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The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 61 & 62





The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 61 & 62

Subtitle: His Unsophisticated Girlie

GENRE: Billionaire/CEO Romance. 



Arya dropped the bottle in her hand after drinking the water,she looked around the house and bite her lips sadly. Her eyes were so red,result of crying all day,the house was so silent and she was beginning to get scared of staying all alone. 

She wiped her tears slowly,she heard the door bell all of a sudden and she stood up. She walked to the door and opened it. 

"Hey" Birdie waved,smiling Brightly. 

Arya immediately rushed to her and hugged her. 

"I guess you missed me" Birdie chuckled and hugged her back. 

"I miss everyone,it was scary" Arya said,crying on her shoulder. 

"I know,it's okay now. You will be fine" Birdie said and broke the hug. 

"Why are you here?" Arya asked. 

Birdie turned back to see Noah who rolled his eyes. 

"Come on" she whispered and Noah moved closer,Arya saw him. 

"Hi" She mumbled and Noah ignored the greetings. 

"You should be fast,I will be waiting in the car" Noah told Birdie and walked away grumpily. 

Birdie faced Arya. 

"Hey,don't make that face. He will definitely come around,trust me. So let's start by packing your clothes" She said and Arya's eyes widened. 

"Pack my.....clothes?" She asked and Birdie nodded. 

"He wants you to come back to the house" Birdie replied. 

"You convinced him,right?" Arya asked. 

"Does that really matter? You can't stay here all......" Arya hugged her tightly. 

"You're the best sis,you're really the best" She said and Birdie broke the hug. 

"Let's hurry,come on" She said and Arya immediately led the way. 


Noah stopped the car right in front of the island and Birdie Faced him,he haven't said a word since they entered the car. 

"What are you waiting for? I need to go" He said and Birdie pecked his lips. 

"See you later bunny" she said and got down from the car together with Arya,they entered and the guards rushed to take the bags from them. 

After they entered the house,the guards went out. 

"I'm back,I missed this place" Arya said excitedly and jumped on the couch. 

"I know" Birdie chuckled. 

"I wouldn't be here without you,I know he's still mad at me" Arya sighed. 

Birdie sat down beside her. 

"Everything will be fine,trust me he's the most amazing person" Birdie said. 

"I know" Arya said. 

"So just give him more time,now let's go and arrange your room" Birdie stood up. 

"Are you going to start living here too?" Arya asked. 

"Of course not" Birdie laughed. 

"Why? You two are dating" Arya Said. 

"Well I have my own house" Birdie muttered and Arya sighed. 



The police who left Noah to the prison where Santiago and Kay were left him there and Noah moved closer. 

Santiago and Kay were looking different already,like homeless humans. 

"You both look so handsome" Noah said in a mocking voice. 

"Why would you come here? You really feel like a little god now" Santiago said. 

"That uniform looks good on you,but don't worry In few weeks,it will be more dawn on you" Noah said. 

Kay said nothing. 

"Hey,do you still need the money,oops sorry,I forgot you can't spend money In prison,my bad" Noah touched his chest. 

"Hey!!" Kay shouted. 

"Can't believe you're still aggressive even in this situation" Noah shook his head. 

"Don't worry,I will make sure none of you is able to get out of here alive,you know I can do it,I don't mind spending money to achieve that,I'm rich enough even after you took away what was supposed to belong to me,I still have more than you,so it's natural to feel this way. " Noah sighed. 

"You think I will apologize to you?" Kay asked. 

"Apology? I hate it when sinners repent of course,it makes revenge more sweeter,and don't worry uncle,Arya isn't going to miss you,I will take care of her" Noah smirked. 

"Bye" He said and walked away. 



"Here boss" Adam dropped a letter on the table for Noah. 

"From who?" He asked. 

"Vivian" Adam replied and Noah brought the letter out,he opened it and read it. 

"Send a mail to her,tell her to come tomorrow" Noah said. 

"Alright boss" Adam bowed and went out of the office. 

"She's something else" Noah chuckled,looking at the letter again. 

The door opened and he looked up to see Waylon.

"Do I have to book an appointment?" Waylon asked. 

"You're here already,but next time try to do that" Noah said and Waylon scoffed. 

"Pride goes before a fall remember?" He sat down. 

"I know" Noah nodded. 

Waylon dropped a file on the table. 

"What's this?" Noah looked at him. 

"The company's document....since you own fifty percent shares,isn't it proper to bring it here? So we can decide what to do with......."

"You really think I need that company right now?" Noah cut in. 

"Even if you don't,it's still....."

"You should have it Waylon,Its yours. You've come a long way to give it up this way,so stop this" Noah said. 

"I don't think I will be able to manage it well knowing that the company belongs to my rival" Waylon replied. 

"You also think I'm your rival?" Noah asked and Waylon smiled. 

"Are you not?" He asked. 

"No,we are not rivals in anyway. I don't have rivals,I just do my own things,so don't see me as your rival" Noah said. 

"But still......"

"Fine If you're not ready to give in,we should sell the company" Noah cut in. 

"What?! Are you crazy? What do you mean by sell off?" Waylon snapped. 

"If you want to give me my own share,how are you planning to do that?" Noah asked. 

"I can just........."

"Waylon,think about it. I don't even need this company,all you have to do is make it officially yours,you don't need your father anymore" Noah said and Waylon sighed. 

"I owe you a lot" He muttered. 

"No,I owe you a lot instead" Noah replied. 



