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The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 1 & 2




The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 1 & 2

Theme: Blazing affection

By Terri Savage



It was a new beautiful morning and the sun was up so early, sitting gigantic legally in its usual place in the sky as it shone its radiation on the city.

Myles came out of his room after spraying himself. He doesn't really need that but he just decided to use it after someone gave it to him as a gift. His body scent is more expensive than any perfume, cologne in the world.

He doesn't fancy perfumes and deodorant.

His handsomeness is ethereal, impeccable and undescribable.

He was set to leave for work, he works in a fashion store after graduating from the University. Reason his fashion lifestyle is top notch despite being a low class guy. Don't let his handsomeness or the calm look on his face deceive you, he's a mini devil.

He's living under a rent.

He was smiling as he made his way to the living room, where his grandma was setting the table for breakfast. His parents left him with her after they died in a fatal outbreak in their house when he was just seventeen. Reason they became homeless.

She loves him so much and she can even die for him if it's necessary "You are the only one I got left in this world" That's her watchword.

"Mama" Myles smiled big as he advanced to her.

"My boy" Patricia smiled, dropping the spoons on the table.

He pulled her into a hug, kissing her forehead.

"You don't want to get old, you keep looking beautiful everyday" He said.

"Should I blush?" She asked jokingly, and they laughed.

"You should do that, I will see you later" He kissed her forehead and turned to leave but grandma Patricia pulled him back and pushed him down to a chair.

"Mama, how can you be this strong?" He gasped. 

The old woman smiled, grinning widely.

"I was a superwoman during my youthful age, that was the reason your grandfather fell so hard for me" Grandma Patricia said, hugging her cheeks.

"Seriously?" He laughed, staring at her. Despite her old age, she is still very beautiful.

"Mama, I'm getting late for work" He said, getting why she pulled him back.

"You are not leaving this house without eating something, you skipped breakfast yesterday" She said.

"But I ate in the store beside you should stop stressing yourself making breakfast everyday, I will start doing that"

"I told you I'm still strong, I'm not weak, boy" She said and hit his forehead.

"Mama" He pouted.

"Start eating now or I'm going to feed you myself" 

"I will eat" He said and took a spoon, he started eating immediately.

"I don't want you to develop an ulcer" She said, sitting beside him, she started stroking his hair as he ate.

"Won't you eat?" He asked.

"When will you get a girlfriend?" She asked, and he looked at her.

"Soon" He replied.

"You have been saying that for a year now, you don't even have a male friend, gosh Myles" 

"It has been a long time since you called me that" He winked.

"Don't divert the discussion" She said.

"I'm full, thank you mama" He stood up after drinking a cup of water.

"I love you" He said and kissed her forehead, he started leaving.

"I hate you" She shouted, and he looked back.

"I hate you and I love you more, see you later, don't stress yourself" He smiled.

"Come back early" She shouted.

"I will" He waved and went out.

Grandma Patricia smiled and started eating.


👥 Good morning Mk

👥 Morning Myles

👥 Myles

He's quite popular and people tend to love him for his social life, he's cheerful too.


The tenants started greeting Myles as he came out of the house. He's called Mk.. The name comes from his full name Myles Kennedy.

"Good everyone, good morning" He greeted back, smiling cheerfully as he started walking to the bus station.


Jennifer Keys came out of the biggest and expensive room in the castle. She was walking expensively towards the stairs. The floor worshiping her heels, her short suit skirt looking elegantly on her, her exposed creamy skin reflecting.

She got down the stairs taking slow steps till she reached the living floor.

She darted her eyes around and she frowned when she didn't see anyone.

"Monica" She called loudly, and Monica came running out from the kitchen.

She's her personal maid, there are maids in the castle but she's the only one responsible for her feeding and the only person who has access to her bedroom.

"Miss Jennifer" Monica bowed.

"I'm leaving"

"Breakfast is ready" Monica said.

"I'm not eating breakfast, I have an important meeting" Jennifer said.

"You kept skipping breakfast, why?" Monica asked and Jennifer cast her a glare.

"Should I explain that to you too?" She asked.

"I won't mind hearing it, go on" Monica gestured and folded her arms.

"Monica!! I'm the boss here" Jenifer squeezed her face.

Monica is kinda close to her, despite Jennifer's strictness she is the only maid that can speak this way to her without getting fired.

Monica walked closer to Jennifer and surprisingly pulled her cheeks "Fine girl" 

"What are you doing?" Jennifer pushed her away.

