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The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 59 & 60





The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 59 & 60

Subtitle: His Unsophisticated Girlie

GENRE: Billionaire/CEO Romance. 



Waylon and Noah entered immediately Winona opened the door. 

"Grandma,is Birdie home?" Noah asked impatiently,Waylon had to tap him to calm down,they can't allow the old granny find out what was going on. 

"No,she's not back. Is there a reason why you're looking for her? She didn't do anything wrong right?" Winona asked. 

Noah ran out immediately. 

"Don't worry granny,she didn't do anything" Waylon smiled and bowed before going after Noah. 

"You really need to calm down Noah....."

"How do you expect me to calm down? I don't think I'm really going to live if something happens to her because of me,I won't forgive myself. What should I do now......" His phone started ringing,he didn't think twice before answering the call. 

 "I see you're worried already" The voice said. 

"Don't you dare touch her! Do you understand?!" Noah yelled. 

"Then come get her,I sent the address already,come get her yourself" He said and hung up. 

Noah looked at Waylon. 

"Go without me" Waylon said. 

Noah didn't argue,he entered the car and drove off. 



Birdie was still unconscious,she was tied on a chair. All of a sudden,a bucket of water of poured all over her body from her head. 

She gasped for breath and opened her eyes to see Hailey laughing. 

"Hailey?" Birdie called and she laughed. 

"Thank goodness you're not dead" Hailey said. 

Birdie gulped and looked around to see different hefty men in black. 

"What...what are you doing here?" Birdie asked,still confused about what's going on. 

"Isn't it obvious? But well you're not so smart...."

"Not that I'm not smart! I'm wondering what you're doing here!! Is this who you really are?" Birdie asked. 

"It took you too long to realize,that's bad bambi" Hailey said 

"Don't call me that you devil!!" Birdie screamed and Hailey slapped her. 

"I wouldn't have done this If you didn't cut ties with me!! Because of a man" Hailey said. 

"But you betrayed me first because of that same man......" Birdie said. 

Hailey grabbed her hair. 

"You should have let go of him,you're just a child! Why going after a man who's way beyond your league?!! Why!!" Hailey yelled and tightened her grip on Birdie's hair. 

"You knew how long I've been crushing on him,you never showed any interest!! You always discouraged me! You told me to forget about him so many times,you proved to hate him! Stop lying!!" Birdie cried. 

"I see.....but it's such a pity that you're here because of that man today" Hailey smirked. 

"If he was with me,I would have protected him with everything within me,but you can't even do anything when your boyfriend have countless enemies? You don't know anything,but who cares? He will be dying today anyway" Hailey smirked. 

Santiago and Kay walked in and Birdie swallowed,they both look familiar but she doesn't know for sure. 

"Is this Noah's girlfriend?" Kay asked. 

"Yes boss" Hailey replied. 

"He's got quite some taste,she's pretty" Kay said. 

"What about him?" Santiago asked. 

"Don't worry,he will be here soon" Kay said. 

"Which one of you is Noah's uncle?" Birdie asked. 

"I am,why?" Santiago asked. 

"You're an animal,you don't deserve to be called a human!!! How could you do this to your own family?!! How!!" Birdie cried out. 

Santiago and Kay laughed. 

"She's a lover girl,she's still trying to speak for him even when she's here because of him?" Kay laughed. 

"You have no right to laugh,you're just bittered because you've never been loved your whole life,that's why you want to destroy him. But try all you want,you will be destroyed instead and he will keep on going higher,so try harder" Birdie said. 

"You wench!!!" Kay shouted and used the back of his hand to slap Birdie's face,her lips busted. 

"Try harder!!!! Animals!!! Just kill me if that makes you feel better!! But you know what? Even If you kill me,it doesn't change the fact that you're worthless. Arya is so ashamed that you're her father,I'm sure she's praying in her mind that If she's ever reborn,she should never part ways with you. And then you....Waylon is definitely unfortunate having you as his dad also..he deserves better." Birdie said. 

Kay faced Hailey. 

"I thought you said she's gullible!! Shut this bitch's mouth!!" He yelled. 

"Yes boss"

But almost immediately the door open and Noah came in. 

"Oh finally,our real prey is here" Kay smirked. 

"Untie her right now and let her go,I'm here" Noah said. 

"Hold her" Kay ordered his man and they did. 

"Stop!!!! Let him go!!!" Birdie screamed. 

Santiago winked at Hailey and she moved closer to Birdie,she covered her mouth and nose with a drugged handkerchief and she became unconscious.

"What did you do to her?!! What!! Birdie!!" Noah screamed,trying to free himself from the men holding him down but he couldn't. 

Birdie was taken out of the room. 

"Start" Santiago gave the other and immediately Noah was pushed to the ground. 

They began stomping on him aggressively. 



"Wait,how the hell did you find out what's going on?" Vince asked impatiently as Axel stepped on the speed. 

"Waylon called me" Axel replied. 

"Why would he leave Noah all alone with those monsters?!! Where is he exactly?" Vince asked. 

"To get the cops" Axel replied. 

"Step on it Axel,go faster!" Vince said. 

"I'm fast of course! I can't get us killed,we need to save Noah" Axel replied. 


Adam opened the gate and met Arya crying. 

"What happened? Are you okay?" Adam asked worriedly. 

Arya immediately hugged him. 

"Tell me what happened exactly" Adam broke the hug. 

"My dad.....is....after his life....bro Noah's life" Arya said in tears and Adam's eyes widened.

"What?! Why!" He asked. 

