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The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 65 & 66





The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 65 & 66

Subtitle: His Unsophisticated Girlie

GENRE: Billionaire/CEO Romance. 


"But most importantly...." Winona removed the Grey colored wig on her head and Birdie gasped loudly. 


"You're.......you're.........young!!!!" Birdie screamed out. 

After Winona removed the grey wig which was supposed to be her hair,she looked extremely young like a lady in her forties. 

"I can explain Birdie" she said. 

"Explain please....explain" Birdie said curiously. 

"Nineteen years ago...your mom put to bed in the hospital where I was a nurse,twins" 

Birdie's eyes widened. 

"I'm...a twin?" She poked her chest and Winona nodded. 

"I've been childless for years and I wanted a child desperately,I was obsessed with having a child and that was why.....I....took you from your mom and we....lied to her that she had just one..baby" Winona stuttered. 

"You mean to say....you stole me...right?" Birdie asked,tearfully. 

"I took you because I......"

"You stole a child from her mother and lied to her that one was dead!!!! Isn't that it!!" Birdie screamed and Winona sniffs in her tears. 

"Because I wanted a child....."

"Stop making dumb excuses!! They sound so dumb!!" Birdie cried.

Winona was quiet. 

"Then tell me....who exactly my mom is" Birdie said. 

"She's someone you know" Winona said and Birdie swallowed. 

"I saw her with you and I became scared you might find out on your own,I couldn't hold it,that's why I'm telling you" Winona said and Birdie frowned. 

"You're....not....talking about Mrs....Levis right?" She asked. 

"She's the one" Winona replied and Birdie fell on the floor. 


"Don't touch me!!" Birdie screamed when she tried touching her.

Winona moved back. 

The door opened and Mrs Levis entered,looking so shocked. She heard everything from outside. 

"Mrs...Levis" Winona called,moving back.

"You....you!!!" She screamed and Winona shook her head. 

"It's not my fault,it's not... "

"You don't have any excuse!! You're a wicked soul! You told me my child died!! How dare you!!!!" Mrs Levis screamed in tears. 

Birdie stood up and ran out of the house. 

"Birdie!! Birdie!!" Mrs Levis ran after her but she was gone. 

She went back to Winona. 

"I'm going to call the cops on you" She said.

Winona fell on her knees 

"I didn't hurt her,I really took care of her........"

"Took care of her?? She couldn't even get a proper education thanks to you!!!!!!! You made her work and provide for herself when her parents are rich you witch!! You made her face hardships.. When....I have more than enough to give her,how could you....just...how could you be so...inhumane?" Mrs Levis said in tears. 

She brought out her phone and dialed Adam's number. 


Vivian entered Noah's office and he raised his head. 

"Boss" Vivian bowed. 

"You're here" Noah muttered and she smiled. 

"Thanks for giving me another chance,you're simply the best" Vivian said. 

"Don't misuse this chance tho" Noah said. 

"I won't,I promise" Vivian smiled.

"I really missed this place alot" She added and Noah smiled. 

"I missed your presence somehow" 

"Really?!! Is that why you gave me another chance? I knew that brat wouldn't work like me,never" Vivian scoffed. 

"Are you talking about Vince?" Noah asked. 

"Yes" Vivian smiled.

"I promise to work even better than before" She said and Noah nodded. 

"You can go now,I am quite busy" Noah said. 

Vivian bowed again before going out. 

Adam ran after Vince and he turned back. 

"Is there a problem?" He asked.

"I've got an emergency and I need to go" Adam said.

"No problem" Vince said.

"Thank you" Adam bowed and immediately ran off. 

He just got a call from his mom who explained everything that happened to him. 

He dialed Arya's number and she answered right away. 

"Hey Adam" 

"Do you know where Birdie is? Did she call you?" Adam rushed his question. 

"Did something happened?" Arya asked. 

"She's been ignoring my calls ....can you just ask her where she is? It's important" Adam rushed his words and Arya hung up. 

She called back some minutes later. 

"At a park,I just sent you the address,let's meet there" Arya said. 

"Okay" Adam replied. 