"You are not leaving the castle unless you eat breakfast" Monica said seriously, and her eyes widened.

"What? Who do you think you are?"

"Your maid, I'm older remember" Monica smiled, she is twenty eight.

"You are fired" Jennifer said but Monica was unmoved.

"If that statement would be producing dollars I would be on the list of the top twenty richest people in America. This is your 100th time saying that this year" Monica smiled, and Jennifer gritted her teeth.

"Fine, I'm going to eat" Jennifer rolled eyes and started walking to the dining.

"Good girl" Monica smiled, following her.

"F*ck you" Jennifer glared.


The store was crowded with buyers, it's a large store and it has good quality clothes, shoes and jewelries and more to mention.

Myles was attending some buyers, the level of patronization here was attributed to him, his sweet way of welcoming and talking to customers made people rush the store.

A lady was finding difficulty in getting some clothes, she kept checking and checking till Myles noticed and walked to her.

"Finding difficulty making your choice?" He asked behind her, and she turned. Her eyes widened as met his face. 

"Is he an angel?" She asked inwardly, and she started staring without saying a word.

"Hey miss" He tapped her gently and she came back to earth.

"Oh! Hi" She smiled.

"I can see you are having difficulty here" 

"Yeah, I love the clothes and I can't even make a choice" She said, and he smiled.

"Don't worry I got you covered, are you attending an event?" He uttered.

"Yeah" She replied.

Myles smiled and faced the racks, as a fashion guru he knew what she needed exactly. The lady couldn't help but drool.

"He's so cute, a complete Greek god" She said, biting her lips.

"Now here we go" He turned around, and she gasped excitedly.

"Wow" She took the gown from him.

"Thank you so much, I will start coming here often, in fact I'm going to change my brand" She said happily.

"I'm glad you are satisfied, miss" He smiled.

"You are fashion guru and you are handsome too" 

"I know"

"Say thank you at least don't hurt my feelings" She said and he laughed.

"Thank you"

"Can I have your number?" She asked.

"Sorry, I lost my phone yesterday, see you some other time" He said, and excused himself.

"Gosh, how can he be this handsome, no, beautiful and his scent" She said, hugging the clothes to her chest.

"Wait, I should have asked him the name of the company he buys his perfume from, even the best around, The royals don't have that" She smiled.


The purple limo stopped in front of the building and a guard came out.

He opened the door and pairs of expensive customized heels stepped out.

The guards in the company bowed immediately.

Jennifer nodded with a straight face and she started going in.

The door was open for her and she got in, taking the elevator with two guards with her.

She got to her floor and she came out.

The workers started greeting respectfully, and she kept nodding as usual till she spotted a female worker, her hair was messy and not tied up. She stopped.

"Mrs Smith" Jennifer called and Mrs Smith looked, she ran to her immediately.


"What do I tell you all about keeping your hair down and messy?" Jennifer glared.

"I'm sorry" Mrs Smith quickly apologized.

"You are an important worker here but that doesn't mean I won't hesitate to kick you out, you are a married woman, learn to keep yourself neat, the next time you violate the rule you will be leaving my company" Jennifer said and walked into her office. The guards stopped at the door as she went in.

She got in and met her manager, Kingsley already waiting for her.

"Kingsley" She called, and he smiled.

"Stop with the ugly smile" She snapped, and Kingsley stopped smiling.

"When is it?"

"10am" He replied, and she nodded.


Paige was working on her laptop in her office when the door opened and someone came in.

"Maggie" Paige looked up.

"Boss" Maggie smiled.

"You are leaving?" Paige asked.

"Yes, boss" Maggie replied.

"Why do you even have to leave, can't you stay?" Paige asked.

"I wish I could, boss, are you missing me already?" 

"Miss you? Out of it" Paige scoffed.

"Don't deny it, I hope you will get a better secretary" Maggie smiled.

"Give me a call when you get there okay" Paige said.

"I will, one thing" Maggie said and Paige gave her her attention.

"Allow love into your life again" Maggie said, and without wasting time, she ran out of the office.

"Maggie!!!" Paige frowned.

"Men are jerks" Paige said.

Paige Everton is a female billionaire and the second richest female billionaire in America behind Jenni and a friend to Jennifer. Their characters are just the same, arrogant, strict and cold.. Love is not on their plates.

Maggie has been her secretary for years now but she recently got married and she had to leave the country with her husband. She has been so capable that Paige didn't even plan on changing her till now.

Paige took her phone and dialed a number.

"Post a vacancy for the secretary position" She said and hung up.


