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Be My Woman - Episode 57 & 58




 Be My Woman - Episode 57 & 58

 Theme: (His•Baby•Mama...)

By: Naomi Cindy B.



They finally got to the car and drank the last drop of champagne in their cups before squatting beside the car.

Blood is dripping out of Betty's body to the car roof, but Kay's blood is literally flowing.

"How does it feel? Bro" Bishop talked, and his voice made Kay wake up from his subconscious.

His eyes opened slightly, and they're so painfully red. He couldn't talk, but he's begging with his eyes.

"Still remember?" Angelina talked too.

"I bet he doesn't. The only thing in his head is the number of women he has f**ked" Bishop replied, and Angelina chuckled slightly.

"It's been twenty long years isn't it?, you all ruined our lives" Angelina said, getting serious as he had a flashback.


The mansion has always been a home of war since the beginning, peace has no space.

Opium has two wives but only one is living with him in the mansion with her three kids.

The second wife lives away from the mansion with her two kids, but then the first wife died during her liposuction surgery, leaving just her three kids behind. 

Opium figured out they needed continuous motherly care, so she brought in the second wife (Theresa) and her two sons into the mansion, but the three sons of the dead wife hate her than shit, and they hate her two kids even more.

Each time they try to attack the kids, Theresa stops them, and the need to get rid of her started building up in Kay, the second son.

He didn't try to fight it, and it only took a week for the hatred to grow beyond limit.

He secretly pushed Theresa down the stairs one day, and she died before she could be rushed to the hospital.

The house became hell for her two kids as the three kids of the first wife tried to eliminate them too with Kay as their ringleader...


Despite the pains in Kay's eyes, the shock inside them was so evident.

"Y...you...you both are....are...

"We waited so long for you to commit a crime we can use against you, but Opium always covered up everything. You rape girls and inject them to forget, isn't that so brilliant?" Angelina clapped.

"Why didn't you go for medicine? Honestly you'd have made it better in that field instead of being a businessman" Bishop clicked his tongue, and the agony in Kay's eyes increased.

"Despite trailing you for years, we found nothing to use, and that's why we decided to end this once and for all. Tit for tat, a tooth for a tooth" Angelina smiled.

"She was just unlucky to get caught together with you, but come to think of it, she's a b**ch too" Bishop said, looking at Betty who's still unconscious.

"Let's get her out" Angelina said, and they jointly dragged her limp body out of the car.

There are not much damages on her lower body, just her face and arms 

She was lay on the middle of the road, far from the car.

Bishop dialled the emergency line, and immediately he hung up, the car started sparking, wires touching and ....

In the next minute, it exploded with Kay inside.

Almost immediately, the ambulance arrived.

Betty was taken away and they had to call firefighters to put out the fire, but nothing much could be done.

Kay was already a heap of ashes before the fire went out.



Something just doesn't feel right since Bishop left Olivia at the restaurant, and she had to think hard before her mind came here.

She was hoping it's not what she's thinking till she got to the door, but her heart jumped when she saw it's opened.

She rushed in, dumped her bag and ran to the toilet. Her eyes widened when she saw the tile open, and the safe gone.

She laughed out loud like a mad person first, going on her knees and crawling to the hole to stare at it.

The moment she realized it's actually real, she stopped laughing and stood.

She rushed back to the living room and got her phone from her bag, dialling Weston's line.

The dialler told her the number does not exist, and she peed on herself.

"No! No it can't be gone! My money! My money!! It can't be gone! Weston!! Weston!!!" She ran out of the house, screaming madly as she spiralled down the street without minding the people staring.

"Weston it can't be! Weston!!!" 

She sat in the middle of the road and started crying loudly, rolling herself on the ground.



"Here we are" Matty pulled up the car carefully, facing Fiona who's sitting beside him.

"Are you sure she's gonna like this?" She asked for the hundredth time, taking the bag of gifts.

She got Mrs. Johnson's favorite crunches according to Matty's recommendation, then some books to pass time.

"They're her favorites, so c'mon" Matty replied, and they left the car together.

Her mask is off, but she doesn't care and even slipped her hand inside Matty's.

"But people are...

"Watching? Well I don't mind holding what makes me happy for people to see" she replied, and Matty smiled, holding her too.

Surprisingly, everyone seems to be busy when they entered the hospital.

Seems there are lots of emergency patients today... 

They walked past the reception and hallway without having to listen to gasps till they entered Mrs. Johnson's ward.

"This will be the happiest night of my life! She's here!" The dramatic woman shouted.

"Oh my gawd! Miss Fiona!" Nancy screamed beside her, jumping happily.

"It's so nice to meet you ma'am" Fiona said cheerfully, and the woman got down from the bed to hug her tightly, surprising her.

