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Contract Marriage - Episode 10




Contract Marriage - Episode 10

By Amah's Heart  

Cuddled beside him was Judith whose head was lying on his bare chest in a lovey dovey mood.

Emeka took in a deep breath, pondering on the perfect excuse he could muster, so he could go home and fix the pending issues.

His wife had just called him a while ago, and in all honesty; he completely forgot it was their wedding anniversary because this days, the thought of Judith mostly flooded his head.

Scratching his head subconsciously, his thoughts began to drift to his family.

“ Emeka what’s wrong…. You’ve been all moody since you received the call from your wife.” Judith spoke softly, stroking the hair on his chest in a romantic manner.

Emeka gave a quick smile and shifted uncomfortably.

“ Hum….. Judy…. It’s nothing….. something just came up and I need to go home.” Emeka gently replied.

Judith laughed softly.

“ Emeka…. Hmmm…. Emeka…. So you want to leave me here and go to your wife abi?” Judith asked, wearing a frown on her face.

“ Judy honey…. Please let me go tonight…. I’ll make it up to you.” Emeka pleaded.

“ That wasn’t our agreement Emeka….we agreed to spend the night together and that is exactly what we will do.” Judith affirmed.

“ Judy… today is my wedding anniversary and Binta will be hurt if I do not show up.” Emeka explained.

She removed her gaze from his chest she had been stroking, and stared straight into his eyes.

“ Emeka…. Before we entered into this relationship, you promised to take good care of me…. You said your wife didn’t really matter because she was boring in bed….. so why the sudden concern for her?” Judith asked, flashing him a questioning look.

Emeka breathed heavily and shifted his gaze to the bedspread. 

“ Judy…. You know I love you, and I will do anything for your sake….. I’ve always made sure to stick to my promises to you my queen and even spend more time with you than I do at home…. I just need to go this one time…. Please.” He said, pleading with his eyes.

“ Fine you can go dear…. But bear in mind that the moment you step out of that door, this relationship is over!!” Judith threatened with her eyes as cold as ice, and turned to the other side of the king sized bed.

“ Oh my Judy…. I do not mean to make you angry at all…. If you like, I can even stay for two more days…. I’ll do anything for you dear…. I promise.” Emeka said shakily, holding her in a loving manner.

Judy turned back to face him and smiled. 

“ Good.”

She loved the control she had over him, over all her men. The euphoria of the feeling of seeing that sheepish look in Emeka’s eyes, was fascinating. 

But one thing she was dissatisfied about was his sudden concern to spend more time with his wife this days. And this was not a good sign at all.

She must double the love portion, and drive an irreversible wedge between him and his family.


Binta yawned tiredly. 

She must have dozed off after the series of heart rending tears she poured out some hours ago.

She glanced at the wall clock for the uptenth time and swallowed hard the lump that had long gathered in her throat.

He asked her to wait!!..... He asked her to wait up for him.

“It was 1:20 am already. Why would Emeka make a fool of her.” Binta pondered deeply, allowing her memory lane lead her to the past during their early days of courtship.

They had met in church. But they were more like total strangers, not until they met at the workers meeting mid year report program. That was the first day they had struck a conversation that ignited the spark of attraction between them.

She was in the Sunday School department while he was the head of the ushering department in church and also one of the most sought after men among the eligible bachelors then.

They spent most of their leisure times on dates and outdoor events that got her falling head over heels in love with him.

And when he proposed, she was overjoyed, even the head pastor approved of him and within a short period of time, the wedding took place.

“But why were things falling apart now?

Why has Emeka changed so much?” 

This were thoughts that flooded Binta’s mind as she brooded with fresh tears pouring from her eyes.


“ Attention all!!.... We are pleased to inform you that the time of landing is approximately 10 minutes ahead of schedule.” The flight attendant's voice echoed from the speakers.

Omar yawned tiredly. She felt worn out by fatigue in an impromptu journey. 

She turned sideways to see Ife sitting beside her, typing on his iPad.

“ Come on, it’s time to go.” He whispered to her, as he stood up to pull   his small suitcase in a nearby bin.

They alighted from the plane and checked into a very expensive hotel in Dubai.

“ So what next?” Omar asked Ife as he lied on the bed and seemed to be brooding.

“ We will go get you as many clothes that can last for a week.”

“ And?”

“ Then we will have a good meal tonight.”

“ And then?”

“  We will include the purchase of a wedding gown among your clothes, because tomorrow is our wedding.” Ife announced.

Omar chuckled unbelievably.

“ Tomorrow is our wedding?.... Since When did we change the plans?” She asked him.

He slowly got up from the bed and faced her.

“ Since now.” He whispered.

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