Arya shook her head. 

"I have no idea" She said in tears. 



"Stop" Kay ordered and the boys stopped beating Noah. 

Blood was dripping down from his head,his whole body was dirty and bloody,he was breathing heavily like someone who was about dying. 

"You should know now that we are not joking" Kay smirked,walking closer to Noah. 

"Joking? You think I will ever take you serious?" Noah asked and Santiago scoffed. 

"My brother's son is such a stubborn brat" He chuckled. 

"You should know that already uncle,you can't kill me the way you killed your brother and my mom,I will make sure you spend the rest of your life in jail,just wait for it" Noah said. 

"What if I decide to end your life now?" Kay asked. 

"Do it then,you won't even see a dime out of my money you're after,you're so dumb" Noah scoffed and wiped the blood in his mouth. 

"Well here" Kay dropped a file on the ground for him. 

"If you want to leave this place alive,then sign this" He said. 

Noah read it and laughed. 

"Ten billion dollars? That's what you want? My money or yours?" He asked. 

"I'm not here to joke with you!! Sign it and we are done!! If you want to live!! And if you want your girlfriend to live!!" Santiago yelled. 

"How am I supposed to rest knowing fully well that no matter the amount you're given,you will still get broke? Haven't you thought about it? It's a curse uncle" Noah laughed. 

"You...." Santiago grabbed Noah's collar. 

At that moment,the door burst open and Vince came in with Axel. 

"You animal!!" Vince shouted. 

Immediately all their men rushed toward Vince and Axel

"Y'all are dead,trust me" Vince muttered,taking two of the arranged planks on the bench. 

The first two men he lay his hands on died instantly. 

"Who....are they?" Kay asked. 

"What do you think? Those two guys alone would kill thousands if it's because of me,but you?? Who do you have? I get that's why you're so pained and frustrated" Noah said in a mocking voice. 

In just ten minutes,Axel and Vince already finished up those men. 

They almost approached Santiago and Kay when they heard the police siren. 

"Freeze everyone!!!" 

Waylon rushed in and Kay was shocked. 

"You bastard!!!" He yelled. 

"I warned you father,but sorry it's too late already" Waylon muttered. 

Hailey tried to escape

Two of the cops shot her down,her head burst and she died instantly. 

"Don't move!!" 

Santiago And Kay were Handcuffed. 

The boys rushed to Noah. 

"Dude!!! You're dying! Hospital" Axel shouted almost tearfully. 

"I'm fine....." Noah said,trying to get up. 

"What do you mean by you're fine?! Are you crazy" Vince yelled as Noah fell back. 

"Birdie....Please help her" Noah said before he became unconscious. 

Waylon got up to look for Birdie,fortunately he found her quickly,he carried her at once. Axel and Vince already left with Noah also. 

Everyone was arrested from the scene and taken away. 



Birdie was on the bed,she haven't woke up yet,Noah was sitting beside her with bandage all over his body. 

He took Birdie's hand and kissed it lightly. 

"I'm sorry,it's all my fault. But it's all over now" He muttered. 

The door opened,Axel and Vince came in first followed by Adam and Arya. 

"You should be resting too Noah,are you okay?" Axel asked. 

"Boss,how are you feeling now?" Adam asked with concern. 

"Don't worry about me" Noah replied. 

Arya bite her lips,her fingers were shaking,she couldn't even bring herself to say a word. Seeing Birdie on the bed and then Noah. 

Noah stood up and walked out of the ward,Arya immediately ran after him and grabbed his hand. 

"Not now Arya,please" Noah said and pulled her hand off. 

"I feel like I might die if you don't forgive me" Arya broke into tears. 

"Why? It's not even your fault....."

"Then why do you hate me so much? Why?" 

"Because I'm trying to make myself feel better by hating you at least,can't I do that also?!! Can't I?!" He yelled. 

Arya cried bitterly. 

"Then....I won't stop you anymore,if hating me would make you feel better,I don't mind,I will do anything,but I will definitely be miserable,I won't survive it,living in guilt kills,and it's killing me always. So please,make it faster" Arya said and ran off. 

Vince and Adam came out. 

"Jennie have been arrested also,she was involved in everything from the start" Vince said and Noah nodded. 

"What did you tell her granny?" Noah asked Adam. 

"I told her Birdie have a sudden exam to do,I got her the drugs also. So it's cool" Adam replied and Noah nodded. 



Birdie was just coming out of a convenience store when someone called her Name,she turned to See Adam's mom. 

"Mrs Levi!" Birdie called and walked to her. 

"You came to buy something?" Mrs Levi asked ,smiling 


"Same here,you look so pretty Birdie" 

"Thank you ma'am" Birdie smiled

"Do you stay around here? Get in the car,I will drop you home" 

"Thank you ma'am" Birdie said. 

They both entered the car. 

It was just a five minutes drive. 

"It's okay ma'am,that's my house" Birdie said and Mrs Levi stopped the car. 

Birdie came out and she also did. 

"Oh,is there a problem?" Birdie asked. 

"It's nothing,I just want to see you go in" Mrs Levi said and Birdie smiled before bowing. 

"Thank you so much ma'am" She said. 

She almost moved when Winona appeared. 

"Grandma! Meet my friend's mom" Birdie introduced. 

Mrs Levi looked at Winona and her eyes Widened. 

"Lady Winona......" Before she could finish. 

Winona turned and started running off. 

"Grandma!!" Birdie called in shock with wide eyes. 

How did her granny run so fast? 


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