Matty told her about how cheerful she is, but she didn't imagine this level.

"Thanks for being a pretty, tall, gorgeous lady" she said, and Fiona blushed as she hugged her back.

"Thanks for the compliments, ma'am"

"My name is Nancy by the way, I'm 6 and his junior sis" Nancy said even before they could break the hug.

"Such loudmouth" Matty said, and Nancy rolled eyes, jumping into Fiona's arms immediately she broke the hug with Mrs. Johnson.

"You're so adorable" she said.

"And you're beautiful" Nancy replied, and they laughed.

"Here" Matty handed the gift bag to Mrs. Johnson.

"You didn't have to" she smiled, taking it and making sure to show her gratitude.

"I can't come here empty-handed" Fiona replied.

Nancy is surely not coming down from her arm anytime soon.

"They're all what I like, thanks so much Fiona" 

"Get well soon, Mrs. Johnson" Fiona replied. 

"Miss Fiona I actually want to become a model in the future too" Nancy said.

"Really?" Fiona smiled, and she nodded.

"You're my...

Before Nancy could say the next word, Fiona's phone rang, and she had to gently drop her.

Matty got the phone from her bag and handed it to her.

It's a new number.

"Hello, who's...

She went silent with wide eyes in the next minute, and by the time she took the phone away from her ear, tears rolled down her eyes.

"Fiona, what's wrong? Who called?" Matty quickly walked up to her.

"Betty got into an accident, she's in this same hospital" she sniffed, and his eyes widened.



Tyson pulled out of Ann who's lying naked in bed, and he rolled the soaked cøndom out of himself, dumping it in the trash before getting his boxers briefs to put on.

"Aren't we going another round?" Ann shamelessly asked, sitting up in bed.

"You want your boyfriend to come here and tear me apart?" He faced her.

"Donovan is not my boyfriend" Ann retorted.

"I get he's your f**k buddy just like me but he can be possessive over the women in his life. Even if you mean nothing to him, so far he's still interested in f**king or ruining you, then he thinks you're his" Tyson replied.

"I need more money, and that's why I'm willing to go any round with you" Ann replied.

"Dress up and go wait for Donovan" Tyson rolled eyes, and Ann got up reluctantly.

She dressed up and immediately she opened the door to step out, Donovan showed up, and she froze.

"Don" she smiled, trying hard to keep in her shock.

"And what are you doing in Tyson's room?" He questioned suspiciously.

Luckily, Tyson is back in his clothes too.

"She's a tough one, she refused my offer of millions to f**k her" he grinned, and Donovan went closer.

"She's mine to s*x, so know your place" he warned.

"Fine, any news?" Tyson replied.

"Kay is dead" Donovan said, and Tyson smiled.

"Good for him"

Ann gasped...

What the hell!



Getting the kids to sleep wasn't so hard after the light dinner and dessert.

Rosy made sure they dressed heavily to bed since it's a cold night, then she put on a long flayed skirt and a longsleeved elastic top before going to the balcony to join Roman.

He already has two cups of wine in front of him and the bottle, then several red boxes which she wondered what the contents might be.

"Come" he extended an hand, touching the sit beside him with the other hand.

She smiled before going to sit beside him, and her head went to his chest immediately.

"The night breeze is so damn...

"Cold" she finished the sentence for him, and he smiled.

He picked a glass of wine and gave her, then he picked the second for himself, but she dropped hers immediately.

"What?" He blinked.

"I'll drink yours with you" she replied, returning her head to his chest.

Roman smiled again and started stroking her hair.

Thanks to his baggy pants and sweatshirt, he's putting the cold in it's place too, then the body warmness they're sharing right now.

"I wish we met earlier" she suddenly said.

"We did, i was just so stupid back then. We'd have spent the past eight years together" he replied, and she took her head away from his chest to hold his face.

"You were wounded, we were wounded so don't ever blame yourself anymore" she said.

"Yes mama" he replied, staring at her with fondness and endearment. His eyes are so creamy with affection, and seeing him stare that way made her smile with a racing heart.

She took the wine cup from him and drank too, then Roman leaned in and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips.

They topped it up with beautiful smiles, and then she shifted her attention to the over twenty red boxes.

"What are these?" She faced him with a cute blink.

Roman picked one and opened it on his laps, making her eyes widen.

It contains a s*xy set of underwear. Expensive bra and panties, colour white.

"What the..." She dropped the cup and took it from him slowly.

Her cheeks are so red with blush right now.

"They're so fine!" She gushed over it, picking the second and third one, then the fourth...

Lingeries, nightie and nightwear in different colours.

