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The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 21 & 22 Theme:




The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 21 & 22

Theme: Blazing affection

By Terri Savage


"Gawd!" she muttered senselessly, and Myles cleared his throat.

She got her senses back, and she quickly shifted away from him, feeling embarrassed.

She looked up and immediately her eyes fell on his chest and she looked away.

"You shirt"

"My shirt or my chest? I caught you staring" he smirked, and she bit her lips.

"I wasn't staring" she replied.

"I didn't expect you to admit it" he said.

"You want me to eat dinner with you?" he asked, and she nodded.

"So you can write a book about how you have been feeding me and my family and even my unborn generation? Huh!" he said.

"Can you stop? I'm trying to be nice, it's normal to invite anybody to dinner"

"Not from people like you, you are good at downgrading people just like your friend Paige, her secretary quit today because of her harsh words, I might follow suit" he said, and she quickly looked at him, somehow, she felt a twisted feeling in her heart.

"I will wait for the rain to stop, giving me shelter is enough hospitality, I appreciate" he smiled.

Jennifer sighed and went upstairs without saying a word.

It seems he took her words to heart, he can't stop using it against her.

She came back after taking her bath. She had dinner alone since Myles rejected.

The rain stopped pouring when she came into the living room.

"I will be leaving, good night" he said.

"My guard will drop you home" she said.

"No need, I will find my way"

"Can you stop this? It's hard to get a taxi at this time" she said frustratedly.

"Ok" he muttered and walked out.

"God!" she uttered.


"What! You quit?" Sloane gasped.

"Yeah, I can't take her bullshit anymore"

"Welcome to being jobless again, congratulations" she said sarcastically.

"I don't want your drama tonight"

"Where are you going to get another job?" she asked.

"I don't know but I know I will get another job, I have faith" he replied, and she scoffed.

"Faith indeed" she scoffed again.

"I will get a job, trust me" 

"If you can't get a job, at least get a girlfriend" she said and started going into her room.

"Greet your boyfriend for me" he said, and she turned to glare at him.

He started laughing.


Sloane came out of the dressing room and immediately someone hugged her.

"Good morning" Newton's cool voice came.

Sloane suddenly pushed him away and he fell on the floor with wide eyes.

"Sloane" he called surprisingly.

"Don't try that next time" she said sternly, and walked away.

"Does she have anger issues? Is she always angry?" he wondered, and tried standing up but he discovered he got wounded in one of his arms.

"Shit" he spat, and someone came there, a strange girl.

"Let me help" she smiled.

"No need" he rejected.

"I insisted" she said, and helped him up.

"You are new here, I haven't seen your face here before" he said.

"I just got employed yesterday, I resumed today, my name is Michelin" she replied.

"Newton" he said, and her eyes fell on his arm.

"You got a cut on your arm" she said.

"It's nothing, I will get it treated" he smiled.

"I will help with that senior Newton" 

"You don't have to add the senior" he said.

"You deserve the respect, let's go. I will treat your arm" she said and took his hand.

"You don't even know where the kits are kept" he said, and she took her lips in.

"That's true" she bit her lips, and he chuckled.

"I will show you" he said and they walked away.


He quit so he was at home, Paige didn't call him or texted. He was playing games when his phone started ringing.

He took the phone to check, and he saw a new text message.

He decided to read it

*Hello, Mr Everest, I'm texting from silver bird company, you have been hired as the manager, you can resume tomorrow*

His eyes widened after he read the message, he called the number that was attached to the message and after speaking with them, he confirmed the authenticity of the message.

He submitted his CV some months ago to them before getting a job from  Elite group of company.

"I got a job, I just got a job" he started screaming joyfully.

"Yes, no more insults again" he said happily.

"I need to start celebrating" he said and ran to the fridge.


Myles came into the office and met Kingsley about to leave the office.

"What are you doing here?" Kingsley asked.

"And how is that your bone of contention?" Myles replied and they started exchanging glare stares at each other.

"Anaconda" Jennifer called, and he left Kingsley's side to walk to her.

Kingsley smirked and went out.

"Python" he said.

"What's that?" she asked, pointing at his hand.

"Apple juice and vanilla biscuits" he replied, and she smiled.

She stood up from her chair and came to him.

"Thank you" she said and tried taking it from him but he shifted.


"They are not for you" he replied, and she frowned.

"Who else do you start buying apple juice and vanilla biscuits for?" she asked.

"Seriously?" he giggled, and she frowned deeply.

"Why will I be buying apple juice and vanilla biscuits for you always, I'm not your boyfriend, I heard that is what romantic boyfriends do" he said.

"Get out" she snapped.


"I will call the security on you" she said firmly.

"Really?" he teased and shifted closer.

She moved back but ended up almost falling, he quickly grabbed her and she fell on his chest.

Her eyes went to his chest and she started staring again.

"Do you love staring at my chest that much?" he asked, and she quickly moved away from him.

"That unattractive chest of yours" she denied.

"I got these for you" he said and dropped the bag on her table.

"See you" he winked and walked out.

"Jennifer, are you okay?" she asked herself.

What did she just did? What's even wrong with her? This can't be what she is thinking.


Paige groaned tiredly after checking out the files, she appointed someone to handle the secretary position but it has been hell for her.

Mistakes and errors in the files, no fast accuracy and so much delay of the files.

She took her phone and started calling him but he didn't pick any of the calls.

"Is he that angry? I can't find someone better than him again, it will be hard, I need to find a way to talk to him" she said.

Vivian suddenly came into her office.

"Vivian, what is it?" she asked.

"Everest just got offered a job at Silver bird as a manager" she said.

"What?" Paige gasped loudly.

"Yes, so this is why he's not picking my calls"

"He's resuming tomorrow" Vivian added.

"How did you know about this?"

"I got a friend in there" Vivian replied.

"Thank you for this" Paige said.

Vivian smiled and walked out of the office.

"I need to stop this, I can't lose Everest, he's too good" she said, and started pacing around.


Myles drove out of the company with Jennifer and immediately a car blocked him.

"What the f*ck?" Myles yelled.

"Who's that!" he said and came out of the car.

Ceres came out of her car, and Myles smirked when he saw her.

Jennifer came out of the car instantly.

"You n*tch" Ceres yelled, coming at her.

"You seduced Mr Donald to give you the contract right? What did you give him? Your p*ssy?" Ceres shouted.

"You are the only one capable of selling out your body,I have the brain, I don't convince men with my p*ssy slut" Jennifer said.

"You are really senseless" Myles muttered.

"You this lowlife" she faced him.

"Lowlife with a good brain, you need tomatoes" he clapped back, and Jennifer started laughing.

"You are useless like your father" Ceres said and Jennifer stopped laughing.

"Say that again" she said meanly.

"You are useless like your useless dead father" Ceres said, and Jennifer slapped her immediately.

Ceres recovered from the slap and tried to slap Jennifer but Myles held her hand.

Jennifer gave her another slap.


Another slap came at face, her cheeks started becoming red.

Ceres raised her other hand to slap Jennifer but Myles grabbed her hand.

"You didn't slap her but her mother came here accusing you of slapping her, why don't you teach her a lesson huh!" he said, looking at Jennifer.

She smiled and faced Ceres.

"Let go of my hands, bastard, you will regret this" Ceres shouted.

"I'm going to paint your face red, show it to your useful father" Jennifer said and started slapping Ceres continuously.

"Arrrrgh!!!! Jennifer!!!" she cried.

"Hit her more boss" Myles hailed.

Jennifer gave Ceres another slap, and tears forced its way out of her eyes.


"Fire slap, you are the best, boss" Myles screamed.



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