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Contract Marriage - Episode 14




Contract Marriage - Episode 14

By Amah's Heart  

“ He said our lives are in dānger…. His step father is after our lives.” Omar explained to her friends through a video chat.

“ Why didn’t he explain to you initially, that he had a béast of a step father, instead of putting your life at risk of a looming danger?” Judith asked.

Omar bit her lower lip.

“ According to him, he underestimated his step father…. And never believed he would go as far as coming after our lives.” Omar replied.

“ This is a serious matter Omar…. So what is his plan of ensuring your safety?” Ashley voiced as she stood in front of her mirror holding a cotton wool and a cleansing lotion.

Omar fell silent.

“ I don’t know…. But he told me he has a plan that I should trust him.” She finally said.

“ And do you trust him?” Ashley asked.

“ Kind of.”

Judith gasped.

“ Omar…. What has happened to you this few days you were away?..... You’ve suddenly grown so soft!!” 

“ And withdrawn.” Ashley added.

“ What do you mean?” Omar asked.

“ I hope this is not a case of the hooker has been hooked syndrome.” Judith remarked.

“ I mean the Omar I know wouldn’t have agreed to go through with the wedding in the face of danger…. Infact, you would have damned his freaking offer!!..... So Why?”

“ I don’t understand you.” Omar asked feigning ignorance.

“ Why did you agreed to marry him inspite of the danger involved?” Ashley stressed the question.

Omar fell silent again.

“ Hmmm…. When a Omar becomes weak in her business dealings…. It’s only an indication of something.” Judith said, eyeing Omar suspiciously.

Omar scoffed.

“ What thing?” She asked in confusion.

“  Omar is in love!!!!” Judith and Ashley chorused together and bursted into laughter.

Omar chuckled.

“ Are you both kidding me?”

“ No we are not!!” Ashley replied.

There was a brief pause from Omar.

“ Love is an old wives fable that has ceased to be in existence in my life a long time ago.” Omar retorted.

“ Is that what you tell yourself?” Judith threw the question and resumed her laughter with Ashley.

“ Hmm…… this guy must really be an interesting Personality to have the nerve to hook our Omar…. We must meet him as soon as you both arrive in Nigeria.” Ashley pointed out.

“ You both are talking gibberish!!.... This is a business deal and nothing more!!!” Omar replied abruptly. But her friends didn’t stop laughing at her.

“ The hooker has been hooked o….” Judith screamed into the phone.

Omar hissed.

“ Abeg let’s change the topic!!” Omar said in annoyance.

“ Madam you don’t need to be angry…we are only pointing out the obvious…. Anyway, my sister just arrived earlier today…. I would have added her to our video chat….. but she is sleeping right now.” Ashley said.

“ Oh wow! That’s nice… I would love to finally meet her when I get back to Nigeria.” Omar replied cheerfully, glad that her friends had changed the topic.

“ So that brings us to the question.”

“ What question?”

“ When are you coming to Nigeria?” asked Judith.


The office door creaked open and the rotund smallish man entered.

“ Good morning Mr Coker.” He greeted.

Mr Coker stood facing the window, with his back against the man. He seemed to be staring into the thin air, with his hands carefully tucked in his side pockets. He remained there for a while before slowly turning to face the man.

“ Please have a seat Mr Judas.” Mr Coker said, ushering the middle aged man into a seat.

Mr Judas took his seat and sat crossed legged.

Mr Coker paused for a while, as if he was lost for what to say.

He suddenly began.

“ Mr Jide, I believe you have been an active share holder in this company for 15 years now and ever since I came on board, I believe I have been very good in dispatching my duties to you all and the company at large. Especially to you, in ways that cannot be counted.” Mr Coker said and paused for response from Mr Judas.

“ Yes you have been Mr Coker…. And thanks to you, Davis Entertainment has been able to diversify In her capacity.” Mr Judas responded.

Mr Coker nodded his head. That was the kind of reply he was expecting.

“ I need your help Mr Judas.”

“ And how may I be of help to you?” Mr Judas asked.

Mr Coker exhaled, and finally took his seat.

“ I received an information from an insider that Ife is trying to fast track his wedding date, so he can take over the Directorship position from me…… so I thought we could set up a meeting with the board of trustees to activate the leadership by vote proposal, instead of the leadership by shares…. Because the moment he gets married, he gains total entitlement to his 55% shares of the company’s proceeds….. so I want us to call an impromptu meeting and activate the leadership by vote system, before he marries that girl. ” Mr Coker said.

Mr Judas rubbed his hands on his chin.

“ That will be a tough call Mr Coker. Considering the fact that Ife has the support of most of the members…. I’m afraid what you just suggested might be impossible. Mr Judas replied truthfully.

“ That is why I came to you Mr Judas….. I know you are not in support of Ife's methods of operations because you feel it has a touch of modernity that takes away the original traditional method we’ve always practiced….. I also know you are a close friend of Mr Lawal, Mr Nwachukwu and Mr Bernard. And whatever you convince them to do is what they will do. I already have the support of two other shareholders and if I can have the four of you on my side, then I am guaranteed of winning the case….” Mr Coker replied.

“ So how do you think we can go about this?” Mr Judas asked.

“ It’s very simple Mr Judas…. We will call a crucial meeting with the shareholders and fix it within a short time frame…. I learnt Ife is not in town…. And so we will give him a short notice of the meeting about a few hours to the time of the meeting. By doing this, Ife wouldn’t be able to meet up and attend the meeting.” Mr Coker said.

“ Hmmm!!  So what is in it for me if I help you?” Mr Judas asked, scratching his beards.

Mr Coker chuckled. 

“ That’s a small thing Mr Judas…. Check this out.” Mr Coker said, handing him a piece of document which Mr Judas took and scrutinized.

A smile lurked on Mr Judas lips.

“ We have a deal.” Mr Judas said, reaching out his hand for a handshake.

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