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Contract Marriage - Episode 9




Contract Marriage - Episode 9

By Amah's Heart  

They had barely entered the car, when he received a disturbing call.

He sighed heavily and was silent for a while; as if trying to make a difficult decision.

“ Everything ok?” Omar asked, a bit out of concern. 

He rested his chin on his arm, and fell silent, letting out a deep breath.

“ We need to leave town and lay low for a while till our wedding.” He announced.

“ What do you mean by lay low?… I do not understand your insinuation.”

Ife turned to her slowly. He wasn’t expecting things to go to this extreme, much less, endangering her life.

“ Do you want to dïe Omar!!” he asked her concernedly.

“ What kind of question is that?”

He fell into silence, and took in a deep breath to ease off the tension.

“ My Step father is planning to kīll us!!... 

That is why we have to leave town and come up with a plan for our wedding…”

“ Kīll us.” Omar gasped, popping her eyes in utter disbelief.

“ You know Ife…. The first time you entered my office…. I sensed you will put me into trouble…. And here we are!!!”

“ Calm down Omar… this is not what I planned… I underestimated my step father…. But not to worry, I have it under control.” 

“ You have it under control and you are running away!!....”

“ Omar please this is not the time for disagreements…. I need you to understand.” Ife pleaded.

Omar sighed heavily, trying to control the anxiety which was ravaging her.

“ How do you know your step father is after our lives?” she asked curiously.

“ inner sources informed me.”

“ How well do you trust your inner sources?” 

“ Enough to know that we are in danger.”

Omar bit her upper lip anxiously.

“ Fine…. You’ll drop me off at home so I can pack my stuff..”

“ There won’t be time for that…. We are going from here.” He announced and started the car engine and drove off, ignoring Omar glares at him with her mouth agape.


Binta turned on the ignition of her car and trailed carefully the Highlander, which was parked in front of the shopping mall a while ago. She had been watching for a while the vehicle, right from the moment it left the office, to the point it picked up the strange woman at the T junction, until they arrived at the shopping mall. 

And now, it was about leaving the luxurious mall.

She had done her due diligence in hacking into his device a week back,

 to track his log of phone chats and conversation, and had arrived at an evidential proof beyond a shadow of doubt that her husband had been cheating on her.

Her instincts was right all along. She let out a fustrated sigh, her face contorted in a disappointed expression, compelling her to pant påinfully.

Whoever this strange woman was, she was making him spend heavily and draining the company of funds.

A company she had built from the scratch with her ungrateful husband.

She took charge of the wheel and manouvered it expertly into a street bend, where the Highlander led. Careful enough to avoid being seen by her targets.

The Highlander abruptly came to an halt and a skimpily dressed fair lady alighted from it and kíssed Emeka, before leading him to her luxurious apartment 

Binta's eyes were already weary. She had been driving for long from her Estate into the Banana Island. Although she couldn’t enter the compound, but a glance at the building spoke volumes of it being a very expensive apartment.

“ Is this what Emeka is spending the company’s money on?” Binta thought to herself, with a rage of ánger brewing inside her as she tapped her feet impatiently on the floor of her Mazda.

She must cook up a plan and it must be very soon. Emeka must pay for his betrayal, and that lady! She will rot in héll!!

She picked up her phone and dialed Emeka’s number repeatedly, until he picked it up on the fourth ring.

“ Hello darling.” Emeka voiced.

“ Emeka, where are you?” Binta asked abruptly.

There was a pause from the other end for a few seconds.

“ I’m at Stephen; my friends house…. We needed to meet up and discuss something urgent….. why are you asking?”

Binta swallowed painfully. Her husband was a good for nothing.

“ I asked because today is our wedding anniversary, and I was thinking for once you’ll spend some time to take me out but you chose to stay out all day! …. Emeka what has happened to the vow we shared between us…. The vow that you made to me at the altar on our wedding day.” Binta asked shakily, wiping the tears which had long been threatening to fall.

Emeka paused from his end. He knew his wife was crying from the sound of her voice and that made him uncomfortable.

“ Binta I’m sorry…. I actually forgot it was our anniversary…. But I promise to make it up to you…. Please….. I’ll be home soon with a gift… and I want you to wait up for me so we can celebrate it.” Emeka voiced pleadingly.

Binta wiped her tears with a white handkerchief from her bag, and sniffed.

“ Fine…. I’ll wait for you.” She replied and ended the call.

She wined down the glass of her Mazda to inhale the freshness of the breeze through her skin. It was evening already and she needed to get home on time to prepare the kids for bedtime.

Turning the ignition once again, she reversed a little, then zoomed off.

She has a plan to execute

She won't spare Emeka or his side chick who has literally drained them dry.

(Do not take credit or Plagiarize AMAH'S HEART stories)

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