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Be My Woman - Episode 55 & 56




 Be My Woman - Episode 55 & 56

 Theme: (His•Baby•Mama...)

By: Naomi Cindy B.



"Yes, she's mine so please..." She came closer to Rosy and held her hands.

"Please hand her over. Donovan took her from me immediately she clocked three and since then I got nothing but sneak peaks of her by stalking her secretly in school. please hand her over" she said, looking so pitiful.

"Why didn't you come since she was taken? Why are you just coming now?" Rosy asked, taking her hands from her.

"Donovan is a devil and you're aware that he'd never allow me to take her if you both were still together, and that's why I waited till he went back to the mansion" Gwen replied.

Rosy looked at Roman who has been quiet, then back at her.

"Then I need proof, get me proofs that she's really your daughter. You can't just show up and...

Rosy hasn't finished speaking whe Gwen brought out a lot of pictures from her bag. Pictures of her and Iris as a baby.

They obviously weren't photoshopped, Iris's blue eyes stood out.

"Please...she's my only hope of getting back into the Mendez family" Gwen begged again.

"I don't understand" Rosy replied.

"She...she belongs to Opium... I was divorced same time Donovan got disowned" Gwen said, and Rosy's eyes widened.

"The ... The wife Donovan slept with....was you?" 

Gwen nodded.

"You left me for Opium back then? The businessman you talked about was Opium Mendez? The old man?" Roman said unbelievably, and tears came out of Gwen's eyes.

"And you got married to him, but then you cheated on him with Donovan, his son" Rosy said and shook her head.

"I was carrying Opium's pregnancy before the divorce, and the child is Iris. Please just...give her to me and...

"I'm going in" Roman said with hardened expression, unable to watch her shamelessness anymore.

"Roman I know I did you wrong back then, I know I deserve every bad thing existing for treating you that way, but life taught me a lot already I swear" she cried.

"Since I got divorced by Opium two years ago, things hasn't been easy cos he froze all my accounts and cut my income sources. I lost my mother too and I'm currently living with anaemia, I...

"Stop talking" Roman cut her off coldly and finally left without looking back. 

She crawled to Rosy on her knees and held her legs.

"Please I need Iris, I beg you please give me my daughter" she cried hotly, and Rosy stepped away from her.

"I'm sure she won't even want to follow you. You should leave" she said and started going in.

"Please don't do this! Give me my daughter i beg you! Have mercy on me and return her! Please!!!" 

She started running after her, but securities got a hold of her, dragging her out.



"Welcome Rosy" Angelina smiled when Rosy entered.

"Are you ok? Boss came in looking like he's gonna cry, and now you came in looking so tensed' Bishop said.

"I'll tell you guys later" she replied, dropped her bag on her desk and entered Roman's office.

Surprisingly, she met him crying. He's sitting on the couch with his face buried in his palms.

"Roman!" She walked fast to him and sat beside him.

She removed his palms and met tears for real.

"Roman ... Please" she whispered, and he smiled sadly.

"I was just remembered of my past with her, the pains she caused me and how she wasted four years of my life" he said.

"I'm here now, you shouldn't be letting old memories get a hold of you like this, please" she said, holding his face to start wiping his tears.

"I'm sorry, I just couldn't hold it" he  mumbled, and she smiled after wiping everything.

She hugged him tightly, giving him gentle pats on the back.

"I'm here for you dear" she whispered, and he smiled, hugging her back.

"I'm glad I have you"

"I'm glad I'm with you" she replied, breaking the hug to caress his face.

"It's ok" she whispered,


He smiled again, holding her face with an hand too.

"I'm so lucky" he said, and she hugged him again.

"I'm gonna go make you some tea" she stood.

"I hired another PA, she's resuming today" he replied.


He pulled her to his laps before speaking again.

"Think about it, it doesn't make any sense that my mama is still running around the office with laptop and making me tea" he said.


"You have no say in this one. He's resuming tomorrow and all you have to do is stay at home from now on and...

"There's no way I'm staying at home and just spending your money without making mine. I'm short so I can't be a model, and I don't like acting, I can't sing to Soo...." She narrowed her eyes.

"So what?" He kissed her, but she broke it immediately.

"Food! what if I open a food chain with like ten branches in this country. I'm gonna hire brilliant chefs and I'm already one myself. Think about it" she said quickly.

"Not bad, what about a name for it?" He asked, kissing her again.

"Hmm ... Roman let me talk" she broke it again, pushing his chest, and he smiled.

"I'll think of a name and tell you soon, but for today, I'm still gonna make your tea" she said and made to stand...

"Iris, are you gonna...