••A PARK••

Birdie was sitting down alone on bench lost in thought,her eyes were red from the tears. 

Adam and Arya saw her from afar and Adam ran to her. 

"Birdie" Adam called and bent in front of her. 

"How did you find me?" Birdie asked and then saw Arya. 

"He was the one who called me and asked for you" Arya said. 

Birdie said nothing. 

"Mom...called me" Adam said. 

Birdie said nothing. 

"I know you're angry and honestly I'm speechless but...I know I'm super happy right now" Adam said and Birdie looked at him. 

"Why?" She asked. 

"Because,I've always wanted a sister,and because I've liked you from the moment I set my eyes on you,I like you so much,especially when I found out we got the same age,everything was just too good to be true,I just.....I love what's happening" Adam said. 

"But,that woman....should be punished for real" Adam added and sat down beside Birdie. 

"I still can't believe I've been living with someone like that all my life,I'm so shocked" Birdie said,tears rolling down her eyes. 

"Come here" Adam pulled her into a hug and Birdie hugged him back. 

"Looking at you two...you look alike,somehow. You both look so pretty,your eyes are so gorgeous,so. Beautiful" Arya smiled and clapped. 

"We should cheer her up,how about we have fun since we are in an amusement park already?" Adam asked. 

"That sounds so fun! Let's go!!" Arya screamed and Birdie chuckled. 

"Let's do it" She said. 

Adam held her hand and they stood up. 

"Ice cream first!!" Arya screamed,running off. 

"She can actually die for the love of ice cream,I'm tired of her" Adam muttered and Birdie looked at him.

"You like her" She said. 

"Says who?" Adam looked away. 

"Don't lie,come on" Birdie pushed him.. 

"Well fine,you caught me" Adam said and Birdie laughed. 

"I knew it" She said. 

"Don't tell her" Adam said. 

"My mouth is zipped,don't worry" Birdie smiled and ran after Arya. 

"I can't believe this,she's really my twin sister?" Adam bite his lips,hiding the excitement in his heart but he couldn't. 

"I'm so happy!!!!" He screamed out.


"Boss,are you yet to discover the new name we talked about?" Waylon's PA asked,dropping a file on the table. 

"No,I will need to do alot of thinking to come up with one,I don't want to rush" Waylon replied. 

He planned to change the name of the company from Kay. He need to remove his Father's name completely from it if he wants to enjoy being the CEO,at least the guilt won't eat him up too much. 

"Please do inform me anytime you're ready" His PA said. 

Waylon was about to reply when the door opened and Reagan came in,he sighed out. 

"You can go" He said to his PA who immediately went out. 

"Hi" Reagan smiled. 

"What are you doing here?" Waylon asked and stood up. 

"Where are you going?" Reagan asked hurriedly and rushed to him. 

"You're not welcome here,you can't just come here anytime you want...."

"I came to see you" Reagan said. 

"I don't want to talk to you" Waylon said. 

Reagan stood in front of him. 

"You're avoiding me,aren't you?" She asked. 

Waylon said nothing and looked away. 

"Tell me....you really don't have any feelings for me?" Reagan asked. 

"How would I have such feelings when you were introduced as my sister?......"

"But I'm not your sister" Reagan snapped. 

"Stop it Reagan,please" Waylon muttered and Reagan shook her head. 

"I can't,I can't stop. I don't know why but I'm always crazy when I'm in love with someone...."

"Love?!!" Waylon's eyes widened. 

"What else do you think this is? Just a crush?" Reagan asked and Waylon chuckled. 

"You're crazy" He mumbled. 

Reagan hugged him tightly. 

"I'm crazy for you" She muttered. 

"Hey" Waylon called broke the hug and held her shoulder. 

He wanted to talk but then the way she was pouting made him stop,she was looking so cute. She has always been cute but never has he looked at her that way,he never cared if she was cute or not,until now. 

"You wanted to say something" Reagan said,looking into his eyes. 

"You can go,I have a lot to do today" Waylon muttered,trying to avoid her gaze. 

"Then,are you going to see me tonight?" Reagan asked.

Waylon said nothing. 