She opened everything, checking out different colours of the sets, they're all so hot and if anyone told her buying her undies and delicate clothing set for her would make her happy like this, she'd have denied but here she is, getting so whipped.

"I love them!" She faced Roman who's enjoying her fawn with an hand in his pocket.

"Really?' he asked, and she nodded, walking to him fast.

She hugged him tightly.

"You're the best, baby" she said fondly, and he broke the hug.

"Call me that again" he whispered, but she hugged him again instead, making him laugh.

"C'mon sweetheart, call me baby again" he said.

"You were probably shopping for this, your management meeting didn't take that long" she said, and he smiled, kissing the top of her head.

"You're my top priority, Ros.." he said, and she tightened her arms on him.

From the door, Liam was secretly watching them with a large smile on his baby face, but the smile didn't last.

He actually had a bad dream which woke him.



Ann is the only one in the assistances office when Rosy and Roman appeared hand in hand as usual.

"Welcome boss" Ann greeted.

He nodded, and Rosy walked to Angelina's desk.

She met a note and took it.


She finished reading and smiled, then she entered the office to join Roman but he's not alone.

He's with the new PA, and surprisingly, it's Jeffery!

"OMG you're back!" She gasped shockingly.

"Boss didn't tell you it's me?" He smiled.

"I forgot, she always distracts me so...not my fault" Roman replied, and Rosy smiled before giving Jeffery a light hug.

"You both can't do that" Roman said, shooting Jeffery a deadly glare.

"Calm down, boss" Jeffery smiled, and Roman rolled eyes.

His jealousy ended when his phone rang, and his countenance changed immediately he picked.

It's Fiona, and she just told him about Betty's accident.

"I have to be somewhere, I'll be right back" he stood, taking his suit from where it was hung.

"Roman is everything fine?" Rosy asked.

"Betty got into an accident" he replied.


"She'll be fine. Jeffery you take over till I'll be back" Roman said.

"Sure, boss" he nodded, and Roman gave Rosy a forehead kiss before leaving.



Kay's burial is like any other burial.

His business associates are the most numerous though, and his friends who're just as crude as him.

Of his family members, only Opium and Tyson are present, Donovan is nowhere to be found.

Opium made it compulsory that he should be buried this morning, saying he wants to get over the grief as soon as possible.

Tyson was even smoking as Kay's body was lowered into the grave, and not even a single tear came out of anyone's eyes.

It's like he got buried by his enemies.

The Earth was getting heaped on his coffin when Bishop and Angelina stepped into the ground.

They're wearing black shades and holding one rosebud each.

Tyson removed his cigar from his lips, and his eyes twitched as he tried to remember where he has seen them from.

Opium's eyes were already so wide.

People made way for them till they got to the grave and threw in the rosebuds, then they faced Opium who's still looking so pale.

He recognized his two last sons immediately.

"Theresa's sons?" He said, his grey brows pulling together.

"How have you been, papa?" Angelina smiled, and Tyson's cigar fell from him.



The cafeteria was already full of students with full tables of lunch waiting to be devoured in front of them.

They have servers serving every table... 

"You look sad, you've been like this since morning" Kendra said. 

She's sitting in front of Liam who really looks sad.

"I had a bad dream last night" he replied, and she blinked.


"I was on a hospital bed, and my monitor had flat lines, I was dead" he replied, and she gasped fearfully but hid her fears.

"Liam stop worrying like adults, dreams can be stupid" she said.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Donovan could be seen lurking with a psychotic smile on his face as he stole glances at Liam.

He was still on it when one of the servers tapped him.

"I'm sorry but parents are not allowed in here, and this is not even visiting period" the lady said.

"What if I give you 500 thousand Euros right now?" He asked, and her eyes widened.

"What! Why would you...

"Just take this and slip it into that boy's food" he slipped a paper into her palm.

"Liam? He brings his food from home, he doesn't eat school food" she said.

"Then get it in somehow, and I'll double the pay. A million" he said.

Her eyes widened again.

"But...there are cameras...

"I know how to get to the school control room and mess with the cameras" he said with a hardened expression, and the lady gulped.


She took the paper and opened the content.

It's a small white pill, and she gulped again as she left the kitchen.

She walked towards Liam's table with it, smiling innocently.

"Who owns the fork under the table?" She said, and they both bent under the table at once 

She slipped the pill into Liam's water flask unnoticed, then their heads came up.

"You tricked us!" Kendra said.

"It was fun" the lady smiled, walking away to serve other kids.

She secretly looked at Donovan, and he smiled satisfactorily.

Liam took the flask and drank a lot of water from it immediately.

"Your pains can now resume, Rosy" Donovan muttered as he walked out of the cafeteria.


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