"No f**king way, I'm not giving her over, it's part of Gwen's nemesis. She's already suffering so we only have Olivia and Stefan to deal with, and after everything is over, we can finally go for our break" she said, and he kissed her again.

This time, she responded, but instantly after she broke it, she stood and rushed out of the office.

Roman was still smiling when Bishop came in with a report.

"Boss, the article about the land will be out by Sunday" he gave Roman the documents, and he took them with a smiley face.

"It'll be so entertaining" he said.



Rosy was still stirring the tea in the cup when Mr. Zed came in, but she pretended not to see him.

"Long time no see, Rosy. It's been a while since we had a chat" he said.

"I'd rather not talk to you" she replied simply, still stirring the tea.

"You were rude before you seduced boss, but now that you successfully seduced him and he introduced you as his baby mama to deceive the staffs, you got worse" he said, and she dropped the spoon inside the tea before looking up 

She was about to talk when Ann came in.

"We'll see some other time" Mr. Zed smirked and left them.

"You're here to pour spit on me too?" Rosy said.

"I saved your life by calling the cops the other time when Donovan almost killed you remember? You should at least be thankful for that"  she replied.

"We both know you did that to make Roman think you're a good person, and besides... My Roman already took care of him before the cops arrived" Rosy replied.

"Your Roman? That's rich coming from a girl who stole her friend's boyfriend in college" Ann giggled.

"I see you made a new friend. Olivia Twist told you the story you wanted to hear and you bought it. Well I wasn't expecting less, you both are hoes anyways, and you better take left anytime I'm taking right, that's if you wanna last here" Rosy replied and took the cup of tea 

She raised her hand like she wanted to pour it on her, and Ann froze with wide eyes.

"You're not worth it" Rosy smirked, pushed her out of the way and walked out.

"I wanna ruin her!!! Geez!" Ann gritted, banging her hand on the table.



"Seriously? Are you a kid? Why an amusement park?" Matty said, facing Fiona who's beside him.

His car pulled up just now, and they're still in.

They came with a driver so they're at the backseat.

"I love watching kids, maybe because I didn't get any sweet memory as a kid, an only child, alone and lonely" she replied, and he squinted.

"What about Betty?"

"You're the first person I'll be telling this to" she replied and went closer.

"She was adopted when I turned ten, she's not my biological sister" she said, and he sighed.

"That explains it all, she's so different from you" 

"She was a sweet girl before she travelled to the US, but I guess bad influence changed her, and I'm hoping to get the former Betty back" she replied, and he smiled.

"So...shall we? But are you sure you're not going in there for autographs? Everyone knows you and we're not with guards" he said, and she brought out a nose mask.

"Here" she winked, and he grinned.

She made to put it on, but he suddenly leaned in.

Like flash, her eyes went shut, and he smiled as he removed a piece of hair from her face.

She slowly opened her eyes, and he showed her the hair.

"I removed this" he said.

"But I want this" she replied, pulling him into a kiss.

Immediately their lips met, her eyes widened at the softness, and he smiled into the kiss, holding the back of her neck delicately.

She broke it to look into his eyes.

"My cutie" she said, and he bit his lip before reclaiming her lips, deeper than the first.



Olivia came out of the twentieth shop she'd be checking out today, and she released an heavy breath.

No one is ready to rent her a shop cos of what Angelina and Bishop spread around about her.

She really needs to get a new shop soon, otherwise Stefan will get suspicious of how she has been surviving without a job for three days.

She had to open her parents safe to survive, and if Stefan finds out she has a money safe, then it's over.

"You think you've ruined me? No Rosy, you can't bring me down, never. You can never win" she smiled as she made to stop a taxi that'll take her home when someone crossed her.

"You again? Are you insane or something? Haven't you done enough?" She said angrily, and Bishop smiled.

"I'm not here to fight, I figured out you might want your shop back at Golden Touches" he said, and she rolled eyes.

"Maybe no" he nodded and started leaving

"Wait!" She suddenly said, and he smiled before turning.

"Do you...mean it?"

"Let's talk" he replied, opening his car door.

They got in together, and it drove off.



Angelina blew air out of his mouth when he came down from his car, and Weston rushed out of the house.

"Olivia will come home anytime soon so I don't think this is the right time to...

"Chill, Olivia is under control. Bishop is distracting her so we have all the time in the world" Angelina hung his arm on his neck, and they went in together.

"So...did Miss Rosy send the possible location already?" Weston asked, and Angelina showed him Rosy's message on his phone screen.

• Remove the toilet tiles carefully, I'm sure she either hid it there or under the kitchen zinc bowl.

"We don't have a zinc bowl in the kitchen, I wash plates in the bathroom" Weston replied.