"Talk or I'm gonna kiss you" Reagan flirted. 

"Yeah,I'm going to see you tonight. Are we good now?" Waylon asked and Reagan smiled. 

She kissed his cheek and moved back. 

"See you soon" She winked and walked out of the office. 

Waylon sat down and let out a loud groan. 

"Gosh" he sighed. 


Adam was in his room,on the bed. He was scrolling through his phone when suddenly someone blew breeze into his ear and he flinched. 

Arya laughed out loudly and fell on the bed. 

"Can't believe I scared you so much" She said. 

"How did you get here?" Adam asked. 

"I met mom downstairs and she told me you're here" Arya said. 

"Oh" Adam muttered. 

"She was speaking with Birdie on the phone when I came in,she wanted to come here but I think Birdie refused" Arya said and Adam sighed. 

"I'm sure she will come here when she's ready" He muttered. 

Arya sighed and closed her eyes on the bed. 

"Have you forgotten you're in a boy's room? You're acting so careless right now" Adam said and Arya opened her eyes. 

"So what? What are you gonna do?" Arya smirked. 

"Stop being naughty" Adam laughed and tried getting up from from the bed. 

Arya grabbed his shirt and pulled him back,he landed on top of her. 


Arya placed a finger on his lips. 

"You asked me that day you kissed me if I wanted more" She said. 

Adam swallowed,staring at her small lips. 

"Hey,let me go for a second,I...." Arya pressed her lips on his and the next word vanished from his lips. 

Arya broke the kiss and opened her eyes. 

"What are you waiting for?" She asked. 

Adam said nothing. 

"Do you...like me too?" He asked. 

"Isn't it obvious?" Arya asked. 

"I didn't notice" Adam muttered. 

"You're dumb in that aspect" Arya scoffed. 

Adam chuckled and pecked her lips,he started kissing her again slowly. 


Noah was just dropping a call,He's been busy all day from one business calls and meetings to another. He was so tired after dropping the last one. 

He saw the time and groaned.

"It's late" He muttered. 

He was just about picking up his phone from the table and the door opened loudly,he looked up and Birdie came in looking angry and pissed. 


"Hey,are you really my boyfriend?" Birdie asked and he blinked twice. 

"What are you talking about?" Noah asked. 

Birdie raised her phone. 

"I've been checking my phone all day,expecting a single call from you,but nothing happened. I understand you're really busy,but a single text would do!! You don't even know what I went through all day,you don't know what happened to me,you are just here busy with work. Or maybe probably you lost interest in me after I gave my body to you last night....."

"What are you talking about? Stop it" Noah said. 

"Stop what exactly?! I'm not joking here!" Birdie snapped. 

Noah stood up. 

"I see you're mad at me,but can you just calm down? You're scaring me with those eyes" Noah said. 

"You expect me to smile at you right now?" Birdie asked. 

"Can you just understand? I've been busy all day,if something happened then you should have called me,I wouldn't ignore your call and you know that......but I'm sorry okay? I'm really sorry" Noah said and walked to her. 

"Don't come closer,you can continue working and I will find somewhere else to go" Birdie muttered. 

Noah hugged her. 

"I'm sorry,forgive me" He said. 

Birdie rolled her eyes. 

"Will you tell me what happened now?" Noah requested. 

"I'm going to tell you later,just hold me this way,I missed your scent all day" Birdie said,inhaling his scent. 

She hugged him more tightly that Noah could hardly breathe but he wouldn't dare say a word. 

"I wish I can enter your skin right now" Birdie groaned and Noah's eyes widened. 

"Are you for real right now?" He asked. 

Birdie broke the hug. 

"I feel so weird" She shook her head and loosen Noah's tie. 

She slammed her lips on his own. 

"What should I do now?" Noah asked 

"Make me feel better" Birdie muttered. 

 "Great" Noah said and carried her at once. 

"Where are we going?" Birdie asked. 

"The room" Noah replied. 

"No,I don't want that" Birdie said. 

"Then....where?" Noah asked. 

"Here is okay,hurry up" Birdie replied. 

"As your lordship pleases" Noah said and dropped her on the table. 


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