The hall was so noisy as the staff kept arguing among themselves. They are launching a new product and this meeting is being held because of it.

"The product should be launched by 2pm" A worker said.

"12pm will be the perfect time to get our buyers" Another staff said.

"The decision lies on the shoulders of the president" A staff said and all attention went to Jennifer.

"So I can't be respected anymore in my own company?" She asked with a hard face.

"We are sorry president" The staff started apologizing.

"What is your opinion about this, I am referring to the board members?" Jennifer asked.

"Launching the product by 2pm will be the perfect time, a special advert should be carried out before that time, we will get more buyers once it's launched" A board member replied.

Everyone's attention went to Jennifer as they waited to hear her final words.

"The new product will be launched by 2pm, Kingsley you will handle the advert, this meeting is over" Jennifer said, and stood, she started leaving.

Kingsley followed her immediately, walking out with her.

"The man agreed to sell the land" Kingsley said behind her.

"Pay him what he demands" Jennifer said without looking back, she entered her office.


The television in the center of the store came up, and the workers started rushing there to watch the news that was going on.

The royals officially launch the new product, a perfume brand, and it's going wild like fire. The news is trending on every station

👥 I'm changing my perfume

👥 They are always the best


👥 Always expensive as always

👥I don't mind using my savings

Myles came out of the restroom after using it, he stopped when he saw the workers crowded around the television.

"What is going on?" He asked and a co-worker Roland appeared beside him.

"The royals launched a new perfume, I'm getting it" He said, sounding excited.

"The royals, who are they?" He asked, and Roland's eyes widened.

"What? You don't know the popular and best perfume producing company in America?"

"Is it necessary?"

"You don't know Jennifer Keys?"

"Who is that?" Myles asked, and Roland's eyes turned in his sockets.

"Are you from this world, Myles?" He asked shockingly.

"I don't have time for all these things"

"You don't use perfume?"

"What is the use when my natural scent is more than perfumes, I don't need perfumes, I will attend to a customer now" Myles patted him, and walked away.

"He's so unbelievable, who doesn't know Jennifer Keys in this country?"


"Thank you for helping me out, you are a good guy" The elderly woman said.

"You are welcome ma'am" Myles smiled, and she nodded.

"Take this" She offered him cash but he politely rejected.

"No need ma'am, it's my job to serve you" He said politely.

"Be blessed" The elderly woman said and left.

His phone started ringing as he was about to go to another section.

He took out his phone and saw my world on the screen.

"Why's grandma calling me at this time, is she missing me that much?" He smiled and answered the call but what he heard changed his mood immediately.

"I'm coming right now" He said and hung up. He started running out of the store.

Roland appeared blocking him.

"What is wrong? Why are you running?"

"I need to leave now, tell the boss something very urgent came at home" He replied, and ran out.


Myles rushed out of the taxi immediately he got home. His eyes widened as he saw the tenants outside with a panicked look on their faces.

An expensive car was parked there with almost five guards walking around.

He rushed there, and his grandma rushed to him.

"What were you saying?" He asked, and the landlord appeared with Jennifer.

"I sold this land, I'm ready to return all your money" The landlord said, and Myles faced him.

"What rubbish are you saying? Who in his right senses will buy a land where people are renting? Does that person doesn't have conscience?" Myles said angrily.

"I bought the land, I want everyone to vacate this place" Jennifer said, and he faced her.

"Do you know that you are senseless with all that beauty?" Myles said, and everyone gasped.

Her guards almost attacked Myles but she stopped them with a hand.

She walked closer and stood before him,their eyes glaring at each other.

"Do you know who you are talking to?" She asked.

"Who are you? Jesus Christ or the apostle Paul?" He asked, and gasps came again.

Jennifer was about to say something but she stopped when she caught the strong scent coming from him. She was astonished that something could smell stronger than her perfume. This wasn't her perfume and he can't even afford the most expensive perfume in the world.

His boldness caught her interest, this is the first time someone will be challenging her without flinching. The boldness in his eyes and his hotheadedness.

"I'm Jennifer Keys...

"I didn't ask for your name, I don't know you and I don't want to know who you are. Why would you buy land where people are staying? What do you want them to do, become homeless? Are you that wicked, Miss Jennifer" He said hotly.

"Myles" Grandma Patricia cautioned him.

"So what are you going to do? Stop me Mr Myles?" She asked rudely, and Myles went silent.

"Please, reconsider and have mercy on us" Grandma Patricia begged.

"I'm going to do that only on one condition" Jennifer said.



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