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Contract Marriage - Episode 15




Contract Marriage - Episode 15

By Amah's Heart  

Judith let out a sigh as she hanged up the call. It was a call from Saloma who had informed her the ingredients for the bløød convenant ritual was ready, but one item was missing and Judith was to produce the item.

“ You must bring his bløød.” Saloma had told her.

“ But how do I get his bløød without harming him.” Judith asked her.

Saloma gave a wild laughter.

“ That is a small thing Judith…. All you need do is to prick him with a sharp object and clean it with a cotton wool…. But make sure his bløød drops, even if it’s as little as a drop.” Saloma informed her.

“ Ok….. how long will it take to complete the ritual?” Judith asked.

“ If you bring his blood today,…. We can start the ritual right away.” Saloma replied abruptly.

“ Ok then…. I’ll bring it today.” Judith voiced and hung up.

She was losing her grip on Emeka drastically, more than she imagined.

He spends less time with her these days and wasn’t as quick to obey her instructions anymore.

She racked her head, thinking of a quick way to lure him to her house and like a flash, her eyes popped out in excitement.

“ Bingo!!!!.” She exclaimed suddenly with a smile escaping on her face.

Picking up her phone on the center table, she dialled his number.


The phone vibrated repeatedly on the table despite the fact that it was on a silent profile.

It was becoming a huge distraction for Emeka as he shifted uncomfortably. He had taken a quick glance at the screen earlier on and knew it was a call from Judith. Nevertheless, he was in a very important meeting with some important clients of his company. As they were embarking on a highly profitable project.

The company needed connections, and more especially, the company needed more contract deals by reason of the fact that he had repeatedly pulled large chunks of money from the company’s funds. He needed to work twice as hard to replace the money before the investors starts to raise their eyebrows.

Binta was the one doing the talking, while he supported by adding a few brilliant points.

The meeting finally ended and there was an exchange of handshakes between Emeka and his clients, when his phone rang again for the sixth time.  He had to excuse himself to pick the call.

“ Why was Judith calling him at a working hour?” he wondered while he picked up.

“ Emeka I have been trying to reach you all day…..” Judith voiced loudly.

“ So sorry darling…. I was in the middle of a very important meeting…...”

“ Whatever!!..... I need you right now Emeka….. my tummy hurts….. I think I’m having menstrual cramps.” Judith said in agitation.

“ Oh so sorry dear….. have you taken any medications.” He asked her.

“ No…. I’m too weak to get any medications.” She replied weakly.

“ Ok I’ll be there now…. Please hang on.” Emeka replied hurriedly, and entered his office to get his keys.

“ Where are you going to?” Binta asked him.

“ it’s an emergency Binta…. One of my friends is sick.” Emeka said.

Binta flashed him a worried look, resting her back on the wall.

“ Which of your friends?” she asked him.

Emeka sighed.

“ You don’t know this one.”

“Then I’m coming with you.”

“ No!!.... I mean there’s no need…. Someone has to stay behind to run the company.” Emeka gave the excuseand sighed again.

"...I will be back soon.” He whispered softly and grabbed his keys.

He opened the door and saw pastor Nathaniel standing about 2 meters away from him.

He frowned at the wrong timing as his mind was still on Judith as if some powerful force was drawing him uncontrollably.


Mr Coker let out a cocky grin as he swerved left and right on his office chair.

The door immediately creaked open and Richard entered wearing a smile as he approached his father. 

“ Everything is going perfectly…. The meeting is about to start now and the Shareholders are gathered already...”

“ That’s good…. What of Mr Dele?” Mr Coker asked his son.

“ Mr Judas is present as well…. I spoke to Mr Nwachukwu, and Mr Lawal a while ago….. and it appears that Mr Judas has done a fantastic job in convincing the others.”

“ And Ife?” he asked.

“ Ife is absent….. my source tells me he is still in Dubai and he wouldn’t be able to make it down, considering the short time frame the meeting was scheduled….. it’s time for the meeting dad…let’s go.” Richard said to Mr Coker. 

Mr Coker shook his folded hands excitedly in a way that signified victory as he got up to his feet and followed Richard to the conference room.

It was 2pm. All the board members were seated already. Mr Coker cleared his throat before he spoke.

“ It’s 2pm already..... Members of board, shall we start?” He said confidently.

Mr Bernard nodded his head.

“ Yes we can.” Mr Nwachukwu said.

Just then a strong masculine voice was heard 

“ No!!.” 

Everyone turned to see Mr James. He was a strong supporter of Ife.

“ And why can’t we start?” Mr Coker challenged him.

“ Because we aren’t complete yet…. Ife isn’t here.” Mr James replied abruptly.

Mr Judas scoffed.

“ Ife is well aware we have a meeting…. Why should we all be kept waiting by him?.... This shows he has no regard for the members of the board….. and on this note I think we can proceed.” Mr Judas spoke.

Mr Arnold stroke his beards deliberately. He was another supporter of Ife.

“ According to the rules of Mike Davis Entertainment, a member of the board is given a grace of a minimum of 15 minutes before a sensitive meeting begins…. So we will stick by the rules and wait for Ife!! “ Mr Arnold said blatantly.

Mr Ambrose, Mr Raymond, and Mr Williams, remained calm. They were the oldest investors and shareholders of the company and had been there from the early days of the establishment.

“ And who are you to give such an order?” Mr Bernard challenged Mr Arnold.

“ It is not an order…. It is the rules!!” Mr Arnold retorted.

“ To hell with the rules… we start now!!” Mr Nwachukwu declared.

And an argument broke out. But was silenced by the voice of Mr Coker.

“ Fine!!.... As head of Mike Davis Entertainment…. I will suggest that we stick to the rules and wait for Ife for the next Ten minutes notice 15.” Mr Coker announced.

“ Ten minutes is too small!!” Mr James complained.

“ Ten minutes!!... And that’s final!!!”mr Coker insisted.

And they waited.

Richard’s heartbeat began to palpitate. 

Ten minutes suddenly looked like ten years in his eyes as everyone waited amidst the tension.

He let out a sigh of relief 8 minutes down the line.

“ Ife wouldn’t come afterall.” He thought and relaxed immediately the ten minutes grace elapsed.

Mr Coker let out a mischievous grin.

“ I told you all he wouldn’t show up!!.... This is the height of disregard to the members of board!!.... And Ife must be sanctioned.” Mr Coker said aloud.

Just then, the door creaked open and everyone turned to see who had entered. 

It was Ife.

Richard gasped in bewilderment.

Mr Coker sat glued to the spot with his eyes widened.

Ife walked in briskly in a business like manner, with a smile plastered on his face. He glanced at Mr Coker and Richard quickly, he saw their expression. 

It took him a lot to resist the urge of bursting out into laughter at their bewilderment.

“ I’m so sorry for coming late my fellow dignitaries…. I had an emergency to attend to.” He said and took his seat.

Everywhere fell deadly silent.

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