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Contract Marriage - Episode 11




Contract Marriage - Episode 11

By Amah's Heart  

“ Do you take this man as your lawfully wedded husband? To love and to hold……..” The priest's voice echoed in Omar’s ears.

Omar shivered…. She thought she had it under control, after all, it’s just business. Not until now that she realized it was harder than she thought it would be.

This had happened before!!

Though not exactly the same scenario, but it was similar. She could feel the rumbling in her stomach and the palpitation of her heart.

“ Are you alright Omar.” Ife whispered into her ears. He must have noticed her uneasiness as they stood before the priest to take their wedding vows.

Omar straightened up and looked at her sweaty palms inspite of the air conditioner, blowing cool air into the atmosphere.

She was feeling all sweaty due to the tension brewing inside of her that made her nervous.

She managed to force a smile at him.

“ Please may I use the rest room?.... I feel a discomfort in my tummy.” She explained.

“ It’s ok Omar…. Take your time and use the rest room.” Ife permitted and signalled to the priest to hold on.

There were only three guests present in the auditorium, which were Uncle Makinde, his wife, and Jadesola; one of his daughters whom Ife fondly nicknamed as Jade.

Uncle Makinde and his family had been earlier informed by Ife about the change in plans for the wedding, and took the next available flight to Dubai.

Omar stared at her reflection in the mirror once more. She was gorgeously dressed in a simple white classy wedding gown.

Nevertheless, she felt so tired!! Tired of living a life of deceits. 

Tired of the loneliness in the midst of many men. 

And most importantly, she was tired of being broken!!


Even a mirror, when broken, becomes a razor!. 

This was exactly what she had been transformed into. A time bomb in form of a woman, waiting to explode. A woman who had spent most of her time chasing the shadows of her past.

Happiness was now a luxury she desired desperately for, but she knew beyond a shadow of doubt that in other to be happy, she must first of all start with the woman in the mirror, and make a conscious effort in changing the pattern of life she was towing. 

Although it might take a long process of time, but she would take it one step at a time.

Taking in a deep breath, she exhaled.

“ It’s ok Omar….. This is just business as usual.” She told herself and exhaled once again, before going into the church auditorium.

“ Feeling better now?” Ife asked her.

“ Yes thanks.” She muttered as her face brightened into a smile.

“Ife always looked real good on coperate wears.” She thought to herself. But he had a presence that dominated hers in ways she cannot explain.

They said their wedding vows and were pronounced husband and wife by the priest.

“ You may kiss your bride.” The priests voice echoed.

Before she could process the information, Ife pulled her closer and kissed her fully on the lips, stimulating claps and cheers from the audience.

“ Congratulations Ife.” Uncle Makinde voiced, pulling Ife into a fatherly hug.

“ I’m so glad that you found love….. now you can take back the leadership of Davis Entertainment from your sly step father.” Uncle Makinde added.

“Thanks uncle…. Thanks for attending and Aunty, you really made my day by gracing us with your presence.” Ife voiced cheerfully.

“ You are welcome dear…. Now it’s left for you to adjust your life style to the one of a married man now…..” Uncle Makinde's wife was advising when Jadesola pulled Ife by his ears.

“ Ouch Jade that hurts.” Ife winced.

“ That’s exactly my intention Ife….why did you change the wedding plans all of a sudden without giving me time to make proper preparations?” Jade asked Ife with her grip still on his ears.

“ fine!! I will explain if you free my ears from your hands!!”

She let go of her grip.

“ Ouch don’t you know that hurts?.... I’ve always told you to be calming down.” Ife said, rubbing his aching ears.

“ Explanation!!.... Or I’ll pull your ears again.” Jade demanded.

Omar chuckled at the sight of watching Ife handled that way by his cousin. She seemed like a tough lady.

“ Ok fine…. It’s a sensitive matter I’ll like to discuss with you alone…. I promise to tell you all about it.” Ife replied.

“ Fine…. I’ll patiently wait.” She replied with her hands akimbo.

They had the camera man take their photographs, after which, Ife headed back to the hotel with his bride.

“ What would you like to eat for lunch?” Ife asked Omar as soon as they got to their private lounge.

She shrugged decisively.

"...We could go to the Africana First Restaurant to have a decent native meal, if you want.” Ife suggested.

“ That would be perfect.” Omar concurred as she tapped on her phone. 

There were missed calls on her phone.

One from Ashley and three missed calls from Judith. 

She sighed.

A lot had happened within the past few hours, that she hadn’t even remember to inform her friends. Ranging from an unplanned journey to Dubai to an impromptu marriage.

She decided to call Judith first and break the news.


Judith had just alighted in front of the spiritualist home, when her phone began to ring.

She checked her caller ID, it was Omar.

“ What’s up bee…. Ashley and I have been trying to reach you since yesterday but you weren’t picking up.” Came Judith’s voice.

There was a brief pause from Omar.

“ I'm currently at Dubai.”

“ Dubai?” Judith chuckled.

“ Yes I got married this morning.” Omar announced.

“ What…. I don’t understand…. You are at Dubai?.... You got married without informing us….” Judith repeated what she just heard.

Omar sighed.

“ It’s a long story dear…. But I promise to explain everything when I get back.” Omar said.

“ Yes you owe us an explanation…. And it had better be tangible….. or better still, we can video chat tonight to catch up on the recent happenings.” Judith suggested.

“ Yes, that will be better.” Omar agreed. 

They spoke for a few more minutes before Omar finally ended the call.

Judith took brisk steps towards the spiritualist home and entered. 

“ Omar had better have a tangible explanation as to why she didn’t invite her and Ashley to her wedding….. or else she will see their wrath” Judith thought as she walked into the weirdly furnished sitting room of the spiritual home.

Right now, she had more pressing issues to handle with Saloma; her spiritualist.

Saloma stood in her red apparel, with her back against Judith, in the middle of the sitting room.

“ You are 10:05 minutes late!!” Saloma pointed out, with her back still against Judith.

“ I know… I was held up in traffic…. I’m sorry.” Judith apologized, shifting uncomfortably. Saloma's presence at times sends goose bumps on her skin.

Holding a mantle on her right hand, Saloma turned to face Judith squarely.

“ I asked you to come by 3pm prompt!.... Don’t you know that the matters of the spirit requires urgency?.... The spirit awaits you at the set time.” The young spiritualist voiced loudly..

“I had to offer a peace offering on your behalf…. And that will definitely cost you an extra sum of money.” Saloma added.

“ Don’t worry…. I’ll pay the extra money…. Money is not my problem.” Judith said amidst baited breath.

“ Fine…. Let’s get down to business.” She said, carrying a pot burning with fiery flames round a circle carved in the middle of the sitting room.

She did this for about 10 minutes and stopped abruptly.

"...There are forces pulling your man away from you. These forces are strong and magnetic, coming from his wife and her shepherd.” Saloma explained.

"...You must activate the blood convenant ritual to bound his soul to yours forever.” Saloma told Judith.

The mention of the blood convenant ritual, sent chills on Judith’s spine. She had never dabbled into such an extremeness in her dealings with all her clients. But Emeka was a gold mine she wasn’t ready to let go.

“I will do it.” Judith stated clearly.

“ It will cost you a lot of money.” The spiritualist warned.

“ I have told you…. Money is not my problem!!... I’m ready to do the ritual.” Judith said with determination.

“ Fine…. It will take 14 days to prepare the ingredients for the ritual.” Saloma said. 

Judith nodded.

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