"Eew! What!" Angelina squeezed his face, and Weston sniffed.

"Well that leaves us with one location, even better" Angelina smiled, entering the toilet with him.

"So you need a digger or something?" Weston asked.

"Nope" Angelina replied, then he started marching each tile with his shoe, checking for any sound difference.

No difference came till the eighth one, and he smiled before bending over the spot.

The tile is not even rooted to the floor, so he found a strong wood to insert and raise it with.

The tile came up, revealing the metal safe.

"What!" Weston gasped shockingly.

"Are you sure you go to school? You've been staying with her all your life but you didn't locate this?" Angelina said as he stood.

He got his phone and dialled Bishop.

"Safe found, time to go for the second mission" he said.



"Finally!" Bishop stood after taking the call.

"Where are you going? Aren't you supposed to take me back to Golden Touches?" Olivia stood too.

"Sorry I was kidding" he smiled


"It was nice chatting with you though" Bishop winked and started walking out.

"To hell with you bastard!!!" Olivia took off her shoe, flinging it at him.

Bishop tried to dodge but couldn't, it hit his head.

"F**k!!" He screamed, rubbing his head as he ran out.

"Did Rosy send him again? What did she do this time?" Olivia muttered fearfully.



"Welcome to Vista, ma'am" the security by the door greeted respectfully as Rosy came in with the kids.

It's shopping time.

"Let's use one shopping troll, Liam" little Iris said.

"One won't even be enough for me, but one for both of us? Stop kidding Iris" he replied, and Rosy chuckled as she got them one together.

"Use this together, then when it's full, we can get another" she said.

"Fine" Liam replied, then they both started pointing at what they want.

Rosy did the job of picking them and dropping them into the basket.

Within five minutes, the first big basket became full, so Rosy grabbed another.

"Mum did you talk to dad about our picnic and Santorini break?" Liam asked as they resumed picking things.

"Yeah, and he said yes" she replied.

"If I asked him myself, he'd have nagged me before saying yes, but just look at him, he's totally into you" he said, and Rosy laughed at the young adult in front of her.

She got them ice cream since it seems they still have a lot of shopping to do.

"Have a taste, mum" Iris pointed hers up.

Rosy squatted in front of her and ate from her hand.

"Hmm! Sweet" she nodded.

"Mine too" Liam said, and she ate from him too.

"Tasty" she smiled, and her phone buzzed.

She got it out, and a big smile appeared on her face when she saw Roman's call on FaceTime.

She picked quickly, and his face appeared on screen.

"Dad!" Liam squealed.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" Roman asked all smiles.

"Of course, thanks to my rich dad!" He replied.

"Brat" Roman laughed, facing Iris.

"What about you blue eyes?"

"I'm having fun, thanks Mr. Lawson" she replied, and he smiled.

"I wish you were here with us" Rosy said.

He actually stayed back at a management meeting in the office.

"The meeting will soon be over, I'll see you soon mama" he replied, and she smiled.

He kissed her on screen, and she blushed.

"You're in a meeting Roman!"

"I don't care" he replied, kissing her on screen again.

"He's such a baby" Rosy laughed.

At an angle in the mall, Donovan stood with Ann, both watching jealously.

"See? I told you" Ann said.

"I'm gonna destroy the happiness on her face, I'm gonna take the happiness away from her" Donovan smirked darkly.



Betty came out of her new car and arranged her hair before crossing to the other side where a parked car is waiting.

She got in and met Kay inside.

"How's the car? Do you like it? I told my merchant to give you the best" Kay said.

"It's cool, why did you call me here?" She asked.

"I'm killing Matty tonight. He visits is mum at the hospital every evening according to findings, I'm gonna get him there and take him somewhere to slaughter him" he smiled.

"Then why are you telling me? Kill him if you want and don't waste time...

That was all she could say before the full lights of a coming red car hit the faces of the two.

Their eyes widened cos the car was racing madly towards them.

"What the f**k!" Kay spat, and they both tried opening the door to escape, but the red car crashed into them before they could get out.

The front of the car got destroyed completely Immediately, but then the red car moved back and crashed roughly into them again.

The car tumbled, going upside down on the road as the gas started leaking.

One of the tyres flew off.

Kay and Betty were already unconscious inside, their bodies full of blood and fatal wounds.

Kay's forehead cracked since it's trapped between the steering.

The red car finally stopped, and the lights went off.

The door opened at once, and two guys in suit came out.

One is holding a bottle of champagne,  and the other is holding two cups.

They poured themselves the drink and took a cup each.

They clinked glasses before drinking, and their faces came to view as they started walking to the destroyed car. 



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