle moan, shutting her eyes.



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