Adam stared at his mom as they ate together on the dining table,he noticed she was almost moody and haven't said a word yet. 

'What's wrong with her?' He thought. 

"Are you okay?" He asked and Mrs Levi looked up. 

"Oh,I'm fine. Do you like the meal?" She asked. 

"Hmm" Adam nodded and she smiled. 

"What happened? You don't look good" Adam said. 

"It's just work stress,I will be fine after taking a rest" She replied and Adam nodded. 

'Why was lady Winona there? She's Birdie's granny? How? She's not even that old....is she acting? But why would she do that?' All those questions were ringing in Mrs Levis head. 

But when she looked at Adam,he seems to be worried about her. 

"I'm really fine son" She smiled,trying her best for being lively. 

"Don't fall sick,I will hate you even more" Adam muttered and she smiled. 

"Thanks for the food" He stood up and walked away. 

Mrs Levis sighed out 

"What am I thinking right now? I'm worried about Birdie,should I? She's obviously not going to hurt her,they've been staying together for nineteen years so why would anything happen now? I'm just overreacting" she concluded and exhaled. 


Vivian was humming a song to herself as she wore the kitchen glove,she opened the oven and brought out the cake she just baked. 

"Hmm,smells so good!!" She screamed and dropped it on the table. 

After she received the mail to resume her job tomorrow,she haven't stop screaming and rejoicing. 

"I feel so alive right now" She said and cut out a small piece from it. 

She ate from it and nods. 

"Delicious...wait.....I keep forgetting I have a neighbor now,should I go and give her out of this?" She asked with her mouth full. 

"Alright,let's do it Vivian" She grinned and took a flat plate,she cut a large piece from the whole chocolate cake and dropped the knife,she left her own apartment and stopped in front of the second door. 

She hit the doorbell and soon the door opened,revealing Vince. 

"You?!!" They both screamed in shock. 

"Whoa!! You're my neighbor,for real?" Vivian laughed and entered. 

"Who said you can come in like that?" Vince closed the door and followed her.  

"Here" She dropped the cake on a table and looked around. 

"Why is this place more beautiful than mine?" She faced him. 

"Are you done? Why are you here?" Vince asked. 

"I only came here to give my neighbor some cake,I never knew it was you" Vivian said. 

"I don't like eating cake" Vince said. 

"You should have just said thank you,I did this with a good heart...."

"Thank you miss Vivian,now can you leave?" Vincent asked. 

"Throw the cake away if you don't want it" Vivian muttered and went out. 

Vince went to lock the door and came back inside,he stared at the cake on the table and rolled his eyes before going inside his bedroom. 



"Your granny ran when she saw Adam's mom?" Noah asked in confusion after Birdie told him about what happened the previous night. 

"Yes,isn't it strange?" Birdie asked. 

"That's strange,so did you ask her why she ran?" 

"She didn't let me,she kept avoiding me" Birdie sighed. 

"I'm sure she's going to tell you when she's ready" Noah said and Birdie nodded. 

"So you've not decided on the school yet? I'm impatient right now bug" Noah said. 

"I thought you said you're working,how do you manage to talk and operate on that desktop?" Birdie asked,she was walking around the office. 

"Don't worry,I'm smart enough,so answer my question" Noah said. 

"Adam and I haven't concluded" Birdie said and Noah looked up. 

"Adam? Why?" He asked. 

"We were planning to attend the same school" Birdie replied and Noah scoffed. 

"Are you jealous?" Birdie grinned. 

"Jealous? Why would I?" Noah asked and Birdie laughed. 

"Alright,but don't worry,He's like a brother.... "

"That's enough" Noah cut in and Birdie laughed. 

"So I was thinking,we should do that with Arya also" Birdie said. 

"No,I was planning a different school for her,she won't be staying with me forever....."

"Come on bunny,cut her a slack. You want her to leave and stay in the hostel? She's just sixteen and needs to be monitored,please huh?" Birdie groaned. 

Noah sighed out. 

"Fine,just ask her yourself...."

"Never,you will be the one to talk to her yourself,ask her what she wants" Birdie said and Noah looked at her. 

"You sound like a big sister right now" He said and Birdie smiled. 

"Right,are you ready for the shoot? It's this weekend" Noah said. 

"Don't worry about me,I'm fully prepared. Wait are you done working?" Birdie asked and Noah nodded. 

She immediately ran to him and sat down on his laps. 

"Do you miss me that much?" Noah smiled. 

"More than you ever imagine,I wanted to eat you up,but I had to control it,that was why I was walking around" She said in a seductive voice and Noah shook his head. 

"You shouldn't be doing this right now,honestly,I might run mad" Noah muttered. 

"That makes you madly in love,don't you think?" Birdie whispered. 

"Just kiss me already and stop killing me" Noah said and Birdie pecked his lips. 

"More more,that's nothing" Noah said and Birdie giggles. 

She captured his lips again and Noah reciprocated at once. 

She balanced well on his laps and deepened the kiss even more. 

Moaning into each others mouth,Birdie undid his tie and started unbuttoning his shirt. 

Noah broke the kiss. 

"Hey,don't awake the sleeping devil,it's dangerous" Noah said. 

"I might have to make the devil stand if he doesn't want to wake up" Birdie whispered and Noah groaned. 

"We shouldn't be doing this here,but you're making it hard right now" he said. 

"There's a bed right in the office bunny" Birdie said. 

"Let's go home......"

"I might just have to rape you at this moment Mr Chris" Birdie said and started unhooking his belt. 

 Noah opened his mouth in shock. 


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